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  1. I think this is the group photo. I think Dorit and Crystal look the best. Kathy looks less than thrilled to be there.
  2. I though Sarah Paulson and Rinna on a show together seemed...odd. But then finding out that Sarah specifically asked to appear with Rinna? Do better Sarah. I have tried to like Jerry because he seems nice, butI I just can't. He's too much. Put your shirt back on.
  3. Reporters discovered there was a 'mole' along them who was a part of the defense team. He introduced himself and said his name was, "Hansen". He dodged questions and deflected as much as possible. He was very interested and asked a lot of questions about John Carreyrou apparently. Turns out it was Elizabeth's FIL, William Evans. Sounds like the Evans are fitting right in with Elizabeth's shady behaviors. Something that the Bad Blood podcast mentioned that was a little compelling is the fact that she didn't sell and didn't really profit from the company like Bernie Madoff did.
  4. Don't get me wrong, I'll watch this, but three women fighting over Austen? Yuck. How nice we get to see Kyle peeing outside in the winter just like in summer.
  5. Tom acted immorally and knowingly stole from victims? How is that not evil?
  6. There is evidence and people who will testify that she was knowingly misleading her investors before Balwani. There are also texts between Balwani and Elizabeth that could potentially go against the abuse theory because she was really the one calling the shots and going against Balwani, especially when it comes to the publicity. Listening to an attorney on Law Junkie podcast, and he thinks the defense is sharper and more on top of the arguments already, while the prosecutors seem to be falling a step behind. He also said if he were the prosecutor, he would have argued to see proof that
  7. I've heard mixed commentary from law experts on various podcasts and programs. It was acknowledged that some jurors might feel sympathy and compassion for her because they don't want to leave a baby without a mother. However, the jurors are just as likely to think the opposite. Because what type of woman would have a child knowing she is facing some serious jail time other than someone trying to influence them in her favor. So it could totally backfire. It will be interesting to see if the baby is allowed in the courtroom. She will likely ask the judge, but it will likely also get denied
  8. I wasn't a fan of LA Real World, none of the roommates were likable. Maybe Irene? I wonder if Dom and Aaron are still friends. I'd much rather see Seattle, San Francisco or Boston. Hope those are in the works. But I'll probably watch anyway cuz I'm a sucker for nostalgia.
  9. I think it's bullshit that they are putting all of this on Katie. Yes, she's the chief stew, but still, it's making her be the bad guy. The one who should be gone is Lexi. I'd be pissed if I was everyone because of the lower tip. Some of the women were embarrassingly obnoxious. It's the theme of the show I guess, but still, have some dignity people! It doesn't make you cool to be a drunkard walking around, ever, but especially when you're middle aged. And I say that as a middle-aged woman. My kids would be mortified if I went on TV and acted like an idiot. So Delaney is brou
  10. I physically cringed when I saw him falling. Falling like that and hitting your head really really freaks me out, and the angle certainly doesn't look good. I wonder if this will be brought up if they have a reunion. I hope so. I do take joy at this. Now that they no longer have Hannah to focus on, they will inevitably turn on each other right? Can't wait!!! I like them not getting along and despise the false niceties. Malia has slightly redeemed herself in my eyes, but I will never feel the same about Sandy. I went on Sandy's twitter to see if she said anything in r
  11. Is it normal for captains to visit the guests multiple times per day to ask how the food is, how things are, etc.? We certainly never see Captain Lee do it. Geesh. I think Sandy is even worse this season. I cannot believe they're not going to let Lexi go. They're paying the other person so might as well bring her on the boat? Well, then fire the one who is also being paid and doing nothing. Geesh. Although from the promos, she is pissy about doing laundry.
  12. Ben did work for her in season 4. He came in after Chef Mila and Anastasia. Unless you were referring to someone else? I'm waiting to hear if Katie will be praised by Kate at all, so far I've heard nothing. Both Ben and Kate also said they miss yachting, wonder if they'll come back? I love Josiah, Julia, Alex, Anastasia and Colin. I do like Ben as it's nice to hear the perspective from another chef, but could do without Kate and Bobby.
  13. Yay! And I'm so happy to see Ben!!
  14. KLJ

    Music Box

    Fuck that guy. I couldn't believe he even went there. I hope he doesn't have a daughter who heard that. Total asshole. He and Lang clearly can't take any fucking responsibility for anything that went wrong. Offspring said they had better concerts and experiences at a venue that Hitler built. Now that's messed up. I also found it absurd that they are blaming acts that they booked for not settling the crowds down. Really? It's a fucking rock band, Fred Durst was/still is a dick, sure, but it's not on him. They knew his act and what he was about. Hearing that the reason they
  15. I used to think this way until I went through hell the past couple years in my marriage. We've also tried counseling but certain factors just make it impossible to repair. I feel as a parent that I need to be an example for my children and so far all they've seen is not ideal. Not to mention that children pick up on everything and are smart, they can tell if parents aren't happy or are 'faking it'. Now that my husband have decided to separate, it's like a weight has been lifted and things are less tense. It's not easy, but sometimes it's the best decision for a family. My teenagers have
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