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  1. JoJo NY

    S04.E15: Reunion Part 1

    MJ is hideous inside and out. She lies about her age, weight, faux boyfriend, and plastic surgery. The only thing real about her is her cold, vicious heart.
  2. JoJo NY

    S04.E12: Bubbles of Fertility

    The MJ fakery irritated the hell out of me. I did 3 IVF's from 2000-2003. Even way back then, before I was even allowed to go through with the invasive procedures -- all the reproductive endocrinologist had to do was a simple little blood test to measure my FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). It basically tells you how "young" your eggs are and whether you're a good candidate for attempted pregnancy. Guess a blood draw and a phone call for the results is too boring for reality t.v. Also, MJ needed to terrify the viewers with her f-me pump shoes in the air during the vaginal u/s. Shudder ...
  3. As Lydia would say, "Wow!" Glad I'm not the only one whose gaydar's been pinging since the first season. He is a handsome, likable fellow though. I wonder if Chyka has a boyfriend (or girlfriend) on the sidelines?
  4. JoJo NY

    S07.E16: Southern Discomfort

    This show has become much ado about nothing. Fake beefs based on fake "texteses"; producer-driven counseling sessions to rev up the drama; cast members with no skin in the game poking their noses into situations that don't involve them ... what's wrong with me for still tuning in! I feel bad for Todd for getting involved with Kandi. He seems like a nice, cute guy despite being short and big-headed (TM Ratchet Prince Valiant). He deserves so much better, as does his sweet daughter. His marriage is doomed. I don't even lay all the blame on his monster-in-law; it's his wife who diminishes him and stands by rolling her eyes while her employees disrespect him. Cynthia is just stirring the pot to keep her peach. NeNe will do what it takes to keep the big Bravo checks coming. I'm waiting on Fakedra to come out with a line of "Fix it, Jesus" t-shirts.
  5. JoJo NY

    S02.E01: Fresh Start, New Faces

    LOL, me too! Dull (especially the party-planning crap), but kept me from realizing how much I hate working out. It looks like Chyka and Lydia have both lost some weight. Lydia continues to be annoying, but is the most attractive of this lot. I loved her flower patterned dress. Is she going to start marketing the "Wow" necklace? Gamble is meh so far, and I didn't care for Pettifleur. She looks like a pot-stirrer though, so I'll keep watching.
  6. JoJo NY

    Newlyweds: The First Year

    I had to FF through most of this. Tina looks like a glittery crane, all sharp angles and talons. While I find her FASCINATING to look at (in a fearsome sort of way, like when a cobra's hypnotizing its prey) -- bitch be f'in crazy. She is a famewhore par excellence, maybe the biggest one I've ever come across on reality t.v. This girl's thirst cannot be quenched! I think she's praying for a spinoff show for her and the drippy husband. The judgmental dad will be the side-player who brings the faux conflict, and poor little baby boy (and soon-to-be-born sibling) will reel 'em in with the cuteness factor. Being South Asian, I was interested in the culture clash aspect in the first year. But, it was all so very fake. Tina's over-the-top antics and inappropriate comments are not funny and downright gross. Joking about a strap-on in front of her son, even if he doesn't understand, is so repulsive to me. No filter whatsoever. What a loon!
  7. I don't think the Jackson siblings have Michael-Janet kind of money. Is Jermaine Jr. a small-time music producer or dabbler? They never really showed him much on the show. If they really met in high school and are still together, I give Asa and JJr. credit for longevity in a wacky town. The 22 carat gold necklaces look better around the neck, not wrapped like a tacky headband. (I have one or two from my wedding). Asa loves looking like an Intergalactic Bollywood Skank Dancer, clearly!
  8. JoJo NY

    S04.E01: I Am Gay Gandhi

    Asa's mom is a hoot. I love how sentimental she was in keeping her daughter's outfits. Mike's mother is beautiful at 60+. She must've been a stunner in her youth. GG is growing on me. She does seem to be more decent and truthful than her buddies. Reza look good, but continues to be an asshole. I do love the spread he laid out, though. The food and food styling on this show is scrumptious-looking. I wanna go eat their food. Don't want to talk to most of them, just grab some grub and vanish!
  9. JoJo NY

    "The View": Week of 02/23/15

    I've been watching"The View" since it started in 1997 and was even lame enough to go to a show taping on Debbie M's last day. I tuned in despite the antics of Elizabitch, Stupid Sherry, and antil-vaxxer Jenny. None of them could drive me to take the show off my DVR. Whoopi has done it! After Rosie O left for the second time, I tried tuning in for the train-wreck aspect, but I can no longer stomach the bloviating Whoopster. Seeing everyone kiss her fat EGOT ass; Whoopi interrupting everyone; hearing Nicole & Stacey cackle and suck up to the ignoramus -- I'm too old for this shit! When the best part of the show is Rosie P (who I can't stand) and the blonde ESPN chick (pretty, but meh) -- it's quittin' time for this oldtimer. Thanks to all of y'all for your wit and intelligence!
  10. JoJo NY

    "The View": Week of 02/09/15

    I will miss Rosie. As muted as she has been on this stint, I loved her combination of fragility and resilience. Her quick wit was lost on this panel. Whoopi must be so pleased to have run her off. She can go back from being Grumpy to Sleepy.
  11. JoJo NY

    Big Women: Big Love

    I found myself wanting so badly to reach into my t.v. to powder Jen's sweaty face; chop her hair to chin length and dye it dark brown; and send her to Kristi for a fashion makeover. Also, I think Kristi simpered the name "Jefferson" 742 times in a 1-hour show?! Mar is now coming off like a super-sleazy Snooki 4.0!
  12. That double blind date was hella staged, like pretty much everything else on this show. The guys seemed nice enough, though. Buddy is keeping her in the friend zone -- surely they aren't good enough actors to hide a real relationship? I strangely enjoy Babs. I do like Whitney, despite her dramatics. I sincerely hope she realizes she has to get healthy. She's too young and vibrant to get into Gilbert Grape territory.
  13. The PCOS diagnosis is perplexing. I have one friend who is 5'5" and maybe 110 pounds. She had trouble conceiving (though ultimately did so with the help of in vitro). Then, there's another acquaintance who's 5' and 300+ pounds. She too had trouble getting pregnant but also had IVF resulting in triplets. So, I am again mystified by the range of people there are with the same diagnosis. I like Whitney (despite her immaturity and self-centeredness). Beneath the bravado, she seems to be a wounded soul and genuinely good person. But, she keeps laying her weight gain and inability to lose on PCOS. I am having a hard time with that one. Every time she's shown eating on the show, it's not a healthy choice that she's making. She's clearly eating way more than she should be in order to even maintain her current weight. It's sad, because she's a vibrant personality who needs to stop making excuses and start taking real steps to getting healthy.
  14. JoJo NY

    Big Women: Big Love

    My recent study of the BMI with regard to my own fluffiness makes me realize that ALL of these women are obese, some morbidly. They are not curvy, they are not just fat, they are -- per the BMI, clinically obese. Although people tell me I carry my weight well, I knew that I was technically obese and made it my goal in December to at minimum get to the "overweight" range. What it took though was getting real with the amount of calories that I was really taking in, why I was comfort eating, and, if I wasn't happy when I stepped on the scale, then making the commitment to eating clean, eating mindfully, and giving up added sugar. It's been hard, but it can be done. Still have a long way to go, but I'm glad to be moving forward. As for these women -- it seems like the producers are taking delight in humiliating them. Granted, with all save Sabrina, there is much fodder to work with. Kristi -- lovely face, skin, and hair, but so desperate, so needy, such a poor example of womanhood to her little girl. Jefferson's sleaze comes off the t.v. screen -- not so much what he looks likes or the fact that he's been divorced three times at his age -- but he's so dang smarmy! Mar -- beautiful girl, but such a skank. Again, more desperation to "get" a man to prove to the world that she's a desirable woman. Jen -- that put-on annoying voice, the greasy hair, the terrible fashion choices. She is so insecure, but the way she recoiled from the boat dude -- what, is Joe Manganiello going to parachute in? Give the regular guys a chance, baby-voiced Jen, that's if you really are looking for a companion. Sabrina -- seems like a cool chick. Love her personality, but being in the fashion business, shouldn't she be styling herself better? Those old lady glasses have got to go, as do the mu-mus. Jessica -- she'd be gorgeous, if she didn't have a stank personality. She really thinks she's a 300-pound Beyonce! Well, as much as I want to turn away from this show, it keeps pulling me back in. I hope when they see themselves on the tee-vee, maybe some of the women will have an epiphany and treat themselves with more respect.
  15. JoJo NY

    "The View": Week of 02/02/15

    Rosie P. Now seems to be "coached" backstage on some topics. There was an article or two in her absence about how she was being fired for not having the chops for this talk show format. Methinks a little damage control is afoot. Also, Whoopi and Nicole are newly fawning over her "knowledge." I particularly enjoyed Nicole's reference to Rosie P. as a "science expert." Yeah, Hawkins, Saga, and the chick from "White Men Can't Jump," in that order. SMH.