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  1. You’re right. It’s inappropriate flirting at work. She has try to shut him down but always kinda flirty. And he needs to shut the hell up at work about his desire for her. UK Donkers seems kinda personality less. Even the way she got Prof T to get involved was lifeless. Hey I could learn a lot from you. Ok. Dan also doesn’t have a lot of personality going on. Maybe cuz the show is new and we are just meeting all the characters 🤷‍♀️
  2. 3 episodes and wow they took all the fun and charm out of the original version. It’s just got an unpleasant, tense atmosphere. Agree w above poster who commented that the flirting between the two cops reads as sexual harassment. OG T had a humor to his personality. The chemistry is totally nowhere with the whole cast. The energy between him and the admin is so lifeless. The chief Detective lady is all whispery and weird. Was this filmed during Covid maybe that explains the lack of chemistry amongst the cast?
  3. I order it “ light tartar sauce”. Comes w just a dollop that is perfect. Only problem is this special order is usually cooked fresh so it’s super hot and I have to wait to eat it!
  4. I found this episode boring and lacking focus. They could have used the vintage equipment and standard home equipment in the EC. Home cooks, home equipment, easily accessible ingredients (no banana leaves!) but make something w depth of flavor, complex and amazing. I like the zoom cooking party idea above, might have been interesting where the home cook says well it didn’t work I’m ordering pizza for my guests. these challenges where there are too many factors, such as write a recipe, home cooks, 90 minutes, guest chefs, 2 entrees for judges become so complicated that it is hard to know wha
  5. I heard all that too. That segment was a mess. I am always so glad when she is off the screen. Meanwhile she is SCREAMING every time she spins the wheel. Is it her life’s mission to disrupt my nap?
  6. I used to watch FN a lot, all the Baking Championships, next FN star, stand and stirs etc... I can’t watch any of it anymore. Their schtick is so stale. Connect w a personal story. Shows like worst cook and several other competition shows seem very fake and scripted. And way too much pioneer woman god have mercy show more of the other stand and stirs!
  7. The production seems off this season. The sound level of the background music is to high, the graphics are an unreadable color and flashed too quickly, and it feels to me like the editing is showing a dizzying amount of split second cuts and when the camera lingers for a any length of time it’s on faces and not food.
  8. This is my all time favorite episode. Peak creativity w the murders. Then another guy is killed by putting his head in a box that looks like a TV and drowning him!
  9. I didn’t mind the movie genre tie in. It gave them something to be “inspired” by and talk about besides their personal feelings/life stories.
  10. I don’t really think any of the eliminations have been unwarranted but they certainly are eliminating women rapidly.
  11. Doesn’t the duo of popcorn seem kinda easy
  12. I Always FF thru personal stories. Thankfully this show keeps em short usually!
  13. These mom stories are boring. Just do the quick fire please
  14. I’m never gonna get the names straight they barely flash them up, unreadable! The elimination challenge they barely showed the food. it’s hard to connect the fish w the chef when there’s so many and they’re flashing the names and not showing the plates on the table.
  15. I understand that and I don’t think Gina should have any regard for the others given their sneering mocking tone and facial expressions w her. They do not appreciate the work she puts in, the answers she gives them. They do not treat her as part of the team. It may be a running joke but we are laughing at her. That is rude and unpleasant to watch. The party at Mike’s house they invited her to, Mike wasn’t there and they all made mocking faces behind her back. She’s different, she’s quirky, she’s smart and able. They use her for what she gives them and mick her personally. These are ugly people
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