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  1. SophiaPehawkins

    S32.E21: Reunion Part 1

    I liked Natalie being so mad at Kayleigh that she cursed in Spanish. That was the highlight of this reunion for me. Oh, and Ashley’s hair is still tragic.
  2. SophiaPehawkins

    S32.E20: Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

    I kind of agree about Joss and Sylvia, but she’s been awful. She really justified Ashley doing that to Hunter and then calling Natalie and Paulie snakes for throwing their grenade at them. There were very few people to root for here.
  3. SophiaPehawkins

    S32.E20: Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

    Damn, if Natalie doesn’t go the wrong way, they probably win this. Ashley is an asshole and so is Hunter so I don’t know who to root for here. I’m also calling shananighans on Ashley having the higher overall individual score. BULLSHIT. Absolutely no way. Seems like they wanted another Johnny moment and they got it. Let down by Marie performing so poorly. Not sure why she was so insistent on throwing their grenade at Paulie. Obviously, she wanted to be spiteful, but it sucks that their relationship deteriorated so quickly.
  4. SophiaPehawkins

    S32.E15: Wheel of Fortune

    I’m not sure that they changed this last minute. They usually do the double cross thing when there’s four teams in the redemption house. That would have happened a little bit ago when Paulie/Natalie, Kam/Kayleigh, Brad/Kyle, and one of the teams of Da’Vonne/Jozea and Amanda/Zach. I think they’re balancing things out since they’ve brought in Ashley and Hunter and Cory and Devon, which surely benefits Nelson and his alliance. I’m not sure they’re doing it so much for Johnny’s benefit but to drum up conflict between Johnny and TYB. It’s so easy to look at this show and point out the unfairness of it all, but they just want to produce the most drama. However I do think this last elimination was unfair. Natalie could have gotten seriously hurt and she did have a lot of scrapes on her body. There was nothing funny about what Kyle was doing. I am glad Natalie and Paulie won. Kyle and Brad were so sure they were going to win. It was so satisfying to see them lose. I also liked Kam trying to manipulate the situation to get both sets of girl teams back in the house. She tried and I loved that.
  5. SophiaPehawkins

    S32.E14: Lavender Is the New Black

    I just finished listening to this earlier today! It didn't sound like he denied anything that Da'vonne said she heard him say on the bus. I'm not sure what would be the point of hooking up with Amanda (to the point that she would consider and call him her boyfriend) and then talk shit about her. Anybody would be hurt if they heard somebody was saying those things behind their back. I'm finding it really hard to drum up any kind of sympathy for Amanda, though. Joss sounds like an all around asshole so maybe it's not surprising that they found each other. I'm surprised MTV didn't air Da'Vonne's entire speech. That would have made for good TV especially that quip about Ashley and her pig. Maybe they didn't want to paint Joss in a bad light? I thought I read somewhere that MTV wants to push Joss as their next "star."
  6. SophiaPehawkins

    S32.E13: The People vs. Johnny Bananas

    What Zach should have done is had a conversation with Amanda where they each named their number one. Zach should have told Amanda that under no circumstances would he vote for Tony/Johnny. Amanda should have done the same, because there's was an obvious possibility of this happening. Amanda has to realize that she has too many people she's trying to protect. The only people they agreed with voting in were Jozea and De'Vonne. Possibly Cara and Marie, but Zach does seem to have a friendship with Cara and I would consider them in the same alliance. They were both being stubborn, but the problem came down to their lack of communication. For as much as Amanda was screeching about Zach and how he was trying to control the team, she was trying to do the same. I end up coming back to this point, but I think Amanda was the one that needed to concede. I say this only because she didn't want to vote in Ashley, Sylvia, or Shane. That's a majority of the cast. This team was doomed to fail. What Amanda also didn't realize is that she wanted to vote in Tony/Johnny, but that's a team that wouldn't vote for her because she's partnered with Zach. Her alliance would eventually have to turn on each other and she may be low man on the totem pole. She was willing to save "friends" that wouldn't do the same for her. Ashley could have easily volunteered to go in so Amanda didn't have to, but she and Hunter stayed silence. And fucking Hunter can miss me with that "gentlemen" bullshit. It's easy to say that he should have volunteered himself, after the fact. It's a horrible group of people when they're making me kind of root for Johnny.
  7. SophiaPehawkins

    S32.E09: Bro-ing Pains

    I’ll be honest here. I don’t like the idea of the redemption house at all. Once you lose, that’s it. I also don’t like the idea of mercenaries coming in after the challenge has started and getting a chance to compete. Re: Shane. I was happy when he came back a couple of seasons ago. I’m a slut for old school challengers. I mean Shane was on BOTS1 (my favorite season ☺️) and he’s been around a while. I can’t ever remember him being this intolerable. He’s probably knows his chances of winning are slim to none so he causes drama for airtime and attention, but that’s not entertaining to me. I just long for competition. I hate that the show has become largely about drama and a minuscule amount of actual challenges. I’m watching a Spanish version of the challenge on Telemundo called Exatlon. It has an old school challenge vibe to it. I’m enjoying that way more than the Challenge right now.
  8. SophiaPehawkins

    S32.E09: Bro-ing Pains

    I don’t really mind that the people in the redemption house don’t have the fairest way of getting back in the house. To me it’s like, you already were eliminated so if you get another shot, great. If not, we’ll you had your chance when you were in the house. You had one chance. A second one is more of a privilege than a right. I hate Shane. I hate Shane. I hate Shane. Every bone in my body was praying that they would get chosen for the elimination. Count me in with the group that doesn’t understand why they let the elimination go on for 40+ minutes. It was dangerous and stupid. I also don’t want to see Kam brag about winning this elimination against Jozea and De’vonne. She hasn’t had a lot of tough opponents so her win streak, to me has been too hyped up. And Kam can’t get mad at them for picking her team to go into elimination. She orchestrated all that shit last week to get them in there. Also not getting Tori’s attitude at Jozea and De’Vonne. The reason you’re in the redemption house is because you and your partner didn’t win the elimination round. You were in no way trying to save Jozea and De’Vonne from going into elimination. You were trying to save your ass from going in there. Her game’s obviously not as good as she thinks it is.
  9. SophiaPehawkins

    S32.E04: The Affair

    Being in a relationship with Zach is probably her biggest mistake. To me, he’s always going to be that guy that called women inferior to men. I doubt he’s actually changed his mind on that. He’s probably just better at keeping it off camera. I’ve never watched BB so I know nothing about Paulie. He didn’t come off so great here, but the guys that were taunting him would do the same. And it’s not really fair to say he lost two eliminations in two days. Of course he’s a part of the team and they’re only going to be as strong as the weakest link (Natalie), but he did his part. Zach should chill out saying that because it’s not like his partner’s any better in Amanda.
  10. SophiaPehawkins

    S02.E11: Champs vs. Stars: Reunion 2018.06.26

    I kind of saw Lil Mama going there, too. But I also thought she might have been saying that women will get up in men’s faces knowing that the man can’t fight back. Kailah was all up in Josea’s face and I doubt she would have done that to any girl, because it would be a “fair” fight and she might actually get hit. Personally, if her (lil Mama) train of thought was that women provoke men into hitting them...well then, this is where Lil Mama and I have to part ways. Cause that would be straight up bullshit. As if men don’t have control over their actions.
  11. SophiaPehawkins

    S02.E11: Champs vs. Stars: Reunion 2018.06.26

    The only part worth mentioning really is Lil Mama calling out Kailah for her immature mindset. Continuously telling someone “nobody likes you” just shows her high school mentality. Even when she was talking about herself, she’s like with the exception of Jose, “everyone here likes me.” That shit means nothing. She and Ashley were the worst part of this season and reunion. If I never saw either one of them again, it would be too soon. Even CT was annoying me.
  12. SophiaPehawkins

    S31.E16: Finale Part 2

    So happy Cara Maria won. Especially after the way everyone ganged up on her at the reunion. Jordan is such a fucking tool. Is he seriously trying to lecture CM on being overly confident and cocky? He is the last person who should ever speak on that. Reminder he was the guy that flipped over all those cards in an elimination and was then sent home. He is so arrogant and full of himself. I'm confused as to why he thought it was his place to talk so much on the reunion show of a challenge he wasn't even on (well only one episode--and he beat Shane so fucking relax). It was just shitty all around to see so many people attack a woman for having confidence in herself. Cara has never been someone to walk around and talk down to her competitors or start shit about who she's going to beat. She's always been a gracious winner and loser. Everyone agreeing with Jordan like Marie, Nelson, and Kam, it came off like sour grapes. Cara complaining about a grenade doesn't speak to her cockiness either so I'm not sure where Kam was going with that. It's not like she was all that gracious when she got voted into her first elimination. And on a season of Johnny, Devin, Corey, and Tony, Cara is the one being called out for being entitled and overly confident? Sorry not buying it. I'm glad Derrick spoke up and defended her. It was beautiful to have her win after they made her cry. I'm sure they all hated to see her get that check. Jordan also apologized to her on twitter, but I'm over that. He has a history of saying shitty things. He can't just keep being an asshole, apologizing, and thinking that'll be enough. Remembering that he said Jemmye looked like she has down syndrome. Someone on twitter mentioned that he called Nia a monkey, too? Can't vouch for that, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was true. It seems like Zach's not as confident to talk shit to a person's face. He's a real tough guy in his confessionals and on Twitter, but backed down a little when confronted with it. Whether he thinks Brad is going through a midlife crisis (which doesn't really exist) or not, it's none of his business. And Brad's tweet mentioned that lovely quote Zach had about women being inferior to men. I'm sure that was why he was quick to laugh it off, because he is another that shouldn't be taking shots at anyone with the track record that he has. Kailah also seemed pretty defensive for someone that didn't hookup with Tony. She doth protest too much.
  13. SophiaPehawkins

    S31.E14: Vendettas Never Die

    The finale didn’t seem that impressive, but I kind of like how straight forward it was. Kam really fucked herself up by picking higher on the jack. Did she not understand the game? It was pretty much a given for everybody. Digging a hole and burying that log pretty much guaranteed she wouldn’t be top two. I don’t want to say I’m unimpressed with Leroy, but damn. He let Kyle and Zach pass him on that second to last lap. Hoping Cara can pull this out. It’d be nice to have a female winner after a season dominated by men.
  14. SophiaPehawkins

    S31.E13: Czechmate

    The thing is I really liked Leroy in the first few seasons. I just think he’s so passive and becoming even more so as he keeps showing up on these challenges. I don’t think anyone, rookie or veteran should be exempt from being voted into an elimination. He acted so poorly not being picked to be saved this week. He can say he was mad that it was his friends who voted him in, but he acted this way when he got voted in by Brittini and Veronica last season. The more he plays, the more entitled he is. Especially now that he’s so close to Johnny. I think he’s probably a great guy outside of these games and he’s funny. I don’t see him ever winning a challenge, because he tries to get other people to play the game for him. He wants to play the nice guy and be friendly with everyone, expecting that to save him from eliminations. Also I think Cara has been more targeted in terms of being put on bad teams and having grenades thrown at her. She’s got a good amount of money in her account while Leroy has $0. I’m just annoyed at the way he plays the game.
  15. SophiaPehawkins

    S31.E13: Czechmate

    But the biggest joke of it all is that it doesn’t apply to all vets. Just the ones that they like. With that kind of thinking, Brad should’ve been saved. I think in a competition like this, individual performance should matter, but I’m funny that way. And I got to thinking. Had Leroy had to pick between Kam and Cara, there’s no way he would save Cara. Despite the fact that he’s known her longer and Kam is a rookie just like Kyle. It’s so telling that Leroy’s the only person left without anything in his account. He seems like a nice guy, but he hasn’t done anything that warrants saving him. I just can’t get over his attitude. Especially telling Cara that she looked stupid saving Kyle. Take the nomination and just compete. Brad didn’t complain at all, despite the fact that on performance alone, he should probably have been saved. Hoping Cara wins. She’s been a lot less obnoxious than she has in recent seasons and it’d been nice to see a woman win. Zach’s a real asshole too. He’s been more under the radar this season, but I won’t forget the shit he’s said in the past. I have no doubt he still believes that stuff, especially about men being the superior sex. I wonder how he’s feel if someone ragged on his family.