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  1. No wonder Ice-T started doing Car Shield commercials.
  2. Maybe at some point Alex and Kelly (and present-day Barry & Iris) can ask Clark and Lois about that in a crossover. And meanwhile, I'm enjoying seeing Peta/Mxy more than I thought I would be. So please for the love of God don't bring back Lex. As far as I'm concerned, he overstayed his welcome ages ago. In his case, less is more.
  3. Someone on the writing staff took the idea of "trial by a jury of their peers" a bit too literally.
  4. I was hoping that Kara would at least mention her cousin (onscreen) when they went to the Fortress but it looks like it could have ended up on the cutting room floor. Zor El can meet his nephew during Superman & Lois's 2nd season if not during this show's final eps.
  5. Another very good ep and hope the quality remains as high as its been and continues into the next season. Loving the family dynamics and willing to give Clark and Lois some slack in the parenting department. No one has written a parenting guide where one or more members in the family has super powers.
  6. While it may have been in an alternate universe, it might have offered a glimpse of what "our" Mary was like when she first met George and ended up having Georgie.
  7. I think it was the principal who said that he could forge a birth certificate if it meant Billy being able to play on the team. So there's at least one person willing to look the other way when it came to the rules.
  8. It's seems to be a requirement for the Arrowverse shows when it comes to "secret headquarters for the good guys". The Batcave from the 60's tv show seemed to be more secure. The Arrowverse shows might as well have a Starbucks at the entrance.
  9. I just assumed that it's because he's been doing this for quite some time now while Kara is relatively speaking the (sort of) new(-ish) kid on the block.
  10. Apparently Fed Ex-ing his ass to the Marianas Trench wasn't/isn't an option which guarantees he's going to be pissed off to the nth degree when he does get out.
  11. It will probably never happen but I would love for this version of Barry to go against the Eobard Thawne version of Reverse Flash in some future encounter. It was sooooooooooo good to see Cisco again. While I'm glad that Iris finally got out of the mirrorverse, not so happy about Singh and Kamilla still trapped there. Or that this storyline is getting dragged out for at least another episode. It has me longing for the early days of Barry going against the villain of the week for one episode.
  12. AD35


    So is there really a zoo on Mercer Island? From the episode "The Zoo Story".
  13. AD35


    I think I'd lose my mind if the new show somehow worked in Martin's "She Such A Groovy Lady" as a tribute of sorts to John Mahoney/Martin.
  14. If Melissa is unable/unwilling to make a cameo during this season, the show could always do what Supergirl did during its first season regarding Superman. Have Kara be seen as a blurry figure in the distance or just maybe a voice on the phone. Or even just have a news report on tv mention her. Overall I thought the pilot was pretty solid, and early on I pegged Jordan as the one whose powers would be revealed first. He practically had potential Brightburn 2.0 tattooed on his forehead in glow-in-the dark letters.
  15. AD35


    According to that article, if whatever idea pitched gets the go-head for shooting as early as this summer, I wonder what ideas are in the running now. And even then what sounds like a good idea in the boardroom could in reality tank faster than you can scream out, "Look Out! He's got a nug!!"
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