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  1. In addition to Kara being isolated from the cast she isn't even in the top 2 for screentime. Neither is Alex. I like Brainy but its weird that he has the most screentime so far in Supergirl's final season. I don't know Sara's screentime but it feels like it might be less than usual. It's possible there are reason's for it beyond decisions made by the writers.
  2. I think that's what will probably happen.
  3. Supergirl has 13 episodes left.
  4. TVline has the CW fall schedule. There is nothing about Supergirl but The Flash and Riverdale premier on Tuesday, November 16. They are supposed to air a 5 episode event starting mid-November. I think Supergirl will have its series finale the week before unless they are going to air its final episodes in 2022 but that doesn't seem likely.
  5. Canadagraphs has photos of the filming of episode 6x16 "Nightmare in National City" on his blog. Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, Jesse Rath and Katie McGrath were filming. ETA: Apparently the director of 6x16 has posted about wrapping the episode. That means episode 6x17 will start filming next week.
  6. The full CW LGBTQ Superheroes panel is on YouTube. Chyler Leigh (Alex) and Nicole Maines (Nia) took part in the panel.
  7. David Ramsey (Arrow's John Diggle) talked with Entertainment Weekly about his guest appearances on various Arrowverse shows this year. He also talked about the Supergirl episode he directed and is guest starring in.
  8. According to Hollywood Reporter the CW has passed on Painkiller. It's studio is still trying to find another home for it.
  9. According to Deadline Chyler Leigh and Nicole Maines will take part in a panel for a virtual festival by Outfest that runs from June 4th to June 8th.
  10. That was pretty good even if it was mostly a bottle episode. The ending felt a little rushed but I liked that Kara at least got a reunion hug with Alex. Though its too bad next week wasn't the mid-season finale. It would have been nice to have a whole episode with Kara back before the show went on its long hiatus.
  11. Chyler Leigh (Alex) talks with The Wrap about the mid-season finale.
  12. Canadagraphs posted another Supergirl blog. It has set pictures from episode 6.14. After they wrap this episode there will be six episodes left to film.
  13. Comicbook.com talks to Chyler Leigh about Alex becoming Sentinel. There isn't any spoilers except for near the end when
  14. He was seen filming for the show recently so William will definitely be around for the second half of the season. I wonder if they will actually put William and Kara together because they have no chemistry.
  15. It isn't very practical. I missed that the episode airs September 21, which means that they will air at least 5 episodes in a row. I wonder if they will air all of the final 13 episodes without skipping a week?
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