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  1. SYTYCD needs to rediscover the sense of celebration it had in spades in earlier seasons. Even National Dance Day seemed like an afterthought. I wonder if the reasons the judging has become increasingly more effusive is an attempt to compensate for this. I also think this had something to do with Bailey's wild popularity: he celebrated being on that stage every single time. I would love to know how many minutes of dance we now get per hour vs in the past.
  2. I remember Ryan and Evan Kasprzcak saying, in an interview, that what the show calls Broadway is in fact jazz, that there's no such thing as "Broadway style." One of my pet peeves with this show is its melding of jazz and contemporary. Jazz dancing has syncopation and isolations, which Bailey & Gino demonstrated beautifully.
  3. Of course by now he would have matured, but I'm liking Dominic a lot as a judge. Didn't like him as a contestant on SYTYCD, liked him in QuestCrew, didn't particularly like him judging on ABDC. I seem to go back and forth a lot 🙂 Don't know if you all realize he broke up with Lauren a while back: I'm glad to see he's found someone else.
  4. As a dancer, Bailey has a lot more challenges to overcome on this show (being short) than Madison has (being bald.) How well I remember concerns about how Evan could possibly dance with a normal sized partner... yet he managed a waltz with Kayla just fine. Dancers always look best when their partner is the same size, tall or short; and for Bailey, there isn't going to be anyone. He's dancing big, works hard, is willing to learn, gives us a good performance every time, and doesn't need a sob story to win our hearts. I hope he's around for a good long time.
  5. The only ballroom I've seen (and I am heartily sick of it) is cha cha. I don't remember it being this obvious in previous seasons. Love Shack reminded me of Boogie Shoes. If Bailey & Mariah had several weeks as partners under their belts, it would have worked better than it did. (Not saying I didn't enjoy it.) Hope it's chosen for the finale.
  6. I remember thinking that about Kathryn McC. She cried a lot during the audition process, and it was particularly squeaky. To my knowledge, she never did once she made top 20.
  7. Randi (S5, of butt dance fame) has her own production company: http://strongproductions.com/
  8. The kids gave it their all. Which reminded me that's why I watch every year. We may become jaded, but they never do.
  9. Don't forget Evan Kasprzak. Nigel turned himself inside out, trying to keep him out of the Top 4.
  10. Well, little sister will be in the Junior competition this fall: https://popculture.com/2018/08/01/dancing-with-the-stars-juniors-reveals-lineup-dancers-mentors/
  11. Slavik has never been my favourite. However, as I noted at the top of the show, he was white as a ghost. He stayed like that all night. And at one point actually stated that he was finding the competition hard to keep up with. In that moment, I don't think he would have been sorry to leave, and not for lack of trying or ambition. Everything about his performances tonight screamed weariness and stress. To be honest, I felt for him. And here he lives to dance another week... Perhaps the voters are aiming for a tie, i.e. an actual showmance win.
  12. So let's enjoy some Canadian House!! Both routines by Show-Tyme
  13. Yes, but for some reason I've been under the impression that they aren't going strictly by audience vote.
  14. I am biased: I love DNA. Denys to begin with, but Antonina has been growing on me. They were not only spot on in each of their performances, they have demonstrated range. There is absolutely nothing to justify why Karen 6 Ricardo should score 10 points higher and earn a standing ovation. You want a non-American Latin couple going forward, fine. But they didn't need that high of a score to do so. (It also reminded me of poor Fikshun last year, who had danced his heart out and received high praise, only to be low-balled.)
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