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  1. Sharon, Sharon, Sharon. You "secretly" communicate with Atonal, then two minutes later you're begging for a reunion with Rey Rey -- how can anyone trust your two-faced lyin' ass?! Rey should have bugged her phone, or at least cloned it.
  2. Plus, that was the UGLIEST "boy toy" in the world! Bad taste in f-buddies, girlie.
  3. I KNEW ol' Vampire would demand Sexy Turtle sign the contract. But has he even thought of what Turtle might do to Vamp if he lives. He would go scorched earth on Vamp and here you go with World War 3! Is Kyle's bouffant getting bouffant-ier?
  4. Insert your own "I've been on that ride" joke here.
  5. Amanda, this is not a good move for you. Don't you know that ALL Illinois politicians, like dear old grandpapa, are at the least, crooks and, in his case, worse. Lil Sis knows that, too. If you lose the case, it's your fault and you're excommunicated and, if you win, you've probably gotten your father's murderer off.
  6. basiltherat

    MLB Thread

    Long may the Yankees enjoy cellar dwelling! And teach Tom Brady how to do same.
  7. This was really a powerful story and I am gutted by the ending. At least Pete "died clean" and exonerated, and he left that for his family.
  8. Washer dude was a little obtuse,. He is definitely not one that should be a home owner, because he couldn't understand what was his responsibility even though JJ explained it eleventy million times. It didn't look like his family was able to give him any advice, either, so they have nothing but heartache and confusion ahead of them. Its also going to be very easy for unscrupulous tradesmen to take advantage of him. (Also, his family probably overstuffed the toilets themselves.)
  9. Of course, you all know Victor is using the newspaper as prop because his lines are printed there!
  10. He l l o o o . . . er, Master Bob?!
  11. . . . or he could have gotten masseuses who were male, or Brunhilde -ish.
  12. That pet hair grabber looks exactly like the Scrub Daddy -- a disc with holes cut in it, whether it be a smiley face or, in this case, paws. So of course its gonna call to Lori!
  13. This Master Bob story was new to me! I immediately thought that Keith Morrison should have been the reporter on this one, because he always snags the salacious ones! Dennis Murphy and his "do I really want to know?" was humorous in the midst of what info was going to come out! Keith would have been all over that asking for all the details!
  14. Abby's top today was RIDICULOUS! And she is in charge of a child . . . well, at least she can use the different levels of that top as diapers! Almost as clever as Scarlett O'Hara and her curtains! (Of course, special mention to Carol Burnett)
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