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  1. ohhhhhhh, I think it's already cut badly.... !!!
  2. I guess I'm the only one who, when I heard "Fern", thought of the Fern from Animal House. Not sure if that's commentary on my peculiar sense of humor, or my age.....
  3. That's....ummmm.... some hose.... I can see why he needed two hands.... Annnnnd I'll see myself out.
  4. Perhaps taking advice from parenting-expert older sister Jessa......
  5. Probably the same way I used to get my dog to "pose" for pictures: dangle a hamburger just outside the frame and say "STAY...... STAY.....STAY.....[snap pic].... ok, go!"
  6. What's happening in that top picture? Is she vomiting?????
  7. And that third bullet? When it's a young child that has memorized, it's a way of showing off how "smart" your kid is. We are not religious in any way whatsoever. When my kids were about 3 years old, I got them to memorize the Gettysburg Address and the quadratic formula. They had NO idea what they were saying, but they always got praise & compliments! It's a party trick. Same concept as fundamentalists having their toddlers recite verses.
  8. "To my awethome aunt who ith more like a thithter to me -- jackath89"
  9. Not feeling clever this morning. Can someone help me out with a snarky comment about the "APE ROOM"?
  10. :( Not the Blue Rose that I have! Ours is much more white and much less blue!
  11. We are emptying out my Dad's house, and there are pieces with blue roses on them. So I looked up "Blue Rose" and there a lot of companies that have a pattern called Blue Rose. Could you post a pic? If I have what you are looking for, you are welcome to it.....
  12. My first thought was "circus clown". Imagine big shoes and a red nose - dontcha see it?!?!
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