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@santaclaritadiet is really a love story. Thank you Tim Olyphant for being the best partner a girl could ever ask for. We wrapped the third season tonight, and I am just emotional. I am proud to be a part of a show that is a metaphor for empowerment and a marriage where both man and woman are equal. And supportive of each other. Thank you Victor Fresco (our show’s creator) This has been an amazing 3 year journey. When you make movies, it’s not like this usually. You don’t get to live the life of your character over such a long period of time. This is the beauty of television and content. That said when you work for years on something, you also hope it had meaning. That it made sense for you and your family. And that you grew alongside the experience. When anyone works, they know that is time spent away from your kids. You pray it is worth it. That said, my kids loved hanging out on set and these last few years have been very good to us as a family. And life has been good to me with this job. (Thank you Netflix) I have gotten to be in this very humorous and happy place and I am sad to say goodnight to it... for now. Again! Thank you for this opportunity. Illustration by @danisartworks

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