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  1. Witchz

    Naked And Afraid

    So I am watching S10 Ep16 "Strife in Africa " and I can not believe my eyes but this guy named Luke in this episode is Luke from last season of "Married at First Sight" I am amazed
  2. I read some where last season with Paul that he suffers from hoarding when he gets stressed - this was from his ex gf the one he had stalked and got charged with arson a few years ago when she broke up with him. She said that was one of the reasons she left was his hoarding and it looks like he is back at it.
  3. The thing with Chantal and Pedro is really quite simple and it is this - when hating on your spouses mother its like you are hating on them because they are half their mother and no matter how mad you think a person is or even they think - it will put a huge wall between you and them. Period. Also Chantal has this thing with wanting to be right and prove herself or her family to the world and that is a mistake and hard habit to break. The way she wants to bring up the fight and relive it is really bad like move on girl. I understand Pedros mother bringing it up as she hadnt spoke to Chantal about it yet. After your family physically attacks a your spouse - they should apologize not justify their behavior. This crap with these people is so far out there that I am leaning towards it all being fake for the chance to be invited back and now get their own show.
  4. Witchz

    S09.E21 Reunion Part 3

    I think that Jade looks like she is high on something myself. Her eyes look weird and her speech is very slow.
  5. Witchz

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Look I am not saying to lock him up and throw away the key - and to be clear we are talking about schizophrenia not down syndrome, mental retardation or autism. And I am not stigmatizing mental illness at all - I am saying that young children are not equipped with the tools to deal with some of the behavior that a schizophrenic (especially paranoid) will at times display which is why their interactions should be supervised and time limited. If you would like I can tell you of some of the behavior I am speaking of- seeing people and hearing people that are not there , being afraid of the people they are seeing which no one else can so they will want to hide, run or get away from them. Refusing to watch tv cause they think someone is watching them and that goes for air planes and helicopters. Being afraid of the telephone as well. Not bathing themselves for long periods of time and getting upset if made to do so . All hygiene is out the window. Going to the bathroom in their pants for whatever reason sometimes just cause thats what they have decided. The list goes on and if you dont think this will scare a little child that does not understand you are wrong it scares most adults. This is what happens when they go off their meds and if they are not living in a place where this is supervised to make sure they are on them. What I am suggesting is that Barb limit the amount of time the children in her care are around her son. There is not any reason under the sun why she should not go see him or his sisters as much as they can - just dont let him watch Jace as he was last year alone or any of the children. Dont have him living with the children. Really cant she still see her son but afford to get a babysitter to sit with the kids some of time? And get some professional advice about how to handle this - these children need to be somebodies first priority.
  6. Witchz

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I too have sympathy for people like Collin. My aunt who was like a mother to me when I was young got sick ( my Grandmothers words) and eventually it led to a diagnosis of schizophrenia (paranoid) so she lived with my Grandmother until she passed away. I was very close with my family and was there a lot BUT I was 16 years old plus and even then I had a hard time with some of my aunts behavior. It was scary and at times beyond sad (she did not take meds a lot of the time) but we all tried to just love her and deal. When Grandma died my aunt went to live with her daughter along with her husband and one child. The little girl was 2 years old when my aunt came to live with them - she loved her and spent a lot of time with her coloring etc. Well my cousin took her mom to doctors and got her on meds- lots of meds. My aunt unfortunately got a hold of meds and overdosed. This led to her being forever in a group home (a large one) which has worked out pretty good for all involved really. But my cousins little girl that loves her Granny like crazy had seen a lot of odd behavior from her and it has left lasting damage - because children should not have to witness this behavior. Period. Until they are old enough to process it and like I said I too have many emotional experiences with my aunt that have at times been hard for me to process and I am an adult. So take it from someone who has experienced this all before and who truly loves a person with paranoid schizophrenia they should not be around small children unless they are on meds and their behavior is acceptable and even then it should be limited and supervised.
  7. Witchz

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I dont know how violent he is or isnt but he did try to burn their house down years ago. Just the fact that he is seemingly having some sort of an episode is a concern - really young children should not have to experience this behaviour until they are older and can understand why this is happening.
  8. Witchz

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I think the point is that loving her son with his mental illness is fine BUT when you have minor children that you are responsible for 24x7 you have to make a choice to protect said children from any behavior that could confuse and or potentially harm them. From recent photos on Collins social media and from Barbs we know that he has been around the children in her care - more than once. This is not okay and I dont care what she has on her plate. Barb should not have those children if she can not protect them from harm. Period. Have they not been through enough already?
  9. Witchz

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Jenelle did not have to agree to pay anything for David as they are married and he has access to all of her funds just as she does - that's what happens when you are married.
  10. Witchz

    S02.E12: Tell All

    I think that maybe it started to sink in with Vanessa a bit when Suchin (?) asked the Snowden's what they had sacrificed or changed about their life or themselves for Vanessa. The only thing Dimitri could come up with was how he thought learning to read Vanessa and that her moods were different from Ashleys would work as an acceptable answer and Ashley didn't bother to say anything but looked very uncomfortable. Vanessa seemed to move farther away from them both afterwards and it seemed to hit home by her expression. Also want to comment on Ashley and her I don't get jealous routine - please don't lie to everyone as it was as clear as that dot you have on your forehead - it makes you look fake and you have put so much effort into your act you need to get that part under control cause it blows your credibility out the door. I think the only reason she still has Dimitri is she is the only one who still wants him after each attempt with another woman. Actions speak so much louder than words people. I can't figure out why Page is putting herself through this crap with the whole wanting to be a polygamist. She clearly does not want it and after watching her behaviour on the show - I am amazed that she came out on tell all trying to defend how she treated Brandi and that she still wants this lifestyle. Do they get to see any of the show's material before the reunion? I think that the reason why the wives of Jeff are so nice is that he won't allow them to be any other way. He doesn't produce the show so who is he to think he has the right to demand otherwise? I don't think he is such a nice guy at home and hope his wives are not in an abusive situation with him.
  11. Witchz

    S09.E14: Something We Said

    I think that Barb showed her true colors ( as I have tried to say on here before) and the apple doesnt fall far from the tree with her and Jenelle. What is wrong with Kails face? This entire season I have been trying to figure it out - she used to be such a cute girl and now so manly and homely - yikes. Briana looked really good especially when out with her new bf. She should put out more effort on a daily basis cause a little make up and niceness improves her majorly. Aubrey was adorable at that meeting !! Such a nice little lady and so excited it was really good to see her happy.
  12. Witchz

    The Snowdens

    Okay now a lot of it is starting to make sense to me. I could not figure out why a young girl as attractive and smart as Vanessa would become involved with these two. But if she sought them out I think it is all a plan thought and acted out by Vanessa to get herself "famous" all while playing an orchestrated game. That explains the desperation on her part with the diet , vagina steaming and endless babysitting - all the hoops she jumped through to get those two. I hope it works out for her in the end cause it is going to take a heavy toll on her if she really is all about Dimitri but I also think she is into girls and not guys - apple hasnt fallen far from the tree.
  13. Witchz

    S02.E11: The Snowdens Say "We Do!"

    I am wondering after I just checked out links and Vanessa's Instagram- is her mother married or partnered with a woman? And if so where was she for the wedding show?
  14. Witchz

    The Snowdens

    Did they ever explain how they met Vanessa ? It seems like they left that out and I would like to know how it all happened.
  15. I dont think they can possibly carry an entire show with this one family- I was surprised to see them back on 90 days actually. There really isn't anything I want to know about these people other than maybe wanting to know if Pedro and whatever her name is are together. If they are then I'm sure it's a case of rinse and repeat. It will be interesting in 5 years to have update - and that's all for me folks.