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  1. Gawd couldn't help but sing this during that slo-mo shot... "Wild, wild horses Couldn't drag me away" This week's episode of The Walking Dead brought to you by Anheiser Busch
  2. RE: Maggie & Nagano Kinda worried that this is gonna turn out like Moonlighting and they end up fucking...
  3. Brynne and Steve in the finale. Steve takes it in pretty much a landslide. Brynne will be stuck with the vegans and Antonio.
  4. So crying is unacceptable and too emotional for the kitchen but yelling, screaming profanities, and throwing plates of food against the walls is appropriate behavior? Gotcha.
  5. Dawn's lucky the server gave Brooke the incomplete dish. If it had been Tom she would be PYKAG. I'm still firmly in the camp that Tom's opinion matters above all others.
  6. Threw on a random Chopped episode this week. One contestant said she was a former Olympian. I wasn't sure if it was Dawn cuz she looked a lot different. When she got eliminated in the 2nd for not being able to finish plating I was 100% sure it was her.
  7. Seen every season of Hell's Kitchen. I know the menu by heart.
  8. I read the 1st 10 episodes were filmed before production was shutdown. It'll be interesting to see if the final 8 episodes feel dramatically different or if they acknowledge the Pandemic at all.
  9. Richard Blais needs to have liquid nitrogen poured on his lap for that QF order among countless other things.
  10. There was another Jason that season so TPTB might've forced him to go by "Jay". The "Blue Jay" angle is why they didn't ask the other Jason.
  11. Natalie could only give the idol to someone on the losing tribe.
  12. Ordered my Cup Board Pro from William Sonoma on Jan. 29th. Estimated delivery was Feb. 24th. Now it says Jun. 15th?! While it was a nice story and everything I really wish the kids got a deal that didn't involve the Sharks giving away their profits to charity. This product is a slam dunk and they are still having trouble fulfilling orders? As Mark Cuban likes to say, "They need skin in the game."
  13. I was sure he was going to call her out.
  14. If I was on Survivor I would vote for anyone who says, "At the end of the day..."
  15. She didn't have to guess but she should have at least thought harder and longer before jumping at the opportunity. Instead she admitted that because she's an athlete she loves challenges and competition. Compare that to Kellie tonight. She was playing for an advantage right when they read the IOTI disclaimer and the point of IOTI was to outplay these All Star players. She might not have known that she could negotiate but she did take the time to weigh her options and in the end that's what helped her. Rob and Sandra have played 7 times between them. They know how to read people. Eli
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