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  1. Jim's quote from the above article is gold: "Her ex-husband Jim Edmonds — with whom she shares three kids — told the Daily Mail when he heard the news, “I thought it was a joke. They’d been dating for about four weeks!” He added that he wondered to himself, “Is she pregnant? But is it even possible to know that just four weeks after the first date?” What are you suggesting, Jim?
  2. Right? And everyone is commending her for reducing the stigma of "pharmaceuticals and supplements." Um, who ISN'T taking something these days? For all we know, she could be taking Vitamin C..
  3. Someone please tell me I'm not the only one who yelled when they saw this video. I mean, seriously Meghan? What other single mom has time to make Instagram videos about their struggle? I can't... https://www.instagram.com/p/CX9FFLHlEwG/
  4. That may or may not haunt them, depending on who they roll with. In all sincerity though, she has always struck me as a highly insecure person. I do feel bad for her kids, who seem more like props than anything. The missing leg comment made me laugh out loud - thank you!
  5. Yes! I remember that - it was at her brother's house, lol
  6. Millennial stereotype, party of 1: https://www.instagram.com/p/CXC7qKkr0Ut/
  7. Yeah, you are so right. I was laughing so hard during the reunion when Meghan called Vicki out on having people put in their information in order to receive the bracelet for the cancer charity or whatever it was. They are all a bunch of snake oil salesmen. I'm pretty sure Ryan is doing that as well - they are tagging the heck out of companies on their IG, probably doing a ton of paid promotions. I feel bad for Briana's uterus.
  8. Omg you're so right! Vicki's daughter joined the MLM crowd with Young Living. I can't even. The thing that kills me is that she is on light duty admin work due to a high risk pregnancy (maybe bc she got knocked up like, 5 months after having Hank?) and she keeps using all these essential oil diffusers every day. It makes me crazy! So not safe when you are pregnant. And also - is she not smart enough to see through the mlm scam?
  9. Ah, that makes sense I suppose. I was always under the impression that baby showers were 'one and done.' None of my friends who have multiple kids, even if they were different genders, had more than one shower. But, I think you are right. I watched Vicki's Insta-stories from Thanksgiving and wow, her family in the Midwest is interesting. They deep fried three turkeys, and when they were lowering one into the oil, all the guys were standing around going "She's a squirter!" Then her 70+ uncle took a bite of the meat and said, "I'm definitely a breast man." Almost makes you unders
  10. Yikes. Did she really have a cancer scare, or was it something like fibroids, which I have, my mother had, and my great-grandmother had? lol. Also - she just posted where she's hosting Briana's baby shower for her baby girl due in March. Do people have showers for Baby #4?
  11. Megan took her family to Seaworld for Aspen's birthday. That about says it all to me. What a piece of garbage. Yeah, I can't deal with all her "woe to me" posts about having kids. Does she realize the struggles most people are going through, especially over the last two years?
  12. Any time I see those masks in stores around Halloween, I immediately think of him. God, he us an unattractive man in so many ways.
  13. She was? News to me, I thought Rubber Mask Face was her numero uno
  14. Meghan is married! I'll bet Lynne will be thrilled by his name, lol https://pagesix.com/2021/10/11/meghan-king-marries-joe-bidens-nephew-cuffe-owens/
  15. Vicki totally screwed up. It is SO Vicki to take that surprise away from them. Ryan responded to a comment saying that he asked her multiple times not to say anything about the reveal, but she did anyway. In her defense though, it's not like she outed that she was pregnant. Maybe it was a misunderstanding, who knows. Vicki should have apologized, and they should have accepted it. Or not. But I can't tell if Briana was "ugly crying" more over the loss of surprise, or Ryan's response to it. Knowing him, he was probably out in his mancave cleaning all his ammunition all night.
  16. This may come off the wrong way, but I get really angry when people attribute everything to PTSD. I don't know why anytime someone criticizes him, she has to bring up his service and his past. It's like deflection 101. Yes, it is absolutely serious and I understand how it can manifest in so many different ways. But, I know a lot of people who have had horrific things happen to them - incest, rape, losing children, watching their children die in accidents. Ryan, you aren't the only one who has suffered in your life. And it doesn't give you a free pass on life. Sorry.
  17. Briana posted to her IG story about it, screencapping a convo that she had with some rando troll who messaged her. Briana, you can't distance yourself from your mom and husband on IG, especially when you cross post all the time. And your husband's behavior was vile, that's why people react. Also, why would you (to quote RH), write such a dissertation to someone you don't even know? Defensive much? Vicki was wrong to do that and I would be really angry as well. But who actually threatens their MIL on a public forum? She also said she ugly cried all day because of this. Seriously?
  18. Ryan seems like he does a good job caring for the boys by his live IG stories. But I have a feeling that he doesn't do well outside his compound. Now to be fair, I'm not fond of leaving the house either, especially now. Briana is working at an ER near their new home. I remember awhile ago, during one of his IG ramblings, he said something like "Briana and I don't even touch each other unless we are trying to make a baby, we are like the Amish." I took it to mean that they are very attracted to each other, but the way he said it was weird. He also posted a picture of them years
  19. Uh, I'm pretty sure that "unknown cold" is an oxymoron. It wouldn't be called a cold if you didn't know what it was...
  20. No argument, but the boys are in school full time except for the little one. She also always post to IG that she's doing laundry, cooking, and shuffling them around to sports, etc. So what the hell does he do? Something about their situation just strikes me as off, but that's just me. Briana is also anti-mask which I find interesting, since she's an ER nurse and will likely need to be vaccinated at some point. Not turning this political at all, but I would find that a difficult position to be in. Ryan actually said during one of his live feeds that "Covid isn't real." Doesn't he thi
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