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  1. After submitting the quiz, I realized that Designing Women might have been funnier as Deigning Women: "A group of female interior designers give elaborate condescending speeches to everyone around them." Except that describes the original show, too!
  2. I like how the Night Man pretend defense conference is called "Millennium 21". Like, that's the year 22001, guys. They wanted to mash up "the new millennium" with "century 21" and produced something that was neither. (Also, how lucky they were to be anti-gravitating over water when the batteries died. If they had been over land, that would have been a quick end to the series right there.)
  3. Wasn't this also recapped in a "The greatest thing I saw on television this week" a few years back? Not complaining.
  4. I thought it was signaling that the episode was going to end abruptly. Was waiting for Kim to say, "And then right in the middle of the scene, they freeze-frame with the message 'End of part 1'. See you next week!"
  5. Wait a second. Mr. Sprague has a sad, thoughtful cup of tea at night, and then a crate of books shows up at the school the next day. Am I to believe that they have Amazon Prime in Walnut Grove?
  6. This is the most awesome thing I heard on a podcast this week. I'm a little bit glad they come only once in a while because I don't think I could handle this much awesome every week.
  7. Am I a bad person for wanting to see Corinne win? Because this season is setting itself up as an allegory for the 2016 election.
  8. That was a very creative and enjoyable Game Time. Kudos.
  9. Sorry I wasn't clear. In my case, I submitted the game a few years ago, and Dave said "I'm going to save this game for a special occasion," and as far as I know, he's still saving it. So my game hasn't aired, so it's not like Rob Hartman stole my idea. We both came up with the idea independently. He just did a better job.
  10. I submitted a Game Time a few years back called "One Letter Away" that was very similar to the one played in this episode. But I'm not complaining because Rob Hartman's version was waaaaaay funnier!
  11. In case anybody still cares, the Nonac theme is a performance by the Portsmouth Sinfonia, and according to Wikipedia, the rule for the orchestra is that you either must be a non-musician, or (disputed) be a musician playing an instrument you've never played before.
  12. Just here to support a fellow Princetonian. When asked where I went to school, I usually mumble "a small college in New Jersey." Q: How can you know whether a man went to Harvard? A: He tells you.
  13. General request about Game Time: Could the full list of clues for future Game Times be posted somewhere, so that we can play the game "at home" (i.e., with people who don't subscribe to the podcast)? (I'm assuming this isn't too hard, seeing as Dave already has all the clues on his screen, so it's just a matter of posting it somewhere. Or maybe there's no place to post it...)
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