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  1. vmcd88

    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    I could not stop laughing at Art. He makes it to the top and doesnt grab the clue and slides his ass back down and cant get back up there. How the *&$@ does that happen? They have to walk up to this thing, do you not look at the top....ever. This task sums up everything I love about the race.
  2. I wish someone would throw a empty can of soup/shoes/tomatoes at Tessa while she is out on the fire escape singing (Tom & Jerry Style).
  3. Where is Mia? I want some movement on the fake baby storyline!!! I love mean Ashley.
  4. Summer really didnt negotiate her forced marriage well. Kyle goes around telling everyone within a 100 mile radius that he only married Summer to save Lola. I like drunk Abby. Where is Mia living? the coffeehouse? I thought for sure once Lola found out that Summer was her donor she reject that liver like that expensive purse Kyle gave her.
  5. Did Nate suck JT's brain tumor out through his nostrils or ears? They didnt even need to shave his head.
  6. Yeah baby my CBS survey is working it's magic. JT storyline wrapped. The Rosales days are numbered. Nate cut way back. Big Head Paul (the original BHP) is back. Wonder what they will do with Mia. She isnt really pregnant so....
  7. vmcd88

    S09.E11: Peace Gathering

    Seeing baby Stella reach out for Devon the second she saw him was cute as hell. Why does Kail have a hair product line. Her hair looks like sh*t. Who are these people buying her products? B
  8. Nikki knocked him over the head and they rolled him up and buried him in Chancellor Park. Shouldnt JT be the one afraid of THEM? Nick and Billy are giving me Hardy Boys sensations. I was excited to see Paul's name on Rey Rey's cell phone. Where is Mia? Anna's secret is not interesting. Not getting why she cant ask Devon for the money. I was hoping Anna was paying for some secret medical experiment to bring Hilary back. I'd rather have Summer back than pouty face special sandwiches Lola.
  9. vmcd88

    S23.E09: Week 9

    This is a hilariously entertaining season. One by one he sends women home who seemingly are head over heels for him. Yet, the one he wants doesnt want him. Aint that life for you. But he was warned. Cassie wasnt feeling it for him which is not her fault, that's life. I did notice she didnt cry any tears til she left. I think they were tears of relief.
  10. Totally blown away by T-Pain. If he can sing like that...why is he a rapper?
  11. Usually I dont like a fake pregnancy storyline but I'll allow it cause I dont like Rey Rey. I'm betting Kyle will be the magic match for Lola and Arturo will have to shut his trap. My goodness Kerry and Jack are boring.
  12. Now that Lola is in a coma we dont have to hear about her special sandwiches or being a virgin. Any second now she is going to awaken only to start bitching about Kyle being rich.
  13. vmcd88

    S02E12. Visits and Violations

    Michael has got one job...to stay out of jail. He cant even do that right. It's certainly not ok to be driving when he is not supposed to but I would think driving to your parole location when you arent supposed to be driving (at all) would be an easy requirement to follow. And since when did picking up your mom's ashes turn into an all out Iylana Fix my Life counseling session? That was weird.
  14. Okay who finds Mia's earring? Rey Rey? Dina? nobody? I was pretty entertained by Mia realizing that the person she pushed was Lola. Bwwaaaaa.
  15. That couch scene with Rey and Mia was hilarious. Now....Mia go get your man Arturo. I dont like Abby anyways.