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  1. Both Phyllis and Der ButtBisccuit ate up the show today. Let's put them back together so they can defile Mrs. C's staircase and annoy Jill. Question: Did ButtBiscuit steal Eeyore's schtick, or did Eeyore steal his? Discuss amongst yourself, Linda Richman style.
  2. I believe Judy would show Suzanne to the Guest House or pay for a suite at the Waldorf. Its not a matter of anyone "gettin' buzy" its simply a matter of decorum. Dude in the case was stacking up women like an air traffic controller and there was no one's grandma or elderly Uncle Edwin in the bunch.
  3. It's all right for everyone to admit they all wanted to get their Hans on Le Mustache -- he was so different from the usual Ken dolls of the past and the Young StubbleBeards of the present. Bad boys always get the most attention, in soaps and real life.
  4. Yes, Phyllis is a bad, bad friend. A friend would have stayed in Amanda's room with her and stayed up all night talking, eating cookies and, hopefully, laughing. But Our Phyllis The Strumpet has to go get herself some Babboon Lovin' and, well, you were almost killed, Amanda, but bye. But in a Soap Opera, Phyllis will be rewarded with a Banana and Amanda will enjoy a Biscuit, their reward for Bad Living. And poor Olive will not have a sandwich and will only be sucking down blood.
  5. With hair (especially on those 'of a certain age') what you want and what looks good and/or appropriate on you are sometimes two vastly different things.
  6. Palmer is becoming quite dishy and less nerdy. I loved the flashbacks and I remember that damn song as well! We were crazy for mushy love songs in the early '70s!!
  7. The hell with colonoscopies -- I want films of his VASECTOM(IES) that never "took" !!
  8. One of the few likeable characters is dead (Saanvi's dad can replace him at any time!) and I'm pissed. I don't think Isaiah was doing this alone -- I think he's in with Jared's people (I don't think anyone would sell a shitload of champagne to a guy with a punched-in face). Finn donates a slice o'liver and goes out to drink champagne the next. Jigga whaa?? Mention of Dharma -- check. Smoky-ness -- check. And, hey, if you want to stretch it, polar bear on a desert isle becomes Zeke freezing to death in a fiery inferno.
  9. I guess Adam was channeling his inner Johnny Cash, 'cuz he 'shot a man in Reno (eh, Vegas, they're both in Nevada) just to watch him die. When VICTOR is the only one telling truth, you in a heap o'trouble, boy.
  10. If this were a smartly-written show, the boys would have known there was a bug and made up a conversation to trap Phyllis. Rey has been really good since he shaved off that stubble. Nick now seems very much a lesser choice for Sharon.
  11. Yes, I was one of those shouting, "Jump, Asswipe, Jump" and "Push, NotHillary, Push" On behalf of Howard Beale, I resent the two of them screaming.
  12. Keep the poor bunnies out of this! Fiver and Hazel and Thumper resent it, not to mention Bigwig and Bugs!
  13. Yeah, I can really see her as a schoolmarm in the old west / sarcasm
  14. When you only have two or three years, you have to do shit Pretty Damn Fast! Nice move there, Grace, wanting to cuckold your husband on national tv to "protect" the baby and move old Danny back into the picture. Run to Saanvi, Ben!
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