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  1. I forgot about Pat, yeah she can stay. And I meant Jayne, not Jane. BIG difference, LOL. And I can tolerate Sandra.
  2. I could watch Jen and Jane co host together all day. Nothing they do annoys me. Can we get rid of everyone else and just keep Jane, Jen, Leah and Amy? Ugh, Coco drives me batty. She just seems so cold and bitchy all the time.
  3. I bought a knockoff version on Amazon, and you are right. It's pretty useless. Just washing your face is all most people need to do. Plus, it's super messy. The water flies everywhere. And the "exfoliating" attachment hurts like a mother. Glad I only spent like 10$ it's already in the garbage. Also, side note because he has been on a ton lately but Alberti has been annoying the shit out of me and I can't figure out why since I usually like him. But all of a sudden his neverending "here's what's going on" or "here's the thing" is driving me bananas.
  4. I've never tried Clarks. I do LOVE my Spenco Sandals though. Also, I bought a HomeMedics pop up sanitizer back in May for my dad for Fathers Day and after only using it for 2 months, it just stopped working. I am super annoyed. It seems like I am sending more shit back than keeping lately.
  5. What about her bunions? I swear, I gag every time she mentions them when selling shoes. It's so gross.
  6. I impulse bought vionic sandals a few weeks ago, and that thing sat in process for over a week, and I was told I couldn't cancel it. Than I got an email saying my delivery was delayed. So frustrating. Also, I returned something well over a month ago and it still hasn't shown up that they got it,. So annoying
  7. I always wonder which hosts and which designers secretly hate each other. You know half the hosts there are super annoyed by Graver and her constant interrupting and pontificating about how fabulous her clothes are. She drives me absolutely INSANE. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard and now with the skype, her talking over people is at defcon 10.
  8. I am new to this forum so forgive me if this is a known subject. But does Susan Graver drive anyone else batty? And now that there is a delay she's extra annoying. Even when she is on set she talks over the hosts, but now that she's video chatting it's 100x worse. She is infuriating. I actually have to change the channel when she is on.
  9. Ethan is the fucking worst. And that's a huge accomplishment on a show that has April and Natalie. I don't even know why I am still watching now that Rhodes is gone. I love Maggie and I am warming up to Dr Marcell. But that's not enough to balance out how much I want to punch Ethan and April every episode.
  10. Ugh, I caved and bought the Philosophy Special Value from last week. I am super disappointed. I only liked a few of the scents anyway but the scent doesn't stay. I used the Apricot last night and it smelled great when I showered with it, but my skin didn't retain any of the scent. I am sending it back. My 2$ Manuka Honey shower gel is better than this over hyped crap.
  11. I wasn't sold on Zoey and Max until the end of this episode.
  12. I don't think I can continue with this show. Everyone is just so damn unlikeable now. I want to punch Adam, and Upton. Ugh., I haven't warmed up to her and she just keeps getting worse for me. The only ones I can stand are Atwater and Burgess. I feel like this is a theme for all the Chicago shows though. Almost everyone on Med I can't deal with anymore either. They are all judgemental unprofessional aholes. Let me know when Kevin gets a lead story and I'll tune in. Otherwise, I am out.
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