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  1. I was hoping for more than 3 "how to" bits, but it was nice seeing all the different magicians participating. Their YouTube channel had a similar thing a few weeks ago with The Ambitious Card. That last trick with the Fanning sisters: I imagine there was a cheat sheet off camera that would make this trick a lot harder to do live.
  2. William forces his way into Delos in order to destroy the host replication. He encounters Charlotte and the conversation goes roughly William: I'm going to save the world. Charlotte: That's what Dolores wanted. William: I thought you were Dolores. Charlotte: I was but now I'm a little different. Then a host copy of William comes out. They're ornery at each other and Real William has his throat slit. Pan to the host creation room with all the machines at work. Then there's a silent scene of Bernard covered in dust or soot waking up from some sort of trance.
  3. If I remember correctly, he mentions the murder and then you get the "is arrested" ending.
  4. Alton did a stream chat on YouTube right before the finale. It's kind of weird and not necessarily worth watching. But it does explicitly reinforce what everyone here seems to have picked up on, about only doing it via bargain for Good Eats. "There isn't anything you could do to make me do Worst Cooks again. There's nothing. Don't even think about it." Interestingly, Alton said that in advance of the show he had to submit recipes. He picked ones that were good to learn and practical in the home, and then the producers rejected them for being too easy. So it was at that point he realized the premise is phony and decided to play the villain character. Which obviously didn't work. But it's quite the indictment of where this show went that they had a guy who wants nothing more than to teach about food and managed to sour him on it.
  5. I love the worldbuilding on this show. The plot long-ago passed into overly-convoluted. And the characters, despite interesting elements, are held back by the need for secret motives and hidden personalities. But the city and it's technology are beautiful, and as starkly contrasted from the rest of the real world as Westworld itself was.
  6. I haven’t seen anything official. But from the sound of Marcus on Twitter it seems like this might be the series finale. (I know there’s a with-commentary episode for next week which would be an anti-climax but it doesn’t contradict this being the final business.)
  7. A really good finale. Philosophy, goodbyes, individual endings that felt individual, so many callbacks, and a couple laughs. Jason accidentally becoming a monk is my favorite part today, but I may have a different one tomorrow.
  8. I didn't hate it, but it does disappoint me that they thought what's missing is an exit and not some sense of purpose. Since episode one I've been bothered that people in The Good Place didn't seem to care about other humans - either in The Bad Place or back on Earth. Now demons are designing tests to make humans better, but Good Place people only pursue hedonism? Seems like a miss to me. It is an interesting philosophical perspective though, that mortality is necessary to the human condition. I don't mind that they explored it. It just felt really insufficient.
  9. I didn't like anyone in this. Except the mom. He takes them to TankFarm because I guess getting t-shirts designed without settling on a new logo first makes some kind of sense. Then he says "be honest which ones you don't like". Then Jerry says they misspelled the name and Marcus gets on him for being negative. Then the guy explained it like rebranding but to me it seems like they screwed up and tried to cover. If you want to rebrand and then make a logo that's fine. Maybe discuss that before going to the t-shirt guys though? But I'm not a "branding expert" like Marcus.
  10. Amarsir

    Cats (2019)

    This thing is spawning some fantastic reviews. By which I mean the reviews are wonderfully-written about how much they hate this. Some of my favorite quotes: "This movie feels like a prank, but I'm not sure on who." "In full disclosure I'm not a cat person. After watching this ... I'm not sure I'm a movie person anymore either." "Congratulations to dogs."
  11. "Who would you say is your biggest competition at this point?" "Oh everyone is so talented, any one of them could win." "But if you had to name someone, who would you guess?" "I guess ... probably so-and-so." "OK great, but remember we need an answer in the form of a complete sentence. Go again." "I would say so-and-so is my biggest competition at this point."
  12. His comments at the end indicated that the Ramp visit was actually a couple years ago. So it might have predated those other investments. Given that it was obvious from the episode structure that there would be no investments, I enjoyed the episode for what it was.
  13. If you noticed the phone number at the end, and are curious what it is without wanting to call yourself, someone put it on YouTube.
  14. The best episode thus far this season. And I have absolutely nothing else to say, which I guess is itself a commentary on the season.
  15. So they improved inventory. Glad to see it, but that's basically the whole show. The guy wasn't any more likable to me at the end then at the beginning.
  16. They did a pro-choice / pro-life episode in season 1. A literal one. So doing a metaphor 13 seasons later just fell flat. I liked Mac and Charlie at the vet with all the gender confusion, but that alone didn't carry the episode. I don't mind a bottle episode, but "Waiting for Big Mo" was too obviously one. The entrances and exits felt very stage-y and really the whole episode could have been shot in real-time. A shame to end on two weaker ones since the season overall wasn't bad.
  17. Changing the label image probably saved her from a "brand confusion" lawsuit. This way people may think it's a spin-off or rip-off of Frankel but legally the name probably has enough distance to be distinct. (IANAL) The first investment meeting was weird. I have to assume there was more coaching to get that chorus of "yes"es. Literally everyone says "I wouldn't invest based on this presentation but I love you"? As for the second, I'd bet he was part of contacting Marcus before filming ever started. It was just too obvious of a path and so out of character with what Marcus has done in the past.
  18. I hate these predictable, formulaic shows. /s 😉 That's some incredible twisting. I'm disappointing that the Good Place folks are so unwilling to be helpful, but then again it would undermine the protagonists a lot if they did. Here's how I see it. On Earth Brent earned mostly negative points. The longer he lived, the more negative he got. So in the experiment he also continued to earn negative points. His total got worse, not his minute-by-minute rate. Until at the end when his turnaround was good enough to just about erase a year of his negative actions.
  19. As I recall, that arc started with us not sure if he was serious or sarcastic. Then he got a girlfriend and became serious. Then he started scheming to hide his past and the whole thing became a facade. Then in the next season he's just abusive, manipulative, and his old self. My take at the time was that Matt & Trey started without knowing where they were going and ended up wanting us to accept that he'd just been lying. Which doesn't really track but I guess it makes more sense than believing he respected girls in the first place.
  20. They went pretty dark, and it's hard to top themselves on that these days. But I was disappointed in how it ended with a fizzle, even if that was probably the point.
  21. It wouldn't surprise me if the same characteristics that make one appealing to Shark Tank are ones The Profit producers find appealing as well. Perhaps they just don't care about a "most-likely investment" and want someone dramatic for TV instead. Camping World has been having a bad year (although what retailer hasn't?) and they just restructured their strategy in September to focus on RV sales and not so much on other things like, say, floating tents. Their 3rd quarter revenue was up though so maybe they've turned a corner? But certainly he's not as confident in new projects as he was 4-5 years ago when Camping World was headed for IPO. There's no objectivity to the show so it's hard to tell how fair Marcus is really being. From the beginning I've seen a certain amount of what I'd call "boxing out" tactics, and some like Swanson's Fish Market make a good case that they were misrepresented. On the other hand I'm sure many of the owners have been bad in exactly the way we saw, and Marcus isn't a guy to let himself get walked on. The question for me is, do successful partners like Sweet Pete have issues with him they just won't say because of the ongoing business? Or do they like him and is it just the bad outcomes that have sour grapes?
  22. I liked it. Certainly a nice change from so much Randy. I do feel like having the PC Babies appreciate nuance at the end was a bit of a copout. But since I'm not sure where I would have wanted the story to go instead, I guess it's fine.
  23. That was hilarious and really clued me in to the fact that he's never going to get it. He doesn't want to run a company. He wants to be a mascot for one. Another thing that bothered me is that yeah, you can make a biodegradable tap and that's great. But my association with coconuts is that rainforests are being cleared to get planting space for them. And here you are using them very inefficiently. Process that coconut so that water, milk, oil, flakes, and other products are all coming out of the same ones. That strikes me as more efficient and thus better for the environment.
  24. I tried but most of it is too small. The only visual stuff that's kind of interesting is a big "Where's Linda?" and speculation that Janet is bisexual.
  25. Also that his favorite all-chocolate item was a peanut butter cup.
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