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  1. nkotb

    This Is the Awards Thread

    It's only been a few months, but I honestly can't recall an episode that Ron Cephas Jones was in, let alone that deserved an Emmy-nomination. The apartment painting of the woman, maybe? I love him, & think he's stellar every second on-screen, but no way should he have been nominated for an episode/s that I can't even recall, when Griffin Dunne was a standout in several, & wasn't nominated, & to me, he was the co-MVP this season, next to JH's Kevin. I also thought SKB wasn't "on" this year, as much as I love him, & I'm struggling to remember very many episodes that showcased Milo. JH should've been nominated. Also, Susan's Beth finally got an episode, & finally got more of a storyline, & she was snubbed, too. I'm not very impressed with the nominations this year.
  2. I adore SKB, he's far & away my TV boyfriend, but Randall was such a douche this past season, & SKB's storyline, the election, wasn't meaty at all. JH's Kevin really grew up a ton this year, mostly due to the Nicky storyline, & JH showed enormous acting chops, more than anyone else, & more than I've ever seen from him. He should've been nominated. Poor Chrissy did a lot, too, with the baby story, & she didn't get the nod, either. I don't recall Mandy Moore standing out, nor do I recall a standout performance from Milo, as much as I love him also. It's a shame that JH wasn't recognized. He deserves it. I felt like Randall/SKB was the star the first season, Milo/Jack was the second season, but JH/Kevin ran away with this season. Shame. Maybe next year's star will be Chrissy/Kate, or Mandy/Rebecca. On topic, JH may have been stellar on Y&R, but I was & always will be partial to MM. I probably didn't give JH a fair shake, because I'm petty like that.
  3. I didn't care for JH as Adam, but I think he does a fantastic job on This Is Us. Especially this past year, he really grew as an actor, & I felt like he had the best storylines, with finding his long-lost uncle. I'm shocked that Sterling & Milo were nominated, as I felt JH had more meat this year. Milo is great with the kid actors, but I'd say JH is #2. They light up around him, especially the girls who play his nieces, far more than they do with the other adults.
  4. I completely agree on Kanye. I've always thought he had my least-favorite quality ever: inexplicable arrogance. However, kids don't lie & they're not good long-term fakers. You can tell that Kanye is the stable, consistent, involved parent in their life. I'm not even a fan of his, but I really love seeing that.
  5. It does seem like all of the kids are closer to their dads, for the most part, besides True, obviously. The West kids smile at Kim, but light up around Kanye. Same with Stormi & Travis. Kourtney's kids seem equally close to both parents, too.
  6. I'd really like to see Sally & Justin work together, Justin, because of Emma, & Sally, because Justin has a suspicion about Thomas, & he recruits the-one-that-got-away-from-Thomas, Sally, to help him. Then, they fall for each other, completely, while bringing this whole story out ($Bill needs to help, too). I want Sally completely moved up & on before Wyatt comes begging back after Flo is outed for filth. Justin needs some love. Those 2 would be a great duo. He's not got anyone else in the wings, he's strong & confident & can handle her, & she needs someone who's totally devoted to her, Justin's $Bill devotion not withstanding. Why didn't Hope ask her new cousin/biggest cheerleader, Flo to be her maid-of-honor (matron-of-honor? I can never remember)? This will be Flo's first of gazillions of Logan/Forrester weddings.
  7. I'd say if Steffy is revealed to not be Ridge's bio kid, Steffy & Ridge will be a couple, not Steffy & Thomas. Their level of inappropriateness is really uncomfortable. I agree with other posters that TK likes working with younger actresses, because I always felt his chemistry with LG's Caroline was great. He's ok with KKL, better with JMW (even as her dad), but his best chemistry, to me, was with LG. So, Zander just up & left? And we find out from a throwaway line from Eric? I've missed a lot of episodes in the past few weeks, was there more?
  8. I think Psalm & Chi look like twins, but I hate to agree with Kim. I think the older 2 favor Kanye, while the younger 2 favor Kim.
  9. I have to be honest, I haven't watched in over a week, due to crazy schedules, so first of all, thanks to all of you for the details, so I know I haven't missed much. However, I really, really wish Zander would seek out Justin. Getting Justin involved makes the most sense to start unraveling the mystery. Justin will finally know that Thomas is at fault for Emma, then, he'll wonder what was was so awful that Thomas was hellbent on stopping Emma from reaching Hope first. Maybe he'll need some help, so somehow, Sally gets involved, maybe because Justin needs an in with Thomas. Eventually, $Bill would be involved, & he'd blow that shit wide open, & piss all over Ridge in the process. Then, I'd like to see Justin & Sally in a red-hot romance, & when Wyatt comes back to her after Flo's involvement comes to light, she can tell him that she has totally moved on. Justin is way too hot to sit on the sideline. I think some Justin/Sally love would be a nice palate-cleanse after this wretched, never-ending baby-swap storyline.
  10. nkotb

    BH: 90210 Reboot.... It’s so Meta

    I knew it was something beacy. 😉 On topic, I thought the guy from "Mother, May I Sleep With Danger" was supposed to play Tori's love interest on the reboot. With the Deaner now signed on, unless they're doing a "Tori gets her revenge on Dean by cheating" storyline, I don't know where he'll fit in.
  11. I was just coming back to correct after reading Kanye's thread. Well, color me shocked.
  12. The girls don't surprise me, but how did Kanye crack the top 20, let alone the top 3? Is Yeezy that big? I thought he still owed JayZ a crazy amount of money.
  13. nkotb

    BH: 90210 Reboot.... It’s so Meta

    That's exactly where I am on guys falling all over Donna. Specifically Cliff, or, as David referred to him, "Rescue 911", & the surfer dude, I think his real name is Shawn Christian. There was also a guy who had something to do with coffee, & another one who was involved in the website for Now Wear This. I do think that once people got to know her, she became more attractive, but for men to just see her & fawn all over her was a stretch. Again, though, in a lineup, I think Gina & Val would win most men over in a heartbeat. Even today, they're both still knockouts.
  14. nkotb

    BH: 90210 Reboot.... It’s so Meta

    I was always a Kelly/Dylan shipper, too, @Thinbalina. Honestly, I still am. I realize that's unpopular, but I completely respect everyone's opinion, & respect that we're in the minority. I also didn't start watching the show until about the summer of deception, & I love a good triangle, although, in real life, I'd hate both Kelly & Dylan if they'd done that to someone I love, but I loved watching it on TV. Kelly & Dylan really did make sense on paper. They were both poor, little, wounded, rich kids. I really do see the pull to each other. They did have a very strong physical attraction to each other, too. I think Dylan was more mentally & emotionally drawn to Brenda, but more physically attracted to Kelly. It's the exact same thing with Brandon/Kelly/Dylan. However, every time they were actually together, it sucked. They fought, they were miserable, & they were always looking to others (Brandon, John Sears, Brenda). I didn't really like them together, but I loved their desire to be together if that makes sense. I do think Kelly was the main girl in the show in later years, but with Brenda gone, & Kelly dating the other main character, & when not dating him, pining for him & vice-versa, I think that made sense. Kelly was the stereotypical California girl, & full of confidence (which is usually considered pretty attractive); what I couldn't understand was why men would fall over Donna on-site. Donna was a very kind person, for the most part, but she wasn't oozing sexiness, TM the Deaner. It'd make more sense if men got to know her & then fell all over her, not just because of her looks. It's a crying shame that men didn't break their necks to have a chat with Gina. I'd buy that she'd have men see her buying coffee & trip themselves to get over to talk to her before she was gone. Donna? Not so much. I'm pretty excited about the reboot. It seems like everyone buried the hatchet with Shannen, & they're all good. The thing I'm the most interested in is how they'll pay their respects to Luke. Still can't believe he's gone.
  15. It for sure was Paris, because Hope & Liam had about 64 destination weddings, & Paris was one of them, maybe the last. I remember them being at the Eiffel Tower; that might've been where Hope was waiting for Liam (my geography sucks, so that may be wrong). However, I'd totally forgotten about Hope being mega-pissy about Ivy & Liam being together, & later, in Amsterdam together, when Hope (who was pregnant at the time, if I recall correctly, although, she may not have known yet) was there with her husband, Wyatt. Just so much ridiculousness. So, I missed the last 3 days of last week, but reading your recaps, I'm feeling like I just didn't watch, rather than I missed anything. I'll miss today, too, so please update if anything good happens. Yes, I reread that sentence & decided to let you all laugh at my optimism, too.