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  2. I feel for Lisa - how awful. She and Gino seemed like true soul mates. It sure seems like this was aimed at Mary Beth. I'm guessing that MB meant well but should have checked with Lisa first. Agree, but she's been very transparent and detailed about his long battle with cancer so I'm not surprised she would want to share this.
  3. Robert Lynch

    Leaving Neverland

    That quietly investigating part was interesting. For more to read on victimization, this article explains it more here.
  4. AngelKitty

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Ooh, yes. I had that once and it hurt for a long time. It was my right side and then, one day, my left side started hurting just the same which was really weird but somebody told me that happened to them too with a broken rib. I don't know why it happened and it didn't last long but it was weird so don't be surprised if that happens.
  5. And what about that scene she filmed smooching on a gal for that raunchy soft-porn film she did a zillion years ago?(the one where Ramona once gasped about how she had SEX on a WATERBED!)
  6. Colorful Mess

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    These people are starving and poor and the citizens of her country -- not rich, arrogant, sexist slavers. She's just a bully now because of the power imbalance between herself and the people she threat-- excuse me, "intimidated." The boss who acts like an authoritarian bully to his employees may make his employees play nice to his face but they're mocking him behind his back and cant wait for the day he's fired.
  7. libgirl2

    S07.E16 Lashanta's Story

    She was the best part of this mess. That's who she sounded like! I was trying to place the voice.
  8. sigmaforce86

    S38.E10 Blood of a Blindside

    This memory is really vague, but they did it in one maybe two seasons where they had to run into the jungle find a station that had, not sure a riddle or a clue and remember it. Then go back then run to find the next station. That's not very specific I know, I can almost picture it but like I said vague memory. Anyway point is they did do that one maybe two times and you're right it would be a great challenge to bring back even if they update it a little. The stand and endure challenges are good within limits, too many of them make for a boring season. On the other hand I'm glad they seem to have done away with the "do you know your tribe mates" trivia challenge, that was always a boring one. My favorite challenge is the billiard balls in the metal roller coaster like contraption where they have to catch it at the bottom and put it back in, one handed, while adding more balls at certain points. No real reason I just find that one interesting. Also it plays into Jeff's love of saying "balls" multiple times in a challenge and all the double meanings he and we get from that. I'm missing something in the alliances or interactions - I can not get why they don't like and are focusing on Deven's - he won some immunity but he's not the most physical, he can talk but he's not the most cunning. Does he have a "resume" for winning if he makes F3? There must be something that makes him a threat and I'm just not seeing it. On the other hand just when Wardog looks like he'll last more than 30 seconds in any challenge even the insects are like nope, sorry, not for you.
  9. Really? Is phone sex satisfying? Seems strange to me.
  10. cardigirl

    S05.E04: Chapter Eighty-Five

    I have always loved Michael, and Jane and Michael's relationship, but I am trying to be open-minded and see the appeal of Rafael and this episode did nothing to enlighten me as to why I should be rooting for him. Goodness, all he does is throw around ultimatums to Jane and when she doesn't answer him fast enough, he takes their son, and kicks her out! He's so good with Ro and with Alba. But with Jane, he only seems to be happy with her if things are going his way. And he has always been this way with her. He issues commands all the time. I've been re-watching the past seasons, and that seems like a lot of what their relationship is, Rafael commanding her, and Jane trying to figure out how to keep him happy. Ugh. Granted, he did NOT have to go get Michael when Rose told him he was alive. That was a true act of love, to let her know Michael was still here, but I think he was hoping the amnesia would protect him a bit. I understand that he is scared of losing her, but tightening his grip by issuing demands is a sure way to lose that battle, in my opinion. Jane isn't wishy washy because she's surfacey, she's trying to figure things out, and Michael told her he still loves her and wants to be with her, but he also wants her to be happy. I don't think Rafael has said that to her yet this season.
  11. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E17: The Third Estate

    Episode Description:
  12. Bryce Lynch

    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    I am fine with the cast, but I thought the tasks and scenery were very subpar. Two needle in a haystack type tasks. The chocolate sandal one was total luck. At least in the sand digging you could work harder than your rivals. The Japanese game show thing is pretty played out. But what made it even worse was the lack of any goofy Japanese game show atmosphere and audience. The "Mount Fuji" task seemed like something you could either do fairly quickly, or (in one case) not at all. There was really no task where skill and ability could allow you to gain a lot of time.
  13. Super adorable, so is Henry! They have super cute kids.
  14. AngelKitty

    The Gifted Media

    I'm not surprised and am slightly relieved that I don't have to watch anymore. The biggest problem, for me, with this show was that it was hard to root for anyone. The characters were interesting but unlikeable.
  15. Bin telling us and Spurg what the "Purpose of Life" is...
  16. DEL901

    S38.E10 Blood of a Blindside

    Sour grapes.
  17. Chloesmom

    Joe and Mika Know Their Value: The Hosts Thread

    Oh suomi thank you for this. I know I am not a fan of Meeks and I worry that sometimes I just look for things to be wrong but that opening was just gross. I am not saying the Mueller report is heart stopping news since we don't even know what it is (although we certainly have discussed it to death) but when she shoehorned that plug for his show in first . . . CLICK. As for her new obsession with sugar/recycling, I have people like her in my family and they will do anything to get and then keep themselves in the spotlight. It's just nutty to think this all came as a total surprise to her. That's why I don't trust a syllable that comes out of her mouth anymore. That KYV umbrella is going to be a frigging circus tent by the time she gets through shoving things underneath it.
  18. Coffeewinewater

    All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    Thank you @rmcrae. I really see why so many dislike Sharon Osbourne. I have been Googling . (I'm not avoiding work or anything 😉)
  19. DEL901

    TAR31: Spoilers (With Elimination Info)

    Having just scene the first episode, it is interesting how well folks did in episode one corresponds to their boot position. I don’t hate Rupert, but he really has to go out next.
  20. BrianJ1962

    JD and Abbie: Captured Before the Rapture

    The scene of Boob dry humping Mechelle on the golf course comes to mind, please say it's not a son like father deal
  21. Katy M

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I'm going to make a prediction right now that he'll be on for at least one full year, if not longer. At which point in time, ratings will probably drop and they'll have a hard time getting contestants.
  22. alexvillage

    S01.E18: Five Miles West

    Sadly reminder of the terrible "health" system in the U.S. - you cannot pay the bills than someone suggests that you work for free to "pay" for said bills. Nobody should be forced to work for free in order to get what is a human right - in most of the rest of the rich world at least. Also staggering that a collection agency would drive someone's life to ruins while paying the hospital only .5 cents on the dollar. Wouldn't it be more humane, or at least not so shitty, if the hospital tried to make a payment plan and get some of the money without allowing financial vultures to harass people? Oh, wait, capitalism doesn't not allow for humanity in full display. Sorry for the silly thought. The girl who played the CF patient has Cystic Fibrosis. I don't know much about her, only that her name is Lily. Way for representation, even tough there wasn't much about CF as far as education goes. Maybe it got lost in the editing room but she seemed happy to be part of the episode.
  23. UNOSEZ

    For The People

    They shared a scene or two earlier this year which seemed to say they had a mutual friend.. Maybe another well off black friend who also ran in the society circles they did... So it seems like she may also come from his world.. Or one quite similar.. And tho I doubt she's a republican on the show she still may have had some insight... Slightly different with her being a woman.. But a perspective they could shown...
  24. They got the gloating about last night's gig out of the way at 6:01 and by the end of the A block I lost track of how many further mentions there were. And, of course, there were photos. Joe wore a suit and tie and straight-up wind tunnel hair. Mica selfied with Jonathan Lemire and tried for trout mouf but ended up tight-smiling. Bless her heart. How old is she? Too old for that. Joe riffed on Jonathan Lemire as the band manager who takes 85% of the gate. The gate was zero because the show was free so Lemire isn't getting rich any time soon. Anyone wanna hazard a guess as to how much this vanity band sets Joe back? Yikes, I hope the presidential campaign budget is safely set aside. Katty Kay opined that they are glowing this morning so they should gig every night. Exuberant post-show tall-hair sex will do that for ya.
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