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  1. How can all universes be destroyed when there is an infinite number? Or is there actually a set number and not infinite at all. Also I would have loved a original series Charmed cameo.
  2. Anyone else find Ruby Rose incredibly hard to understand ? I picked up on less than half of what she was saying.
  3. My biggest gripe with this show is that the three main leads do not convincingly play characters that would be successful day time tv hosts.
  4. I wish he had said “well I never in all my life” It’s an obscure but hilarious reference. https://youtu.be/3TzxlDF7dz0
  5. I don’t get the real world hate for Schmitt. I find the actor and character more than tolerable. If anything I’d like more screen time for him and Nico. Hopefully once Alex Landi finishes up on Insatiable, he will get promoted to a series regular next season.
  6. Damn wtf was up with that gigantic truck that Catherine Fox hauled herself out of in the ambulance bay. Over compensating for something indeed. bit of a tangent but this episode reminded me again, but I miss the days when GSM wasn’t so obviously just a limited number of poorly redressed sets. I miss the early seasons which also filmed at VA Supulveda Ambulatory Care Center. The hospital now has so many randomly popping up different entrances the hospital may as well be nonagon.
  7. Considering who* the show uses as their medical expert to help add realism to the show, I am in no way surprised to see everything to far removed from reality. *im solely judging a book by its cover here, but he comes across as someone who might just pass as an orderly at best.
  8. It was nice to see Julian Morris on my screen. He’s very attractive and I cannot deal. Anyway there must be more coming for that story line. It would be weird to waste an actor like him on such a tiny part.
  9. I’ll echo what another poster said a couple of weeks ago. If you had told me 5 years ago that Amelia would wind up being one of the best characters, I would have called you crazy. The removal of her tumor really allowed the show to reset the character for the better. They’ve also shown that GSM is next to the Space Needle and yet that was clearly across the bay from the hotel. I’m no expert on Seattle geography but I’d assume it meant that the ambulance would have had to drive a very long distance to take Derek’s killer doctor to the hospital.
  10. They should have had Brooke dying at the half way point between Camp Redwood and the exit. Half ghost, half alive who can live in the real world but never age as a ghost. That would have explained why she looked so young but could leave the camp.
  11. Heather, Heidi and Hayley Peterson. A nice switch on the P Halliwell. Plus Heather as the older sister must have been a nod to Heathers/ Shannen.
  12. How are Mary Cherry’s glasses staying on with only one ear ...
  13. I would say it’s some bad face fillers. She was looking relatively fine until this episode. Her forehead barely moved so maybe Botox too.
  14. I liked the nods to Charmed. The crystals, the psychics etc. plus the fact we had Heather, Heidi and Hayley Peterson. A nice switch on the P Halliwell. Plus Heather as the older sister must be a nod to Heathers/ Shannen Doherty.
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