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maybe it’s ok if i’m not ok cause the one who holds the world is holding on to me🥀🌎 i want to thank all of my friends who have cared about me so much and checked on me literally every day just to ask how i’m doing. i tried to hide it so long but at some point it became very clear to everyone except me that i was struggling with some things that are happening. so here i am admitting it😱 i can’t believe myself. okay.. yes i’m struggling a little or a lot you can decide that on your own but i’m gonna be ok. sometimes you have to go through something that completely destroys you in order to figure out who you really are, i asked for the change... i’m getting it😛 i asked to be independent, i got that one for sure. i asked life to make me stronger.. i’m learning a lot and i hope i always will. anyway, i just wanted to say i love all of you tons and thank you again for being the awesome people you are in my life🖤🖤🖤

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