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  1. You've all said everything I was thinking. How can they make a Hope replica, but every single person at Forrester & Spencer, both work in the same 2 offices at FC, & $Bill's office at Spencer? Spread the wealth where it'll count! Someone mentioned upthread, & I can't get it out of my head. Kristian Alfonso would be a good Taylor recast. She's totally different than HT, which might upset some people, but I'd argue that Ridge is even more of a legacy character, & they recast him. Taylor can be recast, & she's needed in this storyline. Plus, with a new actress, maybe she could move on from the OG TOD, & maybe to someone else. I know, there's no such thing as moving on. That Thomas stuff is for real creeping me out. It's honestly bordering on Passions territory. That was my thought watching it. This is super off-the-wall, but just 1 time, when a guy makes an assumption that sex is a sure thing for later, like Carter did today, I want the woman to say "wrong week, but I'd love to discuss it next week."
  2. I had to work over lunch yesterday, so I watched yesterday's episode this morning as I was rustling around, trying to get ready. Granted, I was in & out, but all I saw was Hope's head, did I miss it being a full-size mannequin? I assumed that Thomas was going to keep a replica of Hope's head to keep him company, but a full-size mannequin is a whole different story, & much harder to hide. Poor Douglas.
  3. New couple suggestion: Steffy & Carter. She could say "I love you" by brunch, he could ask her to move in by lunch, they could be married, by him, the only minister in LA by dinner, & still have the reception that evening at the Queric mansion, if they're still together. All in a day's work! These people move faster than a freight train. They also need a parent consultant. My son is actually 4, the age Kelly was progressed to (he was actually born right around the time Douglas was in real life), & when he wakes up, he doesn't weakly say "Mama" in bed, he pounds through the door, rubbing his eyes, & demands to know where his Daddy is.
  4. I'm not sure how far apart hers will be. Mine are 20 months or so apart. It was rough at first, but now, they're super close, although, they fight something fierce. My first is on the small side, my second is on the larger side, people alllllllll of the time ask if they're twins. On topic: I didn't look JMW good before, during, or after either of my pregnancies. I thought it was Finn that put the sparkle in her eye, but it might've been the baby.
  5. I know that I'm probably getting excited over something that will turn out to be nothing, but for the very first time, I feel like there's an actual love interest, to rival Liam. Wyatt was too connected to Liam to be a true love interest for either Steffy or Hope, but Finn is not a Spencer, yet, & he's a doctor, Steffy seems into him, I honestly don't even care if he turns dark, I feel like this is something we've been waiting for. I have, at least.
  6. ^^ Since Kaysar left the screen. Nicole has the worst case of Janelleousy that I've ever seen. I'd love for her to find out on-camera how much she lost in sponsorship deals because of this show.
  7. Maybe I'm the lone dissenter, but I think Carter is smoking hot. I love a clean cut man in suits, & he tends to wear bright colors that bring life to the drabness of the show. His personality is dull as dishwater, & he's waaaaaaay too much way too fast in the romance department, but as far as looks, I'd rank him as #2 behind $Bill as the hottest guys on the show. Thomas with that scruff is inching his way up, though, which I realize contradicts everything I said about Carter, but he's vastly improved in the looks department from his arrival. Carter, you've been warned. So, if Amelia is around, & can help Hope, Liam, Donna, & whomever else is around them, why couldn't she help Steffy care for Kelly when Steffy was released from the hospital & struggling? Inquiring minds want to know.
  8. This is probably way too personal, but I had an on-&-off boyfriend, for over 5 years. It was toxic, it was messy (no kids), & it didn't seem like it'd ever end. Then, I met my now-husband. It was like a breath of fresh air. No complications, he adored me & didn't hesitate to tell me, he was the one, & I felt it right away. I say all of that because I think that's how JMW seems to be playing this Liam/Finn squabble. When my ex started texting & emailing me again, I was very polite to him, but I shut it down, & told him that my husband was it for me (again, no kids, so we weren't tied to each other for life like Steam is). I was so excited about meeting my now-husband, & it really just reinvigorated most aspects of my life. It seems like JMW is sort of playing Steffy to be enjoying the drama-free, breath of fresh air that is Finn. Also, I can't remember what it was now that he said yesterday, but I love that Finn can snark. He can stay.
  9. All I want under my Christmas tree this year is a note saying that you're the new head writer. I wouldn't turn down a big check, but mostly, I want you to write the show. I've been pretty good, cussed a little too much during quarantine, but, kids. Please, Santa, make this happen.
  10. My memory is a bit foggy, but from what I recollect, Zoe was living in England, & she dated Zander. When he came to LA & Forrester, she followed him, even though he'd dumped her. It was most memorable (to me, anyway), because Zoe had to fake an English accent, since she was supposedly raised in England, while the actress playing Zoe was raised in America, & speaks like she did today. They had a storyline where she & Zander both agreed to see who could perform an American accent for the longest amount of time, or some nonsense. Spoiler alert: it appears that Zoe won the bet, as her English accent is long gone, not that it was ever believable to begin with.
  11. At this point, I think the only thing that could remotely save this season, is if Tyler gets up in his "vote to save me" speech & says some version of the following: "Vote for me to stay. If you vote for me to leave, I guarantee you that Cody will win the show. I have the balls to put him up. He's won the most comps, he has friends all over the jury, he has final 2 deals with most of you in the house, & if he makes the final 2, he will absolutely win. I will make it my mission to evict Cody so that the rest of us have a fighting chance. If you evict me, & he's in the final 2, he's got my vote." Then, if he's evicted, on his way out, he can congratulate Cody on winning Big Brother (way too generously named) All-Stars. I know that there is absolutely no chance that he will say anything close to that, but if he did, & still got evicted, at least the other players might get a needed wake-up call. It's like we're marching to a Cody confetti celebration, no matter what. I don't see any way that he doesn't win the game at this point. I also really, really, really hope that in the future, players use this season as the reason to vote for what's best for their game, & not what the HOH wants. After the veto ceremony, the HOH should be powerless, save for a tie vote. It's ridiculous.
  12. I'd say she's most famous for carrying Rick's & Maya's baby, Lizzie. It was a ridiculous story, because she was all of 20, had never had a child, & was inseminated with Rick's swimmers (so, technically, Lizzie is her bio child), but it's just completely unbelievable that any doctor, outside of Taylor, would allow her to do that.
  13. This is contouring, obviously, not plastic surgery. Don't be a hater. 😉#Bible
  14. I seriously didn't see anything after the $Bill sexy times video. Whew, thanks for that midday snack. 😉 I very much appreciated that Liam mentioned to Steffy that while Kelly was asleep at that moment, she could've easily woken up & wandered out onto the cliff, or into the water, or whatever he said. He also might've mentioned that Steffy had a bottle of unknown pills, hidden in her couch. If she'd forgotten them, & Kelly found them & thought they were candy, it could've also been deadly. The biggest sin in this whole story is explaining why Steffy has to keep Kelly by herself. No nanny, no home health help, no cleaning service, nothing. It's ridiculous. I'm by no means rich, by a looooooong shot, & my kids go to daycare when I'm working & they're not in school. Thomas looked mighty shady as Steffy was unraveling.
  15. I love Day, but anyone who saw Nicole right after she voted for Ian, could've deduced that she'd flipped & voted to evict him. I think David has just been so sketchy, but Nicole basically had a neon sign that read "I vote to evict Ian!!".
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