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  1. Scum of the earth!!!!!!!
  2. That poor girl is in pain!!!!!!! I'm as Covid careful as anyone, but you can't ignore that child's health. Kody is such a loser!!!!!!!!!
  3. Kody would be a nightmare as a partner whether he has one wife or fifty. As I was watching last night it struck me that I can never remember him just being nice to any of the wives--even those who are in his favor at a particular moment. It's easy for us to be critical of the wives, but no wonder they are so messed up. He never has a loving, supportive word for any of them. The man you love should make you feel better about yourself. Instead, he is constantly whining about them to anyone who will listen. I can't imagine the man I love accusing me of being controlling in front of our frie
  4. If I were one of the wives and getting a dog would keep Kody away, I'd start a kennel!! Seriously, he doesn't like pets because he wants every ounce of attention for himself.
  5. I was disappointed by the lack of at least a Tim reference, too. He is one of my favorites! I wish they would give him a good storyline for the upcoming season.
  6. Still not digging Jamie and Eddie as a couple. She was way too quick to want to grab the freebies associated with his status. Jamie has class.
  7. I hope Amy and Chris are able to build a happy life together. She seemed so devastated by the end of her marriage. I think it was less that she still wanted Matt and more that she felt like a failure. So, is the plan for Matt and Caryn to move into the big house when Amy vacates it? If I were Caryn, there is no way I would want to move into the family home.
  8. I thought it was great that Amy made clear that she is in charge of her future and her choices. Matt has been putting her and her ideas down for years. The suggestion that the negotiations might go better if Chris were involved was yet another way of saying that as a woman, she is incapable of handling her own business affairs. I have no doubt that Chris meant well, but sometimes a person doesn't want a white knight to ride in to the rescue. No one is suggesting that Caryn should be there to help Matt. Why should Amy be treated differently? This reminds me of occasions when my dad
  9. I think the "new girlfriend" is likely Meri. They are just playing with the editing to get us to tune in.
  10. Mariah actually reminds me of a friend of mine. Growing up, her dad was absentee, but her mom took great care of her. I always thought her dad was a jerk, but my friend thought the sun rose and set on him despite the many times he failed her. I don't think she realized what a gem she had in her mom until her mom passed away. Meri was Mariah's primary caretaker, and there is no way in the world Mariah would have gone to a private college without Meri's financial support, but Mariah has never evidenced any gratitude. She has never said a word against Kody and seemingly had no problem wit
  11. Can we just have an all-Turner spinoff? I don't know what it is, but If find myself smiling every time they are on screen. And I love the idea of Sheila going to medical school.
  12. Time out! I thought this was supposed to be their "forever" home. So, Robyn will have 3,500 feet FOREVER because she has 5 kids at home now? Yeah, that's fair. NOT. Yet again, Kody has succeeded in showing why polygamy cannot work
  13. I recognize his attitude was consistent with the times in which he lived, but Albert needs to recognize that marrying the Queen did not make him King. He needs to step back and let her do her job. And he needs to stop picking on poor Bertie! I miss Lord M . . . .
  14. Actually, my reading of the tweet is a bit different. I don't read it as Jinger somehow saying that she somehow earned Felicity through her acts or lifestyle. To me, the "God is kind" statement is an acknowledgment that Jinger views her as a gift from God. God's grace is a huge component of Christianity. We are all sinners. God gives us blessings not because we earned them, but because He loves us.
  15. I agree that as long as Jinger and Jeremy keep the family small, they should be fine. Jeremy has an education and is furthering it. He may or may not be cut out to lead a church, but I suspect that between his Dad's connections and the name recognition he has gained through the show, he should be able to find something in religious publishing or something else related to the church. My hope is that he has also had the sense to have someone invest some of the money from the show for them. Since his family seems to have some money, investing wisely is something he likely has heard about all
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