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  1. Probably not, but she will eventually find out. Everything is public. It's better for B&T to sit her down and watch it with her than if she finds out before they tell her. Diane Downs's daughter (the one she gave birth to in prison) didn't even know that Downs was her biological mother until that Farrah Fawcett TV movie came out all about it. Everybody else in the neighborhood knew who her bio mother was for years before she did. She only found out when it became sensationalized. It led her to doing hard drugs and junk for years. Obviously I'm not saying that the same thing will
  2. IIRC, they said it on the very first "16 and Pregnant" reunion special. I agree about the honesty. They're in a unique position where seemingly everybody else knows the details about Carly's adoption. I've read that it's very important for adoptees to feel like they're in control at all times over how their adoption narrative plays out, who it is told to, etc. Carly doesn't get that option, unfortunately, because her adoption has been seen on TV for years. I personally believe that's part of the reason why B&T have started to restrict access---they want to give Carly some semb
  3. Brandon and Teresa have said that, when Carly is old enough, they will sit her down and watch C&T's "16 and Pregnant" episode with her to give her a better understanding of why she was adopted out. This was before "Teen Mom" came out, so I'm assuming they'll do the same thing with that series. As private as they want to be, I think they fully understand that Carly's story is not private and they'll have to adapt to that when they tell her the full reason behind her adoption.
  4. The self-righteousness gets to me, too. It's like, come on, man, we all know you wouldn't be keeping up with Carly half as much as you do if you weren't on TV. Tyler chose adoption first and foremost because he had no intention or desire to raise a child at that age. He even said a couple times that placing Carly allowed him and Cate to get their teen years back. I really do believe that, had "Teen Mom" not happened, Tyler would've broken up with Cate, moved on with his life, and have very little interaction with Carly or her parents.
  5. Oh, it's obvious that Cate regrets placing Carly. In fact, I believe she would've regretted it even if "Teen Mom" didn't become a thing. Being on the show and making all sorts of money only amplifies the regret she would've felt regardless. It makes the regret harder to ignore and acceptance harder to achieve.
  6. I also think Cate doesn't hold any bitterness towards Kim because she desperately wants Kim to like her. It's clear to see that Kim doesn't think that Tyler made the right choice marrying Cate and having another child with her---she's never thought that Cate was good enough for her son. After all, it was during Catelynn's own wedding that Kim referred to her as "the girl who came to [her] house and never left." I think Cate cares very much about currying Kim's favor no matter what. She's had to have seen Tyler's conversations with his mother in which they pretty much bashed on Cate's issues an
  7. Ultimately, Kim had every right to tell Cate and Ty that they weren't allowed to raise Carly in her home. She was already stuck raising her daughter's two children and I think she was terrified she'd be stuck with a third if she let Carly live in her house. I think that was a reasonable fear to have. Tyler surely would've checked out within the first few months of Carly's life and Cate would've struggled big-time. Kim would've definitely ended up stepping in and shouldering the burden of Carly's care. I also don't think she'd be like Jo's parents and get on her son's case if he treated Cate li
  8. Man, they are so desperate to save face at this point. They know that B&T are not messing around and will shut things down completely if C&T continue to screw up. Where were these supportive tweets years ago? Now they want to act respectful? I'm not saying that the bridge between C&T and B&T has been burned completely, but it's going to take a very long time to rebuild. It's also a very precarious bridge; one wrong move, and it'll topple.
  9. Damn, I have no idea how all these pictures started, but I love 'em. Know what i don't love? That piece of lank, greasy hair Cate always has swept over her forehead in lieu of bangs. I hate that shit, especially when you're able to see her scalp between that piece of hair and the rest of it. Cate, please, bangs are your friends. Go back to using them ASAP.
  10. I've posted this theory on Reddit, but I wanted to get your input as well. Do you think there's a possibility that C&T's new show may be part of the reason why B&T are more private now and denied them a visit this year? I'm not sure when filming went down exactly, but C&T put out the casting call months ago and made it clear they were trying to pitch an adoption-based show. B&T have made it clear that they don't like how public C&T are and that they've made more restrictions due to C&T's constant presence on camera. Maybe the knowledge that C&T are going to be on an
  11. Tyler went to New Orleans to get into acting, but it never happened. He specifically joined up with this older man who claimed to be some sort of acting coach. I'm not sure if it was ever confirmed or not, but there are rumors that the guy thought Tyler was a twink and wanted to feature him in some ~special movies~. Tyler went running back to Michigan, and we never heard shit about his acting again. Seeing that photo of Cate makes me sad. That was taken three years after she gave Carly up, and she just looked so radiant. Now we're almost eight years from Carly's adoption and, from the wa
  12. According to RadarOnline, Catelynn and Tyler lost their visitation with Carly. Tyler then confirmed it on his twitter and even said that B&T had every right to deny them and that he and Cate aren't the best example of an open adoption agreement. I never thought I'd see the day.
  13. If I recall correctly, Kim actually refused to let them raise Carly in her house. She was already stuck raising her daughter's two kids, and didn't want to be saddled with a third.
  14. What's confusing is that it sounds like Cate tried to initiate a visit by ~suggesting~ brunch, then got confused when Dawn brought up the agreement that stated C&T were supposed to ask for meetings. Which one is it, Cate?
  15. The contact between C&T and B&T were initially done through Bethany. Then they exchanged phone numbers, and B&T gave C&T their home address. They no longer had to go through a third-party to get and receive updates from each other. The last time C&T had to deal with Dawn was when they were having an issue with B&T not wanting them to share Carly's photos online. Catelynn was pregnant with Nova at the time, so, yeah, it was roughly a year ago from when the episode was filmed.* *I'm super bad at math, so I may be completely wrong.
  16. Let's see...Cate frequently has melt-downs on camera, Tyler frequently has temper tantrums on camera, Cate has been caught smoking pot while driving twice...and they're both clearly unstable individuals with nothing going for them. I can't for the life of me imagine why Teresa doesn't think it's a good idea to let Carly have brunch with them.
  17. Catelynn did seem pretty antsy and upset before Dawn even got there. I know she and Tyler haven't seen Carly in a while, but that doesn't give her the excuse to harass Teresa and then get all bitchy about her lack of answers (or, most likely, her answers that Cate doesn't like). Giving each other their cell phone numbers was a huge mistake. It just gives C&T free reign to text and call B&T over every little thing over and over again. Like you really have to wonder how long Catelynn had been trying to talk to Teresa before Dawn got involved. It's just way too personal having this much c
  18. Seven years later, and C&T are still hanging onto that teenage fantasy that Carly will return to them as soon as she hits eighteen and assume her rightful place as their first-born child. Do they not realize that she'll probably be busy with graduating, going to college, working, and hanging out with the family and friends who matter most to her? Her life will most likely not revolve around reuniting with her birth parents and hanging out with them and their white-trash families. I don't think they comprehend that, just like Catelynn can't comprehend it when Teresa doesn't give her the ans
  19. I'm of two minds: either they've been cut off, or they lost the privilege to have physical visits with Carly. Either or, I think something major happened for their agreement from 2009 to be dredged up.
  20. How the hell does not Catelynn not know what went into that adoption agreement? She seemed confused when Dawn told her and she and Tyler were the ones who had to initiate visits. "Oh, I didn't know that." It's been seven years since that agreement was thought up and signed by all involved, including Cate. Huge red flag that she didn't know that. I think she and Tyler are anticipating being cut off. Tyler admitted a couple seasons ago that he had spent the last few years waiting for Brandon and Teresa to close the adoption, and it was the first thing Cate went to when Teresa wasn't answeri
  21. Carly is seven. She'll be eight in May.
  22. Damn, I might have to start watching this trainwreck again in order to see what's up with Brandon and Teresa. I'm guessing they're either cutting on contact (or at least physical visits) or giving C&T another warning. Considering how much contact they've already reduced and the fact they already had a meeting with C&T regarding boundaries, it's probably the first thing. It's probably not a bad idea, and it'll be the best for everybody. Catelynn and Tyler both have a difficult time seeing Carly in the flesh, and Nova's existence just complicates things further because you know C&T w
  23. Cate looks old. And why does she insist on making stupid faces for her selfies? She has a really nice natural smile, yet she's always either sticking out her tongue or pursing her lips or bugging out her eyes. I don't get it. I also think the makeup is a bit much, and only makes her look even older in a bad way. It's just too dramatic. She had the same smokey eyes and red lipstick at her wedding and it made her look aged, too (in my opinion). She just looks bad.
  24. Maci tried walking off the show before when Farrah was brought back on. She came crawling back only one episode later because she realized she didn't have a leg to stand on. The self-righteous crap is so annoying. Just because she was the first girl ever shown on the franchise doesn't mean she's this golden calf, especially since I heard that Amber of all people was the true inspiration of "16 and Pregnant".
  25. Wait, I missed something. Why is Cate in California? Did she decide to take a vacation after the cops showed up at her house?
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