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  1. Kathy

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    Matt is just not going to be happy until he kicks Amy totally off the farm. If I were Amy, I would stay just to piss him off lol!
  2. Six seasons of watching her "exercise" and no noticeable results. She has no fabulous life, really no life at all. Boring. How can she get another season? Are people really that pathetic to see her as some kind of role model?
  3. Yoga girl left the house. She made no sense when explaining why she was leaving. There will be no love found with these bunch of crazies,
  4. It was more entertaining than I thought it would be. It is one of those train wrecks you can't help but continue watching. I see all the Jersey Shore cast will be coming on to "help" Vinny and Pauly choose. I see Uncle Nino (the perv) will be on too. How much you want to bet Vinny's Mommy shows up too. Those women! Where the producers get them from is beyond me. What a freakshow of crazies. Pauly seems really comfortable around a bunch of women and knows how to handle himself. Vinny is way out of his comfort zone and comes off as very awkward.
  5. Kathy

    Season 8 Discussion

    Why does Gil have to go everywhere with everyone? These are grown men and they can't go on this birthday thing with Zack without dad? Kelly is the same way. Does Gil even work anymore? Erin in curlers and no makeup in the car going to see the birth was great. Finally a chance to see her not all perfectly made up makes her seem more real. Poor Tori. hurting. doing those squats and the whole time her mom NEVER shutting up! Tori looked like she was going to yell shut up! I would have loved to see that as I was saying it!
  6. Kathy

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    This new episode was boring and kind of hard to watch. There is no real fun, they all seem over it and everything seemed forced like they were only there for the paycheck. Only Zack is being filmed when we want to see all the kids. Matt and Amy cannot carry the whole show with all their constant bickering, no wonder the kids don't want to be there. I would like to see Matt brought down a peg or two. He is so into himself and nobody else matters.
  7. Kathy

    Season 8 Discussion

    This new episode was boring. Why do they have to be all over each other to prove their love to us? When Kelly and Gil were in the car driving the little boys to rock climbing they were so touchy feely like just let Gil drive already. I don't see Trace being a cop. He didn't seem that into it. I like that Josie decorated her new place herself (with her friend)instead of calling in the family decorator Erin.
  8. Kathy

    Season 8 Discussion

    Why did they even invite Lawson? He didn't act like he wanted to be there and I just wanted to reach out and smack him upside the head. Erin has ONE decorating style, her style and everyone thinks she is designer of the year? I loved when, I think it was Zack, said it looked like a bunch of tape stuck to the wall. Lol! Chad seems so over doing all the grunt work for every freaking family member. Erin needs to stop volunteering his services all the time without asking him first. Kelly's high pitched excited voice annoys me.
  9. Kathy

    S06.E10: Where's Buddy Sleeping?

    I tuned in at the tram across the water thing and was horrified to see her just sitting in that box and making her elderly dad pull her across. He must really want her to have some kind of income to do all these dumb things with her and her deadbeat "friends". Why did she run through the hike? I turned the channel.
  10. Kathy

    S06.E08: Obsessive Habits

    This show is so made up. Still waiting for the fabulous part. Now she is getting a paid for Alaska trip?
  11. Kathy

    S06.E07: Big Girls Don't Cry

    I get the feeling that lady trainer does not like Whitney and thinks she is a big joke.
  12. Kathy

    Jersey Shore

    I never liked Roger. Always seemed shady to me.
  13. Kathy

    Jersey Shore

    They really don't have anything interesting to film anymore. This ''fight'' seemed totally staged. Is Vinny gay? He needs to come out already.
  14. Kathy

    Jersey Shore

    I could just watch a show based around Mike, forget the others.
  15. Kathy

    Jersey Shore

    I could watch Mike and his love of food all day long. I want to slap Ron silly with his constant crying. Enough already.