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  1. Trisan

    S03.E05: XXIII

    Episode available. Well, this was, as usual, bloody amazing ! This show just doesnt disapoint ! Somehow, I'm sad Vikings has started airing so soon because as much as I love Vikings, well... I dont think it will compare to what Black Sails has offered so far this season ! And, by the way, I cannot find any historical proof of the black pearl form of currency. I had never heard about it before and perhaps I havent search enough, but do anyone know if it's a real thing or a show invented device ?
  2. Trisan

    S11.E14: The Vessel

    I was quite skeptical at first but damn, Misha's portrayal of Lucifer was spot-on in this one ! Oh, and Sue, as a French guy, just a quick nitpick about your post : it's Delphine, not Dalphine ! ;) Otherwise totally agree with your points ! It's funny though, how Delphine seems to be the go-to name for French women, between that and Orphan Black ! ^^
  3. Trisan

    S01.E15: Undercover!

    "Sorry, I lost my train of thoughts, here... where were we ?"
  4. Quite far-fetched I know, but there's also the theory that Asha wrote the Pink Letter... it wouldnt surprise me that much, actually...
  5. Trisan

    S01.E05: Mendings, Major and Minor

    The pacing was all over the place in this one... but I truly liked it nevertheless. This ! Personally, I'm really enjoying that the show doesnt shy away from what real 20-s yo are. Of course, they are drinking, smoking, having sex and stuff, and it adds quite a lot more credibilty to the characters... As well as making them more relatable... I mean, I wouldnt feel "close" to sanitized angelic young adults, so I'm glad the show's taking that road !
  6. I've been a fan of Luke Arnold's portrayal since day one ! Sure, as he says in the interview, he was "as far away from the LJS of TI as possible" in the beginning, but that's what I loved, feeling that the development would be worth it... and it sure as hell was ! And the seeds of the true LJS were always here, albeit hidden, but that was just the proof of amazing storytelling and interpretation from Luke !
  7. Trisan

    S01.E04: Manly Whatnots

    The Chloe-bantering keeps on going... well, not for me... I'm really invested in her character, and it doesnt hurt that she's gorgeous as hell (that red dress, oh my Satan !)... and after all, it's only fair that us men can appreciate a bombshell in that show, considering how women have it with Lucy (whom I'd freeze Hell to look like him !)
  8. Trisan

    S03.E04: XXII

    There are so many things I could praise about this show, but... it's too much. I mean... it's so perfect that I'm lazy to list everything good about the episode... So I'll just say : this show is on fire !!!!
  9. Trisan

    S03.E04: Watch The Throne

    The mass effects (crowd decisions) have always been the lowest point of that show... I mean, everytime a crowd started pushing things in The 100, it was always in the worst direction possible... I agree it may appear logical and coherent sometimes, but the show is resting too much on that effect that sometimes it's infuriating but not in the good way... you can be infuriated at the characters which is not a bad thing, but tonight, with the "Pike chant", I was infuriated at the show for once again using that overused trope... Can someone please give Pike to Indra, or Lincoln, or Octavia or Roan to do with him whatever they want to ?
  10. Trisan

    S01.E04: The World In The Walls

    Well, seems I'm in the minority as I loved it ! I'm actually co-writing and acting in a web-series taking place in a (weird-as-shit) asylum and I saw there a few themes we used, so it amused me (and it's a kind of "game with the audience" I really like) so I'm biased, but I really enjoyed the shit out of this episode !
  11. Trisan

    S03.E03: XXI

    Amazing episode as always ! You guys said all there was to say (more or less), but I'll just add that now, there's one relationship between characters I really look forward to see evolve : Blackbeard and Rackham. The apparent contempt of the first for the other is... well, I see Blackbeard point somehow, but I hope he'll get to see more of Rackham's qualities, silvertongue and intelect. Sure, for the cracky grandpa (kuddos CatMack for that one) that Blackbeard is, Rackham may appear as a "lower kind of pirate", but truly, I think Rackham is most suited for the current situation than Teach. And I hope he'll get to respect him one way or the other.
  12. Trisan

    S01.E04: Blind Spot

    Well, the ending surprised me... I mean, I saw it coming but just when Phyllis gave a hindsight into her past in the Yonk. From then on, I knew she was a goner... just when she was starting to be likeable ! Curious to see what directions Katie's sister (Maddie right ?) story arc will take.
  13. Trisan

    S11.E12: Don't You Forget About Me

    I'm totally in for the Jody / Claire / Alex show... or "Wayward Daughters", I like that title ! Although it may require Jody to bite the dust to kick it off and that would be a loss ! Dont understand the Claire hatred though, I really like the character and the actress and wish to see more of her !
  14. I'm bummed the spy (Khenzo) apparently is gone, I really liked the actor and character. Or perhaps he's not and he'll be the embodiment of the protomolecule's consciousness, but that seems unlikely since I seem to understand from bookreaders comments that he's not a character in the novels (or perhaps a more minor one). But it was a perfect last scene to the season.
  15. I really hope people will binge-watch the season in months to come (and that SyFy does a better job at promoting the show). I think it can attract quite a lot of new viewers that way ! So ready for season 2 ! Gotta read the books these coming months !