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  1. Liam, you are $Bill's son. I know that you're in shock, seeing a grown-ass man making out with a mannequin that looks exactly like your wife, a Hopequinn, if you will, but, use the brain that you inherited from your sharp-as-a-tack father, & reach into your pocket, grab the phone that you're currently using to stalk your wife, & record this for proof. It's not rocket science, prove that you're right about him. Having said that, I'm totally relieved, I was scared that Hope was about to be raped, by Thomas, who's already laid the groundwork to absolve him of his sins. A headache; dude needs to get a COVID test, that's one of the signs. COVID would be far more believable than whatever they'll try to sell us.
  2. I actually think JMW looks great right now. Pregnancy definitely agrees with her, her skin is great, she looks healthy, I think she looks better pregnant. Hopequinn's glowing eyes, that'll scare little Douglas. Thomas wouldn't even need to set anything crazy up under the bed.
  3. For the record, Liam, I miss your dad when I don't see him, too. How long has it been since $Bill has graced our screen? We need him back!
  4. DOUGLAS!! Man, I didn't realize how much I missed him until I saw him live today. He's just the best thing on this show. Great to see him today. Also, I feel like he'd be #TeamLiam, & be totally freaked-out by the Hopequinn.
  5. Who else wants @TobinAlbers to write the show? 10x better than what we'll actually see on-screen. Plus, $Bill & Justin are actually really good, & super really good together, they play off of each other really well. It'd just be aces to see them on-screen once in a while, or more often.
  6. You know what, that didn't occur to me, but that's a really good idea, at least, temporarily. It would foster some story, & more importantly, it'd give a legit reason for the perfect Douglas actor to be off-screen, without bringing in real-life COVID issues. I'd go for that. They could even say that he wants to be in 1 place during the pandemic, rather than bouncing between houses with Thomas & Hope, if they wanted to be timely & responsible. But, I second that $Bill would drop Thomas out of an airplane, or Justin would, at $Bill's request, & he wouldn't look back. Oh, & he'd look smoking hot while celebrating.
  7. Opening up her "truth"? Um, she was live on camera, 24/7, for 3 months, for the 3rd time, so she can't feign ignorance. We know her truth. She's a nasty, jealous witch, who kicked Ian while he was down, behind his back, because the cool kids were doing it, but doesn't like that people don't like her now, so she's trying to save face. There's her truth, I saved you all hours & probably $. You're welcome.
  8. I totally could rag on Khloe's talons amazingly staying in tip-top shape, even in quarantine, but you've all covered that so I'll move on. My favorite part of the episode, & this is a Khloe compliment, was when she was introducing Tristan & Quarantina. He said something about how she looks smart, so he knows who to sit by & cheat off of on a test (or something to that effect). Khloe quickly said "I'm so glad you said the 'on a test' part." Once a cheater, Khloe. It did make me think that even if they're back together, I bet she doesn't let him live that down. Not saying she should, but he'll get tired of that being thrown in his face. He'll be making out with Kourtney's TicToc bestie this Valentine's Day.
  9. I know Thomas has gone off-the-deep-end, but I do appreciate that he seems to be the only one who acknowledges that Liam is Ridge, Jr., & that it sucked for him to grow up like that. I for sure thought Thomas was going to hit Liam from behind. I can't believe he lived to walk out of that apartment. Although, Hopequinn wants him dead, maybe Hopequinn is turning more Quinn, less Hope.
  10. If Liam is this freaked-out about the Hopequinn, just wait until her eyes turn red, & she starts talking. Although, that'll be nothing compared to the fact that she prefers Thomas. Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  11. Paraphrased line of the year: "Thomas talking on the phone with his psychiatrist mother, for an hour a week, is hardly what I'd call 'therapy'." Liam Spencer, 11/5/20 ~he's for sure speaking for us on this board. Then, he blew it, when he went into Thomass' apartment, & got so distracted by the Hopequinn, that he left himself vulnerable. Liam, you never, ever turn your back on a proven psycho! I just knew he was going to take a vase-to-the-head. He still may. ETA: Charlie is one heck of a security guard. The first thing he should do is check the security cameras. It's not like the Hopequinn can be stuffed in a criminal's pocket like a check, or a key, or jewelry, or a small amount of cash. See who wheeled out a heavy, life-size box, & narrow down the suspect list. I'm a better investigator than Charlie, but I can't build no robot daughter.
  12. This episode really caught my attention, in that Kim tries to play that she's just like everyone else, struggling with the COVID quarantine. In one segment, she went on about how Kanye likely had COVID, & was awaiting the test results, but in the meantime, he had to hole-up in his room, & he couldn't help or even see the kids, while she took him trays of food. Kim mentioned that it was hard doing everything by herself. Later in the show, she & Saint went on a daytime walk to Kris' house, because she was out of Cheetos. So, did golden-child, North, at 6, babysit the other 2 kids, who were 2 & not even a year? Did Kanye come out of quarantine so that Kim & Saint could go for a walk & steal Cheetos? Or, does Kim have tons of help from nannies, that she dares not mention, meaning that she doesn't at all have to do everything by herself? I don't care that she has nanny-help. It just bugs the snot out of me that she tries to make it seem like we were all living the same thing. We weren't. I took off work, except for 1 day a week; our family lost 80% of my income during that time. I did that because our daycare was only open to essential workers, & my job wasn't considered essential; my husband's was, thankfully for us. With no childcare options during a pandemic, I had to stay home with them, save for the 1 day a week that my husband was able to work-from-home. We didn't go anywhere but grocery shopping once a week (just my husband), if that, because it wasn't safe, so we were locked in our house & yard, for months. My story isn't unique at all, & I feel very fortunate that I was able to even work enough to retain 20% of my income, but it just drives me nuts that Kim makes it seem like we were all in the same boat, & in reality, besides being in public & shooting the show, little changed for her. The nannies took care of the kids, like they always do, when the kids aren't in school, & I'm sure she wasn't shlupping to Walmart pickup or Kroger as rarely as possible, to keep everyone safe. Just had to get that off my chest. Happy Monday, friends!
  13. I legitimately think that Kanye loves Kim, really, truly, madly, deeply loves her, even if at least 50% is superficially. There's not a doubt in my mind that she's the one that Kanye will always have in his heart; I've mentioned this before, but I remember him saying that the first time he saw her, she was with Paris, & he looked up "Kim Kardashawn", because he was smitten with her beauty. He carried a torch for her for years. Kim, on the other hand, I think tolerates Kanye. She wanted an in to the things Kanye could get her into: Vogue cover, Met Gala invite, Bey & JayZ friendship, but I think as far as actual love, Reggie was her big one. I think she loves Kanye in a friendly way, & as the father of her kids, but I think if she got a better offer, he'd be eating her dust. I say all of that because I'm not surprised that Kanye went all out for such a thoughtful, emotional gift, especially after this year. I will be surprised if Kim has a Wild Wild Mrs. West party next year, because, I think she'll be dumping him before that. Although, they don't seem to be together much, so maybe they'll stay together, but mostly apart, if that makes sense.
  14. You can all choose whichever movie star you want. For me? $Bill, all day, every day. 😉
  15. They definitely do. Bible. Sorry, I had to. 😉
  16. I forgot to mention the best part of the whole show: Ridge kissing the Brookequinn! Like father, like son! That was so obviously not KKL, but she went all in, kissing her real-life man.
  17. Highlight: The first 5, specifically, Kaysar & Janelle. Also, I think I'd forgotten how stunningly beautiful Bayleigh is. She is absolutely striking. Lowlight: I was extremely disappointed that Nicole's tombstone didn't say "couple of tries, couple of guys". That omission was about half as disappointing as the final 3 boring zombies trying to portray actual zombies.
  18. I'm sure that the first 5 will be on-screen, via Zoom, but I wouldn't put it past Janelle to throw shade at Nicole during the show, about losing sponsorships, although, I think she'd stop short of saying it was because of Nicole's making fun of Ian, just to spare his feelings, on-camera. I can also see her throwing shade at Dani for her obsession with Cody. I saw an Instagram chat with Kaysar/Janelle, & Janelle trashed Derick, & said that he should never come back, since he basically ran this season from the outside. She might drop some Derick bombs, too. I predict that she'll go off-script, & tell them about the outside world. That'll be the highlight of the whole season, if she does. Since it's live, they might not have time to react to quiet her down. The Kaysar/Janelle segments that they've shown on both clip shows, are the highlights of the entire crap season.
  19. Which is still eleventy billion times more interesting than $Bill & Katie, part 685. Why not $Bill & Maya? I know that he was the one who broke her story, maybe he could make amends & they bond. I don't want Bill/Katie, & I think BRidge is destiny right now, at least temporarily. $Bill/DD is probably at his non-Ridge-sparring best, when he's wooing. Who can he woo on-screen? There's honestly not many options left. It blows my mind that they have an actor with that screen-presence, & that big of a following (any other actor probably couldn't have redeemed $Bill, he's kind of a baddie, but DD is so good that he's flipped the script, where he's so good at being bad that he's actually good; it makes sense in my head). So much time is wasted on Flo, although, not as much lately, or Zoe/Carter, who are clearly not going to be together long, or Thomas & the Hopequinn, you have DD on contract, he should be on 3-4-5 times a week!
  20. You've all said everything I was thinking. How can they make a Hope replica, but every single person at Forrester & Spencer, both work in the same 2 offices at FC, & $Bill's office at Spencer? Spread the wealth where it'll count! Someone mentioned upthread, & I can't get it out of my head. Kristian Alfonso would be a good Taylor recast. She's totally different than HT, which might upset some people, but I'd argue that Ridge is even more of a legacy character, & they recast him. Taylor can be recast, & she's needed in this storyline. Plus, with a new actress, maybe she could move on from the OG TOD, & maybe to someone else. I know, there's no such thing as moving on. That Thomas stuff is for real creeping me out. It's honestly bordering on Passions territory. That was my thought watching it. This is super off-the-wall, but just 1 time, when a guy makes an assumption that sex is a sure thing for later, like Carter did today, I want the woman to say "wrong week, but I'd love to discuss it next week."
  21. I had to work over lunch yesterday, so I watched yesterday's episode this morning as I was rustling around, trying to get ready. Granted, I was in & out, but all I saw was Hope's head, did I miss it being a full-size mannequin? I assumed that Thomas was going to keep a replica of Hope's head to keep him company, but a full-size mannequin is a whole different story, & much harder to hide. Poor Douglas.
  22. New couple suggestion: Steffy & Carter. She could say "I love you" by brunch, he could ask her to move in by lunch, they could be married, by him, the only minister in LA by dinner, & still have the reception that evening at the Queric mansion, if they're still together. All in a day's work! These people move faster than a freight train. They also need a parent consultant. My son is actually 4, the age Kelly was progressed to (he was actually born right around the time Douglas was in real life), & when he wakes up, he doesn't weakly say "Mama" in bed, he pounds through the door, rubbing his eyes, & demands to know where his Daddy is.
  23. I'm not sure how far apart hers will be. Mine are 20 months or so apart. It was rough at first, but now, they're super close, although, they fight something fierce. My first is on the small side, my second is on the larger side, people alllllllll of the time ask if they're twins. On topic: I didn't look JMW good before, during, or after either of my pregnancies. I thought it was Finn that put the sparkle in her eye, but it might've been the baby.
  24. I know that I'm probably getting excited over something that will turn out to be nothing, but for the very first time, I feel like there's an actual love interest, to rival Liam. Wyatt was too connected to Liam to be a true love interest for either Steffy or Hope, but Finn is not a Spencer, yet, & he's a doctor, Steffy seems into him, I honestly don't even care if he turns dark, I feel like this is something we've been waiting for. I have, at least.
  25. ^^ Since Kaysar left the screen. Nicole has the worst case of Janelleousy that I've ever seen. I'd love for her to find out on-camera how much she lost in sponsorship deals because of this show.
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