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  1. I think the "steals" are all pre-arranged.
  2. Went youtube hunting. This was when she was flippin' 9. Yikes. Accappella national anthem recently.
  3. She only looked 13 when she lost it briefly when Jennifer spoke to her. She reminds me of a young Alisha Keys, very beautiful and carrying herself with a great deal of poise. She also has a very warm deep speaking voice. So many of these youngsters belt out in huge voices and talk in squeaky ones.
  4. The real leap was that the CIA agent at the house would give an internet -connected device to the daughter.
  5. If you look on youtube, you can find video of Joe Moravsky testing stage 2 and 3 this year. He only got one run on each. He fell on the first wingnut in stage 2. On stage 3 he got past the ultimate cliffhanger but then fell on the next one, forget what it's called but where you are pushing hands and feet against 2 plexiglas walls and have to shuffle along that way.
  6. I don't think you even need to be a superstar. A friend of mine opened a gym a few years ago that featured silks and hoops, kind of cirque d'soleil style acrobatics. She made it work by marketing to schools for field trips, birthdays, etc. I expect that the same approach would work for a ninja gym regardless of whether the instructors were well-known.
  7. I had picked Hannahlei all the way right from her audition, and never saw anything that caused me to change my mind. Happy to finally get one right! I am unreasonably annoyed with the whole Utah ballroom thing. I have no rational explanation for it, Jensen seems nice enough. Luther's been killing it since SYTYCD Canada, glad to see him still at it.
  8. I thought Travis Rosen's knee was hurt, not his ankle. His knee may also be destroyed, it just bent in a really bad way. Jessie posted on her Instagram account that she would appear on next week's show with a big announcement. I haven't seen her respond to the many questions in the comments about whether she competed, other than to say that the announcement is not about retiring from ANW.
  9. I think they are allowed, I recall one or two wearing them. I'm not sure why more don't wear them.
  10. I don't know why ninjas don't wear climbing or at least approach shoes. Enough of them are rock climbers, you know they have the gear. Those ultra-sticky soles would be a big advantage on a lot of these obstacles.
  11. Until the last show I thought the last obstacle was kind of a gimme, as everybody was making it through. Then I saw a couple not make it. Shoe choice seemed critical. At any rate, I don't think it's impossible for the women. That ratchet thing that beat Jessie was tough, but on this one it is mostly leg strength and skill, so I think she could do it. I think each door is only 50 lbs.
  12. That felt like some contractually obligated cheering on the behalf of the other ninjas. The real reason he's back: I expect he ran through his million and doesn't want to wash dishes again. The constant plugging of him as the only winner was annoying as hell. Nice to see Jesse LaBreck have a good run.
  13. She said on Instagram that it was the only location that fit in with her schedule, she had to fly back from Europe in order to do it.
  14. Feels like I've been listening to that Portugal. The Man song forever and now it is finally hitting the mainstream. I thought it was the same band as Electric Guest but apparently they are two different bands with very similar lead singers, who have toured together. TIL. I fast forwarded Shi'Ann after the first two notes.
  15. Meagan maybe needs to train some cardio? On Instagram Jessie talks about how she basically can't do anything longer than 3 minutes, so she has trouble with more endurance-based stuff like the Tough Mudder she did. Feels like Meagan has an even smaller gas tank than Jessie.
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