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  1. Cheers! :-) Party of three now, cheers!
  2. I just felt like Naomie was upset over Liz's treatment by JD (even Chelsea called him a con artist)- and too young to know not to unleash her anger at JD about it. I found her brave and passionate-- just young! When I was 25, I had to learn the hard way that when a married friend complains to you about their spouse, you can support them in the moment, but you have to be very careful about going further. Same thing with the Patricia situation-- Naomie doesn't know that in Patricia's world, Patricia's allowed to excommunicate Kathryn, and no one (certainly not a 25 year old) is suppose
  3. I totally support Heather's outburst. Good lord, it was refreshing. It made me like her more! Kelly is nuts, and now she's going to have her crappy behavior supported/ enabled by s-stirring reality producers. I don't think she feels bad about how she's coming across, she's just thrilled to be famous(ish) for being a housewife.
  4. The BS preening, yes, that's exactly it-- so well put. An aggressively prissy vanity that I just cannot stand.
  5. UGH Heather Dubrow or DuBrow or EyeBrow is SO INTOLERABLY FAKE. Have to check in and say that. I just had a second of terrible judgment and decided to listen to her awful podcast (Heather Dubrow's World-- listen for yourself and come back and say how much you hated it). Her voice on that podcast, how she talks, how she interacts with her hired ass-kiss girl-- OMG it is all excruciating. She is really, really a fake, superficial woman. The hole where her soul should be is gaping-- she's trying to fill it with monster-sized mansions and sideshow events starring Heather Dubrow! and Te
  6. I think that over time we are seeing that Andy/ Bravo have different rules for different people. Vicki? She had to drag Brooks on camera during their last season or two, even though it was reported that neither of them wanted to have Brooks on the show. Asa? Well, her boyfriend, Jermaine Jackson Jr., comes from an uber-famous family with far more pull than the likes of Andy Cohen, so Asa gets to leave him out of filming since he'd rather not. Bethenny? Well, she's a favorite of Andy's, and Andy will bend the rules for her, hence no one forces Bethenny to include her real-life romantic in
  7. A poster upthread said the Bethenny hatred has gotten out of control. I agree-- I kind of think the overall hatred has gotten out of control. Everyone doesn't hate on the same RHONY women, but there's a vibe that's very, very, very critical in the extreme, sometimes to the point of hatefulness (IMO). It's a gray area, cause we watch these shows partly to guffaw at the women, but sometimes I do feel sad at how much of a sport it is, dishing out pretty brutal judgment of these women. Course Andy Cohen and the Bravo minions foster it-- they've essentially gone with a Jerry Springer model
  8. no, she was just saying that Kelly's costume was something other than a 70's outfit-- her response to the "Mrs. Roper" thing. She kind of conflated Kelly's bullying into that one thing, and she was responding with her own critique of Kelly's costume. Of course Shannon wasn't saying Indians are ugly, she's not a nasty ignoramus, and that would be a bizarre thing to say even for a nasty ignoramus.
  9. Bluedog! I'm sorry to hear you're going through such tough stuff. For what it's worth, I care. Sending good thoughts your way. :-)
  10. Tom was on the show, season 1, episode 4 ("Social Wife"). I went back and watched (on Hulu-- it's in the first segment or so). It was definitely Tom, and what an ass! He stood out to me at the time for being a total jerk (he seemed to me like the kind of guy that likes to put women down to their faces, thinking it'll make them want to scramble to please him. He called Ramona's friend promiscuous, and Ramona lazy, all as part of his awesome small talk.) At the time, Ramona did a TH saying how awful Tom and his friend were, and she literally said, "if that's what's out there, I'
  11. Luann has 2F's-- Finally Flush Dorinda has 1F-- Fatty And -- as we already know-- Bethenny has zero F's.
  12. Poor thing. She's thinking of the mall. http://www.simon.com/mall/king-of-prussia
  13. I think these men fit her childhood rescue fantasies, and that's why she gets so giddy. The count, a millionaire with a penthouse... Lu is always sure to drop the details that she finds significant about her "loves". Good lord, the fact that she banged Rey is proof enough that she is attracted to money.
  14. I'm guessing photos or videos were sent via text.
  15. I do have to say that if I would have a huge problem moving forward with a fiancee who made out with another woman. I do not envy Luann-- there have to be misgivings under her sparkly, soulmatey veneer.
  16. I can't help but want to rhyme her name... Kelly Meza Dodd: Her Life Seems Very Odd And then there's the honest approach: Kelly Meza Dodd: Not Worth a Subtitle
  17. You can totally tell if people are full on making out versus lips-only kissing! Come on. Besides, Tom D'Agostino admits he messed up: http://radaronline.com/celebrity-news/luann-de-lesseps-fiance-relationship-issues-wedding-plans/
  18. Terrible person, fake, has clearly watched all or many seasons but pretends she hasn't. Bad role model, depressing life. No discernible accomplishments (other than making varsity cheer, you guys!). Awful relationship with a creepy narcissist. This is escapism??!! OH and BTW, Kelly's instagram and twitter accounts both use the handle RHOC. She opened them in May 2016. So she was either never a twit or on insta prior to May 2016, or she was and deleted the old accounts/ cleansed her social media history when she started the show. https://www.instagram.com/rhoc_kellyddodd/?hl=e
  19. Such important work this man does. I mean self-important. When Heather said at the end of his life, he would not regret that he didn't do an extra dozen shows, Terry's face said "hell yeah I would!" Terry is a narcissist/ fame-whore. It annoys me that Heather only worries about *Terry's* future feelings/regret about missing his kids' childhood. How do/will the kids feel? Neither of them seem to consider that. Hello, Harry Chapin, Cats in the Cradle, anyone?
  20. Hey I'm sorry to hear that, I hope your mom is okay now or gets better soon!
  21. Yeah, I mean I think Carole was just poking fun at how ridiculous it is that the Real Housewives are so famous. You know? As in by ironically associating her required Bravo blog (we must feed the fans our thoughts) to the I Have a Dream speech, to the speeches of first ladies. I thought it was kind of funny. And I'm not a Carole fan.
  22. That's exactly what I want! Aquamarine surrounded by diamonds. :-) You're right, not so cheap. I was surprised by that.
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