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  1. KLJ

    The Hills

    I think they are talking about The OC and Ben McKenzie who played Ryan.
  2. KLJ

    S03.E10: True or False

    Having been in Amanda's situation, I fully believe that Kyle totally remembers, especially once he said something like I shouldn't have said anything or I shouldn't have told her. His face says it all. And for him to also say he hasn't flirted with anyone in months, wow. Run far far away Amanda! Having said all that, I am enjoying this group more so much better without the Wirkus twins. Jordan is annoying but I find him harmless. Carl seems so sad. But I like that the girls all get along, even if Lindsay is always so damn dramatic.
  3. KLJ

    The Act

    I believe that they took some of the stories from the article that was written about her that Gypsy was interviewed for. But she didn't participate in this miniseries, however, and yes, her stepmother is making her own. I mainly based my impression of Gypsy on the documentaries and interviews I've watched of her and very little on this show. I started to re-watch the HBO documentary and noticed this time that when she was 'crying', she had zero tears.
  4. KLJ

    The Act

    I've watched all the documentaries and just finished the series, and I still feel that Gypsy is just like her mom. She's a product of her environment clearly and has learned how to be manipulative and dishonest. During one of the documentaries she said that she was finally being honest and telling the truth to them, something which she hadn't even done with her lawyers. So then how would we know she's telling the truth THIS time. She is clearly a bright girl, but she seriously needs to be in a mental facility, not jail, although it does sound like she's making the most out of jail, getting her GED, etc. Sometimes watching this, I wondered what was true and wasn't, because a lot of what we know came from Gypsy herself and she's a proven liar. I personally would not want to be friends with her, etc., because I could never trust her. I hope she's good to her dad and stepmother when she does get out. Because they are fighting for her. I'm sure the guilt he has is terrible, so I hope she doesn't take advantage of it. I know that I might be coming across as cold to Gypsy and what she went through, but she is/was smart, she lied about having anything to do with her mother's death, even pretended like she didn't know, so she KNEW it was wrong. Whereas Nick truly didn't get it. Victim of Dee Dee or not, I have little sympathy for her. In one of the videos above, Joey King said that she believes that Gypsy truly thought what she was doing was the best thing for everyone by killing her mother. This case is just a clusterfuck and so messed up. I pray Gypsy isn't manipulative and dangerous when she gets out, but a part of me thinks danger will follow her.
  5. KLJ

    Siesta Key

    Why did Amanda beat up Chloe? I don’t know why I watch this stupid show.
  6. KLJ

    SURly Staff In The Media

    Some drama between Stassi and Billie. https://pagesix.com/2019/04/16/stassi-schroeder-bashes-billie-lee-you-dont-even-go-here/
  7. Totally fucked. Plus did Kyle forget to mention that LVP swore on her kids she didn’t plant the story? For all we know, the producers suggested LVP call Denise. Shocked at Camille’s comments about LVP. Shouldn’t be though.
  8. KLJ

    S07.E18: End of an Era

    If she dies, she dies. (TM Rocky - please tell me I’m not the only one who thought that). So Scheana was upset that Lala wasn’t making out with her the night before after being ‘so supportive’? You’d have to pay me a lot of $$ to hang around her. She’s just too much. Adam is hot and clearly using her to get on the show. I think all anxiety attacks are different but Lala’s do seems bit...odd. Wonder if she’s pissed at the reunion once she saw all them questioning her in their talking heads. I think Raquel just thinks that the group let bygones be bygones and are buddies with Lala, so why can’t they do the same for her and James. I honestly don’t get the Lala love either to be honest. I really hope Beau isn’t playing Stassi. Also liked seeing the mention of the friendship of Ariana and Kristen. I actually like when this group gets along and are all cohesive. Oh and would a bank really cash a check after so long anyway, especially such a large amount?
  9. KLJ

    S03.E06: Swimming Uphill

    I don't know, I sorta feel it's karma for Carl with the way he treated Ashley (can't remember the correct Wirkus twin) the past couple seasons. He was a douche who clearly likes the chase and Paige isn't falling for his usual tricks. Lindsey is just a sneaky bitch. She's acting like queen bee of the house Amanda - dump Kyle. You deserve better. Danielle - blah, she's trying too hard.
  10. Family of fiance of Elizabeth Holmes worry he's brainwashed: https://nypost.com/2019/04/06/family-of-elizabeth-holmes-fiance-worry-she-has-brainwashed-him-source/amp/ Regarding what the employees were doing all day was trying to get the machines to work within Elizabeth's ridiculous timeframe and to get ready for the Walgreens debut. They also had a deal with Safeway as well, but that fell thru for multiple reasons. The lab was a real mess and if anyone said anything negative or brought concerns to attention of managers or Elizabeth or Sunny they were generally fired. It was a daily occurrence to have multiple firings. Sunny had a HUGE temper and most people were afraid of him. Elizabeth also didn't allow the different departments to communicate. Security was enhanced and keycards were needed to get everywhere plus all computer activity was monitored. Keycard punches were also monitored by Sunny as well. Oh and if employees worked from morning to night they were considered to be dedicated to Theranos, but if you left at a normal time and didn't work weekends, it was frowned upon. Even if the employee had nothing to do, Elizabeth and Sunny thought you should be there all the freaking time. The floor that has the admins and non-lab workers were said to worship Elizabeth in the Bad Bloods book. Basically if you kissed her and Sunny's ass, your job was safe. In the book it's mentioned that if Theranos had continued to work as an "R&D" firm, they could have done that for years, but Elizabeth wanted what she wanted and didn't want to wait. Many companies inflate their figures it was said, but they were for apps, and not a healthcare company that was basically using people as guinea pigs. My dislike of her grows everytime I see her on social media posting like she doesn't have a care in the world. I really really really hope she does time. I think she believes she won't which really pisses me off. My suspicion is she also will throw Sunny under the bus. But she was copied on most emails so she can't pretend ignorance.
  11. KLJ

    Live PD

    So the woman with the truck in Greene County, MO, was asked by the deputy if she was taking UAs for anything. What are UAs, urine analysis? The deputy said there was purchased urine in the truck. That's a real thing? Wow. The things I've learned from this show...
  12. I just finished Bad Blood. My initial reaction after finishing it was just DAMN. I can't believe how many people who were completely snowed by her. There were plenty of signs and those who dared to question what they were being sold were shut down. I hope both she and Sunny face some serious jail time. They pushed a health care product they knew wasn't ready without thinking of the harm it could cause innocent people. It's really disheartening to see her still seemingly living a charmed life. I also truly think that SHE thinks and believes that she did not do anything wrong. https://www.insideedition.com/accused-massive-fraud-elizabeth-holmes-now-spends-her-days-hotel-heir-fiance-and-dog-51876?amp
  13. KLJ

    Leaving Neverland

    I learned this firsthand as I learned of sexual abuse my husband suffered when he was a child by a family member. He had suppressed and buried it for so long, he didn’t tell me until we were together almost 20 years. When the family member died a couple years ago, he even spoke at this person’s funeral and had everyone crying with a beautiful tribute. After I told him I couldn’t believe he said all of it knowing what happened, he just said that he still loved him even though he hated him too. And he was also kind of relieved he was gone because he was worried it would come out (I take some comfort that I never liked this family member, and he was an asshole to me). Anyway, it’s all something I can’t ever pretend to understand, but hearing people blame the victims, “why did they wait so long to come forward,” and there are just SO many reasons. What is hard is hearing my husband’s family talk about this person almost as a martyr because none of them know what happened. I wish they did but my husband thinks it won’t help anything except to make his parents feel bad, though I’m of the mind that I’d want to know if it were my kid, especially with the way they worship this person now. But it’s not my story to tell. And I absolutely believe Wade and Jimmy. I even see some of my husband in Jimmy, who I hope is in therapy (his wife too).
  14. Didn't the producers originally want to have a double wedding with David/Donna and Dylan/Kelly and Tori refused?
  15. Luke's is the first celebrity death that I still feel extremely sad and upset about, so much that I'm thinking about it everyday. 90210 was such an important part of my life for so long, I guess I just expected the cast to live forever, especially since we're the same age. No one wants to be faced with their mortality. It's like a bad dream. Will make watching the reruns so bittersweet. Oh and Jason posted this for those who were wondering: