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  1. I never thought of it that way but I definitely think your thoughts have merit and totally make sense to me. Yes, I got that vibe as well. Cookie doesn't have to worry about Andre because he is self reliant. She also is timid to approach him because she thinks he is ashamed of her. So she keeps waiting for him to reach out to her. If you notice, whenever Andre deigns to give her attention Cookie is kind, and loving. As we have seen in a previous episode, Cookie is willing to do what it takes to prove her love to Andre even though she knows Andre is trying to use her.
  2. I believe Tasha Smith plays her younger sister according to last night's episode. I disagree with the fact that she favors Jamal because he visited her. I think she favors Jamal because of how cruel Lucious was to him over his sexual orientation. Look at how fierce her mama bear was during the trash can scene. If her relationship revolved solely on who visited her in prison, she would have been more ambivalent during that scene. I mean look at Anika. She has been around how long...? She could care less about any of those boys and sits perched by Lucious' side while he unleashes his hatred towards Jamal.
  3. She was absolutely captivating on scene. She is an amazing actress to be able to convey several emotions via facial expressions alone.
  4. mistyknight

    S01.E01: Pilot

    According to wiki, it is a 1966 play by James Goldman. And I loved the show! Taraji gave me life. I was squealing with joy at her scenes when she checked people.
  5. Did anyone else catch that her assistant is now her niece? Is that her brother's child? What is it with Toni that makes her have a revolving door of assistants every season?
  6. I think the sisters are used to Toni being the famous one. That resentment for Toni's triumphs probably simmered down once they gained their own identities thanks to the show. I do believe Towanda is jealous. She has had the least success out of all of them. I mean, she was Toni's assistant for years and then she was living with her younger sister in one season while her husband didn't bring in any money to get them out of the predicament they were in. I feel like much of the feud is caused due to the fact that she hates feeling left out of the success her sisters' have achieved and that she hates Tamar the most. It is hard to contain resentment when you see someone you dislike getting handed everything you ever wanted. I will say this, when she was shaking the table (TM, K Michelle) and being OTT, I wish production would have had violins playing in the background to her shout of "no one cares".
  7. It's not just her awful make up application. It is the god awful tan. She looks like she could be Snookie's biological mom circa Jersey Shore days if I didn't know any better.
  8. It is because Chrisette comes across as pretentious. And as Leela said during the therapy session, "very fake".
  9. It's not just the fact that he is blessed with looks and a voice that can make women turn their heads just to hear him speak. It's the fact that he is charming and has a sense of humor.
  10. Mimi is still hung up on Sleazo. All she does is talk about him to the tabloids, on camera, etc. Why do you care that he is married to Joseline? Is it because you never got the same commitment from him whether it's real or not? She was all hypnotized by his beefcake (/Joseline) several seasons ago but now Stebbie is bad in bed and has a small package. Girl, bye. Next thing we know, Molly the maid turned porn star will be posting photoshopped pics of Stebbie like Karlie Redd did to Benzino.
  11. Long time lurker of TWOP. Got an account when everyone journeyed over to here. Did anyone go "huh?" when they heard Shannon mention she had plastic surgery already? When her douche bag hubby asked her to get a boob job she said she thought it was sending a bad message to her daughters. Wouldn't having a nose and cheek combo be doing the same thing? ETA: Sorry about hitting enter too soon. My toddler got a hold of my phone when I wasn't looking.
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