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  1. The Roop are performing. They are good at what they do, but it's not my taste. It will probably do well though. What ... likely won't: I live in Germany and I hadn't heard that until just now. Um.... I did like that it didn't sound at all like the other songs. It's easy to tell Jendrik has a lot of experience in musical theater. For it's message it was almost too cute, but I prefer it to entries like Cyprus, Serbia, and Israel. They sounded far too similar. Still, they will likely do better than Germany. Otherwise, I don't know. There's been worse years. I liked Albania for it's dra
  2. They sometimes mention where he is staying in the early episodes. In one episode he was staying with Amy Hearne(the old woman from season one with the ungrateful children) and I believe he stayed with Mrs. Whipple (before poor Granville returned.)
  3. I just saw the Granville Whipple Episode for the first time in over a decade. It was better than I remembered, but also shorter. The version I watched did not include him having any nightmares. It was sort of okay, since I (vaguely) remember them being creepy. Still, it seems like an important detail to leave out. Also: I did see him scolding Mary for writing 8th notes incorrectly. Is that the only time he was less-than-nice to her or was there more? She told Pa that Granville "never wanted to see her again," and I wasn't sure if she was being melodramatic or if another scene got cut.
  4. I finally braved A Matter of Faith, which I remember being terrified by when I was younger. It holds up better watching it as an adult. That music, though. Have aliens landed in Walnut Grove? The bleary vision actually wasn't as bad as I remembered. One thing I thought I remembered was Caroline reading aloud from the Bible before she looks like she's about to cut her leg off. She didn't though. I guess it showed the passage. Did my childhood self actually take the time to read it or was it edited out?
  5. I just saw the episode about Graham and his father. I'm not sure I'd ever seen it in its entirety. Otherwise, I think I would have remembered Mr. Stewart hallucinating a bat... negatively. I thought I remembered Charles confronting Mr. Stewart and beating him up in a "pick on someone your own size" manner. Did he do that to somebody else in a similar situation in another episode or was that my hallucination?
  6. Pretty sure I just caught the last minute or so of the Bello Sisters auditioning for Germany's version of "Got Talent," of which they easily advanced to the next round of. Strangely they were acting as if they hadn't performed on a stage since before Corona. Either this audition must have been filmed before they advanced in "AGT or they were using the word stage very literally....
  7. I "had" to watch Bad Mom's and I was... not a fan. I especially hated how the reactions to the character of Gwendolyn. The PTA at a middle school would not have any influence in hiring or firing people, deciding which kids played in the soccer game, etc. "At least" the staff members were sort of... half-hearted, but it was still absurd. What can be expected from a movie where a PTA election is treated like an actual election? Even the average PTA member could probably not care less who the president is. I don't care if Amy was not taking it as seriously as some (I'm surprised she di
  8. I fast forwarded every single intro. Did one of the Diablo guys really talk about being bullied in school? They look we'll into adulthood... Their tricks were alright, but I actually agreed with Heidi. They shouldn't get that close to other people. They're good at what they do, but what if they had made a mistake? What exactly does the choir have for sob stories? Their song choice was okay (and I really appreciated that none of the featured ones showed off), but that was such a safe, low-key choice. I can't imagine the choir even likes singing it all that much because it's so slow and (fo
  9. I'm not exactly sure if it makes my blood boil, but my husband and I are currently and randomly watching a movie called The Games Maker featuring a not-very-likeable main character named Ivan Drago. No, it's not some Rocky spin-off. This Ivan Drago is a kid and he surely won't grow up to be an overly aggressive boxer. I guess it's not a copywrtten name, but could the writers have chosen something a little less recognizable? It makes it hard to get into this movie...
  10. I check this about once a week, which is why I am only now seeing that Rutger Hauer died. :( I'd just been thinking about him recently, realizing it had been awhile since I'd seen him in anything. It's easy to think that these guys are always going to be around... Bladerunner is not my favorite movie, but he is such a standout in it. He was also great in a variety of WW2 TV movies. If I can find my copy of Escape From Sobibor I'll have to watch that. I'll also have to give Spetters a re-watch. It's a somewhat strange, but entertaining coming-of-age Dutch movie. Rutger Hauer has a small, b
  11. I actually haven't watched it yet, but was it mentioned that Lukas and Falco won Germany's version of “Got Talent“ when he was 16?
  12. The performers are done and there is so much filler! Why does Madonna need to be there? As for the performers, it's hard to know if I'll remember any of them next year. I didn't care for Spain's staging. The puppet almost looked like it wandered on stage by mistake. The song seems like it might grow on me though. Norway was also kind of catchy, but the bald guy lost me a bit at the end. Denmark and Russia were alright to watch. Denmark's song didn't sound like the rest and the Russian singer had a nice voice. I'm not sure if I would need to hear the songs multiple times, though
  13. I also suspect that Stevie the Regurgitator is some sort of magician for the same reasons that bluepiano gave. He was also on a German TV show “(Showdown der weltbesten Magier“)that showcased magicians so somebody must be identifying him as one. And speaking of him being on German TV, he was back on Germany's version of “Got Talent“ and actually won. That was in late December, which is why it wasn't mentioned on this show. Maybe Heidi likes him for his German TV connections....
  14. die Frau

    What's That Book?

    I sometimes checked out Christian books from the library that tended to be part of a series. A couple of different ones have crossed my mind for whatever reason. They are likely from the 1990s. -a bland, nice girl and her friends had a "book club" at their high school. It was really more of a youth group, but calling it a book club was a way to get it approved by the school. Some popular girl was interested in the bland girl's boy friend who was also a member of the book club so she wanted to join. They were reading The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis and the popular girl sneered over the
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