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  1. Little Kevin is on his way to becoming a full-fledged psycho killer. Wonder if Daddy Dearest will visit him on death row . . . that is, unless Kevin kills him first! Also psycho is Suzanne, the mother who is ready to go medieval on her ex-husband AND her daughter. At least she was rational enough to fire the counselor! She is more obsessed with her ex than wanting to see her own daughter. Doesn't she realize that the more she tries to teach the kid to hate the father, the more the kid will hate HER !!
  2. RIP to "Turd Ferguson" -- Hope Norm has fun with Trebek and Connery in heaven!
  3. With my luck, if someone commissioned my portrait, I'd get Munch or Dali! Don't care if Ashland is shady, he's very good on the eyes, and I love his whispery voice! Hope he "leaks" some false intel to Ye Olde ButtBiscuit and sues the pants off of him.
  4. I know its because of Covid (and money issues) but there should be more "domestic workers" in the lives of these rich folks. We only have the invisible Mrs. Martinez and Crystal and, oh, hello, waiter at Society -- where are the phalanx of nannies for Dominick or any of the kids? Where is even Esther (is she stuck taking care of her grandkids?) And where were all the guards that Darvon supposedly hired to protect The Chancellor Summer Sausage?
  5. The Undead Victor may not cast a shadow, but he cast his pearls before swine when he called Ye Olde Buttbiscuit an ASS !!!! He assery, ahem, knows no BOTTOM!
  6. If the ladies' undergarments are ill-fitting, why don't the actresses wear their own?
  7. Wouldn't it be Phillip the Fourth or Fifth by now???
  8. Phyliss will blow up reeel good / Big Jim McBob, Billy Sol Hurok
  9. Yeah, a damn good lawyer who somehow got fooled by a grifting Moo-fia and by her own damn grandfather and mother! And probably her half-sister. She's as smart as they come . . . oops, that's Dummer's title, but maybe if she's really gone, she'll let Amanda take it.
  10. . . . Dan Fielding was ridiculous back in the day . . .
  11. basiltherat

    MLB Thread

    History is still going to be history and you can't change what happened (context) . . . you're supposed to be able to learn from it.
  12. I blinked and missed what happened with Tara and why she was dragged out of Casa Abbott in handcuffs. I sorely miss the days when Bill Bell would drag out a story not for days or weeks or months, but for YEARS and even decades. I particularly remember when I was a kid and the DOOL Mickey/Bill/Laura who's the daddy triangle dragged on for years until Mike was already grown!
  13. I would rather listen to Ashland whisper-talk than just about anything in the world . . . Oh, and if Rodan wants to be useful with her mad hackin' skillz, why doesn't she look into where the bleep poor Mariah is. The only other person I care to see.
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