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  1. I liked the do-rag mainly because it covered the awful hairdo they gave Coco. But it should have had a long, light tail which could have given the tornado effect he was going for if it was blowing up and swirling around. His initial sketch had the top part of the dress not so snug but he didn't do that, the whole thing was tight and made movement hard. And DENIM? That doesn't flow at all.
  2. I remember Coco from Gretchen's season, where she modeled a jumpsuit Gretchen designed for a billboard in Times Square. Coco was amazing and it really made me appreciate what a good model can do. I do think the right person when home because Bones missed the mark the most, although I liked his garment more than Coral's (hated that fabric). Kristina's was just odd, but I guess that what Nina likes.
  3. This. It makes me wonder if they will just hand Chasity the win like they did with Ashley. Not because her collection was the best but to make a statement.
  4. This is the first show this season I've fast forwarded through a few times. I thought it was a poorly constructed challenge. I can understand Coral's confusion. It was just boring, IMO. I'd like to see some of the process that goes into being a stylist, but this was not the way to showcase that. Kristina basically made a bra, she just didn't make a sturdy enough one. I did like the mix of prints and thought the black and white mix was good with the hair style. That model looked pretty good for a change.
  5. She did, however, give the impression that pants would be fine, while on the runway she said she'd never wear pants to a reunion. I figured Kristina would be in trouble from the get-go. Her loose, multi-layer outfits are so not the Housewives' style, and Kristina has already shown she is not willing to compromise her aesthetic.
  6. Kristina calling someone else a Diva while sobbing about getting her widdle feelings hurt was hilarious, IMO. I thought Bones did the best job. His client looked great in that and he added some needed flair with the feathers. Coral lucked out big time, but I think nude fabric needs some sparkle to keep it from looking drab.
  7. No, because the parameters in a competition should be equal. I'd have no problem at all having a challenge where they all had the same size model, regardless of size.
  8. I was thinking about how if Shantell and Prajje had drawn each other's model. I honestly believe Shantell would not have won if she had made the exact same dress for Prajje's model, even if it fit perfectly. It just would not have looked as good, sorry. And she would have needed time to make at least a third again as much textile. And Prajje may have been safe. His design was a mess but may have looked okay enough to get past Chasidy's disaster. This really brings home to me how unfair the model differences are and they should stop it.
  9. Bones should have been in the top rather than Christina. What does she have on the judges? Aaron had a great day. Too bad for him Shantal had a spectacular one. My face looked like Brandon's when I first saw the whole thing completed.
  10. Don't the model cards have accurate measurements on them? I know the actual fittings are infrequent, but they have larger size dress forms. If the model cards have all measurements, not just the main three but things like shoulder to bust, bust to waist, etc., designers shouldn't be go unprepared. to fit a model. But that would take skill to create a pattern correctly. I keep remembering an old Sewing with Nancy episode where she showed how to take a basic pattern and adjust it with a ruler and protractor to fit perfectly.
  11. So many designers missed or ignored the brief, even though the clothes they themselves wore during the pandemic were guides--well, except for the naked guy and underwear guy. Wasn't Zayden's outfit made of neoprene? That would not be comfortable, would it, since it doesn't breathe? I thought Branden was spot on about Octavio's. Those sleeves were ridiculous. Imaging lounging on the couch with your laptop and trying to do anything with those sleeves. Another entry completely missing the mark. Octavio, if you've really sold hundreds of these, I want proof. I liked the idea o
  12. Per Michael Kors, season 5, "Kenley, avant garde means something we haven't seen before" when she was presenting her own puffer sleave, purple plaid creation. The only one that made even fleetingly think "Mmm that's different" was the big coat. Too bad it wasn't paired with a slim dress to contrast the bulk.
  13. Giving them the rest of the day off, but then not extending the work time was the opposite of helpful. I bet most of them would have rather kept working. It just added MORE stress to the next day. Weird thinking there. Bones has shown himself to be a gracious team member who can put his ego aside to work with people and overall nice guy. Unfortunately, I don't really like his design esthetic. I have liked Aaron's designs much better, but I can stop hoping he doesn't get overlooked, as I no longer care if he does well on this show. It continues to amaze me that people who supposedly
  14. Elaine continues with her insightful comments. NOT. "I don't know where she'd wear this." Hello, it's an AVANTE GARDE challenge. Did you not get the memo? Nobody would wear anything on that runway anywhere unless they are making a fashion joke. I also don't like her "my girl" or "my man" comments as others have said before--It's insulting to the other designers to imply favoritism. Biggest eye-roll, though, came from her really relating to Coral's expressing her feeling she's been discriminated against for being a minority story when the whole cage idea came from a white guy. I
  15. This. Unless the runway garment is finished to perfection, which they never are, wasting time on making an outfit for yourself is telling the judges you care more about that than the garment they asked for. I don't think Bones had an off night. That is his aesthetic and it's terrible, IMO.
  16. I'm dating myself here, but Katie always made me think of S1 Starr--a self-taught designer who only designed for herself and couldn't read the room very well. And Bones is straying into S2 Santino territory. I can't believe he thought anyone would ever wear that to anything. The opinion of the guest judge made me take a second look at Kristina's and I saw the merit there. At first look, it's too much shapeless blah green, but the pieces individually were rather nice. I didn't like the shoes though; I'd prefer something brighter to contrast more with the light color of the garmen
  17. Didn't Julia Child have a famous quote about picking food up off the floor? "Who's to know?" I get more icked out by chefs or bakers blowing on their food before presenting it, or bending over it with loose, long hair. I couldn't understand Lizzie quite a bit of the time, so I didn't realize she was talking about dyslexia until the picture/description of her cake was shown. Her cake decoration was intricate and she carried it off beautifully.
  18. Yes! Especially since last season they had a bunch of Karlee clones as models for the challenge to design a dress for her to wear at an event, down to the blond hair. That would be a perfect way to actually directly compare how designers address a very specific challenge.
  19. I grew to dislike Tim so much by the end, Christian still comes out far ahead IMO. But I wish he would give more constructive criticism rather than, "Dooooo we like this?" kind of remarks. He has a wealth of practical first-hand knowledge, both as a contestant and a successful designer with a varied clientele. For example, he could have made more suggestions or at least hints about visualizing how their garments would look sitting on while on camera. He seems to stray sometimes too far from helpful warnings, such as reminders about how unforgiving some fabrics can be, to just snarky varia
  20. Is anyone also watching The Great British Baking Show? There is a woman on the latest season named Lizzie who looks like a perfect Katie customer.
  21. I thought Nina only said that she always knew which outfit was Katie's (not automatically a complement), but this time had no clue. I was irked at Elaine's "We're waiting for you to show us who you are." They know exactly what Katie designs, as she's sent clown clothes down the runway every week except this one. It might have been rather amusing to see what Katie would have designed if not damped down, and see that walking next to Octavio's purple ruffle blimp.
  22. As soon as the two bottom teams were obvious, you could practically see Octavio planning out his defense and how he was going to try to blame Katie. I recognized all the references Aaron, made including knowing that Michelle Kwan did an exhibition number to "Fields of Gold" after she won the silver and lost to Tara. I would think these kinds of assignments would be what designers aspire to, and yet so many did so badly at it. Did they even look at the photos of Tara and Johnny and see what they wear? The two safe dresses were terrible, IMHO, although the men's jackets were nice.
  23. Ugh. I hate the save. It's never done for it's stated purpose, but for DRAAAAAMMAA and pathos. I can't think of a single recipient, either from Tim or Christian, who actually deserved it for the supposed reasons.
  24. I just rewatched S2. Emmett was in hot pink. He was eliminated that episode and as he was leaving, he turned around and asked, "Was it the shirt?"
  25. They said it was for the pairs short program. I don't like white and off-white together, so I hope they change Johnny's shirt to either a champagne or gold. For once I was in agreement with the top and bottom pairs. Octavio completely disregarded the brief. I think he heard voluminous and blocked out the "not too." He also thinks black is a color. He steamrolled over Katie; she did try to contradict him, but not hard enough. But I doubt anything Katie came up with on her own would have been appropriate either. Nothing she's done has been high end or sophisticated. I just can't
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