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  1. BonnieD

    S05.E15: Chapter Ninety-Six

    Don't you love how topics are brought up then dropped flat. Now that he has Jane all to himself at last why that pesky depression seems to have cleared up on its own! No more mention of taking meds or the suggestion that this is a battle he may have to fight for the rest of his life. Also, apparently, now that kiddo can read the ADHD will never be mentioned again either. Two serious issues totally sidelined in the final stretch.
  2. BonnieD

    S03.E07: Under His Eye

    Definitely the show does love "moments" for shock value rather than logical, well thought plots. ie. someone thought it would look really cool and horrible to have the handmaids in DC literally silenced by having their mouths stitched closed. I can see the heads in the writers' room nodding. "Yeah, creepy! Do it!" Apparently not one logical brain considered the fact that mouths are for eating not just speaking. So are they fed intravenously now or what? It's just dumb, dumb, dumb. If they wanted to make a point about the extent of silencing, then have them gagged in some other more flexible way.
  3. BonnieD

    S03.E04: Chapter Four: The Sauna Test

    among the possessed people I believe i saw the farmer from the last season, one of the ones with spoiled pumpkins, and wouldn't that be Farmer Hess of Hess farms?? Can't be sure as it was just a glimpse and i don't care enough to rewind. Love this invasion of the body snatchers scenario. What a great season so far.
  4. And i think it's pretty great and believable that the adults actually have a harder time processing the trauma than the kids, who are younger and presumably more flexible. Also glad they take time to address the death of Bob, a much beloved character, as they did with Barb in season 2. I hate the way many shows have very little fallout or remembrance of important events that supposedly greatly affect the characters. Twists or deaths without consequence after that particular episode is over makes it all so shallow and without resonance. Loving this season very much as the relationships change and grow. Max/Eleven is wonderful. I decided El has never used whatever allowance Hooper gives her so that's how she's able to afford this mall shopathon.
  5. BonnieD


    This. I liked last night's episode too. Surprised there's not more chatter here. Again, I picked a song not chosen, and it was Same Blood. Glad Aloe recorded it too. i just listened to the finished product for the movie score. pretty much hated it.
  6. BonnieD

    S04.E03: Man vs Rock

    no redeeming characters here. If this isn't the last season, I wish it would be. I just want to see it tied up and then never have to watch it again. Such darkness and lack of any positive character traits to root for. I love an anti hero show, but not this one. Not any more. Actually, not since they left the old lady with dementia on a bench and drove away a couple of seasons ago. I need to see Smurf sent back to prison for good, and all her messed up progeny along with her.
  7. BonnieD

    Good Girls

    This show could've been so much better than it is. There are too many goofy, unlikely things. Exhibit A: the new counterfeit plan. Getting the right kind of the paper used in bills is the one of the most important elements. Not cute or funny that Beth makes a DIY print process, just dumb and stretching credulity past the breaking point. I still watch but not with the delighted glee I did that first season. Also, Beth, if you want a new business, how about opening a bakery? You have a real knack for that. They're going to have to pull more nonsensical bullshit next year for me to buy Ruby getting sucked back in. She has the least reason to and the most reason not to.
  8. BonnieD

    Season One Talk

    I just want to give a shout out to the wonderful "period artwork" sprinkled throughout. They appear so authentic it takes a beat to remember they were created by modern artists. Honestly beautiful work!
  9. BonnieD

    S05.E03: Five, Six, Seven, Ate!

    I'd given up on this show, half watching it, fast forwarding through anything Filmore Graves related, and sometimes turning it off part way through, but this episode was everything I liked about the show to begin with. Funny and snarky. But yeah, really, why couldn't Rafi have just had a portion of dancer brain. Also, I guess I wasn't listening well after the guy they interviewed drank from his bottle and died. I thought the killer was still on the loose and the case wasn't finished, but I guess he was supposed to have committed suicide by poison? Using zombies and humans working to overcome prejudice as a metaphor for things going on in our society DOES NOT WORK! It's a preachy, stupid metaphor and they never should have gone down that road. Should've stuck with the initial premise Sidenote: it annoys that all zombies except Liv choose to dye their hair. By rights most of the population should be going around melanin free at this point.
  10. BonnieD

    S05.E08: Chapter Eighty-Nine

    First, no matter how distracted, I don't buy that Jane wouldn't realize Mateo wasn't reading at the appropriate level. Second, how does rhyming words on flashcards have anything to do with being able to sound out and read words and really understand the crazy grammar English is prone to? Red, read. Stake, steak. Bye, buy, by. Better to simply read books with the kid and have him read the story back to you. I believe that's how reading is truly absorbed--by loving stories enough to want to know more. Also, I think he'll probably be diagnosed with dyslexia. I love the twins. Want more of their snide, sarcastic, and clever comments that they manage to drop without seeming overly snotty. Can we pretend Michael never came back to life? That was such a fiasco. And can we pretend that Jorge is more interesting? And can we have Jane end up with no one at the end of the show? Xo will likely die, that that will be the HUGE thing that affects everyone and also brings Rafael back to Jane's side. It's been telegraphed like crazy IMO.
  11. BonnieD

    S08.E05: The Bells

    All of this. Simply stupid. They even showed her make a grim face and start flying toward the castle, only to cut to this stupid scene of destruction instead. It made zero sense. Why is everyone so sure Cersei and Jaime died in the collapse? Characters have survived greater odds than that. Like Arya, they may be sheltered under a beam or something and at least Cersei will crawl out of the rubble. With the war against the Night King over, everything else seems pointless. I would rather have had that be the culmination.
  12. BonnieD

    S05.E06: Chapter Eighty-Seven

    This says everything. I don't know what other drama they could have created for the final season but anything other than this would've been better.
  13. BonnieD

    S05.E04: Chapter Eighty-Five

    I'm feeling very sure Xo is not making it to the end of this series and this little health scare is to prepare the viewers for her ending. I don't think they can end this soap opera without a character dying (really dying with no silly games about amnesia). I do love the way the writers are able to easily switch back and forth between camp and true drama. I'm not a Rafael fan at all, but observing the relationships dispassionately, I can certainly understand why he's saying "enough's enough. I've been through this before." He has never felt good enough or truly chosen. This is not an egotistical man but a weak and self doubting one, (not to mention parental issues). During Michael's return, he has attempted to be the new and improved Rafael, patient, understanding, undemanding, but this wavering on Jane's part was the icing on the cake. Of course, he should continue to hold on and give her time, but fear overcame logic. Don't fault him for expressing his disappointment and doubts, but the stupid thing was that he asked her to leave THAT VERY NIGHT, IMMEDIATELY. Triangle tropes are a pain, but I think they're making this fairly interesting. There are no winners or losers here, just three very upset and entangled people. I'm still on board for that threesome relationship. It's a brave new world, why are couples still the only option 😉 for a happily ever after?
  14. BonnieD

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    I believe they make Dany arrogant so she can display some personal growth over the course of the story. Not much time left but I feel sure they'll make it happen. I thought sure Dany would try to earn Sansa's respect by figuring out a way to get more supplies (some way other than marauding around the north taking it) to illustrate she understands the logistics of feeding an army and wants to contribute. (Why didn't she seize the Lannister troop train instead of destroying it? Stupid writing!) From the very beginning it has bothered me that they show these masses of soldiers and never mention how they're fed, watered, etc. Anyway, I'm certain that Dany will finally grow enough to let go of her entitled attitude, forge a strong alliance with Jon, and be part of the ruling consortium I fully expect and have always expected to be the end game. Also, I did a quick rewatch of season 7 and am still shaking my head over the fact they didn't use dragonfire to mow down the white walkers!!! Victory was in their grasp. And that's just poor writing in my opinion.
  15. BonnieD

    S05.E03: Chapter Eighty-Four

    Screw love triangles, maybe they'll just end up in a multiple-partner relationship. A happy threesome....that's the end game, lol. I was always team Jane/Michael but am absolutely certain they will write her with Raphael at the end. She has progressed too far since M's death for things to ever go back to the way they were. He should go off to Montana and leave her be for her own best interest. But of course that won't happen, or if it does he won't be allowed to stay away for some reason. Then there's the issue of him being like a father to Mateo. Now his memories are back that has to factor in as well. What a mess! It's like a telenovela, right?