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  1. It was repeated twice (9 and 13)
  2. In seasons 3-4 everyone played in the veto. They changed to 6 people in season 5. I think it's for practical reasons. You can't have 16 people playing OTEV, spelling comp, or most of the games they use in recent seasons, in the backyard space. It would have to be one-at-a time type of comps and I don't think they will ever go back to that. In seasons 5-6 HOH and noms picked the players. The current selection process has been in place since all stars for the reason you mentioned. That is not going to change either.
  3. They had to do a shorter season because it's the only way to get some of these people to come back. Most of them have families/other obligations and cannot be away for that long.
  4. Imagine people driving themselves in a race for a million dollars. It will never be allowed to happen.
  5. "Amazing Montessori School" if I remember correctly.
  6. They haven't done this since BB19. Last two years it was trivia questions about the game.
  7. The way I see it, BB22 F5=BB16 F5: Cody = Derrick Enzo = Cody Nicole = Victoria Memphis = Caleb Christmas = Frankie (regarding their positions in the game, not personality or game play)
  8. Cody never won this competition. Caleb won the second one. This was also played as a Veto in BB20 (Kaycee won). I think Nicole does have an advantage being the lightest but she is also very clumsy.
  9. Comp wins this season: Cody 6 Christmas 5 Memphis 4 Tyler 4 Enzo 3 Nicole 0 "comp beast" is questionable, but she's not doing too bad
  10. The competitions on the Challenges are very different. In both Davonne's seasons she was paired with someone. And when they compete as individuals it was almost always man vs man/woman with woman. I would she wasn't great to terrible. She did win some one-on-one against another girl, but we never see this kind of comps on BB.
  11. David also hasn't been voted out. Two out of the last 3 winners were POCs.
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