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  1. Besides the obvious green card situation, I don't understand why any of these people want to even be married? Maybe I am just jaded because I didn't marry until my mid-30s after watching pretty much everyone I know that got married and have their relationships implode, but do people not understand that it is basically just a serious business transaction? If you don't have assets to protect or think you might need to access rights under family law, why even bother?
  2. Being a bisexual woman does not mean you have an insatiable craving for vagina that must be met 24/7. Not to engage in bi-erasure but also Hazel is not giving a flattering depiction of bisexuality and I suspect she is more lesbian than bi given how desperate her need to have a girlfriend is as she is just settling down in a heterosexual relationship. They can have whatever relationship they want, if they both decide they want to be in a thrupple, more power to them, but make your bed first, the world is not running out of bisexuals. The strip club, two dudes getting drunk and throwing dol
  3. Honestly cohabitatting was the much bigger thing for me. After the initial adjustment period it was like, whoa, we have all this extra money now! Marriage was more an annoying paperwork thing since we combined our last names.
  4. Speaking as a, ahm, experienced, gay man the whole Brandon condom thing comes off as a weird brag? "As a sex connoisseur, in my many sexings I have formed very strong opinions about the optimal form of fucking" or like, he has just, you know, heard that condoms suck and doesn't want to seem sexually inexperienced. Condoms are fine, if Brandon buys properly fitting condoms, wears and uses them correctly, I assure you he will not be having a notably sub optimal sex experience. Like, would I go back to using them with my husband? No, but we used condoms when we first starting sleeping with e
  5. I could not be happier with my JP courthouse wedding, 1st marriage, mid-30s, I had been living with my now husband for years, our finances were intertwined, we had already built a home and a life together. Don't get me wrong, I am very much in love with my husband now and then but getting married for me was as much a prudent legal decision about the life we had built together being protected if god forbid something happened to one of us than having others recognize us signing some paperwork, it's not difficult to get married. I dunno, the big marriage always seemed like more a rite of pas
  6. Whitney is making real progress towards her weight-loss surgery, weigh-ins are on track, she is doing meal prep, walking the dog with Buddy, until one day she runs into Fitty Smallz on the trail, can you imagine? I haven't seen him since that video! Can you believe it? Whitney finally found the love of her life! She calls off the surgery, know that you can be loved no matter your weight or personality after all! And eats a bunch of frosted muffins. Because she hates cake.
  7. I'm just trying to understand why she feels such an obligation to be told? They aren't in any kind of relationship, fake or otherwise anymore, I didn't call up my ex to announce my engagement, why does she think she would be informed?
  8. I was thinking the same thing, the devastating news is, a healthy child was born? Was she hoping for a miscarriage?
  9. Did anyone else notice that Ashley, who is almost as fat at Whitney and Buddy didn't seem to be struggling like at all with that "hike" and I was waiting for the team of Sherpa to show up with a crane and a truck full of rigging equipment to get her over a 6 inch high obstacle? My god it seems like they did everything short of rubbing her with a barrel of Crisco/Swiss Navy and dragging her up the waterfall with rope.
  10. There was the son of a family friend who claimed he was straight but every time he got drunk he would sexually assault me knowing I was an out gay man. Not looking for sympathy, it was basically kissing me and grabbing my genitals, I am not traumatized by it now, or at the time, even though in the time of Me Too I understand it was legit sexual assault even though I found it more annoying than anything. Anyways, I was with the daughter of another family friend with him, a very overweight woman that I have never known to have a romantic partner, even to this day, we are both in our late 30s.
  11. I finally attempted to resume this episode while cooking dinner and gave up. “We all have to wear masks, unless we are in water!” How does water prevent viral transmission?” ‘Buddy should have asked me about having a guest in my house!” It’s not your fucking house, you are a renter and if you are following any rental agreement or tenant law that I have ever seen, based on what you have presented Buddy has every right to that property that you do, unless your landlord wants to evict him. God what a controlling horrid person.
  12. Just imagine thinking that way. I'm reminded of how my now husband's ex-partner, who cheated on him multiple times and left him for one of the people he cheated with announced that he had "reservations" about our relationship when we first got together. Well dear, I am reserving the right to tell your cheating ass, who devastated my husband when you left, to shut your goddamn mouth and let us, two employed, functional, middle-aged adults to make our own fucking decisions on how we want to live our lives and will not entertain one minute of your non-sense. We were together for like a year,
  13. She drives an SUV so it's an open hatch to the back. Lots of people put dogs back there because it is air conditioned and heated and a large flat spot where the dog can curl up and also not scratch the leather. The dog is probably perfectly happy back there:
  14. It's the desperation to find a man and have a baby that is so sad. I get that companionship and sex are nice and all that, but a man can't fix you. Get your life in order, there isn't anyone that isn't broken that would want to be a part of the Whitney shitshow, two broken people don't lead to a happy life, once you stop being a pathetic mess you will find someone that isn't also a pathetic mess that wants to be two individually functionally people that works better as a team.
  15. Is it just me that that feels concerned that Whit takes such joy in dealing with her feelings in acts of senseless violence and destruction of property? Honey, you aren't Taylor Swift, you are supposed to understand that she was fucking nuts in that music video.
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