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  1. That clip of Claire shrieking "babies" when Chris H. asks what's next is hilariously cringe worthy. I guess she should have sniffed more pants other than Dale's.
  2. Loving this season already. It will be a real dumpster fire. Vibrator girl could have been funny if she knew when to quit. I don't get how the women come all the way there to meet the guy and end up not even having a conversation with him. It's the first night. You know how this thing works. Go tap him on the should and and steal him for a moment. No way he chose that Queen chick on his own. Producer pick for sure. I already want to know...who makes Matt cry?
  3. Of all the Housewives shows I love Potomac the most. When Karen asked Gizelle if Jamal was coming and Gizelle said no...... .dead. When Monique read out Jamal's phone number....buried. The look on Andy's face. I might have to watch that whole thing again.
  4. Monique’s husband is an ass. Potomac is my favorite cast.
  5. I remember watching a 20/20 episode on this case years ago. I was struck by how much Linda looked like Betty when she was younger. Dan was restarting his life with a younger Betty. Not excusing Betty’s behavior but that had to be a total mind f*ck.
  6. Hanna Ann reading Peter for filth was awesome. Crazy Barb is right about Madison. As my mom says, nothing teaches like experience.
  7. Wow Peter's mom is a nutcase. Who cries like that when nobody died? Can you imagine that lady as your mother in law? Marie Barone city. The clip of her crying for tonights preview cracked me up. Hanna Ann needs to run. You are second choice. Peter is an idiot.
  8. Everyone needs a friend like Mallory in their life.
  9. I still dont understand what James did that made Tariq hate him so much. I didnt understand why Tariq loved Kanaan over his own father. I never bought it. Thank god it's the end cause I cant take another week. I loved Tommy's episode, Proctor's, Tate's. A show spin off with Tariq... I'm not here for it.
  10. vmcd88

    The Oval

    Does the first lady only have one dress?
  11. Hope crazy Kelsey stays for awhile. Had to rewind the champagne pop to the face a couple times. So funny. Smooth.
  12. A whole Paz episode....ugh. I'd rather Silver's daughter get a whole episode of Power than Paz. I kept thinking....that's a really nice coat and purse. She was everywhere with that gun. Elvin (from Cosby Show) sighting...cool. Most interesting part of this episode was that Tommy had packed up and left but is Tommy's stuff just still packed up from when he was moving in with Keisha? Or is he gone gone. They reading the will? Ghost must really be dead....right?
  13. Took me 2 nights to get through the 3 hour show. I want Hanna B in the house because of the reaction of the ladies to her. They were in tears/howling. Oh the drama. Hanna standing next to a windmill? This the is trashy entertainment I need. Bring this sh*tshow on cause I'm ready.
  14. vmcd88

    S06.E11: Still Dre

    Turned back on my Starz in time for Power. Great episode for me. Liked some backstory on the character I love to hate. FINALLY Dre gets got. How ironic was it that he pleaded for his life saying that he had a daughter. The FBI agent Dre killed said the same thing right before he shot him. And the baby momma..where did she come from. Chilling the way Dre's mom told his daughter to "say goodbye to daddy." Dre was not loyal to anyone so I'm surprised he didnt shoot his mom in the face. I dont see Spanky making it into witness protection. If I go down for anything I want 2-bit on my team.
  15. The flower is definitely Patti Labelle. As a long time fan I can see her trying to control her voice from doing her regular incredible vocal runs and her hand mannerisms give it away.
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