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  1. All of this. Frog can dance, but dance isn't singing. Kitty should have remained
  2. I believe most people are rooting for her. I certainly am. I said to my husband last night, wouldn't it be a hoot if the Big Twist this season was that the person with the most fire tokens wins the entire game. Period. Take that, fans!
  3. At first I was thinking his sudden patience with Saul was out of character. Then I realized they'd been through the desert together so it forged some sort of bond, at least temporarily. He really did want to help Saul get past it so he could function and not fall apart.
  4. This is the problem with shows introducing a triangle WAY too soon, which many seem to want to do within the first couple of episodes. It awkwardly forces something that could be depicted as developing slowly and naturally. Then of course, the characters must be pushed into acrobatic situations in order to keep the "which one" and "will they won't they" questions going. Word to all shows ever, STOP trying to unnaturally create drama and let realistic drama about anything other than romance unfold. Forced triangles makes you end up with a trio of foolish people whom no one cares about.
  5. It has taken me a long time to warm up to this show, but this episode I was finally there. A lot happening, a nice mix-up of character interaction, and plenty of comedy too.
  6. I thought this was to be the final season. Am I wrong? Because it doesn't seem they can wrap it up in the time left.
  7. Does anyone have a clue how they are continuing shows like this or The Masked Singer with a studio audience? It goes against all wisdom about not gathering more than 50 people in one space. Are they going to perform without audience? I tried to seek out this info online and found nothing. Any intel on this?
  8. for me, this show is back to season one level of goodness. I'm all on board again. Every episode moves me, sometimes to tears. I'm invested in all the storylines again, yes, even annoying Randall's because he can't help being the person he is (maybe the therapist CAN help with that lol) Once again I'm looking forward to each episode and putting this on top of my list of fav tv shows. Kudos to the new writing team or refocusing or whatever happened in the writer's room to make things better after, what I considered a dismal last season. Don't need Big Dramatic Events or, god forbid, runnin for political office storylines. ONly need to see a family being a family and dealing with the underlying structure of who they are to each other.
  9. I wnat to like this but I;m just not. Too slooooow by far. The pacing is just glacial and that's completely unnecessary. Pare it down to a five episode series or something. And yes, why not just leave him in jail while going to search for the doppelganger. Athough, how would they know where to begin to find it.
  10. I thought this was to be the last season. Dragging it out to 6 seasons may be too much, especially as these characters playing younger versions of themselves, pre-BB, can not hold up much longer LOL. I thoroughly enjoyed the opening episode and am eager for more. Yes, it was really quite weird that the mall guy kept pressing the point about meeting someone "famous" but there is that sort of person who just needs to hear they're right and won't drop a subject until they hear it. Aslo, agreed that Kim will be out soon. Hoping she leaves town and doesn't get sucked into serious trouble because of Saul.
  11. Unrelated to anything in this particular episode but... why are only the older siblings in school and Bode stays home? She's clearly not homeschooling him. He just runs around entertaining himself. Any answers?
  12. I liked the turns and twists right up till the end. Then I felt everything fell apart. No way cop lady could convince everyone that Trip was shot by Katz. Not unless she could pull off "look the other way, there's nothing to see here" magical mind mojo. In addition to the ridiculousness of that, there was the fact that the coda was only SIX MONTHS later and everybody seemed to be over it. Kids happily playing football. Nobody the worse for wear. I just really feel the ending was weak, weak, weak. But overall, definitely an involving twisty mystery
  13. Just discovered the show, marathoned the first season, which was funny but didn't completely grab me. LOVE this season much more. And last night's episode was perfect. The "I'm 31" cracked me up too, beyond reason. Hole maintenance business, what a forward thinking idea! Love it. We all know how rich plumbers are. Perhaps they will end up the wealthiest people in the village.
  14. I'm liking the show better this season than i have in a long while, and this episode was a return to season one level of "feeling it". What young woman hasn't been blinded by love and fallen for someone totally wrong for her? That and the mother-daughter relationship really resonated with me. I was brought to tears by Mandy's acting in the pool scene. Just loved this whole ep from beginning to end. Unpopular opinion but you must know if you saw everything from Bad Boyfriend's POV, all the things in his life that warped him, and perhaps even medical reasons why he is the erratic, passive aggressive, controlling person he is, then you would not immediately stamp him as VILLAIN. All people are full of crazy complications and that is what can keep someone in "stand by yer man" mode for so much longer than they should.
  15. And Charlie just whined period. Like ALL the time. Matthew Fox's delivery was less than stellar. Do hope they'll kill off the parents. Dealing with death--not separation that may or may not be permanent--was a huge part of the original show. The episode where the drunk driver came to make amends and how each child reacted to him was truly great. But reminiscing aside... I do like having this reboot to watch, even though I haven't fallen in love with the show. The actors are doing fine. Oldest brother is much less annoying than Charlie ever was, yet still a selfish loser who you want to smack for being so self involved while his family is falling apart. Of course, if the character didn't start that way, there would be no growth and therefore no story to tell. I'll stick with it--unlike the detestable Roswell reboot. Speaking of...when is that proposed Buffy reboot happening? If I was a young actor, I think i'd be afraid to be involved in that. Fandom is just too hardcore.
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