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  1. cynic

    Proven Innocent

    Eh, it's not great, but the show bought a little goodwill from me by having VK show off with that sword. Time for an Angel rewatch. I wish this show was a limited series and was only about them solving her wrongful conviction, the corruption behind it, and the friend's murder. I can't see how they're going to stretch out the premise into numerous cases of the week all involving innocent people and having been prosecuted by KG.
  2. cynic

    S01.E02: So Much For the Afterglow

    Yeah, I'm still not feeling the actor playing Max either. I just find him dull in the regular scenes and laughable in the really emotional ones. Liz doesn't bother me, but I don't see any chemistry between her and Max. I'm guessing it's more his fault than hers though. I wasn't a fan of Michael's attitude in the original, but at least he was a teenager. That this guy is almost thirty makes things so much worse. I didn't like the intimidation tactics either and having Isabel included in that makes me dislike her too. It doesn't help that i just find her unpleasant to look at. Its like the camera always has a view up her nostrils or something. I did like Max's partner, but i feel like her introduction and Kyle's enhanced role combined with Michael's romance with Alex, just leaves little room for Maria in this show, which sucks since she is one of the stronger actors. I fear Liz's fiance will show up and make things even worse. I'll hang around for a few more episodes, because I am interested in the Rosa mystery and I do like the alien/immigrant parallels (though I'm hoping they tone down the heavy handedness soon), but i think this cast might be too much of a turn off for me long term. Plus, there's needs to be some sweetness and hope, not just an hour of angst to be enjoyable. The original had that with the Liz/Maria friendship and the trust and cuteness between Liz and Max (whether they were together or not), but neither of those things is really here so far.
  3. cynic

    The Passage

    He's 27! He has a YouTube show! Bwahaha! I love her and her relationship with MPG.
  4. cynic

    S07 E23 Truth & Ray'Quan

    Dude has very specific water tastes. Too bad he's not so discerning in his love life. I don't know why I watch this show. I guess every so often i feel like getting annoyed and killing some brain cells. I especially hate the episodes when both parties are just gross. I miss Max, but I liked Zeke. Wouldn't mind seeing him again.
  5. cynic


    Nina Dobrev deserves better. I did laugh at "and if you'd slept with more than five women, you'd know that" though.
  6. cynic

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Ehhhh, that was... not great. Even considering it was a pilot, it still seemed overstuffed, like let's throw everything in there and see what works. I guess some of that can be explained with its TVD pedigree. That show burned plot like crazy and it actually managed to do it pretty well for a couple years (after a rocky start) before going off a cliff. I'll reserve judgement, because it literally took me like six episodes to really start enjoying that show. Maybe this will be the same. I'm hoping the cast grows on me too, cuz I'm not thrilled with any if them right now, besides maybe Liz. Max is especially problematic for me, because he is just...there. He makes no impression and I'm not buying that he feels anything connection at all with Liz much less an undying love strong enough to survive a ten year absence. Lastly, I'm really disappointed in the apparent sidelining of Maria's character in the pilot. I hope that's not indicative of her importance in the rest of the series. Every other major character seemed to get a love interest and/or a little background except her. If it takes her seven years to get some real love and spotlight like poor Bonnie, I'm gonna be irritated.
  7. cynic

    Roswell, New Mexico: In the Media

    Ugh, I hope they end having more chemistry than displayed in that clip. That's one thing the original got absolutely right. Applebly and Behr were great playing off each other. Also, I'm not even convinced these two have much charisma individually going by that. Maybe I'm biased though. I just purchased the first season streaming on Amazon (for $9.99!) and the pilot totally took my little shipping heart back in time. It had me from go. Anyway, I'll cross my fingers that the new one can win me over.
  8. cynic

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    What the heck? I just finished watching on the west coast and the last fifteen minutes or so was a repeat of the beginning of the episode. Did that happen to everyone else out here or just me? I'm wondering if it had anything to do with all the f-bombs that people are talking about.
  9. cynic

    The Cast in Other Roles

    I've been ignoring promos for the Charmed reboot for a while now and only just realized that Astrid is one of the sisters. Maybe I'll give it a shot after all. I hope she gets a love interest that will as interesting (and hot) as John and I get to actually see it play out properly instead of the slipshod rush job TTP did.
  10. cynic

    Multiverse: Cast in Other Roles

    Dagnabbit. I gave up on the mothership last year and thought I was done with zombies. I tried to watch Fear the first season, but thought it was terrible. I hope it got better. Here's the Comic Con trailer. There are glimpses of Stanford in it.
  11. cynic

    S04.E11: The Beginning (2)

    See, the more I think about it, the more I'm like - this big, happy ending is a bit too big and too happy. It was Katarina's experience with Cole and Cassie that convinced her to not abort Hannah. Elliot had already left her by then, because of her decision to not go through with the pregnancy. At what point did their lives change so that they ended up together and why? Did they retain all the memories of this eliminated cycle since they were time travelers as well? At what point in their lives would they have gotten those memories back? And that brings up another point, if Elliot does remember, did the monkey army use (a version of) the serum for their time travelers too? Does that mean all those random henchmen remember as well? Wouldn't that be kinda problematic? As for the questions about Athan possibly being born, hell Ramse somehow ended up with his son. Seems very convenient that he and Elena would still meet without the apocalypse happening and she would get pregnant with the same egg and sperm that resulted in Sam. I don't know, with these things and the doctors meeting up and being friends, and Jennifer's freaking unicorn, I'm leaning more and more towards this is the red forest. It's understandable. The army started working on brainwashing Cassie all the way back in season one and she went through multiple bouts of captivity (in body and mind!). Plus, she's experienced so much loss of loved ones- Aathon, Aaron, Deacon, even her backstory is about the sudden loss of her mother and she's gone through losing/believing she's lost Cole multiple times. Then, she ends up having to kill 7 billion people. I could see how she would be a tad unstable at this point, just saying. I mean, I love the happy ending, Cole and Cassie are my favorite all time ship and I wanted them to get the fairytale, but I'm really leaning the other way.
  12. cynic

    I Want That Wedding!

    The dog that went down the aisle did not look happy to be there. I like the mix of couples that have appeared on this show, both the "contestants" and the example wedding couples. (Well, except for the America! F'yeah! dude.) There's been good diversity in the couples, the types of weddings, and the price ranges. I wish we could get a more detailed look at the budgets though, including per person figures as suggested previously. I hope there's a recap show later where we see the contestants' weddings and their ultimate budgets. I'd love to see how things turned out.
  13. cynic

    S04.E11: The Beginning (2)

    Me too! I love the little smile Cassie does when she sees Cole's tandoori skewer bouquet.
  14. cynic

    S04.E11: The Beginning (2)

    Thank you for posting this interview. It didn't occur to me that there was another way to interpret the ending and now I love it all even more for that extra depth. While I love Cole and Cassie's happily ever now, I tend to favor darker or more ambiguous endings and being able to read it both ways is awesome. I'm still confused by Deacon's timeline. I get that his past changed after 407 and he was acting and all that. That's fine. What I don't understand is Deacon not knowing Cole and Ramse in 2043. They met and escaped the West VII years before that, didn't they?
  15. cynic

    S04.E11: The Beginning (2)

    Sob! That was so good! There were a few issues here or there, but none that I can even begin to care about at this moment. I hate that this show is over, but I love that they were able to wrap everything up and go out so well. Now, can someone please splinter me back four years so I can experience this wonderful show all over again?