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  1. I fucking lost it when West was recording Meg’s answering phone message. Couldn’t stop laughing.
  2. Is Montana J a father? There’s a lot of pics on his Instagram of him with a lil toddler
  3. I definitely didn’t get the joke lol
  4. The fly has popped up this season too. So there must be something to it.
  5. Wow these accents are super cringe. It’s really distracting me. They’re hamming it up big time.
  6. I take it this for the Katherine Ryan Netflix series, The Duchess. I’m a KR fan so I was really anticipating this. Could have been better. Must say that poor Evan was treated badly. Enjoyed it for the most part. 6/10.
  7. Penny’s line “ I’d rather be a divorcee than a spinster” is the most perfect line ever and totally in character. God this made me miss the show. It was gold.
  8. Having the actress who plays Dr Ellis Grey on Greys Anatomy play Justin’s Doctor was absolutely perfect casting. Also at prom, I was hoping that Clay would ask his Mum for a dance, and when he did I was so happy I started crying. My favourite moment of the series by far.
  9. Stephanie Beatriz should replace her.
  10. Which character did Stephanie Beatriz voice in this episode? Saw her name in the credits.
  11. I hope they include Tab Hunter in future episodes. That would be great.
  12. Interesting to me how you Americans talk about how justified a Manager is for firing staff over incidents such as this, or for giving a customer the wrong change, servers paying for customers that skip out on paying etc that sort of thing would not fly here in New Zealand. In fact you could take your employer to court for unjustified dismissal and would likely win a few thousand dollars. It’s extremely hard to fire staff here, ymmv if that’s a good or bad thing.
  13. I’m really not ready to say goodbye to this show. everyone looked so stunning and beautiful.
  14. Was nice to see Principal Willard Kraft on my screen. I don’t think I’ve seen him in anything since StTW days.
  15. I cried so damn hard. This show is so amazing and I’m going to be so sad next week. I wish it didn’t have to end.
  16. Anyone betting they want the show to reach 400 episodes before finally finishing up for good? Will be interesting to see how they wrap things up and end the show. Meredith running GSM??
  17. I hate how Amelia and Maggie + Meredith always refer to each other as sisters. You’re not. It’s super weird. In the real world Richard would have been suspended for his behaviour. Ditto with DeLuca. It’s saddening how characters such as Bailey and Teddy no longer resemble the characters they started as.
  18. For me, the flashbacks only made me realize how much I miss and love the old look/ aesthetic of GSM. It actually felt like a big sprawling hospital rather than just a few redressed sets like we get now
  19. The spoof scene of Stewie limping to walking normally, didn’t they do the same thing with Meg a few seasons ago?
  20. I’m definitely in the latter camp. I thought the Moffatt era was bad enough trying to make the Doctor extra special, but this is next level.
  21. Jocelyn and Roland's baby still looks very small. Does this suggest not much time has passed since Season 4?
  22. So why did Brendan age but his father did not? im guessing the Ireland scenes could be set on Mondas rather than earth. Would make for an interesting twist.
  23. That librarian was a total frau. Loved it.
  24. Why does Roland seems to have 500% more screen time this season. Give me more Jocelyn please. Dustin Milligan looks like he has lost weight as his face seems super slim these days. And he was perfectly in shape prior so don’t know why the sudden change . I liked Patrick’s shirts. I had forgotten just how WOOF Jake is. damn daddy.
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