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  1. Sandra still has an idol that's only good for one more TC. She will not be the next boot unless something crazy happens.
  2. It could be both, plus that Sophie knows that Tyson doesn't have an idol (because she and Kim have it) so no need to split the vote. But she doesn't want Nick to know she has it.
  3. Guess Sele was right last week to keep Rob for the challenge.
  4. I can understand the reason for voting out Ethan. Rob and Parvati have no allies now and it's only week four so there will be plenty of time to go after them. They will always be the biggest target unlike Ethan who can go far if left in the game.
  5. zscore

    Fix The Show

    Actually, the season Michele won there was fire-making at F4. Aubrey beat Cydney. Let's run through the scenarios for last 5 seasons if the F4 fire-making was not thing: S35: Ben voted out at 4. I say it's 50-50 either a Christy or Devon win. Christy arguably played a better game but a lot of jury member hated her. S36: Wendall voted out at 4. Domenick won 10-0. S37: Kara voted out 3-1 or it's 2-2 and Kara and Mike make fire. Either way the result would have been the same. S38: Rick voted out at 4. Result would have been the same. S39: Lauren voted out at 4. Result would have been the same. I can't see how fire-making favors male winners. It's a gender neutral skill, and the only woman who might have been screwed out of a win is Christy.
  6. According to the internet, Sia is worth about $20-25M. Last season she also had two tiers of prizes: Rick Devens got 100K, and Joe and Aurora got 15K each. Joe and Aurora money was given after the show. I kind of like that this is a "thing". All the recipients are generally popular and I like to see them get all excited. Never thought this could be a problem. Edit because BigRedCheese just said the same thing at the same time and did it much better
  7. Yes. This is the last time she can play it. So she might think that she doesn't need to win IC, not knowing there is an idol nullifier.
  8. I think Tommy somehow convinced people that he's really not a threat and everyone else thinks they can beat him. On paper he hasn't really done anything. He never won immunity, never had an idol or advantage, never really made a big move at TC. He's also not a big jury threat the level of Elaine or Janet. He was only targeted last week because Lauren won immunity, so Lauren was always considered more dangerous than Tommy. I'd be impressed if he can win without ever having individual immunity or idol. Not many people have done that.
  9. Last week TJ said: "the team that wins stage 1 will get an advantage at the next stage." which is the five minute head start. Team US's 10 minute penalty had no impact because they had already lost stage 1.
  10. It has happened twice. FYI, we have never had an all male final 4.
  11. Yes. Both Cook Island and Fiji had 75% minority players, which gives you 28% chance of an all minority final 4. Amazingly it happened both times.
  12. Having one all black final 3 in 39 seasons is pretty amazing. Assuming each season has 20 players and 5 of them are black (they often have 3 or 4), and the final 3 are completely random. The probability of an all black final 3 is 0.0087 ( 1 in 114 seasons). Also assuming that 50% of the players are women, we will have all women final 3 in about once in 10 seasons. I think it happened three times (16,24,29) so not very different from the expected value. Now we have 6 females and 3 males left, there is 24% chance we will have all-female final 3 this season. Interestingly, there has only been one all-male final 3.
  13. Maybe he already had done S40 preseason interviews. If he did I hope they will be made available.
  14. "He" is probably Jamal, who had found an idol on the same beach, and everyone knew he had one.
  15. Heroes vs Villains. Coach and Courtney were out pre-merge and the first two jury members.
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