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  1. I just finished the show & came here to comment on the gratuitous crotch shot. What was that?? Also, Quinn committed my worst tv character sin: women who go to bed, to sleep, with a face full of makeup. Wash your face!
  2. Am I the only one confused by so many similar names? When I saw “Travis reacts…” I oddly thought it was Travis SCOTT, but it was actually TRAVIS BARKER, reacting to SCOTT Disick’s comment. Maybe I just need a nap &/or more coffee.
  3. I just saw this on a FB page. I can’t imagine what we’ve never seen before, except maybe a throuple. Or, maybe Eric says it’s fine for Quinn to sleep with Carter, & Quarter continues, with his blessing.
  4. In “Friends”, Rachel & Ross we’re the it couple (at the beginning), & another character referred to them as lobsters, because they hold claws for life. When I see Hope, I think of Laura Ingalls, because of how dowdy she dresses, especially since she has access to actual fashion. Laura temporarily ditched Almonzo for being around his ex, though, no way she’d put up with Liam I’m not ready for school to resume, so I’m a bit sharp today, not unlike $Bill’s missing sword. Also, is Justin still hanging in the loading dock, waiting for an answer from Ridge & Thomas?
  5. Was I the only one who thought that Quinn maybe hasn’t made up her mind yet? I agree that it sorta looks bad for Carter, but it didn’t seem to me like Quinn rushed back to Eric, like Rachel kissing her lobster, Ross, after the aborted prom video. It also makes sense that Quinn knows that if she stays with Carter, it’ll be obvious why she didn’t reunite with Eric, & Carter will lose his job, & status ~ he’s COO, in case you’ve forgotten ~ as well. I was eating lunch & trying to kennel our dogs, so I may have missed an obvious sign, but I don’t think it’s a 100% lock that Queric will
  6. Maybe I’m giving them too much credit, but if any of them would tear their eyes away from Sheila & look in Jack’s direction, they’d know who bio-dad is as easily as we do. TK/Daddy Finn (just realized Ted King & Thorsten Kaye have the same initials) really is gifting everyone in that room a master class in acting without saying a word. About being a stan of Sinn, I’m not really a fan, so much as I’m a fan of jumping off of the TOD merry-go-round. I’ll take boring over TOD all day, every day. Is Justin still hanging out at FC, waiting on an answer from Thomas & R
  7. For real, the very best acting in the entire episode, was TK’s Jack Finnigan, not saying a word until the very end, just reacting. Honorable mention to SF (just realized that Susan Flannery & Stephanie Forrester have the same initials!), just for being the boss lady she is, in portrait. Also, I hope Finn gets-to-the-point faster with patients, & has a better read-the-room ability than he displayed yesterday. Holy smokes, it took him the entire show to spit out the Sheila connection, to a roomful of people who were very obviously not going to be excited that Mommy Dearest is no
  8. I totally didn’t expect Brooke to drop her glass of champagne. That was a shocker, almost as much as seeing Sheila appear, after she’s been on the commercials forever. I'm not sure when/how it happened, & I’ll admit that I detest man buns, but, damn, Thomas is hot now. Maybe the facial scruff, or said man bun, the distance from creepy behavior, or maybe because I follow him on the Insta, & he’s pretty cool, but Thomas needs some non-Hope love. He’s probably the #3 hottie on the show, after $Bill & Carter. I don’t know who he can get with, though. Not Hope, veto that. Flo
  9. His grandpas aren’t faring so well on the crazy scale, either. One had a fling with his sorta sister, got red-string engaged to his sister-in-law, had a fling with his stepmom, Vegas-married the mother of the beast who helped facilitate his daughter buying a stolen baby (whole other post), incorrectly uses the word “destiny” to keep Brooke in a holding pattern for decades (also another post),& tried to pass off his son’s child as his own. The other looks to be a literal mustache-twirler, who, I presume, got Sheila pregnant, & agreed to raise the child as if he adopted him, t
  10. I KNEW Daddy Finn was sketchy AF. It’s the mustache, it’s a dead-giveaway. The best part of the show was Ridge asking if Taylor would be there, followed by Steffy lying about “mission work”, & that horny old goat, Eric, wistfully saying “that’s too bad”, while his thought bubble was saying ‘I’d like to do some ‘missionary work’ with good old Taylor. I’m single & ready to inappropriately mingle!’
  11. If so, I hope it turns out that he was baby-napped, & sold to the highest bidder, with no one ever spending more than a nap time in prison. Double-points if it was someone related to Shauna that kept the secret. I can only imagine the hand-wringing from our dear Felonious. If that occurs, hope Daddy Finn has a good kidney/lung/liver/retina to pass along to someone in need, who absolves him of all sin, assuming that he was involved.
  12. ^ Are you sure that’s his room inside the “stadium”? Or, is it actually his room inside the Kardashian West “compound/mausoleum”? There’s actually more decor & personality in the stadium pic than their former actual bedroom, I would presume.
  13. My main snippy takeaway from yesterday’s episode…Ridge certainly had a lot to say about Finn wanting to get couch-married. Remind me again, Ridge, where you married Caroline II, sans any witnesses, save for an infinity pool & several rays of sunshine. Hypocrite much??
  14. I honestly think that at least a small part of her metamorphosis is trying to look less like Alex Roldan. Mission accomplished, but she also looks nothing like she originally looked. That first pix is just him in makeup. Maybe I’m wrong, as her body has changed, too, but there’s no denying that she originally looked just like him.
  15. @SweePea59, I love Carter & Quinn, too, so scooch over & make room for me at your table. They’re the best thing this show has stumbled upon in years (& years & years). The only thing I dislike is how they’re dumbed-down. Carter just went through a breakup, why didn’t he say he say he’d been getting Zoe’s things together to send to her, when Nosey Noserton X3 asked about the dress? I get that he was caught off guard, but his quick-thinking lawyer reflexes should’ve kicked in. Same with Quinn, she knew Zoe saw her clothes in Carter’s bedroom, why didn’t she drop her jacket in the
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