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  1. I totally got your reference because I remember Wahlberg going on Kimmel pretending to be upset, setting up his cameo days later.
  2. There was an article in Slate yesterday on how decades of jokes about Michael Jackson on SNL and Leno, etc, have helped normalize his behavior and laugh it off. I kind of got the same vibe with the opening sketch...it seemed like R. Kelly was just trying to act crazy to move the news away from the allegations (kind of like Brett Kavanaugh), and SNL was kind of abetting that. https://slate.com/culture/2019/03/michael-jackson-jokes-snl-chappelle-katt-williams.html
  3. This was the Cardinals' last victory in Green Bay:
  4. It's amazing how Davis Webb, who the New York Giants drafted in the 3rd round last year as a potential successor to Eli, is connected to 3 of the most talked about QBs in recent weeks. (Webb is now on the Jets practice squad, by the way.) In 2013, Webb beat out fellow freshman Baker Mayfield for the starting job at Texas Tech, prompting Mayfield to transfer. In 2014, Webb got injured late in the season. So freshman Pat Mahomes took over as starter and never gave up the job. In 2016, Webb transferred to Cal to replace Jared Goff as QB. It's a small world. (Also, Goff wa
  5. For the record: Filming ended in November, according to this interview with Hurwitz. http://ew.com/tv/2018/05/17/arrested-development-creator-stars-season-5/ The allegations first came out on Nov. 8. http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/jeffrey-tambor-sexual-harassment-amazon-1202610285/ I recommend this article about what Bateman means by "family" https://www.buzzfeed.com/annehelenpetersen/jason-bateman-arrested-development-interview-family Also this article explains why the guys thought it was utterly normal to stick up for Tambor instead of comfort Wal
  6. Their breakup was reported last Wednesday. http://people.com/tv/pete-davidson-confirms-split-cazzie-david/ For those who don't know, they met when her dad first hosted the show. Cazzie is currently working on an Amazon series. Speaking of Pete, what do y'all think of him? When he first joined the cast, James Andrew Miller said he could be the next Adam Sandler. Four seasons later, I'm not seeing it. Is he that useful to SNL? It was odd (or not so odd) the way he got hired, thanks to Bill Hader's recommendation,.
  7. I've heard countless interviews conducted by Howard Stern in which he posits that the weeks must be grueling. And cast members do say it's grueling. And it must be grueling. BUT...they only have 21 production weeks a year. That means 31 non-production weeks. (They probably start working a few weeks before the season? Does anybody know?) I've recalled interviews where Bill Hader was flying in for the table read on Wednesday then driving to Connecticut Thursday and FRiday, then doing the dhow on Saturday (this was because he was working on the Larry David movie Clear History. Bob
  8. Kenan turned 40 on May 10 and on that day People published an interview with him saying he's not retiring anytime soon. http://people.com/tv/kenan-thompson-isnt-retiring-snl/
  9. It is interesting that they couldn't find somebody to portray Meghan Markle.
  10. A few weeks ago, before Donald Glover hosted, I searched Google to see if there are any images of him and Tina Fey together -- since after all, she gave him his big break on 30 Rock after he graduated from college. Yet there are no pictures of them together, at least publically, which is odd. Well, finally, I have a picture of them together:
  11. Yeah, she called the cops and filmed extensively... Thus becoming a meme:
  12. I used to be against all the celebrity cameos ...until last night. I couldn't imagine the cold open topping itself without all the cameos. It's just amazing. That sketch already is approaching 3 million views on YouTube (the meet the parents sketch maxed out at 4.5 million).
  13. Wait... so Darrell Hammond reads the opening twice every week?!?!? He used to tape in from Los Angeles, before moving back to New York. (And Don Pardo used to tape it from Arizona). Which begs the questions: 1) Why don't they just pretape the opening credits. Why does it have to be read live? Why does it have to be read live twice? 2) Why does he have to do the whole cast intros every week? Can't he just do it once, and he edit in that week's guests? http://www.washingtonpost.com/sf/style/2017/09/27/darrell-hammond-was-snls-best-donald-trump-and-its-best-
  14. I mean, at first sight, John Mulaney hosting is sort of self-indulgent. He's not that big a star, unless you watch the IFC Awards or late-night shows or are a comedy or SNL junkee. But having Mulaney host is one of those invigorating things that could really inspire the whole cast. Mulaney seemed to be doing even more web extras than any previous host this season. And the show was indeed really creative. Re: Stiller and De Niro: At first, I was annoyed. Mueller and Cohen could be huge stories over the next year or years, and are De Niro going to be able to come back every wee
  15. Conan hosted 17 years ago ... http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/conan-obrien-monologue/n11449?snl=1 And showed off his chest....
  16. This is an unpopular opinion...but I hate when stand ups host. I hate it because of the monologue. Yes, I know that standup was a part of the SNL when it premiered, but it just feels like it takes the momentum from the show. I hate it when John Mulaney does it, Dave Chappelle, Louis CK, etc. etc...I like Mulaney in the rest of the show. But I just hate comedians doing their standup act for the monologue. I want something special out of the monologue, even if it's something annoying (like a singing monologue). I wasn't something surprising. Or clever. Also, when comics do their act in the monol
  17. And Seth probably works 12-hour days on his talk show, five days a week (yes, even Fridays). So to spend another day and late-night at SNL would be too much.
  18. Sam Darnold was 2 when SeaBass and Tom Brady were drafted, and Darnold is expected to be playing in the same NFL as Brady.
  19. Am I the only one who sees it?
  20. I miss the pre-NFL Honors days when they would announce it in a live press conference. And then they'd have to track down the people, and then you get raw emotions like what you saw of Randy Moss on Twitter. Rob Riggle's monologue is just now airing on TV on the West Coast. And I realize that I could've watched it hours ago on the NFL's YouTube channel. UPDATE: IT WAS AWFUL. They should get Neil Patrick Harris, James Corden or Miley Cyrus to host next year.
  21. The great thing about Twitter is that it's forced awards shows to go live. I think the Oscars went live coast to coast before Twitter, but the Emmys stopped tape-delaying to the West Coast during the Twitter era (which is absurd that people living in Hollywood couldn't watch the show live. The Grammys finally went live one or two years ago, after West Coast viewers complained that they were being spoiled on Twitter. Even Saturday Night Live started broadcasting live coast to coast last year because their sketches would surface on the web within minutes of their East Coast airing
  22. I used to watch NFL Network religiously. I'd watch every episode of NFL Total Access with Rich Eisen and Adam Schefter. I'd watch all the NFL Films specials that the NFL Network aired, both past and present. It really sparked my interest in the game. But I haven't watched it in years. It just became all talking head programming. All day. I haven't really watched anything NFL Films-related in a while. I used to make it a point of watching America's Game each year, but I haven't watched it in years. Watching The Two Bills on ESPN made me recall how much I miss NFL Films.
  23. Oh, wow, that's a good piece of trivia to know. And he was appointed by JFK! (JFK, who spoke at Cal's football stadium during his presidency, had several people with Cal degrees in his administration, including his CIA chief, his secretary of defense and secretary of state. Also, he attended the Cal-Stanford Big Game in Berkeley in fall 1940 while he was auditing classes at Stanford.) The thing is you rarely see people with non-Ivy League degrees become president or a member of the Supreme Court.* So it's unlikely you'll see those trivia items be expanded -- unless Ryan Fitzpatrick
  24. When I first saw that piece of trivia, I looked up how many schools have had both a United States Supreme Court Chief Justice and a Super Bowl-winning QB. There have been 17 Supreme Court chief justices and 31 Super Bowl-winning QBs. And I discovered that only two schools have had both a chief justice and a Super Bowl-winning QB, and those schools are rivals. Cal: Chief Justice Earl Warren and Aaron Rodgers Stanford: Chief Justice William Rehnquist and John Elway/Jim Plunkett.
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