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  1. Supergirl.TV has the synopsis for episode 6X18 "Truth or Consequences". I think the "heartbreaking news" Brainy receives is that he has to return to the future.
  2. It's sad that this is the only story they could think of doing with Alex in the final season.
  3. I understand why Kara/Lena appeals to people. Melissa Benoist and Katie McGrath have nice chemistry but I think its too late to go in a romantic direction with their relationship.
  4. Supergirl.tv has photos for episode 6X15 "Hope for Tomorrow".
  5. They both have more chemistry with pretty much everyone else they interact with. Those were my favorite moments too. Jesse Rath and David Harewood seemed to be having fun.
  6. Even when I read their explanations I just don't understand some of the decisions the writers are making.
  7. The showunners talked with The Wrap. They revealed that there will be a romance between Lex and Nyxly. Why? They also talked with Entertainment Weekly and discussed Lex, Nyxly, Lena and the totems.
  8. Supergirl.tv has the synopsis for episode 6x15 "Hope for Tomorrow". I wonder what Alex's challenge will be. She has no arc this year and I hope it isn't a story like Lena's that feels out of place in the final season.
  9. Azie Tesfai also hinted that she knows what Diggle will be doing next. I wonder if she will be part of his next appearance?
  10. It is weird. I like Lena but she could just have more of a supporting role this season instead of randomly getting magical powers so she can have a bigger role.
  11. I don't like this plot at all.
  12. Supergirl.tv has pictures from episode 6x12 "Blind Spots".
  13. I thought the same thing when I read the synopsis. But the synopsis' for Supergirl sometimes don't accurately describe the episode.
  14. SpoilerTV has episode titles for 6x13 through 6x17. The page also includes episode titles for other shows.
  15. Supergirl.tv has photos from episode 6X10 "Still I Rise".
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