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  1. Thanks for sharing the Ben article. I can't lie, I really judged him, & now, I realize that it was probably unfair. I've never played the game, & I can't imagine the mental toll that it takes on a person, & to find out deep into the game that the jury doesn't like or respect you, which is obvious from the disadvantages, it'd probably really screw with a person's psyche. The show really should've shown Jeremy doing that on the first night, because, when I see a white country boy intensely disliking a charming, affable African American dude, for seemingly no reason, I tend to take the side of the AA guy, without much info, except surface info. Jeremy is one of my all-time favorites, & he always will be, but I judge Ben a smidge less after the article. I've said this before, but this season was more about the players than the game, at our house, anyway, so I think EOE worked. Otherwise, we wouldn't have seen most of my favorites ~ Ethan, Yul, Rob, Jeremy, Natalie, Denise ~ much, & I tuned in to watch them. However, in general, I don't like it, & I really don't like the people being able to influence the game, once voted off, & then coming back into the game. I'd still like to see a real, old school game, return. Back when Ethan won, since he was the oldest winner, from season 3, you had to hustle & play the game. There was no hidden immunity idol, no EOE dis/advantages, minimal food & shelter, it was strategy & teamwork. It was a purer game, & to me, that's why I'll always think the old school players are better than the Tonys & beyond. There's such a luck component now, much more so than in the olden days, I just prefer the old school style. I know others love the advantages & idols, but I don't care for them.
  2. It's just the coolest show. I still get a little freaked-out, but the theme song is so pretty. In typing that, I could hear it in my head. What a great show, I might have to do a rewatch myself! Ray Wise just made that show. I miss the good old days of TV.
  3. ...& if your boyfriend, Ray Wise, starts talking about a little boy from his childhood, named BOB, run, run like hell! (little Twin Peaks humor ~ if you're looking for a show to watch during the quarantine, that's it, it's quirky, cool, & stars our beloved Ray Wise!).
  4. If Danni comes back (either way, actually, whether she goes back into the game, or is finished), for the love of God, feed the woman; I don't care if she uses fire tokens, or if she wins a reward, or if they happen to leave a pizza for her to find, like an immunity idol. It physically hurts me to see her so thin. It isn't healthy, & it is really uncomfortable.
  5. Co-sign. I have a funny story, that I couldn't wait to tell my friends, here on this board. Last night, Hubs went through a little catch-all basket we have. He started waving a dollar in my face, & I made a joke about the quarantine taking away any desire I had, to ever strip, if I'd ever had any, & left 20 extra pounds in its' place. Hubs said "isn't that your favorite?" I said "$1? Add a few zeroes behind it, then, yes." Hubs, "No, your favorite actor?" Me, "George Washington?" Hubs," NO, DOLLAR BILL!" OMG, Hubs isn't overly-clever (still perfect), but it was hysterical. But, yes, Dollar Bill is my favorite actor to enjoy lunch with. Yum!
  6. The above-referenced scene, is my favorite John Goodman/Dan scene in the entire original run. Roseanne took Jackie to the hospital, to be checked, after Fisher assaulted her. Dan didn't say a word, just got up, walked to his coat, grabbed it, & walked out the door. We all knew he was going to take Fisher down. JG is attractive in a teddy bear way, to me, but in that scene, when he took charge, with no words, I found him to be smoking hot. I don't advocate violence, but I made an exception. One thing that I do appreciate in the new show, is that Dan is still in love with Roseanne, & is heartbroken at her loss. Once she ended her association with the original show, I figured they'd marginalize her character, & I wouldn't blame them, her words were ridiculous. However, It would be unrealistic to have Dan move on very fast, after her death. Even the girls still reference her, as shown in "Slapgiving", or whatever that was called, when Darlene called out Jackie for always having depended on Roseanne. I know IRL Roseanne is persona non grata, but in the show-life, I'm glad that they've acknowledged her impact, & the impact of her loss.
  7. https://www.eonline.com/shows/kardashians/news/1148102/scott-disick-checks-out-of-rehab-and-plans-to-sue-over-alleged-leaked-photo?query=disick According to E!, Scott immediately checked out of rehab, when it was made public that he was there. Apparently, when he was checked in, someone on staff snapped a pic, likely sold it, & that's how it was made public. Scott is suing. Rightfully so, in my opinion. .
  8. Sandy & Cuomo broke up, but according to her, they're still friends, & talk frequently.
  9. I was actually coming here to post that the timing of the Kimye fighting stories are very odd. I've come to 2 conclusions: 1. Kris is planting the stories, including how Kanye doesn't help at home, so that when the divorce announcement is made, people know how much Kim tried to make things work. Poor Kimmy. 2. Kris is distraught that during the quarantine, because all of those pesky doctors/nurses/healthcare workers/essential workers of all kinds are considered the superheroes in all of this, & they're the people that everyone is talking about, not the Kardashians. What better way to regain attention, than to spread some stories, true or not, that her daughter in the most substantial, longest-lasting-relationship in her family, is on the brink of divorce. I completely agree that Kanye is obsessed with Kim, & has been for years. I've posted this before, but I remember hearing Kanye say that he saw Kim on TV with Paris Hilton, in like 2006, & he was like "who is Kim Kard-a-shawn?" He has been after her for years & years, & he finally got her. Didn't even Hump say that he knew that when Kanye wasn't invited to the Hump wedding that Hump knew that Kanye & Kim had a thing, current or past (too many "he" to make sense, so I went for names). I also remember Amber Rose saying that Kim & Kanye were sexting during Amber's relationship with Kanye. Finally, yes, I spend too much time with these people, but I remember at the Kimye wedding rehearsal dinner (maybe her bridal shower), Kim said that years before, she & Kanye talked on the phone all night 1 night, & Kanye was like "where do we go from here?" Kim said "nowhere, I have a boyfriend", which many think was Reggie, as she legit seemed to love him, plus, the timing fit. He's been in love with her for years, for purely shallow reasons, I think, but he definitely has her on a pedestal.
  10. My husband didn't watch Survivor until after we'd been together a while. The first season that we watched together is the season that Rob won ~ side note, but you all amaze me at your knowledge of who won where when & how. Anyway, we started watching in 2011, so he'd never seen All-Stars. The weather was cruddy this weekend, so we binged it. We ended at the finale, when Jeff announced that Amber had won. Hubs' mouth literally dropped to the floor, because Rob ran the hell outta that season. At the time, I was stunned, & I still think that Rob played the far superior game. However, in retrospect, he completely mishandled the jury, & they were bound to vote against him, even if he'd been sitting next to Satan. 15+ years later, I can understand why Amber won, & although I disagree with it, a bitter jury is something you have to account for, & play accordingly. It was so crazy to watch, because at the time, I thought Rob & Amber were just using each other for the game. However, it was obvious that Rob was into her, hence the Lex promise. I would've never guessed, watching that season, that they'd be married, 15+ years later, with 4 little Ambers. Honestly, it was pretty adorable to know how that turned out, & to see it unfold again. Also, the prizes were top-notch. Rob won a truck, & he got a movie date, which he chose to take Amber to attend. She also won a car. I know that the show isn't as popular as it once was, but, can we have some good prizes? Finally, that was so much more pure, because there was no hidden immunity idol, no fire tokens, no advantages, it was just so much more pure. I miss the good old days. Is Lex still hating Rob? The last I heard, he was, but I'd like to think he is over it by now. Geez, I don't even hate my ex-boyfriend anymore, & he cost me years of my life, which I'd call more valuable than $1 million. I'd also forgotten that Lex took out Ethan, whom he was friends with, but was mad when Rob did it to him (it was dirty, but the game is pretty dirty, too). I binge-watched this on Hulu this weekend. I was nervous about those episodes as well. The episode where Hatch actually grinds on her aired, but the episode when Sue had the breakdown & quit the game, which was the episode after the incident, didn't air. I'm not sure if it was copyrights, or what. The episode where Rudy was voted out didn't air, either, but those were the only 2. Anyway, while the episode where the incident happened is in rotation, the aftermath may not be, & isn't, on Hulu. I'd forgotten, but Jeff scolded Hatch during the challenge. It was really uncomfortable to watch. I remember being relieved when he got bamboozled that night. ETA: I had a thought about a gimmick for a season, since they rarely have people just come out & play, like they did in the good old days. What about children of players? Big Tom's son, Beau, visited him on the all-stars season, he's probably 35 or so now, but I'm sure that there are younger children-of-contestants that would be willing to play. That way, it'd be sorta new, but sorta old school. Just a thought.
  11. I was watching today's show at work today, & I was about 5 minutes in, & thought 'wow, Flo has worn that shorts outfit for a long time". She was in Dr. Designer's office, like she was on Friday. I paused it, so my coworker didn't see me watching, & when I went to turn it back on, I noticed that the episode description was from Monday, April 6, a full 2 weeks ago. Different outfit for Flo, same exact situation, same exact dialogue, & still haunting Dr. Designer's office.
  12. OMG, "Murder, She Wrote" is my current TV obsession! I wasn't into it when it aired, but I'm loving watching it now. Angela Lansbury is a national treasure, akin to Betty White. On topic: I forgot how spectacular the show used to be, until I saw Friday's blast from the past episode. Wow, the quality has really gone downhill in the last few decades. It was opulent. I also forgot the madass crush I had on Danny. I thought he was perfection. Gina singing, so many familiar faces from the past, it was just so nice to see. I'm glad they're sharing the past with us.
  13. I'm surprised that Tristan is allowing himself to be shown. I know that Khloe is obnoxious, but he dogged her, with a friend of hers. No matter what I think about her, it had to hurt. I'm glad that they're in a place where they can amicably co-parent, but I'm just surprised that he'd allow himself to be shown on the show. I'm also surprised that he actually does seem to be trying to win her back; I didn't believe it when she's made mention of it in the past. From the gifts (loved that she said that he never sent her stuff when they were together, which I 100% believe), to him flirting in Cleveland, it does legit seem like he wants her back, or more clearly, he wants the lifestyle that the Kardashians can bring him back.
  14. Obviously, #5. I didn't even read the names, just looked for my $Bill. I'd even put up with Zoe & whoever else was in that house. I'd put up with a lot for $Bill.
  15. That was literally the worst green scene I have ever seen. Like ever. Geez, they were like pretending to jet ski or something, in front of a very obvious green screen. It was so odd, why didn't they just say that she wanted to go to a spa to get away or something? I get that money is tight, but don't make up stories that require locations then. I, too, can't understand how Shauna could even throw Ridge a passing glance when she rode the $tallion. And, he's even hotter now than when he was younger. Get that hair outta your face & open your eyes. Crazy. This Sally story is the most frustrating, mostly because I legit think she loved Thomas. I think she likes Wyatt. Big difference. No matter what her feelings for either guy, though, the most baffling thing is that she's going through all of this trouble...for Wyatt. Wyatt. Yeah, that Wyatt. He's handsome, but he doesn't have a lot of personality. Of course, both Steffy & Hope have hinted that he inherited the $tallion's sexual prowess, but that's about all I see going for him. Plus, Wyatt is a package deal, with his batshit crazy mama. Pass on that. Girl, if you're going to insist on circling the Spencer men, you get you the real man, $Bill. Word on the street is that he's broken-hearted again. Saddle up. Last thing, oh, Quinn, gloat all you want to Brooke, but $Bill hasn't had a moment alone with you yet for your little stunt. Wyatt's preoccupied between his dying roommate, & redeeming his long-lost-first-love, he doesn't have the focus to call Daddy off of you like he did after Captive Cabin. I hope we're not robbed of a scene of the 2 of them. Each day, I get sadder, because I know we're dwindling down to no more new episodes. As much as I bitch about this show, it really is a part of my life. Salad tastes better when I share it over lunch with $Bill. I enjoy watching Baby Beth/s grow & change. Douglas is #SweetnessGoals. When they actually show fashion, I love the glitz & glamour. Anyway, I'll be sad when we run out of new episodes. Mostly, I'll miss my beloved $Bill.
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