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  1. I've become addicted to kdramas and am so sad there's no activity here. 😞
  2. I'm so happy for the cast and crew of Parasite for their historic night!
  3. The caption said Jihoon is 29. He's well past the age when he should know better, but he does seem immature for his age. I thought that Jihoon flew to the U.S. for their initial meeting. Either way, I want to know how exactly they could afford it. Flights between Korea and Utah are not cheap. Also, I thought they spent two weeks in a hotel. That's a lot of money for two people who are under-employed. I do hope that those two can make things work though. Jihoon seems sweet and I love the way he really tries with the demon spawn too instead of just focusing on his biological child. I fear that the odds are stacked against them though. The job market is really tough for young people in Korea and living costs are very high. Deaven is going to be worse than useless and she won't be satisfied with what he can provide. Maybe they would be better off if he came to the U.S., she worked, and they lived with her parents until he could get the language skills and Visa to obtain a job. At least her parents have the room and hot running water! Oh who am I kidding, Deaven wouldn't work to support him
  4. South Korea has a high unemployment rate for younger people. Competition is fierce and without connections, elite education, or very high test scores, getting decent employment is very hard. College grads study like crazy to pass SAT-like tests to get government or corporate jobs. Jihoon seems like a sweet guy, but doesn't strike me as super bright or exceptionally hard-working. Looking at his family home, it's unlikely he has any connections either.
  5. From the little I've seen about apartments in Korea, it seems like it's common to have to put down a very large deposit when you're renting. I'm not talking about first and last months rent. It's more like thousands and thousands of dollars. If you don't have an extremely large wad of cash to let a landlord use, your choices would be limited and the monthly rent would likely be sky high. This would be especially true for the size apartment Deaven is probably going to want. Living spaces are much tighter there than in Utah. I really do hope that they're able to work things out though. Deaven is a pain, but Jihoon seems like a sweet guy. I love how he made sure to pay attention to Dracula too even while being overcome with seeing his son for the first time. I love parents Jihoon too. They deserve a better daughter in law. And I'm still wondering if they named Taeyang after the singer and if Deaven started looking for Korean guys in foreign websites just because she likes K-pop.
  6. Karine and Paul are both terrible. He's terrible for obvious reasons, but I do feel like Karine is being unfair in at least one way. She keeps accusing him of not wanting to work, but he's legally unable to have a legit job and I don't see that area as having a lot of jobs period much less jobs for an illegal worker with zero skills. He can't even swing a hammer! Plus, he's emotionally unstable, socially inept, and not that bright. He's a mess and he'll likely never be able to properly support a family no matter what country he's in. But she picked him! She chose to have a baby with him even after meeting him in person! He didn't exactly hide his crazy. She should hope that he goes home and sends whatever little money he can earn or maybe send the baby to Grandma if she is willing to raise him.
  7. I wonder if they named him after the guy in BigBang. Deaven seems like the type that would go after Korean guys just because she likes K-pop.
  8. Eh, it's not great, but the show bought a little goodwill from me by having VK show off with that sword. Time for an Angel rewatch. I wish this show was a limited series and was only about them solving her wrongful conviction, the corruption behind it, and the friend's murder. I can't see how they're going to stretch out the premise into numerous cases of the week all involving innocent people and having been prosecuted by KG.
  9. Yeah, I'm still not feeling the actor playing Max either. I just find him dull in the regular scenes and laughable in the really emotional ones. Liz doesn't bother me, but I don't see any chemistry between her and Max. I'm guessing it's more his fault than hers though. I wasn't a fan of Michael's attitude in the original, but at least he was a teenager. That this guy is almost thirty makes things so much worse. I didn't like the intimidation tactics either and having Isabel included in that makes me dislike her too. It doesn't help that i just find her unpleasant to look at. Its like the camera always has a view up her nostrils or something. I did like Max's partner, but i feel like her introduction and Kyle's enhanced role combined with Michael's romance with Alex, just leaves little room for Maria in this show, which sucks since she is one of the stronger actors. I fear Liz's fiance will show up and make things even worse. I'll hang around for a few more episodes, because I am interested in the Rosa mystery and I do like the alien/immigrant parallels (though I'm hoping they tone down the heavy handedness soon), but i think this cast might be too much of a turn off for me long term. Plus, there's needs to be some sweetness and hope, not just an hour of angst to be enjoyable. The original had that with the Liz/Maria friendship and the trust and cuteness between Liz and Max (whether they were together or not), but neither of those things is really here so far.
  10. He's 27! He has a YouTube show! Bwahaha! I love her and her relationship with MPG.
  11. Dude has very specific water tastes. Too bad he's not so discerning in his love life. I don't know why I watch this show. I guess every so often i feel like getting annoyed and killing some brain cells. I especially hate the episodes when both parties are just gross. I miss Max, but I liked Zeke. Wouldn't mind seeing him again.
  12. cynic


    Nina Dobrev deserves better. I did laugh at "and if you'd slept with more than five women, you'd know that" though.
  13. Ehhhh, that was... not great. Even considering it was a pilot, it still seemed overstuffed, like let's throw everything in there and see what works. I guess some of that can be explained with its TVD pedigree. That show burned plot like crazy and it actually managed to do it pretty well for a couple years (after a rocky start) before going off a cliff. I'll reserve judgement, because it literally took me like six episodes to really start enjoying that show. Maybe this will be the same. I'm hoping the cast grows on me too, cuz I'm not thrilled with any if them right now, besides maybe Liz. Max is especially problematic for me, because he is just...there. He makes no impression and I'm not buying that he feels anything connection at all with Liz much less an undying love strong enough to survive a ten year absence. Lastly, I'm really disappointed in the apparent sidelining of Maria's character in the pilot. I hope that's not indicative of her importance in the rest of the series. Every other major character seemed to get a love interest and/or a little background except her. If it takes her seven years to get some real love and spotlight like poor Bonnie, I'm gonna be irritated.
  14. Ugh, I hope they end having more chemistry than displayed in that clip. That's one thing the original got absolutely right. Applebly and Behr were great playing off each other. Also, I'm not even convinced these two have much charisma individually going by that. Maybe I'm biased though. I just purchased the first season streaming on Amazon (for $9.99!) and the pilot totally took my little shipping heart back in time. It had me from go. Anyway, I'll cross my fingers that the new one can win me over.
  15. What the heck? I just finished watching on the west coast and the last fifteen minutes or so was a repeat of the beginning of the episode. Did that happen to everyone else out here or just me? I'm wondering if it had anything to do with all the f-bombs that people are talking about.
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