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  1. Well, that was a clever switch. Have CC be the "source" for the Ashland story without Silly actually doing anything. Hoist by their own petard. And who knows what kind of "document" Jesse gave ButtB. And right after Silly owned up to Det. Rey Rey! And now Ashland can sue Chance Com!! Just hope Sally doesn't ruin it.
  2. Hey, maybe Prince Matchibelli is behind the Chance Go Boom! Just take away Abby's passport. She's just asking to be kidnapped and held for ransom by Spanish Insurrectionists who talk like the Frito Bandito. And nobody expects the Spanish Insurrectionists!
  3. It would be a very bad idea for any Shark to become a part of "Bulr" -- first of all, their integrity would be questioned. So, Mr. or Ms. Shark, you are advocating for students to skip class and workers to ditch work. If YOUR employees did that, Shark, you'd fire them in an NY minute. Secondly, wouldn't whoever owns the Ferris Bueller movie sue the pants off the Sharks for using their name without permission (copyright infringement?) even though it is spelled in a twee manner? Don't think this guy is a very "righteous dude" and needs to go back to school and attend some Ethics classes
  4. . . . the same (invisible) kids who will now share Jesse's dead skin cells in their bathroom. Perhaps Jesse put a listening device in the apartment. Wonder what Olive will say when she finds out Jesse the Rat was in the same place as her kids WITH BUTT-B'S permission! He loves his kids to death.
  5. Didn't the Peruvian Incas do human sacrifice (or was that the Aztecs?) -- if so, I nominate ButtBiscuit as victim. Sharpen them stone knives, boys!
  6. I am finding "palazzo" in many of my crossword and word puzzles. Scary.
  7. Billy for murdering Gaines, yup, I'll go for that -- he canoodled with Amanda back in the day. Locke accused or dead , nope, no can do. Billy dead, I will do Snoopy's happy dance. Banana accused of murdering Gaines, eh, it's a wash.
  8. I bet the Brookes would have shared their family jewel(ry) with The Oily One! Oh, wait, probably not Lauralee, if I remember her correctly. I must comment that Amelia seems to be having a really good time canoodelling with RB -- just about as much as Mop and The Whisperer do. Elena and Natey Nate etc. seem to be the only good and pure characters in this sea of intrigue. And Leslie and Tessa, who seemed to be having a good time together. Also having an interesting time together are Tessa and Noah. Will Jesse The Rat "fall" off a parapet on the palazzo?
  9. ButtBiscuit brings Judas Gaines not only to the apartment he shares with Lily, but WHERE HIS BLESSED CHILDREN LIVE!! You know, the ones he professes to be protecting. Well, who is protecting the kids FROM BWILLY??!!
  10. Well, Victor showing up at Blackmailer's door was a big surprise to me. I expected the door to open, some unknown person to shoot him, and ButtBiscuit to blame Ashland. I DO NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT want ButtBiscuit to be a "hero" and "save" Victoria from this hot, hot love of a lifetime!
  11. When he was talking about the dishwasher soap incident, my thoughts immediately went to Ensign Pulver in Mister Roberts, which I believe was Before Lucy.
  12. Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack . . . doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is . . . Jack being Jack. You are living in the house you've lived in all your life, working at the same job ditto and hanging with the same people ditto ditto. What you need to do is MOVE OUT and maybe even out of town or out of the country, because the dating pool in GC is the same old same old, too, and damn near incestuous. Victor can find another foil and Rodan can find another safe landing place. Sally is just another, younger version of Rodan and you will lose her to Adam anyw
  13. Ashland's blackmailer must be some sort of relative for him to put up with paying him for many years. Perhaps he's Tara's brother that was mentioned once.
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