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  1. basiltherat

    MLB Thread

    As a Cubs fan, St. Louis is our mortal enemy and the Nats have been a recent foe. So, I did not know who to root for, but I've decided I love the Nats, and its because they are no longer tainted by the presence of Bryce Harper. I hate that egomaniac as much I hate Tom Brady and the New England Cheaters. So, without Harper, the Nats are now fun and likeable with their dancing and their baby sharking. It could be a really fun WS with these guys and my Fun Size Baseball Boyfriend Jose Altuve and his friends!
  2. Better for Daniel to throw and be intercepted while he is on-the-job training than to become too afraid to do anything.
  3. Now, if she would only learn to use a hairbrush!
  4. She pled to anger management classes because she beat up her big 'ol hubby. She should have been suing the employer for malpractice because girl is still verrrry angry and she kept interrupting and getting louder and more strident. Anger management did not work on her!
  5. Lola would save $$$ for Society by using Theo instead of lard.
  6. basiltherat

    MLB Thread

    I have to applaud the Astros for being such gentlemen by allowing the Rays to have another home game, since their damn fans never seem to show up even though they are a quite good team. (I guess I am biased 'cuz Jose Altuve is my Fun Size Baseball Boyfriend.) Two other teams also showed chivalrous tendencies. And then there's the Yankees.
  7. How can we start missing you if you WONT GO AWAY !!! /Pats hater
  8. We need a gasp gasp heave / make a sound like a banana button!
  9. The mother who left her 2 kids with a sitter for 6 damn months case seemed squirrely on BOTH sides. First of all, after the first week, if I were not paid, I'd scream to the mom in writing. Then, I would call the cops/family services. That is, if I were stupid enough to enter into this deal. Did sitter have anything in writing in case the school or any other authority needed proof of guardianship? What if something happened to the kids -- sitter could have been sued or jailed for neglect. And why was mom "visiting" every day but couldn't have the kids with her? Was she running a meth lab or a brothel at her place? I obviously thought about this more than either party did. Oh, and any dog or especially pit bull case -- why in the hell would you go on JJ -- you know what she's gonna say and do! Oh, and GET OFF MY LAWN!
  10. Do the long-suffering Preverts need to activate Rexx Ruggs?
  11. I didn't get any of those cases today, but neener, neener, neener, I have a SPOILER ALERT!! Tomorrow, JJ DENIES THE DEFENDANT WATER!!!!
  12. Yup, this Kay's will crap stinks of the Australian Moofia to me, mainly that crooked-eyed Aussie, Robert Scorpio, er, Cane's daddy. Hey, Adam, the crocodile called; he wanted his tears back. He's nothing but a big titty baby from Waa Waa Wollow Wollow.
  13. Plus, Adam is eating the show. When Phyllis isn't.
  14. I have NEVER in all my years of watching JJ seen a participant doing Snoopy's HAPPY DANCE upon a verdict! Dude had a long, dirty looking tangle of gray hair and he probably smoked a lot of the wacky tobaccy, but if something's in the lease and you signed it, sayonara! On the other case, the lady doing the Jay Scootin' Boogie was so damn lucky! the Def definitely had no damn business driving, insurance or no insurance. How much of the battery gets drained by going an extra quarter or half mile out of your way? It's possible her battery might have petered out in the middle of crossing the road, proper crosswalk or not.
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