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  1. I just read an e-online article about Crisis on Infinite Earths. Robert Rovner said it will really reset a lot of what's happening on Supergirl.
  2. Yeah I'm of the opinion that they (and some of the script writers and directors) need to be replaced. They seem to love Lena but most of the other plotlines feel lacking. And while this episode is the best written Alex has been in a while I feel like the writing for her hasn't been great since they took over. Though I will give them credit for Alex not raising Ruby which seemed to be the original plan.
  3. Who is that behind Barry around the 1:00 minute mark? ETA: I just realized that's earth 1 Alex and that's old footage from Elseworlds.
  4. Looks like earth 38 is getting destroyed. If they manage to evacuate the planet then what will they do with the population? Brainy was in a shot with Sara and Iris which means he appears in part 2 or 3.
  5. Looks like it could be good. Though I wish they went a bit smaller scale with less CGI.
  6. That's what I was thinking. I find it slightly disappointing if that's what they are doing for the 100th episode though.
  7. According to spoiler tv Supergirl's upcoming episode title are: 5x09 - Crisis on Infinite Earths Pt1 5x10 - The Bottle Episode 5x11 - Back from the Future - Part One 5x12 - Back from the Future - Part Two 5x13 - It's A Super Life I think 5x13 is the 100th episode. The bottle episode title could be a reference to the bottle city of Kandor.
  8. Yeah I suspect the other Legends won't show up until part 5. Doesn't seem like any of Supergirl's supporting regulars are in parts 2 and 3.
  9. The trailer is cut to suggest that but I don't think they would be quite that upset if that were the case.
  10. I wonder what Kara, Alex and J'onn are reacting to? It looks like they are still in the DEO so its not Earth 38 being completely destroyed.
  11. I'm not surprised. Alex wasn't on the Crisis on Earth X poster when she had a significant role and appeared in all 4 parts. I'm not expecting her to appear in more than a couple of episodes of Crisis and J'onn supposedly has a bigger role. I'm slightly surprised Diggle isn't on there though, maybe because he's an original character?
  12. That doesn't sound like much of a plot for Alex and J'onn. I would rather they suit up for battle like the others. Yeah I don't think a spring/summer tv show that is launching on a streaming service means another arrowverse show is ending this season. I think that would be announced by now.
  13. I recall that Lena got impatient and rushed it into human trials. At this rate they'll be married by the end of the season.
  14. I miss old Alex. That Alex would not forgive Lena so easily but and being at odds with Lena might give her something to do. But I'm betting she will be getting along with her soon enough. Katie McGrath did a great job with her scenes tonight. I can sympathize with Lena a little but I still think she is massively overreacting to Kara not telling her. And this is coming from someone who was annoyed with Kara not telling Lena her secret identity for so long. Alex and Kelly kinda breaking up and getting back together in the span of one episode was weird.
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