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  1. Ha! This episode lives in infamy in my mind, because it's the one that led my (single) mother to ban LHOTP from our house for several months. My brother and I were watching a rerun while my mother made dinner and right as Pa shot Laura's horse my mother called us to the table. My brother and were both wracked with sobs, absolutely hysterical, about the dead horse. My mother was so infuriated that she had to deal with two devastated children at dinner time that she just flat out banned Little House, full stop. It was only listening to this episode that I found out how things ended!
  2. Like most Canadians, I don't watch a lot of Canadian TV -- I've made it through maybe one episode of Murdoch Mysteries -- but I LOVE the plot. It's so Toronto that someone would be freaking out about people using the beaches. Just this week the Toronto Star had an article about residences of The Beache(s) (City calls them one thing, they insist on calling themselves something else) being up in arms about a kayak kiosk being an eyesore. Because Lake Ontario belongs to the home owners. Using Murdoch Mysteries to point out that people who live near the Beaches have always been exclusionary wing
  3. I appreciate Dave making what is, even in Canada, an extremely obscure Shuffle Demons joke.
  4. Just a point to Sarah for the Sopranos-in-Grimsby -- as she clearly has an affection for that city name, I feel the need to let her know that there's plenty of mob activity in neighbouring Hamilton, ON, which I have always thought had a lot in common with Jersey. I mean, it's a city, not a state, but it's unexpectedly pretty in places and everything thinks we're just a crazy industrial city on fire, because all they ever see is the steel plants as they go past on the Skyway Bridge, heading for Niagara.
  5. I've always felt like I'm getting a special bonus whenever EHG leans into the fact that its three founding members are all from the Niagara region (or at least have spent significant time there) -- I was yelling "GOLDIE!" at my iPhone and it was so satisfying when Joe said her name, I can't even tell you.
  6. A sorta sappy comment before I even listen - I broke my ankle yesterday. Not badly, but I'm in one of those stupid boot things and it hurts. Last night, having hobbled home from the ER, I lay on my bed waiting for the painkillers to kick in and trying to figure out what was going to make me feel better. I came to the conclusion that the only thing I wanted was a new episode of this podcast. I wanted something that was going to be both funny and cranky with a thin layer of nostalgia and I could come up with nothing else that would make me feel better. I ended up re-listening to EHG's catfi
  7. gesundheit -- Yeah, lots of people dated each other's exes at my high school, too -- but if anything like what 90210 is showing us happened, it would have been extremely dramatic. This isn't dating an ex, this is your BFF screwing around with your boyfriend when you're away, not telling you about it, and then eventually all your friends expecting you to get over it immediately. That's not how teenaged girls work, and when I was a teen it absolutely infuriated me. If there had even been a three a episode arc in which Brenda and everyone else comes to terms with what happened, I'd feel differe
  8. Tooch -- I KNOW, NOT EVEN HER BROTHER GAVE A DAMN AND IT MADE ME INSANE! I am about this like Tara is about Mary's husband dying in a car crash. I just can't conceive of a world in which one's twin freaking brother doesn't stop hanging out with his buddy who dumped you for your best friend -- who he had been screwing around with behind your back in the first place. I get it, Reek, she's no angel... but, again, some more, how is no one on her side??? Where is your self-righteous bray NOW, Brandon? It makes no sense!
  9. Tooch & AndySmith - I think the behind-the-scene stuff plays a big role in the rest of season 3/4. Because the way I remember it, no one is on Brenda's side and it seems insane to me that, in a high school drama like this, people wouldn't be on Brenda's freaking side! Her boyfriend is screwing around with her best friend. That's the highest of high school drama. I remember a guy leaving one girl for another in my high school -- the two were not even friends, but EVERYONE across all five grades (Ontario) knew about it and no one was on the boyfriend/new girlfriend's side. Even teachers were
  10. I'm curious to see how I feel about this storyline this time, because when I was 17 I felt VERY STRONGLY about this whole thing and I was heavily on Brenda's side... Though in my memory that is mostly because of the reaction of all her friends. It seemed so unjust! Also, great that Linda Holmes did her part to make the podcasts have a Dean Cain theme this week.
  11. It's so weird to take this in as an adult, when the fog of teenaged hormones has lifted and realize just HOW terrible Dylan is. I mean, everyone is pretty terrible, but his anger at Kelly is completely groundless. While it was nice to see Peak Dylan and understand that he DID have an appeal originally, I'm still amazed at what a jerk he is in these scenes. I get that the show was trying to manage the hatred the cast was starting to feel towards Shannen, but MAN. They do not do Dylan any favours with this storyline. I turned on both Dylan and Kelly about half a season from now
  12. Ugggh. Alexandra Wilson, who plays the racist girlfriend, was on Another World and for whatever reason (I honestly can't figure it out now) I loved her and her character -- I vividly remember being excited when she turned up on 90210, and then having to deal with a) her hair and b) her horrible character... I'm not sure I ever saw her on TV again.
  13. As soon as I saw this post I yelped "It's the Donna's butt-cheeks episode!" -- I know she wore short shorts at other times, but this is the episode I remember watching as a teenager and being completely stunned at her outfit -- in a "wait, but her Dad RUNS this show" sort of way.
  14. The phone stuff was real -- My stepfather wasn't too grumpy about it and my Dad was not in a position to be controlling about it... but my BFF, who I was always on the phone WITH, her father was INTENSE about the phone! A big part of our phone conversations involved trying to avoid her father's notice.
  15. @mostly C -- I agree about raisins AND apples -- and then raisins in things that also have apple in them. The guy who played the rapist isn't a regular on Castle, but he is still a working actor who does a lot of TV... including a guest spot on Castle.
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