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  1. They were filming the season finale and had a couple of days left when they shut down production. Nicole Maines said they had a few scenes left to film. It's not clear if they shot enough to make into a coherent finale if they can't return to filming soon. We also don't know whether the visual and sound effects crew are still able to finish their work on the episodes. I heard that Legends of Tomorrow's post production crew are working on the final episodes but apparently post production work for Supernatural has been suspended.
  2. Their relationship feels very flat to me too. It's very underwritten and its like the writers have no genuine interest in it. It makes me miss Maggie. It has been good to see Chyler Leigh get a real story in the past couple of episodes. She was very good in this episode. Its fun seeing her as a Super and I enjoyed the NPC versions of the regular cast. I also liked how young Alex was brought into the plot. The actress is so well cast as teenage Alex. I am glad they finally wrapped up the Jeremiah story. It was clear they had no plans to bring Dean Cain back so killing off Jeremiah makes sense. Though I do think the Cadmus plot could have provided some good story for Alex and the show so its a shame they did so little with it. I loved the suit too. I think it is a superior suit for Alex.
  3. Nicole Maines talked to Inverse about Nia at the end of Season 5 and the show shutting down production. Currently some of the cast are in Vancouver, others are in LA. The show was filming the season finale and had a few scenes left. I don't know if they could make a decent finale out of what they shot or not. Hopefully none of the remaining scenes were very important. They are still waiting to resume production but I doubt that will be happening soon.
  4. That's odd. The TVline article said it completed 19 of 20 episodes earlier. I don't think the revision is correct. I think they were only filming the 20th episode when it shut down.
  5. Probably at least a few weeks for The Flash and Batwoman. Supergirl had two less episodes this season than Batwoman and The Flash so it was close to being finished. Legends of Tomorrow is already done filming. I don't know what they will do if the hiatus lasts a long time. Supergirl might have shot enough that they could edit it into a coherent finale but maybe The Flash and Batwoman will have to finish their storylines at the beginning of next season.
  6. According to TVline Supergirl, along with The Flash, has halted production. It was filming the finale and was set to wrap on Tuesday.
  7. Canadagraphs updated his Post with pics from a scene filmed earlier Wednesday. Dreamer, Supergirl, J'onn, Brainy with blond hair, Miss Martian and the stand in for Chyler Leigh (in a black and blue hooded outfit) were in the scene. It's possible she could be standing in for someone else but it looks like she might have the same thing on her wrist that Alex has in the promo photos for the next episode. ETA: The color scheme of the Alex outfit is similar to her virtual reality Supergirl suit. I wonder if this is another virtual reality or if she gets a new, real suit.
  8. There's been a lot of Luthor centric episodes this year. I'm getting a bit tired of it. Canadagraphs did a post on a group scene they filmed yesterday . Seems a bit odd Alex wasn't there. He said on twitter he wasn't sure if it was a cliff-hanger or not.
  9. The actress who plays Andrea confirmed on twitter that she is sticking around for Season six. I'm not happy about that. Sharon Leal, who played Miss Martian has apparently been filming the past couple of episodes. Based on set pics etc. she filmed at least a few group scenes yesterday. There was a group scene that included Kara, Lena, J'onn, Nia, Brainy, and Miss Martian. Alex has been curiously absent from these scenes. With Andrea staying and Miss Martian coming back I wonder if a cast member or two is leaving. Since this show has started someone has left either at the end of the season or early in the next one.
  10. So the theory that Alex becomes Supergirl through virtual reality was correct. Since this is seemingly the A-plot I assume there will be some complication or twist and it won't just be Alex having fun as Supergirl for an episode.
  11. I don't think they will write it in. Mon-el isn't coming back as a regular and I don't think they will want her to have a kid with a guy she just got with. And I don't think the writers actually want babies on this show. It's probably why Alex doesn't have a kid yet.
  12. A 4-5 month break sounds likely to me. There have been actresses who've filmed quite close to their due date but the nature of this show and her role would make that harder. If they start early as rumored they might film some episodes, go on a long break, and then film the rest of the season. Six seasons is a good run though the combination of potentially cutting episodes, less Kara/Supergirl and a potential writers strike might not make for the most ideal final season. But I totally understand why Melissa Benoist would want to leave after next season.
  13. Possibly. There has been conflicting information about whether she is signed for 6 or 7 seasons. If she's signed for 7 she might do a final, (probably) shortened seventh season. I don't see the show lasting any longer than that. This probably means Supergirl won't have much, if any, involvement in the crossover this year.
  14. There was a rumor coming from Jesse Rath that there might be an early start to filming for next season. This news might explain that if that rumor is true. With the pregnancy they might have to move around filming, or cut episodes and/or write Kara out for a stretch and focus on other characters.
  15. How would they know who her roommate is? I know Dreamer came out as transgender but I don't think she revealed her secret identity. Here is a link to pictures for episode 5X14 The Bodyguard.
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