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  1. justmythoughts

    S07.E22: Leaving Storybrooke

    For some stupid reason, bronwsing TV channels I came across this last episode and the final stupidity was on my own, decided to re-watch it. Thank God I have a strong stomach, I had forgotten how horrible it was, specially Regina's coronation as the good queen... I liked she didn't get to find a new love interest, to show that a woman can and will be happy with her life without a man (or even romantic love). But that BS of her being chosen, elected (say goodbye to all meanings of democracy, rest in peace Aristoteles, please never lay your eyes - wherever you are - on this dreadful episode or you will wish to die again). This series became the Regina wagon and many actors saw that and said bye bye, For us as fans it is difficult to do the same (as we still had many ones we liked hanging by a thread there). But this last episode made it all easier. Even the ones I liked the most (the Charmings and Emma and Killian) the authors managed to even now make just as cheerleaders for Regina and Rumple, onw or two sentences, no connection with their important pasts... no, it is all Regina, and I am not saying her story was not important. It was, but balance is important, even water in large amount can kill someone. Too much Regina killed OUAT.
  2. justmythoughts

    S02.E12: Amor Vincit Omnia

    2hours and a half extremely well spent. Although as many of you have said, many things could have been fully developed if we had another 1 or 2 seasons, which we would be delighted to watch. Unfortunately this seems not possible. But I guess given the circumstances, they have tied everything possible. Lito and Capheus were the ones with less story in the finale, I too wish we had known whether Capheus got the election, whether Lito made the movie... I imagine they were both great success, because they deserve it. The actor playing Capheus was great in portraying his kind and innocent spirit, even with the change of actors (despite the fact he seems older and more body built, he conveys a sweet person very well, as Capheus is supposed to be). The whole Lito breaking down about not being working I guess it was a call back to the classic "Hernando I've lost my flip flops". Sadly we had few Hernando moments, but the Trojan Horse was a bright one, as well as Dani being fierce and showing Whispers his place: on the ground, quiet and despised. I confess I was quite lost in Whispers and BPO and whatever big bad plans. But they were not really important to me as are all those amazing people (senseites and their loved ones). Amanita and Nomi were great, they had nice moments together and as individuals (Nomi fighting - with Sun's help- and Neets screaming at her in rejoice was so sweet). Bug is the best friend anyone would love to get, he is sweet and funny and he speaks several languages! He could be such a pain in the ass but he was written and acted delightfully. The wedding scene was beautiful (although at first I though it was going to be a collective wedding, with the other couples as well, and the other poliamorous relations...), Nomi's mother... rushed, in real seasons I would not buy that change in heart not even motivated by the special brownies, but we had no time and it was only appropriate for a finale full of love that Nomi found a little of the family support she had never had before. Will and Riley had good moments, specially Will, and it was sweet seeing them changing knowledge as he speaking French because she could and she knowing how to handle a gun because he knew it. Will was the real star most of the episode, lots of scenes with him fighting and shooting and planning all the attacks. Sun and Mun were adorable! He is a great partner for her, and he is very helpful. Sun deserves all the happiness she found with him and her lovely dog. Kala and Wolfie... Wolfgang has always been my favourite, it was good to know more about his past, very painful but it explains more and more his character. He was such a cutie in that pink jacket, Felix helping him is so in character, they are great friends and like real brothers. I was scared for a moment when Kala was shot, I thought "OMG, they are going there, they will kill one of the senseites", but deep down I didn't want to believe they would leave us with such a sour note. Rajan's reaction to Kala shooting the bad guys (in reality, Wolfie), and he being excited to learn how to handle a gun was so hilarius. Also a rushed accptance from Rajan of all the things, the corruption issue was swept under the rug, time purpuses I understand both of these decisions. Given more time I think somethings would have happened and they would make Kala's choice for Wolfgang easier. But I was please with all of them together, because of the sensorium thing Rajan had two options: no wife, or wife plus the gang, specially Wolfgang (pun intended!). It was beautiful they decided to give him the option: Ilove her so much that happiness is the only goal and love is love, that is all that matters, and once Rajan oppened and met everyone he became so fun and even he was not protected from Wolfgang's charm and sexyness. All in all, my beloved poliamorous relation. The italian Lila was just a horrible person seeking for power, didn't matter who she hurt in the way. I was very glad Mr. Roy survived, and I was very sad Lila went off in that explosion, I wished to see the light fading out of her eyes. The same goes for Whispers, although Dani scene with him made me very satisfied. All the families in the wedding, so nice to see Capheus' family as well as Riley dad and Amanita's amazing family. Of course we needed to have a group sex scene, that is an icon and it was beautifully acted and recorded. Many happy moments, my heart feels all the love for Sense8 and these amazing people, the message was clear: the only and most important thing is love (be it family love, sexy love, friends love).
  3. justmythoughts

    S14.E19: Beautiful Dreamer

    I for once find it realistic (Something Grey's lack so much, just a tiny bit grain of reality). I am brazilian and when I was living abroad with my husband (then my boyfriend) it was much more natural for us to speak portuguese with each other, although for purposes of training we tried to speak english or german even when we were just the two of us... specially when the subject became passionate (a small arguing or about family and how much we missed our country) we naturally tended towards our mother language. Why introduce us to Bello and make her and Delucca a thing if they were going to get rid of her? Owen is finally doing what all of us have been suggesting for years. If you want a child then get one. Adoption. So obvious. Although I don't understand how these doctors who stay sometimes 12/14 hours in surgery have kids (mainly when are single parenting or co-parenting with other doctors). As I stated before... a great lack of reality.
  4. justmythoughts

    S02.E11: The Fifth Wheel

    Agreed again, valid point. But I guess the problem is people - in general life, not necessarily here on this forum - want to decide for you when it is time to deal with your baggage. Just because I had a similar situation and learned from it or haven't felt the same pain or struggled that much it doens't mean other people will deal with it in the same way. People tend to say things like: I have problems but I don't lash out eating all the food in my house because I know it is no good for me, and I have struggled with my weight as a teen, so Kate should be able to overcome that, she is almost 40! (Just an example to diverge from Kevin) Well, good for you! It doens't mean Kate will have the same strength or motivation or psychologycal ground you had. Each person is unique and is going to deal with similar baggage on their own way and time.
  5. justmythoughts

    S02.E11: The Fifth Wheel

    Amem to that! Perfectly explained! That is why I try to relate with all of them because I can't sanely say that because someone has some good things in their life they can't complain about anything else... otherwise I could not complain about anything as well... in such case we all should not complain about some of the low points of the show, as it has many great stuff... Anyways, Kevin has a valid point because either we consider his childhood as a little problematic or not, that doesn't matter... his perspective matter, we and his family should respect that as well as we respect Randall and Kate's perspective of their problems.
  6. justmythoughts

    S02.E11: The Fifth Wheel

    It is a useless discussion (although very interesting to know so much different point of views). Because when we dismiss Kevin's troubles by saying that he has privileges and of the Big Three he is the one with less reasonsto have problems and he should feel better because he is not Kate nor Randall.. it is the same as saying that you can only be unhappy or have issues if you are - with all proofs - the most troubled and least privileged person in the world. Which means that even people in really bad situation should not complain because usually you will find someone in a worse situation. It doesn't work like that. As human beings I guess it is impossible to be always 100% happy. Probably the fact that we are not always happy is what makes us enjoy being happy. So, when we don't have much money we tend to value it as a means to happiness, when we don't have a passionate career that is our goal and so on... in Kevin's case he has many things, specially material things, which makes him value more the things that he doesn't have: he was never the favourite. Loved, cared, for sure. But never the favourite. And he will never have his father back. As I said, I guess it is just human and I understand that he has all the right to, although being very privileged, have his weaknesses and his needs.
  7. justmythoughts

    S02.E11: The Fifth Wheel

    What I see is a great show that hits so many nerves. I relate to Kevin, as the oldest in my family, I have never struggled with my weight. I was even too thin, in my italian grandmom eyes. At some point they even gave me homemade syrup to "eat more". So as far as Kate's weight problems, to me, Rebecca was the right position. But I will listen to all the people here that have been in Kate's shoes and I will really say: I can't fully understand. The same goes for Randall, as a white middle class (female in my case, but still more priviledged than him). Sure I can understand to a certain level, but I will never fully understand. I feel for Kate and Randall, but only people in similar situation can really relate more. So, as the oldest, thin, always a good student, I was never the primary source of concern for my parents. Maybe for the 3 years when I was the only child, but I don't remember those years... my middle sister was chubby her entire life, always the center of the attention, the most needed (out loud, she was always the one who cried and asked for attention). The youngest sister was a premature baby, always allowed to do whatever she wanted because she had to take medicine and shots for years, so the family thought that was pain enough in her life. I have great parents. I have a wonderful life, personal and professional... but I know the pride my oarents carry for me is the fact that I am independent, strong, that I don't need them financially ... and if I dare to complain that sometimes I wish I could be like my sisters and instead of stop buying something to balance the finances or to save money, I wish I could just ask them... it will seem petty and small in comparison to all I have. My parents were much more present and made my sisters' lives easier... but they love me and I know. But our neighbour's grass is always greener. The same goes for Kevin. He is a white, handsome, famous and rich priviledged man. Sure he has the phisycal tools to be happy. But he also has deep issues (and now we know - sorry Ellis, but you did a crappy job asking Rebecca about genetics because it is something far more modern than these kids teenage years, when their mother and father were facing addiction problems, that time it was a weakness only), genetic issues... and sometimes even with all the privileges what you need is family support. Someone has explained very well: privileges don't garantee happiness. They just mean an easy route. But it depends on you to make your own choices. For psychological reasons (and genetics as well) Kevin deals with problems resorting to addiction. Aa well as Kate with food and Randall with anxiety... but most people can't relate with Kevin because they only see the exterior privileged man and don't allow him to have weaknesses. Or think he should ve able to deal with his minor problems when compared to many others... Well, I digress... anyways, great show!
  8. justmythoughts

    S07.E01: Hyperion Heights

    What have I seen? I was hoping I would not miss Emma, Snow, Charming (even less Belle and Zelena... Storybroke, the Granny's...), specially after the crappy plots they got over the years... But oh boy, I do miss all of the old formula. So I am honestly confused: is this supposed to be other realm? So this Ronni is not Storybroke Regina? Detective Rogers is a different version of our Killian? Have they lived different lives than it was told from S1 until now? Or somehow we are supposed to believe that Cinderella 2.meh is from another realm/book and got somehow mixed with Henry's version? Seriously, does any of you know? Help me! See... Confusing, no chemistry, no interesting background story, no faith that A&E can pull this off, missing old friends faces... I am hopeless.
  9. justmythoughts

    S02.E02: A Manny-Splendored Thing

    I am trying really hard to see things from Kate's point of view. I remember the few times my mom criticized me, it was hard, but after you grow up you tend to try to understand people better and see those situations as pushes for improvement. What bugged me, I guess was all the you you you things in Kate's lashing out. Sure, she may not know the principles of feedback, but one of them os: it is more about you and how the other person makes you feel, instead of the other person alone. So Rebecca is pretty, thin, and has pitch perfect... things she can't change and do sound like "you are a problem", when in fact it was more like: Kate feels diminished in comparison, so every word from Rebecca resonates 100times deeper for Kate, hence little comments that in Rebecca's mind sound like resonable advice to help her daughter, make Kate feels like she is never going to be as good as her mom. Kate doesn't know how to express herself... And totally yeah, no one made you say those things, Kate, own up your shit. I am not a mom but I am old enough to see things from a mom's point of view, and I am quite younger than Kate, so she needs to mature a little bit and part of Toby being Team Kate is to be totally on her side in public, but being able to honestly, delicately and privately call her out and suggest therapy.
  10. justmythoughts

    S02.E01: A Father's Advice

    I confess I'd read your comments before I watched the episode. Even though, I was not prepared to that last scene. It was brutal, specially with the U2 song together, that song speaks deep into me. I do hope they are not using the fire as yet another coy. Maybe Jack didn't die in the fire, but I hope things are related. As much as I hope Rebecca really did knock on the door and grab Jack with her to the car (this show is already enough with so many people and past and now and middle past and more in the past...). I hope Jack and Rebecca and the big three had had a couple of great months before Jack died. Although having your house burnt down must be terrifying, I thought Kate and Randall were deeply sad, Rebecca was in shock and her break down was raw pain. But mostly, Miguel was crying... I imagine if it was "only" the house, he would put on a brave face for the kids. I can understand both Toby and Kate's point of view. I am very close to my sisters, not twins, and somethings I feel even more confortable to tell them than my husband (girl stuff, ir even some complaints about the hubby - he is quite messy!), but I try not to make so clear to hubby that bond because he hasn't the same situation with his sister, so he doesn't fully understand. I don't know Toby's family background, I guess Kate should be aware of the fact that Toby sometimes has his insecurities in relation to his importante in her life... On the other hand, sure Toby should be aware of the fact that twins bond is something to be handled with care. Glad Kate didn't get the gig not for her weight but for her lack of training or ability (even though to me she sings pretty nicely, maybe it is because I sound terribly!). Kevin and Sophie... Meh... Randall and Beth, adoption is not something you adjust in your life. It is very difficult and it requires preparation, although I liked more Beth's plan and I think it is risky because of the girls, but if they think carefully, maybe a boy in the middle of the girls' ages... I am one of the not a Miguel fan, but I'll wait the whole story to be sure, right now for me it seems like he always lurked on Rebecca and was jealous of her and Jack's life, so more than love it seems like envy. But we'll see...
  11. justmythoughts

    S02.E01: Happy F*cking New Year

    Thanks, @ElectricBoogaloo I am not from the US nor live there, so I cherish the info. And yeah, from this first episode till the end of this season Angelica has creeped the hell out of me.
  12. justmythoughts

    Sense8 In The Media

    So unfair! At least out of consideration for the fans a last season, maybe short 3 or 4 episodes. How can I sleep now with the strong possibility of never knowing the end of my babies? Wolfie? The show has great potential still! Boooooo Netflix! Going to complain formally right now...
  13. I guessed A&E would love the paralel of Henry meeting his daughter at 28, just like Emma with him, but everything is possible. And yes, although it is quite impossible for a woman not to notice when she delivers a baby, the same does not apply to the father. Henry may not know, or the mother ran away, or they were separated by something (perhaps a curse, a not so much rare item as I would like it to be). But I am assuming, more than all, something goes sour since the actor was casted as once happy and now lost hope, love, family...
  14. While the story may be good as real life lesson, in a show about hope, what sticks the most is: do whatever you want, no matte the consequences. Magic has a price, BS. I loved Cruela, even Rumple had great shining moments, but for me he specially (closely followed by Regina, Zelena far behind) is too much evil to deserve a happy ending. Belle could love him, but she seems not to know him, she loves the idea of what a good Rumple with all that power could do. Maybe I am also toi innocent and hoped people who did really bad things would pay for those deeds...
  15. I grew tired of villains getting happy endings and happy lives during this entire show with minimal effort. Most of us agreed, besides Hook, EQ and Rumple (even Zelina) are "reformed" villains for no reason. Regina still has a vault full of hearts. Rumple still has power, is the DO and only chooses the good side when is convinient for him (because Belle is watching or he will gain as much or more...). Snow and Charming lost 28 years of their daughter's life, more countless years with new curses... Emma had to grow alone... But Belle and Rumple and Gidiot get a do over. Sounds about right. Emma is stabbed by Gidiot... But either she is Harry Potter and the love of sacrifice sabes her (and she passed out) or she is Jesus and resucitated... Hook and Emma, my Babies... Had barely no time together... Great CS adventure this season, A&E said... Sure, they were setting out on the yellow bug, facing a live full of love and adventure together, with the Charmings sometimes stopping by at inapropriate times, we just need imagination, cause A&E don't write this normal stuff, they are special, they write for deeper and more complex characters like the EQ... Who, by the way will be back... They will get a good 4 years of happines before Henry knocks out some girl. Because no way a happy and well raised Henry would abandon a baby... Someting will happen.