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  1. Rosemadder

    S05.E15: Beads, Beers and Tears

    Back to Shay--am I the only one who thinks he looks really good now? Better hair & possibly weight loss Hopefully he found someone who isn't self absorbed and shallow and doesn't have to drink around him all the time.
  2. Rosemadder

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I also thought the HSA gentleman was poorly treated all the way around...and even after he gave the ungrateful 28-year old daughter $6,000, she said in halterview he just wasn't the father he should be. She & her mom should be prosecuted for insurance fraud.
  3. Rosemadder

    Longmire in the Media: No Cell Phones Required

    So who thinks something will develop between Vic and the new deputy? And what was the deal with her and the guy desperately seeking the deputy position--one-night stand or case pending? I personally could do without Miss Vic--she has no personality and isn't as attractive as she seems to think. It does seem she is somewhat depressed. Other than that and missing Branch, I'm really liking this Netflix production.
  4. Rosemadder

    S02.E07: Better Late Than Never

    Call me crazy, but I would swear Kathryn had a gorgeous dark blue gown on when she & TRav were preparing to leave for the ball. I just assumed she decided at the last minute to change to the white gown; thus TRav's decision to go without her & come back when she was finally ready. Maybe my brain is just addled from too much reality tv:(
  5. Rosemadder

    Kandi's Ski Trip

    Could it be the readily available pot here in Colorado? That might mellow old MJ out. They will fit right in with the rich cowboys & college kids :)
  6. Rosemadder

    Battle Creek

    Now I just want to know the scoop on Milt and his mom. p.s. luv Candace but prefer not to see her in ANY sex scenes...
  7. Rosemadder

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    The San Diego lady clown was the one who had to have a brand new toilet, right? Did anyone catch the lady author's name in Phoenix/Tempe, or is there some way to look her up? Her insistence on grass will serve her well when the drought kicks in. It does seem like the husbands put up with a lot.
  8. Rosemadder

    S02.E01: Return to Neverland

    But doesn't Kathryn come from a very wealthy family herself?
  9. Rosemadder

    S02.E01: Return to Neverland

    But does Kathryn even have any friends anywhere? Maybe she's going thru post-partum depression, but she sure wasn't a good hostess at the baptism.
  10. Rosemadder

    The Wendy Williams Show

    And wouldn't you think in this day of the DVR, someone could teach Wendy how to program hers (or have one of her guys do so) so she doesn't miss programs if she can't watch while they're in progress?
  11. Rosemadder

    The People's Court

    I absolutely lurved Judge M really giving the POS mean mean man a piece of her mind. Do I think it will change/humble him for the better? Nah, but it sure made the poor neighbor lady feel vindicated.
  12. Rosemadder

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I must be one of the few who really liked the episode--but I'm old. Having watched the original series, I don't recall the FU in the early years, but I suffer from CRS (can't remember shit).
  13. Rosemadder

    S40.E00: The 40th Anniversary Special

    The high point for me was the brief clip making fun of Faux News & 'Bitsy' Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Obviously she has some new boobies since the last time I saw her.
  14. Rosemadder

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Is this the blue haired, tatted mom who gets $900-1,000/mo. child support and can't buy the kiddies breakfast (fast food, so they are probably built like her)?! I really felt for the poor ex-husband who wound up having to pay for the crappy snacks she charged to the medical health credit card he provided in addition to the child support...SMH
  15. Rosemadder

    S05.E06: Medford, 90210

    So tell me--do you think men get turned on by Brandi saying she's had va-jaja renovation, or grossed out like us women?