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  1. I get the feeling that Hannah must be EXHAUSTING to live with, not to mention be friends with. If Paige can't ever talk to Hannah about concerns she has regarding Hannah or her actions, what kind of friendship is that? I also think that if she is not invited back, the engagement will be off. Des is only after the fame, however fleeting it may be. There is Hannah's truth, and there is reality. Whenever Hannah was called out, she often said, "I didn't say that!" when we know she did because it was on camera. She reminds me of Jax Taylor in a way. Both are liars and manipulative. And
  2. Michal wrote an article for Newsweek talking about her experience on the show.
  3. Why is the tv on the floor? That seems like a major hazard to me (it could fall on Liberty).
  4. I was listening to a podcast (can't remember which one) and the host mentioned that maybe Ciara didn't want to flush because her mic was still on. And he mentioned something about how they tell the crew to turn mic off when they go into the bathroom. But seriously, either way - still disgusting. Totally agree. Hannah won't go far if she can't fake nice. I get wanting to be honest, but sometimes the more mature way to handle things is to NOT be so honest. I learned that in my 20s the hard way.
  5. I can relate so much to Annie and Mau's marriage. I think my husband and I would both not be married now if we knew then what we know now. At least I know I wouldn't. I'm also comforted that I'm not the only one who is waiting to separate/divorce. I have plans to do so once my youngest finishes high school. I'm oh so close and everyday I'm looking at townhomes/condos. But financially, I'm just stuck even though I'm the breadwinner. It burns me that I will have to split my 401k with someone who has a shit job history because he's never grown up. Sorry, I could go on and on. I hope Anni
  6. Very curious to see who is on Summer House this year (it's coming back, right?) Please let Hannah be gone.
  7. Thought it was a sweet episode. I hope Amanda doesn't regret marrying Kyle. Hannah has some anger issues or something. Jealously maybe? I don't get her. She seems very bitter. Best friends don't need to like their significant others. It helps but at some point you have to accept them. One of my friends married an asshole, nothing I could do about it. I still love her and will be there for her. Happy for Danielle, seems like Robert is a keeper. No more Hannah, please!! Also adding that yes, I don't understand Ciara hitching herself to Hannah. Why??!! I want to watch
  8. I don't even know what to say after this episode. It probably is very awkward walking into the house, but Robert seems to be doing fine. What is the problem with Des? Hannah says it's because he knows all the stuff that was said to her. Most men wouldn't let that impact when meeting others. At least most men that aren't clearly drama and childish. Hannah does not deserve Paige as a friend. Hannah just isn't a good person. What kind of person lies about a DM saying people hooked up and then sits back and watches the mess that unfolds as a result. I get this is a reality sho
  9. Is she serious? If Biden and his administration come out to try to endorse the vaccine anymore than they current are, then people will only be that much more resistant to it. Geez. I would think Trump getting his vaccine should motivate to the white republican men, but I guess not. Proud to say I've voted for Tammy Duckworth. I've watched her for a long time, she's really amazing.
  10. Better than I could have said it. And I couldn't help but laugh when one of the woman from the neighborhood said that it was a typical neighborhood/town, etc while talking about the tennis courts, etc. Only a rich person would say that. Now that I'm watching this as an adult, basically a little younger than Kitty, I feel sad for her. Sounds like her marriage was hell. Although she did contribute to her kids being spoiled assholes.
  11. So true!!! Any true mature 45 year old man would NEVER EVER consider dating Hannah, much less going on this shitstorm of a show. Is Hannah pregnant? I hope so, because then she won't be on Summer House anymore, right? Paige continues to be spot on about everything. Too bad her achilles heel is Hannah. Kyle says he dropped the ball and should have known Carl shouldn't be drinking. Then at dinner, "who isn't getting a martini?!!" Duh. What a douche! Luke, grow the fuck up. I think he was totally faking it trying to get sympathy. And everyone bought it. Hannah - plea
  12. How old is Kyle? He certainly isn't acting his age and his drunken antics are disgusting. His family (and future children) must be so proud of him peeing on camera among other things. Idiot. And I used to like Amanda, but she just enables him. So many of the issues with the group have all started from Hannah. She is just vile and always looks like she needs a shower. I couldn't even watch her on that talk show with Kate and Porsha. Two years ago if you would have told me that Carl was one of the most mature of the group, I would have laughed. Both Ciara and Danielle seem
  13. I always say my family won't know what to say about me if I disappeared, "she was uh, very organized and a clean freak." I certainly don't light up a room and make friends easily. I tried to watch the Angie Dodge episode, but the music was too loud and made it hard to hear the interviews. I went online and read the story. Angie's mom is amazing, you always got to go with your gut. I can't believe that after hearing what the cops did to Tapps to get him to confess, it was determined he wasn't coerced. And also, did they not interview all of her neighbors? Dripps was her neighbor at the
  14. KLJ

    BH90210 In the Media

    Is anyone listening to Jenni and Tori's 90210MG podcast?
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