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  1. I think that the man with his face blurred out looked younger than Murcel - did not look like he could be his father. Also I found their conversation disturbing -very. Murcel seemed afraid and after he told them what the father answered with was odd unless not translated properly? Just not anything close to what I would expect to be said - it was too informal like what a boss would say to employee - just an example. I think Zeids (spelling?) parents reacted to Rebecca in a more expected and acceptable manner than Murcels. Not sure what is up but it just doesnt seem right and like Judge Judy says if it doesnt make sense it's a lie !
  2. I think it was disrespectful for Ethan to drink in front of his parents and young siblings. I get the moms fear of alcohol as she grew up with an alcoholic mother. As a person who lost my mom this last year to alcoholism -I dont blame her and Ethan knows about this but wanted to put it in her face. Not cool also didnt Olivia say they live in parents house? Do they pay rent? Do they have jobs? Other than trying to undermine his parents while acting innocent?
  3. Nilsa is gorgeous- her body is perfect. She has got all the right curves in all the right places. Great skin too!! The only thing that looks bad is her lips - she needs to just stop with her face or she will ruin it. I read somewhere that she has been hanging out with Angelina from JS - please dont listen to her or ruin yourself like she has Nilsa. You had some work done and it was an improvement but now you are perfect so stop !! Nilsa is smarter than all the females in house and has a better personality . JMO
  4. Dont apologize this show is one of the best shows to binge watch - I know because that was how I got started a few years ago. Lip was and is my favorite but I have been more than disappointed with the direction they have taken his character. I too grew up with the belief they are still your parents. And Jimmy/Steve was better than Lip cause he added a bit of mystery and Fiona and him were so hot together.......... ah another disappointment. Whatcha gonna do?
  5. I too would like to see Amanda !!! 1,000 Xs more than his last two girlfriends.
  6. I found the show to actually be much better than the last three seasons - I am not missing Fiona but think I would not be able to watch without Frank. This is pretty realistic to me - the family would adjust and go on without Fiona and whether or not Debbie can step up. They would go on one way or another. My love/like of Fiona ended when she cheated on guy in band and then got engaged to recovering heroin guy. Lets not forget losing Liam over drugs in house - she was by no means a good caregiver/mother figure not saying Debbie is either. Debbie is a lot younger than Fiona was and she left them all - no abandoned them really and more than one time. (Fiona) Also a lot of "Franks" carry on for many many years so him still doing his thing is believable at the level this show was. Now Frank out there having sex with the women from Liams school and a psychiatrist was too far fetched for me but his antics were on point this time. Please please dont let her live - her character might make me quit this show - I. Cant. Stand. Her.
  7. As if anything or anyone can make something Danny McBride touches better - there is Walton Goggins. He is the icing on the best cake you ever had!!
  8. I think that Barb is complaining because she wants Amber to get fired or face some negative consequences (from MTV) for her recent behavior.
  9. I really liked Sumit - like the most of any of the other men on this show. Ever. So I guess I am a true sucker because I thought he looked so genuine when he would talk about Jenny and how he loves her. I will never trust another man again Sumit- thanks.
  10. Drinking too much will eventually cause a person to lose control of their bowels. It's part of alcohol induced neuropathy- you know when you see a drunk homeless person that smells bad and that has pooped themself I too thought it was cause they dont have a bathroom. As it turns out that is not usually the case. Coke doesnt cause this but other drugs possibly could. Ask any police officer or nurse and they will tell you just how common place it is with drunk people.
  11. So yes his friends did seem to back up the story somewhat by asking about Sumits parents and if he was telling them about Jenny's arrival etc. So it would seem if he was already married they should have known but maybe they knew and lied for show? If Sumit is married he and his wife would probably live with his parents at their home so this is why he would go there only.
  12. Exactly - so why hasnt she done that? I belong to a facebook group that she does and she was on there the other night saying Chloe had played a big part in that incident
  13. About the baptism and christening - I am going to agree with other posters and say it is the same thing. McKayla is more than a brat- she is a monster. Her grandparents and her mother are doing her no favors either - I love how they all say Calean(?) is not ready to be a father or that he isnt there for Mckayla and doesnt care but fail to have any receipts to back up what they are saying. Its clear to everyone watching that McKayla is a ungrateful, lazy entitled little girl who thinks she is gracing the whole world with her presence and Calean failed to honor her by being her always wrong servant. He needs to get on with his life and maybe with his children one day so they might have a chance and then never look back in her direction. If he is wondering what she will be like or doing just look at Shannon - and you can see McKaylas future self. I wish they would feature more of Calean(?) than her in their segments - I cant imagine anyone wants to watch her with the amount of pure anger and disgust she has to make everyone feel.
  14. I dont understand why Jessica is making the decisions about Avas baptism - it is not her baby or her baptism. Really in all reality the parents of the child should be the ones deciding who is in attendance NOT the grandmother. I wonder if Jessica or Chloe would attend some event where they were told not to look at or speak to a majority of guests there? Also I am wondering if Max is still attending school or did he graduate? Does Chloe work? Plan on working? What rules do they have for her other than No Max rule? I also think Jessica has NOT let Chloe parent her baby alone one bit- she is a control freak and it shows with Chloes dependency on her with regards to Ava. But then again Chloe does not seem that smart - not one bit so than Max. Why doesnt Chloe have what it takes to assert her choice and or decisions regarding HER daughter?
  15. This^ I am on the floor. You get a standing ovation !!! The best comment in ages!!
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