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  1. I saw the interview and I think Tamron gave her a ration of shit! I think StASSi ended up looking even more like an asshole than she did going in! I THINK StASSi thought she could schmooze Tamron and she'd go away all puffed up and looking GOOD. SHE DIDN'T. End. of. story. She gonna have to try some other PR firm. THIS one was an EPIC FAIL.
  2. Plus, she's gonna have to fight the baby for the bottle! Who gets the bottle first? Lalalalalalalalala or spawn of Lalalalalalalalalala???
  3. Well... If they had a pregnancy pact, did they think SOME production company would pitch their STORIES??? No mo VPR? Just some bunch of dipshits who all had their kids at the same time?? MAN! THAT IS DUMB. I guess poor old Randall is gonna have to support ALL of them! Since he's the only one with some $$$.... I think VPR should just go ahead and move the show to Las Vegas. Show us some TomTom occasionally. Put 'em ALL out to pasture. Who cares??
  4. Aww... Hell, NeNe. You've milked it for all you could. Just get on with the rest of your life and be done with it!
  5. So Syringe said last night on the Tell Nothing that he would NOT give up drinking as a condition to stay married to whatsherface. Of COURSE NOT.... Drinking to excess is the ONLY way he can take Tania's constant barrage of crap.
  6. It's like Dumb, Dumber, and Dumberer. STOP THE MADNESS!!
  7. Chuck's just glad he doesn't have to support old Aunt Ugly Jenn like he does Libby and Chuckie Jr.
  8. Why is Grangela wearing her mask? And why does she not have her NOSE covered up if she insists on wearing the mask? Annoying as hell!
  9. Lamujerdecente... That's the HOLY SPIRIT! Yep, I think it's been mentioned that Tennyson is about to go on the mission. So y'all.... It's been a hoot as usual. Have some FUN this weekend people! Obviously, I totally forgot about the tell-all Sunday! It's been a loooooooonngggg week! I'll be there with some pills, a couple of dogs, a few cats, some Prison penpals, about a million tattoos, ALL BLACK..... OK; maybe not. But there WILL be WINE!!! YAY!!
  10. We're not gonna get to see it all. Look at the time! 8:56.... And Mormon boys enter the "priesthood" at age 13.
  11. And.... SHE"S OFF TO INDIANA!! Lort. This woman is a nutjob. I really don't think she has any clients. She's waaaaaaaaaaaaayy off the left field fenceline. She's in the woods. Across the road from the ballfield. She may be over the river.
  12. HOW in the Holy Spirit did Andrea end up with such smart level headed children when she's obviously just an f'd up person?? And seriously, Lamar is making sense too. The only one who's BSC in that family is.... ANDREA.
  13. So basically, Tony is MAGIC MIKE for Angela?? Lort. That poor woman. She NEEDS a counselor. Can you imagine going to see her for YOUR problems?? Yeah. Me neither.
  14. Oh my ass, Lacey. All Chon has to do is get out of prison and you will run right back to him. I cannot believe she's gonna have another baby. And here we go with Sarah and that weirdass accent.... Is Mumbles gonna show or WHUT?
  15. Andrea is going over the top again, isn't she?? If you don't bless your food, you'll get the CORONA!! WHUT???? That's a new one! And now she's cussing like a sailor to boot. Wow, WHUT A MORMON!!!
  16. Lacey already looks pregnant to me! And this bullshit with Brittney and her Mom is just ..... ugh. Like, who cares? Why didn't you just get your sister to babysit in the first place? And on that chinny chin chin thing re: Floating Bison. Sorry, but I vote Hell to the Nawww.... I don't mind the old REGULAR goatee but that thing on Chane's chin makes him look like a goat! A BILLY GOAT! And why is it soooo black? Does he dye that thing??
  17. Those BH Beyotches need to glam it up because they're so UGLY on the inside.
  18. I'm 5'1" and weigh 90 pounds. I have a cousin 6'6" and weighs 300 pounds. I call him "SHORTY".
  19. All I can say is that if Ashley's had to take care of baby Dean all by herself, WHY in the bloody hell would she get pregnant AGAIN?? And so soon after having Baby Dean? I'm confused.
  20. I think it HAS been admitted by Bravo that Doah-rinda has gotten the boot. And I agree that while this boring piece of ugly rug collection reunion, Doah-rinda had NO CLUE she was about to hit the door. I think she thought if she just said, "Oh, I had a bad year because blah..blah..blah.." and did the wounded bird thing; she'd bee GOOD TO GO. Well, see there? She WAS good to go! Buh-bye. CYA!
  21. It WOULD be kinda funny if they brought old Kris Jenner into this bunch o'losers that are left! She'd eat them for lunch! And she doesn't live in Beverly Hills either so... DONE!
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