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  1. It's exceptionally disgusting coming from Rinna and Kyle.
  2. She might! We KNOW she won't do anything about her bad eyesight! Maybe she feels the same way about her hearing?
  3. My God, if Gwen isn't Yara's bestie, who would be?? She never goes anywhere or meets anybody!
  4. BINGO!!! We have a group of Christians up here behind the pine curtain of east Texas called "Jeeping for Jesus". I think they just ride around town with Jeeping for Jesus painted on their jeeps. Maybe they pray sometimes.
  5. Oh Grangela.... Mikul didn't create " this Bitch" You were that Bitch out of the gate. Girl. just be real. Give it up with Mikul. The man wants to be a dad. You are 54 years old. He is not going to be able to be a father with a woman; full of shit; bitchass; who is 54 years old. Bye.
  6. So funny, they're letting Anddddddrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiii drive but yet don't trust him on a job site. Crazy much???
  7. THIS... After being on the road for two minutes! FUN! FUN!
  8. Yara, sugar plum; when you have to have a $500 HAIR DRYER, ya gotta get used to your man having to go to work. Unless, YOU WANT TO....
  9. Well Yara, whatcha gonna do now sister??? God forbid. You should ask your MOTHER IN LAW; your baby's GRANDMOTHER, to help you. BITE IT YARA. BIG. BITE. STUBBORN WOMAN.
  10. Oh, doodyhead. I just wish we could COMMUNICATE....
  11. FB is in Mexico. If only we ALL were! Waa, waa... Assholea. Great acting job. You too Kalani. CYA!
  12. What, Refrigerator Ronald has found someone with a car to pick up the fam? "Lord" Find me a top that has material on the shoulders!
  13. Yay!! Congratulations!!! What a great gift! Grangela, honey; you are already married. I think. No seriously. Grangela. You are dog shit nuts. Face it. DONE!
  15. Kalani, stop with the breastfeeding. Those boys are old enough to drink out of a GLASS for cryin' out loud. Give it up. All that TOY shit.... You gotta get into it without having to nurse somebody every 15 minutes. Just sayin'. Go ahead. Go on a SAMOAN adventure? Seriously.
  16. Poor Yara.... Hurricane season in south Louisiana. Welp. You got Momma jovi. Be grateful! Just go on into downtown NOLA during hurricane season. You be fine. You AND baby. FINE. Sweet Pea. You are so stubborn and you don't even KNOW it. Karma will show up. Then what?
  17. Lort. I can't stand Tiffany. She just sucks SO BAD!! On all levels! The "kids" "Their Dad" Just all of it. Twit.
  18. Lort. Grangie is just a total dingleberry! Mike & Nutalie can't get a normal pet, like a CAT or a DOG or a HEDGEHOG... Nutalie wants a RAT! I honestly didn't hear Trish call Nutalie a hooker. Seriously.
  19. I've spent the last few hours watching the reruns of this season. It really seems like Toya has some kind of problem that nobody can reach. What exactly is her problem? I;m actually curious.
  20. There's no honor in meeting or beating the number of childen the dumbass Duggars have. I think it's time for someone to get snipped. OR clipped. OR wrapped. BIRTH CONTROL OF ANY KIND WOULD HELP.
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