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  1. Lablover27

    S10.E15: Fire Signs

    Oh, GrannyTammy's mom is single again. Pretty sure they'll be Great Grandma and Grandma cougars. All living together with Ryan and his never-ever-wanna-marry-baby-momma and all her kids. Well, good news is, GrannyTammy only has custody of two of her own - for now. Meghead - kiss of death, her marriage will be a casualty of this show. Call my ex - I will right hook you. Because it's stupid and you'll find out when you are Jimmy's ex. None of your business. I don't care if I need to stand on Shannon's ottoman or stand on one of her two kitchen counters, I will rlight hook you or put cayan pepper on your shrimp. Get a job Meghan. Neck model for starters. Where was David? In the coat closet by the front door? Eddie was enjoying that food so much. I bet he was thinking "all this bullshit I have to put up with I'm eating all this good food." I still would take the leftovers to go, as long as Shannon didn't snif them.
  2. I guess Tamra forgot about that court order as she tweeted the responses her kids gave her when they had to rewatch the sex tub scene. http://stoopidhousewives.com/2015/09/02/tamballs-regrets-big-mistake-bathtub-scene-told-her-kids-rhoc-tamrabarney/ And she stole Jesus Jugs from David Gilmore of Pretty on the Outside. It went from Jesus Barbie to Jesus Jugs and Tamra thought she was clever with that line. She should come here for more quotes.
  3. Simon used the courts to keep the kids off of the show. Tamra filed a motion to have Sophia film because she said Sophia wanted to. It smelled a Tamra story line but the Judge denied it. Spencer and Sidney did not want to be filmed. Sophia is the youngest one.
  4. She must of pulled a Gramballs and had them reduced https://www.facebook.com/126758054016227/photos/pb.126758054016227.-2207520000.1441344872./1018277964864227/?type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/126758054016227/photos/pb.126758054016227.-2207520000.1441344872./1000812136610810/?type=3&theater
  5. Anyone remember that I Love Lucy Little Ricky's birthday? "Itsa my birthday too!" And you know what I was happy about tonight? My 3 kids were there. One son surprised me, as he had told me earlier this week he had to work. He walked in I cried. They made the effort. Wrote loving cards. Gave me an adorable necklace they picked out. No way in hell would I put my kids through what she did to hers tonight. Every party has a pooper (not at my parties though) and Shannon is the OG of OC misery.
  6. Lablover27

    S10.E10: Girl Code

    My 16 year old doesn't have this much drama with her friends. Tamra - POT SHIT STIRRER! Sell my house for me. Ya right. Who's David's mistress? That's some evil shit she played with Shannon. Agree with jnymph, if David knew what the misstressho was doing, that's disgusting and sick. I couldn't even lay down next to him let toast a bagel for him, buy chips for him, do his wash. Later! I'd be out with my kids and a bunch of spousal and child support - matter of fact, make him leave. Slade would be happy to move right in ;) Gramballs, here's a cheat sheet for your bible study: Memorize the 10 commandments. And stop saying SUCK IT. Focus on your kids - get off the show. That will fit on an index card right there.
  7. Lablover27

    Odd Mom Out

    Jill wearing Andie's Pretty in Pink dress cracked me up. Was her husband Duckie? I couldn't tell. Best part of the show was watching them go koo koo over the Meryl Streep movie and Jill's impressions. "Bow down. Bow. Dowwwwwn." Best episode to me was the first. UNICORN! UNICORN! "I love exercise!" "Why did you let me do that! Owwwwww"
  8. Lablover27

    S10.E09: Swimming With The Sharks

    "They pulled out their inner 30s!" Meghead - you need to knock boots with that man of yours....oh wait...he's probably banging the concession lady who is old but sweet. I was looking down and doing my nails and I just busted out laughing at the three drunkos. David's going to watch this and say "How come you never act like that around me Shannnnnnnon? Fun?" Next week, Shannon is asked to leave AAAAgain. Hee. I would have broken into a chant WHERE'S #4 WHERE'S #4 #(gangsign)NUMBER 4!! WE WANT #4! JIMMY SCORE A FOUR!
  9. Lablover27

    S10.E09: Swimming With The Sharks

    Wish one of Tamra's boobs would have popped when she jumped in the water. They aren't saline are they? No - well then, pop away. Jesus save it. Rick Warren, it's a very proud evening for Saddleback Church. No wonder she watches his sermon from her famiy room couch. Real estate company who stupidly hired her - should put that naked boob picture as her bio picture. Sure, take my money for your stupid gym! Here, sell my home! Hey, can you and your evil eyes find me another one because thank you Jesus I just want you so desparately to walk in my old home and walk through my new home with all your evilness. #saveitjesus Puke.
  10. Hayley & high school ~ when Meghead was doing Hayley's homework on her bed, she did a talking had that all Hayley has to do is go to school one day a week and do her homework. Sounded like home school - off site - to me. "Jim, don't you love my pink hair? No? Well, it will grow out by the next time we see each other - like October. Didn't you see me on WWHL? No? Haley's mom has cancer. #(gang sign) terminal. #coolstepmom #mystoryline" "Meghan, i was banging the bat girl and watching highlights. I can do two things at a time." Next time one these gals have aa party, I'm going to tweet "I will be happy to take the untouched food home - which means all it." #helpmeImpoor.
  11. Lablover27

    S01.E01: Meeting Cait

    Waiting to rewatch it again....I finally found one reality show I can't watch - Stewarts & Hamiltons. Kill me now. I am wondering how Rob K is handling this show - I am Cait.
  12. Lablover27

    S01.E01: Meeting Cait

    I find it hard to explain how I feel. I have no idea why I teared up when Kylie met her on face time and on camera. I was watching with my teen daughter and she said "She probably got in her car and cried." My daughter's a teen and I'm sure she was thinking...'what if that was my dad'. Actually she did say that - but I made her giggle because dad is bald. I said he would need Wendy William's wigs. I want to be understanding and I think I am. Just all the plastic surgery and the "you should wear this dress and I'll put mom in hers." I'm sure THAT would be filmed. But on the otherhand, I see how she is trying to help the transgender community, so I'm torn. I'll have to rewatch it. I couldn't imagine walking into my brother's home for the first time. I think it was all to invading privacy for me. Not EVERYTHING has to be filmed.
  13. Lablover27

    S10.E07: Bowling In Heels

    I was feeling so sad and saying a quick prayer for everyone who posted that they lost a loved one. Crossing myself. I truly said prayers to your sig names. Then I read this and cough out my water. You guys always know how to turn things I love it.. RIP Lee Ann.
  14. Lablover27

    S10.E07: Bowling In Heels

    Uh, now I got to walk down 16 stairs to grab a paper towel to clean up my diet 7-up. Inside joke. My husband teases me constantly when I yell to bring me some water. "Okay, I'll walk the 16 stairs up and 16 stairs back." So.