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  1. I'm liking Akel, Gaybol and Lorayne. Not so much Marina and Duma.
  2. I'm all for nicknames but when they called him Bud over and over again it started to grate on me.
  3. Yes, Kelly! I totally meant Kelly. Obviously, Jessica wouldn’t need more time to sleep with Matt if he had picked her...hahaha
  4. I feel like Kelly may be demisexual, where she doesn’t feel sexual attraction until there is a strong emotional bond... and with her past lack of reaching orgasim and needing to trust Kenny more, my ace spectrum-gar went off. i find it so interesting that Matt is so different from the rest of his family. Not knowing him at all, obvi I do admire his devotion for his family... I just don’t think the Amber\Barnett family is gonna let Matt\Amber last
  5. I LOVE that Sonny and Will went ice skating, it is a fun winter activity. I also love that Sonny mentioned pair skaters whom fell in love while skating together and yes, his Russian pronouncing was horrible. I’m not sure I buy Sonny’s hobby is ice skating. I know when he first got to town he loved to do outdoor things like rock climb. But to me it just doesn’t fit his character. And if he’s attempting double axels he trains A LOT.
  6. On this snowy cold Saturday, I finally decided to watch this show which has been on my DVR for a while. I LOVED Glee and My Crazy Ex Girlfriend so I knew this would be up my alley. Also, I have loved Jane a levy since Suburgatory. Right off the bat I found it so funny that Jane and John Clarence Stewart both star in this. Girl, you’re crushing on your brothers partner. Ew! Ha. Anyone but me loved What/If?? i was hoping for more Skylar Austin but I’m sure that will come... I loved all the amazing dancing. Excited to see more come February
  7. I love love love how they out of the blue, nonchalantly told us that Miggy dates both guys and girls. I recommend you all go watch Jake Choi’s HRC speech where he talks about growing up knowing he was different. Edited to add: Angie is spot on. Miggy and Pronstroller scored a hottie!
  8. I agree, the finale was too drawn out. I just wanted to know who won, I FF through most of it.
  9. What bugged me so much was when the interns were eating cake. But really what were on their plates were crumbs. Who breaks up cake into pieces become the eat it?
  10. I just saw that NBC plans on airing the impeachment hearing that is being held this coming Wednesday at 10am EST. Hopefully this hearing doesn't take two hours!
  11. Andrew Scott's American accent was decent!
  12. We get an intertwining V/A and B/J sex scene but we don’t get even one kiss from Kevin and Fangs??!!
  13. I just saw on Instagram that it’s Tommy’s Birthday. Hate to say it but I’m kinda glad his bestie will be evicted on his birthday.
  14. While of course I already knew this. I’m not naive but turns out people true selves aren’t what is seen via social media. Ive followed Tommy on social media since he was in Newsies on Broadway years ago and I adored him. I was beyond ecstatic that he was gonna be on BB this year... a few weeks later, I despise him.
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