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  1. Yet again, I'll say that it was a total mistake to definitively kill Caroline II, because I'd give up a $Bill shirtless scene, for her to come back & kick that weasel, Thomas, right in the balls. Ugh, he is the grossest of the gross.
  2. nkotb

    Tyga: Burning Not So Bright

    I just don't understand how this is all coming out NOW. Tyga was with Kylie for years, while she was underage. Khloe busted up TT & Jordan, the first, years ago (3 or so, I think), why wasn't the press trying to find out everything they could about all involved parties at the time, specifically in the case of Tyga & underage Kylie? How did no one know about this until now, especially in the day & age of social media, & why does it matter now that Tyga is done with Kylie (I still think Stormi is the bodyguard's), & Khloe & TT have officially broken up? I do wonder how much the K clan knew; that's probably why we never heard anything.
  3. I don't even care how stupid this idea is, or how it's going to blow up in Katie's face, or how good DR is at playing slutty, or how Justin will somehow take the blame for this, or how Brooke probably texted Bill to give him the heads-up as to what was going on. All I care about is that today, for an extended scene, we got shirtless, flirty, smoking hot $Bill. All is right with the world. Fangurl gushing, but I never, ever thought Brad Carlton was anything at all, & could never understand all of those women just slobbering all over him. Jump ship from WI to LA, & $Bill Spencer is the hottest thing on TV. I do think $Bill is closer to DD's actual personality than that drip Brad, but OMG, what a difference a change of a zip code makes.
  4. @Ohwell, that's exactly what I predict will happen. I'd say by the end of summer, if Flo & Shauna actually move in, Shauna & Eric will be sneaking around to be together. I'm not hating Liam lately; he actually seems to be committed to Hope. I've always thought Hope was the one for Liam, but he did have a sort of pull to Steffy. It was severed beyond repair when Steffy jumped on the $tallion, though, & he's completely in for Hope, finally. I also love him calling Thomas "Tom". It's like Victor calling Billy "Billy Boy", or Bill calling Ridge "the dressmaker". It's just a blatant sign of disrespect, & I say props to Liam for that. I personally think he should refer to him as "my cousin's rapist", but "Tom" is acceptable since we can't have that. OMG, Quinn, could you BE any more of a hypocrite? Yes, Sally lied, & yes, she lied about Liam, which bothered Wyatt. You know what else bothered Wyatt? When his mother kidnapped his brother, while he had amnesia, & spent months raping him & keeping him hidden. I'm thinking Sally isn't the worst woman in Wyatt's life, & a good reminder of that wouldn't be the worst thing. Finally, the most interesting part of this Wyatt/Quinn/Flo/Shauna quadrangle, is why did Wyatt & Quinn have to up-&-leave in the middle of the night, with no warning, & never contact Flo & Shauna again? That's the story we should explore, not Wyatt reconnecting with his first love, which we all know isn't going to end well once her role in PhoeBeth's kidnapping is revealed.
  5. Um, Quinn, you might wanna take a step back before bashing Sally for keeping info that would hurt Liam. Remember Captive Cabin? Remember raping Liam for months? Remember keeping Liam from his friends & family? Remember attempting to murder Deacon so that he'd keep your secret? Remember trying to get back into the good graces of everyone which only happened because Eric is a horny old man? Remember never really apologizing to Liam? Yeah, sit your ass back down with that bullshit
  6. nkotb

    True Tori

    If that is the case, & again, I have no actual knowledge, just assumptions, it's kinda brilliant. If she can get lodging, food & daily expenses covered (electricity, wifi, shampoo, etc.), & she has no actual income to provide those things for her basketball team of kids at home, at least they're provided for part of the time. I don't know much about taxes on what I'd assume would be considered corporate gifts, I'm more of the Rachel Green "who's that FICA dude, & why is he taking my money?" team, but nothing financially surprises me about Tori & Dean. It also might be if that would be tax-worthy, the amount would so small in comparison to what they owe, that the IRS just turns the other cheek. Don't make fun of me, but when I first heard about this 90210 reboot, I was honestly a little happy for Tori, because at least for the duration of this show, she'll have gainful employment & income. Then, I realized that she'll probably blow it on a unicorn, or mani/pedis with real diamonds, or a Taylor Swift concert/party for the baby, because who doesn't want something that extravagant at 2? No matter what, she will piss through every penny she earns, & be right back in the same boat, probably with even bigger tax bills.
  7. nkotb

    True Tori

    I have no concrete proof, but I always assumed that Tori's vacations were comped, in exchange for mentions & positive posts on Twitter, Instagram, etc. Again, I have no actual knowledge, but even though people know Tori can't afford a single vacation, let alone multiple vacations, she still has tons of followers. It's feasible that companies would comp them travel & accommodations in exchange for clicks & publicity.
  8. @GHScorpiosRule, I'm assuming that they'll play exaggerated versions of their real life. Like, they might play up Tori being in trouble for her money woes; it'd be kinda funny if they did stuff like at a restaurant & the running gag was that Tori couldn't pay. Mean, but funny. Shannen may fight with people as per her reputation. BAG might inexplicably have hot model-types (like Vanessa & Megan Fox, neither of which I understand to this day) all over him. Ian might have a lot of shark references, ala Sharknado. I'm assuming that's what they'll do. I hope it's funny, but I hope that they address the loss of Luke. God, what a gut-punch.
  9. BAG's face looks like he might've had slightly more work than Tori & Jennie. Slightly.
  10. What in the bluedilly fuck did I just see? Seriously? Did Bill just propose to Katie, 2 months after her husband left (on Valentine's Day, the asshole)? After they've already been divorced twice? Without even having shared a kiss, much less a romp in the hay (I know they've been married & have done it numerous times, but it's been a while, she could've tattooed "Thorne 4Life" across her ass for all he knows, does he want to look at that every day for the rest of his life?)? Without a clue as to whether or not she still has feelings for him? After telling her that he's on several "Most Eligible Bachelor" lists? In the least romantic place on earth, his office, where he had a secret room installed so he could have sexy times with Katie's sister while Katie was his wife? This is not the $Bill that I know & love. Hand on the bible, I thought it was a daydream Katie was having. I can't believe that actually occurred. Props, though, HT is a hella good cryer. However, weird as it was, I'd take a scene of $Bill cleaning his ears, or cutting his toenails, or surfing the net, over any scene of creepy Thomas, any day. At least there was minimal sadness today.
  11. I completely agree, Thomas is just repugnant. There are love-to-hate characters, Stefano DiMera comes to mind, but I don't love to hate Thomas, I'm just completely creeped-out by him & don't want to see him onscreen at all. I started watching regularly in summer, 2011. That was right at the inception of TOD II. Thomas glommed onto Hope & manipulated her into a relationship, which she was never really into, because she'd just broken up with Liam, who insta-married Steffy. Then, he moved on to Caroline, only to lose her to Rick. When he left, he wasn't missed. Then, he came back, & completely glommed onto Caroline again, even though she was in a serious relationship with his father. Finally, he met Sally, & they actually fit. He wasn't creepy with her, he wasn't inappropriate, they just fit. Then, he left her for Caroline, only to be in a platonic, co-parenting relationship with her, because, unbeknownst to us, he never got over Hope, who really was never into him, even though we saw that he was legit in love with Sally. There is not one good trait in the character, save for his child. Killing Caroline in such a definitive way was such a huge, huge mistake, but sending this creepy version of Thomas back to LA was even worse. He needs to go to Milan, or wherever, but they should cut their losses with this character. Every version of Thomas is vile & creepy on some level, it's not going to get better.
  12. Ugh, Thomas is creepy AF. Gross. When you're the creepiest & grossest in a family where your sister slept with her father-in-law while he was her father-in-law (I mean, $Bill is smoking hot, & I'd for sure ride the stallion, but not if he was my husband's father), your mother shot someone in the back & left him for dead, yet continues to practice psychiatry, & your father almost had sexy times with a woman whom he'd raised for part of her life, & thought she was his sister for the other part of her life, & these are each just 1 example of the grossness running through your veins, you have serious issues. PF had rehabbed the character so much, I'd almost forgotten "misunderstanding night". Now, I remember every detail. I really just wish he'd go away. Douglas can stay, though. My memory of Thomas & Hope, Round 1, was Thomas pursuing Hope, & Hope pacifying him with a date here & there, & then a trip to the same place Liam & Steffy were vacationing, where hiijinks ensued. I never, ever felt like Hope was into him at all. I will say this for Hope, she had a few feelings for Wyatt, but she's always been pretty steadfast that Liam is her one true love. However, Douglas is the carrot Thomas will dangle. Even grosser, use a grieving child to score. On the positive side, it's nice to see that Ridge knows his kid is a total creeper. It doesn't appear he's sugar-coating anything.
  13. ^^Charlie was the first one to put together that Maya had gender-reassignment surgery, based on the pills she was taking. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he put the whole PhoeBeth BS together. He made a robot into his daughter in his past life (on Small Wonder), this is nothing! I really don't want $Bill & Quinn together, romantically, but I'd love to see them together for an episode a month, give or take, snarking & sparkling. They bring out something different in each other than anyone else. It's like a begrudging respect for the way Wyatt was raised (from Bill), & a begrudging respect for the way Bill has accepted Wyatt & improved his life (from Quinn). Nothing romantic, just pretty, snarky, & sparkly. Also, color me happy, but I'm decidedly not hating Denise Richards, or Shauna. She seems like a normal mom, not an absentee mom, or someone who's overly involved, Brooke. I did appreciate that she wasn't threatened by all of the new, overbearing women, welcoming Flo into their life, without hesitation. Instead, she seemed so relieved that they accepted her, & immediately loved her & welcomed her, as well as Shauna herself. I'm shocked that that stunt-casting hasn't been bad at all, & while I don't want her with my $Bill, but she can stick around for a while. KB really was a great snag for this show, probably the best addition in the last 5 years or more. I really like her.
  14. It's a damn shame that $Bill & Quinn don't share more scenes together. They really sparkle. DD & RS were almost too much pretty for my screen, but just almost. I love that they had sort of a light scene, with $Bill even telling Quinn that she'd done a good job raising Wyatt. Sparkle. Seeing 40-something Denise Richards, beside 50-or-60-something Kelly Lang was a shock. KKL looks at least 10 years younger than DR.
  15. For me, it's not that she participated in the baby switch. She was innocent through most of it & didn't know anyone involved, save for Dr. Shady. What I think will make people really have trouble forgiving her, is that Hope has poured her broken heart out to Flo numerous times, she's even told Flo things she hasn't told Liam, like that she goes to the Forrester rooftop & looks toward Catalina. Flo has known since nearly the beginning that Hope was the mother of the very much-alive Beth, she got closer to her, listened to her explain her pain repeatedly, & knows that Hope feels responsible & doesn't want to get pregnant again, for fear of losing yet another child. Flo knows that Phoebe is Beth, & has since almost the beginning, she knows that she could end Hope's pain in a nanosecond, but she hasn't said a word. She's had multiple opportunities, but she hasn't actually said anything. I don't think the baby switch per se would put her in the irredeemable category, but I think having a front row seat & watching Hope suffer & be in total misery, even to the point that Hope wants to step aside for her husband to be a family with Steffy, knowing that Beth is alive, is what will be the hard thing for everyone to accept. I really like the actress, & I like the character, too, but I legit think that it won't be the easiest road to forgiveness. Brooke will probably be the hardest on her. I may be wrong, though, who knows? Flo may come clean about everything & be forgiven in time to be the maid of honor at Hope's wedding to Thomas in a few months. Just teasing, I hope. They did half-ass redeem Quinn, although, I think that was more of horny old Eric not caring what anyone thought, because he loved her & was happy with her. She really never tried to make amends with Liam that I recall.