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  1. I'm not sure on the rules of gossip on this board, but is this not public knowledge? I've even heard rumors for years that he fathered a child with the woman whom I'm assuming the post is about. Although, at this point, he may have had sexual contact with every female that's ever been associated with the show, so my assumption may be incorrect. So disgusted with him. On the plus side, it was super nice to turn on "Today" this morning & not have a Matt Lauer sexcapade at the top of the broadcast.
  2. My takeaway from yesterday...shouldn't Sally know a lot about kids? She was living with Thomas in NYC when Douglas was an infant, right? If she doesn't know about infants, shouldn't she have at least some sort of bond with Douglas? It's like they barely know each other, when she was a huge part of his life for quite a long while. I know he was young, but my kids still remember their daycare teachers from a young age. That's my takeaway. Oh, & that I can't WAIT for $Bill to find out Flo & Shauna & kidney/kindness swap. **Insert Michael Jackson eating popcorn GIF.**
  3. Adorable. Thanks for sharing. It's nice to see that they seem to have a great relationship off-set.
  4. In all of the Ridge/Shauna discussion, I totally failed to think about how Steffy would react. Now, I want Ridge & Shauna married, & having babies, & Shauna running Forrester Creations, & Steffy can just stay wrapped up in that & have something to do besides the ToD 2.0. Should we tell Shauna that Flo can't just walk in a hospital, drop off a kidney, & walk out with a receipt? She was foaming at the mouth to have Flo give up a kidney, & go through major surgery, just to maybe have something over the Logans.
  5. Insert sarcasm font **Maya, Carter, & Rick? Are they new characters?** Hmmm, odd that Rick is mentioned, recast?
  6. Tracy is a close second as the most boring character ever. The most oomph she had was when she wished Brandon ill when they thought Kelly stood him up.
  7. I ain't mad at Danny, I want to give him a superhero cape to match Douglas'. If his loose lips help sink the sinking Bridge ship, to quote Liam, "dude is my freaking hero". Thomas, no, Danny, yes!
  8. I think part of my major issue with Ridge defending Thomas at all costs, is that we've never really been shown that Ridge is totally loyal to Thomas. Granted, I've only been a consistent viewer since 2011, so I'm speaking from the last 8 years. Thomas raped Caroline, & Ridge hated him, rightfully so. Then, Ridge kept Thomas from Douglas, knowing that Douglas was his kid, because Thomas had raped Ridge's wife, then been super creepy around her, among other things, & couldn't be trusted. The only reason that Thomas knows about Douglas being his is because Caroline felt guilty, & had what I feel was a form of Stockholm Syndrome. That should've been explored more, but whatever. Fast-forward a few years, when Thomas stood by & watched a girl die, married his step-sister, knowing that her baby was alive & well without telling her, stood by & let his sister fall more in love with her adopted-daughter every day, knowing that it wasn't going to end well for her, & has repeatedly been verbally abusive to his amazing son. Now, after all of that, Ridge is defending his son, & willing to make huge sacrifices for him. It's totally inconsistent with their relationship that we've been shown so far. Ridge has always favored Steffy, so if he was this steadfast in defending her if the roles were reversed, I wouldn't think anything about it. Having said that, the scene of Thomas & Brooke was super good on both of the actors' parts. It was very intense, in a way that I don't often see anymore in daytime. I wish Justin/$Bill would drug Thomas, & when he wakes up, they've tattooed "KILLER" across his forehead, like Y&R back in the golden days of soap.
  9. My exact first thought, there's another little Storm a brewin...
  10. This is a bit of a throwback, but this past weekend, for the first time ever, I tried truffle fries. Of course, I thought of Liam & Steffy, & their love for them. Not even kidding, about halfway through their magnificence, I realized something: Steffy was likely never in love with Liam, she was completely, madly, passionately in love with the truffle fries, & transferred that love to Liam, whom she happened to be sharing them with at the time. Who could blame her?? It's all about the fries! Can't blame her, they were pretty darn good.
  11. I've almost posted this before, then I didn't want anyone to side-eye me for referring to Dr. Phil. However, Dr. Phil has a quote that I've remembered all of these years, as I have some unresolved issues with narcissistic parents, like Brody. Every time I see Brody talking about how much it hurts him that Bruce just abandoned him, & every time I see Bruce (in previous shows) or Caitlyn (now) dismiss it as being in the past & unfixable at this point, I always circle back to this Dr. Phil quote, which I'm sure I'll butcher, but you'll get the drift: in order for a child who was deeply hurt by a parent to truly forgive the parent, the child has to know that the parent knows how deeply the parent hurt the child, & that the parent understands what it caused & cost the child, & is willing to acknowledge their faults, & take the steps to make the relationship better. Caitlyn will never try to improve the relationship. She thinks it's over & done, but for Brody, it never will be, because his hurt was never acknowledged, & again, never will be. As much of an obnoxious duuuuuuude as Brody can be, he's also a hurt, little boy.
  12. Finding Flo's money sounds like a job for Liam, the IT wiz, & Justin, who can get to the bottom of anything. I couldn't care less about Katie badgering Flo, bringing up Storm's heart, blah blah blah. If you really want to make her squirm & make her feel bad, bring $Bill with you. He'll take no prisoners, & she'll be begging to get out of LA when he's done with her. The show just doesn't use him nearly enough.
  13. I don't recall Flo giving so much as a penny back to Reese, or donating it, or mentioning how she got rid of the tainted cash to better someone else. To the best of my knowledge, she's living off of it, which, also to the best of my knowledge, no one knows about. She didn't just help a friend, she got a pretty generous gift from it. I know a lot of people who don't make $50,000 a year. It's me, I'm a lot of people. I don't live in LA, which I know is much more expensive than where we live, & I'm sure her jumpsuits aren't cheap. But, she always fails to disclose that she's currently, most likely, living off of the benefits of her "mistake", when she's groveling for forgiveness. As much as I can't stand to look at the once-beautiful Taylor, her absence is glaring in this story. She should be held accountable for human trafficking, for raising Tommy Choo-Choo, & for being in such a hurry to get Liam back together with Steffy that she wrote a check for a baby. I get that there's a salary issue, or whatever, with HT, but honestly, I mean this as nicely as possible, she makes me uncomfortable to watch. I used to covet her beauty, & I always thought Brooke was no match for her, beauty-wise. Now, I genuinely get uncomfortable when she's on-screen, because she just looks inhuman. It wouldn't be too hard to recast her, especially if it's not a long-term contract, because it's ridiculous that she hasn't been seen in the aftermath at all, when she was one of the players who set the whole thing in motion. If nothing else, we deserve a Brooke/Taylor showdown that doesn't involve cake.
  14. I actually didn't realize that the new season had started, until I was flipping through & our DVR had recorded it. Not much fanfare at all about this season, especially after seeing Khloe's "LIARRRRRR" yell millions of times prior to the beginning of last season. My takeaway from True's party, she has not one bit of attachment to Tristan. When Khloe wanted to get a pic, & Tristan was holding True, she was clamoring across him for Khloe to take her. Khloe gets on my nerves, but she is far more involved than Tristan in True's life. I know that we all knew Khloe is around more than Tristan, but I really don't think True knew her dad at all. Babies don't lie. I also love that Tristan didn't seem overly upset that they'd sold the previous season as showing all of the details of his cheating, but he was mad that they'd used Kanye's song, "Runaway" as the music in the promos for it. Personally, I think "Gold Digger" would've been more appropriate, so count your blessings, buddy.
  15. I personally agree with all of your statements. However, you forgot the most important part...Hope & Liam are/will be married! Douglas would be raised with 2 married, heterosexual parents! What more could a kid want? It's the most important thing in the world for a child to be raised by 2 married people of opposite genders. No child could flourish & become a contributing member of society unless s/he lives under 1 roof, with both married, straight parents. Bonus, these 2 actually love each other & are committed. Douglas hit the lottery! No judge would deny them adopting him, since they're married/will remarry & all. **I'm not sure if they've officially called the latest Lope annulment void, on the basis of false info, since Hope did give birth to Beth, who is alive, but even if she has to annul her marriage to Thomas, the latest Lope marriage is coming soon.**
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