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  1. Jeff's the kind of guy who believes that his micro penis would make make John Holmes feel inadequate.
  2. I loved how Matt and Ryan deferred to Riley to see how she felt about Jeff’s arrival after being such a complete and total ass to her in past challenges. Also loved the level of respect that Max is showing towards EJ for his age and experience rather than treating him like a useless old guy. Also enjoyed watching Team Savage become (rightfully) more annoyed by the Jackass Boyz.
  3. Was Scarlet actually claiming that this was her first time pole dancing??!?
  4. As much as I cannot stand Jess, let’s not pretend that Dan is a saint. They both suck, and deserve each other (for the ten minutes they’ll likely last). I also assume that Dan is a part-time dad, and his son will not be terribly effected by this ridiculous mess. Tamara and Mick are the winners in this s**tshow.
  5. I love Kathy. She is so truly (and strangely) herself that she can appear on screen without makeup. She is the definition of DGAF, and I am here for it.
  6. This will likely be the first, last, and only time I say this: I’m with Kyle. If Crystal was soooooooo traumatized, why didn’t she bring it up any time in the previous 24 hours that she badmouthing Sutton to others?
  7. I refuse to pay for an additional streaming service to watch a steaming pile of crap (Silky, Serena ChaCha). Why can’t this be on WOW so I can hate watch while watching the other franchises?
  8. That was the best that Ru has looked in ages. My daughter proclaimed it her favorite Ru look of all time (she’s only 10, but she’s watched every season).
  9. How have I never heard that story before? That was possibly the most infuriating episode of 20/20 I’ve ever seen. Aaron and Denise deserve so much more than that settlement, including very public apologies for the offensively bad work done by the police department and FBI, and the almost unbelievable level of slander delivered by Kenny Park and the rest of the Vallejo police department. Unreal. Glad they seem to be okay now and they’ve had a lot of therapy. Jeez, I still cannot believe that this poor woman who is a sexual molestation survivor and had to deal with that sort of very public treat
  10. Also, yes, Jess and Martha, you are girls, and you both suck.
  11. Ugh, Mike is such a masterful gas lighter that he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it. Heidi- your resistance to Mike is your brain telling you that this man is very, very, selfish and will never, ever take your thoughts and feelings into consideration. Run, don’t walk.
  12. Yeah, Ning definitely wants her croissant heated up. Unfortunately Mark’s toaster is broken.
  13. Sutton is definitely overreacting, but I’m going to show her some grace based on the fact that mid-pandemic, none of us were at out best. She seems particularly fragile. I DON’T LIKE CRYSTAL. Not that I particularly like any of these women (except Garcelle), but she likes herself waaaaaaay too much, and is bullying the awkward nose-picker in the class. Not cool.
  14. I thought it was part of showing how Mare was healing through therapy; she was opening herself up to another relationship, relating better to her mother and daughter, and becoming part of the extended family with her ex and the new wife. My favorite moment of the episode was when Lori forgave Mare, and they both literally collapsed from the weight of their grief, but Mare found the strength to hold Lori and hopefully forgive herself. I woke up thinking about that scene, and the scenes with Ryan and Lori. I’m not at all disappointed with the finale.
  15. Ning, you are a grown woman with children. Enough with the ridiculous ‘feels’.
  16. Nope. Don’t agree with anything about that episode. First they bring back the white queen who was eliminated two episodes ago without even a lame attempt to justify it. Not okay. Scarlet isn’t a fun shady bitch- she’s just a mean bully. Etcetera sure has a lot to say about others considering she’s been in the middle the entire competition...until this episode, for which she in no way, shape, or form deserved to be in the bottom. Kitta was safe for hot gluing balls, but Anita was on the bottom for a very well executed look??? The only part of this episode that I’m okay with was Maxi being on to
  17. It’s going to be a very long week.
  18. Mike lost me at ‘stick to your knitting’.
  19. rlc


    Rewatching the series for the first time in years. Currently four episodes into season 3, and I’m hating Julie even more now that I recall. I think the show would have been better if it were all Meghan and Elena, all the time.
  20. There’s no need to argue- Leah is incredibly annoying and Ramona is a self-serving liar. These are not mutually exclusive events.
  21. Alyssa and Justin, or, the Sad Sacks as we call them in my house, had the best final groom but they should have been eliminated weeks ago. We were hoping for a Gabriel and Monse win but apparently that wasn’t an option because they didn’t have a sad story.
  22. “Oh come on. Swallow it. Oh my god. Let him swallow it. He’s gonna pull it a little bit. He’s gonna do a couple of big gulps. He’s probably going to drag it a little bit. He’s taking it, he’s taking it. Come on. He needs it in his gut.”
  23. I love ‘Monsters Inside Me’, and was also screaming at the tv about leprosy. Then I sang the leprosy song from my childhood to myself. ‘There goes my eyeball into your highball. Kiss me quick-there goes my upper lip. There goes my fingernail into your ginger ale.’
  24. I really wish they did a better job of blurring EJ’s ass.
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