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  1. For sure its the best episode this season. For the Radcliffe's performance alone, I'd rate it the highest, and then the rest of it hit all the right notes too. Loved the gunslinger/bounty hunter romance. And the whore makeover. And the ankle fever dream. All of it!
  2. for some reason my recording cut out just as Perry was giving his big speech to Mo. What happened? Why the breakup? Fill me in please.
  3. Oooh, good hypothesis! I can get behind that. I laughed so hard during the karaoke. Best thing I've seen on a show in weeks. Really, it demonstrated all that is great about this show. That and the entire convention. Loved, loved, loved. I watch a lot of true crime stuff so I too would immediately have wanted to check the freezer for a dead body.
  4. Better this week and yes, I think part of it is the straight linear narrative. Plus much time devoted to the core characters with no distractions. I feel like the entire production was like a 5-year-old, or maybe a magician "Look here. No, look here. Wait, Look over here instead! Are you not entertained?" so frantic rather than sense of menace slowly building to a climax
  5. What the writers of dramas like this and Parenthood among others don't realize is that they don't need bizarre soap opera twists to keep an audience interested. I don't mind watching small every day dramas like the aftermath of that adoption that was so quickly swept under the rug. Or the deaf baby that was wrapped up in a season's time and now you don't even see little ? any longer. Slow the heck down and do justice to the REAL dramas of life instead of manufactured craziness.
  6. So far so okay. Not loving the non-linear structure at all, but the casting is good enough, particularly James Marsden who does not make me miss Gary Sinise after all. Plus, anyone is better than Molly Ring who was terribly mis-cast. I wanted to fall insanely in love with the remake but I'm not there yet. As the Primetimer review pointed out, the en media res telling doesn't allow the enormity of the plague and its effect on society to slowly grow on you. You don't get to watch things slowly spiralling out of control. You're just plunked down in the middle with a lot of backtracking. Plus,
  7. That was my thinking. He could know this guy well enough to go into "business" together without really knowing the particulars about Mommy Dearest. For that matter, maybe she wasn't dead when he and trucker guy started their work together and has been killed since. Soon both men will have the women in their lives on ice up in their bedroom. I also was frowning about the maggotty spam. So unlikely. They'd want to keep these women healthy prior to delivery, and since little sis has proven such a problem AND is injured, they would definitely have eliminated her by now.
  8. Watching episode 4 it finally hit me (about the time trucker guy poured cereal over "mom's" head) that she is already dead and only lives on his mind. Anyone else agree with this? She is always in the house with him, never shown with another character as far as I can recall. Which would be true of a shut-in anyhow, but I'm quite certain this much used twist is going to be revealed soon.
  9. All of this. Frog can dance, but dance isn't singing. Kitty should have remained
  10. I believe most people are rooting for her. I certainly am. I said to my husband last night, wouldn't it be a hoot if the Big Twist this season was that the person with the most fire tokens wins the entire game. Period. Take that, fans!
  11. At first I was thinking his sudden patience with Saul was out of character. Then I realized they'd been through the desert together so it forged some sort of bond, at least temporarily. He really did want to help Saul get past it so he could function and not fall apart.
  12. This is the problem with shows introducing a triangle WAY too soon, which many seem to want to do within the first couple of episodes. It awkwardly forces something that could be depicted as developing slowly and naturally. Then of course, the characters must be pushed into acrobatic situations in order to keep the "which one" and "will they won't they" questions going. Word to all shows ever, STOP trying to unnaturally create drama and let realistic drama about anything other than romance unfold. Forced triangles makes you end up with a trio of foolish people whom no one cares about.
  13. It has taken me a long time to warm up to this show, but this episode I was finally there. A lot happening, a nice mix-up of character interaction, and plenty of comedy too.
  14. I thought this was to be the final season. Am I wrong? Because it doesn't seem they can wrap it up in the time left.
  15. Does anyone have a clue how they are continuing shows like this or The Masked Singer with a studio audience? It goes against all wisdom about not gathering more than 50 people in one space. Are they going to perform without audience? I tried to seek out this info online and found nothing. Any intel on this?
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