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  1. novhappy

    The Pioneer Woman

    That forehead and eye area is so Botoxed she couldn’t smile w her eyes if she got a free lifetime supply of sprinkles, jalapeños, mini marshmallows and rubber snakes.
  2. novhappy

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Popping in to say I can’t watch every day but Oakville your recaps here give such a perfect flavor of the show! Thx.
  3. novhappy

    The Pioneer Woman

    Yeah ok, but all at once?
  4. novhappy

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I noted that he kept saying he “WOULD” do a fundraiser to get soap to the kids, he “would” do this or that for them.... He would, if what? If he were still in Congress. That’s stupid then he COULD influence the legislation. Fundraisers are what private citizens do. He would, if what, he were a completely different person?
  5. novhappy


    If anyone watched season 9 episode 3 Cold River.... at the end Vera comes out of a business, Aiden is waiting outside. She’s asks if he likes it what he sees. He’s says he doesn’t know what he’s looking at. She says perfect. What was that? What business was she in? Later, alone, she pulled a card ofsome type out of her bra? What was that?
  6. novhappy

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Not to take away from what an unbelievablely bloviating ass Joe is, but the show is very much better without Mika.
  7. novhappy

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Omgod Joe says DTrump believes in nothing but whatever is in vogue. Eddie Glaud says ok then lays out a case that horrid level racism is a core belief of DT and Joes reply is “Doesn’t matter doesn’t matter!!” He’s not racist he told me that! He just plays one on tv and DT once admitted to me that it works for him and that’s even worse! he literally replied to Glaudes articulate impassioned points on rascism by saying “doesn’t matter! Doesn’t matter!” And it went downhill from there what an absolute ass
  8. novhappy

    Midsomer Murders

    I’ve watched many many episodes w my daughter throughout her teen years. We just rewatched the insanity that is the Sword of Guillame and decided it is the quintessential MM episode. It has everything! shady land deal, ancient ancestors, imperious titled family, beheadings, priest, anonymous letters, blocked walking path, Barnaby getting hit on by town sexy woman, bus trip to the sea, absolutely bizarre motive, town council meetings and Jones on a tear the entire episode! All because his lunch was interrupted! He does his best work hangry!!
  9. novhappy

    Midsomer Murders

    I always thought she dropped out to follow her passion. I.e work a bunch of part time jobs in Midsomer and grate on her parents.
  10. novhappy

    S17.E12: The Art of Fashion

    I like Christian very much and he’s really good as a mentor. He’s saves each one of them at one time of another. He is tho very involved w the designs some times. Whereas Tim would tell them where he saw a flaw in their design and try to get them to think of a solution on their own ( that fabric reads a little dull, that silouette is similar to all your others ) Christian flat out gives them a solution ( pick a purple fabric, make a completely different bodice). Sometimes it seems like he is designing the dress for them! I find myself hoping for him to walk away quickly from the designers I am rooting against as I think he will save them. Love this game.... my girl is a bored rich housewife who spends half her day at the gym and applying make up. Her husband is taking her to a fancy dinner to make up for the fact he has a gf in the city and treats wife like a nanny/ household mgr . She wants to look hot so he doesn’t dump her for a younger model but dress can’t look too expensive, she doesn’t want to fight about her spending all night. She has an average to good body, horrible self esteem and will sell the dress at a high end second hand shop in a year because it will represent the night he told her he was leaving her and she needs the money now to pay for her lawyers.
  11. novhappy

    Father Brown

    I’m so glad there’s a forum for this show! I have loved this show long time but I have a real problem with the new inspector. His delivery is so weird, like a cartoon character. I think he’s a terrible actor! like Bunty but still miss Lady F and Syd!
  12. novhappy

    Small Talk: Cup O' Joe

    My good friend, who doesn’t watch news or follow current events, proudly showed me 3 copies of Mika’s book she purchased. She said “ I saw this and recognized this woman from seeing her on your tv one morning! I bought these for my daughter and her friends that are graduating college this week!” OMG I INADVERTENTLY SOLD 3 COPIES OF MIKA’S DRECK! what to do?....
  13. novhappy

    S08.E05: The Bells

    Was that just a wasted hour and half? Did anything of interest happen?
  14. novhappy

    Midsomer Murders

    I never liked Cully. She seemed to always have a puss on and want to be the center of attention. And annoyed when she didn’t get it. And that episode with the reunion! She got more intolerable the older she got.
  15. novhappy

    S07.E18: Mercedes' Story LIVE CHAT

    Wow I hope we don’t have to go along for all of this ride to Houston. She’s tedious.