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  2. sassi214

    S07.E20: Brittany and the Beast

    Scheana is absolutely ridiculous. But FUCK Adam.
  3. Prevailing Wind

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I hate the ones that "proofread" library books - and they're inevitably wrong in their corrections.
  4. txhorns79

    S08.E04: Episode 4

    I'd imagine having a regular social life with people her own age is hard for someone as transient as Phyllis. I don't know if they've really discussed it on the show, but I do wonder what happens to her when she reaches retirement age. I'm sure she has savings, but I'd think it would be hard for someone who has mostly spent her life living in group settings to adjust.
  5. Hey, the Legends found the Tanhauser black site. Say hey to Cisco, Caitlin, Barry or whatever Flash character that has been banished there this week to "work on the cure".
  6. walnutqueen

    General True Crime Shows

    Always a fan favorite, that colonel.
  7. Tosia

    S08.E04: Episode 4

    Remember birth control like the pill was not available widely until late 60's. My mom had several miscarriages --i think cuz she smoked, in the early 60's. She almost died once. I have 3 siblings. Birth control would have helped avoid these miscarriages i believe. My aunt had several miscarriages and seven kids. She asked her priest if she could use birth control--the pill. He said no. She was exhausted, (5 boys, 2 girls), and my uncle ran around on her. Abortion is necessary sometimes because birth control is not 100% effective. Back alley abortions were desperate responses to a horrible situation to being a child into.
  8. Madtown

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I would've gotten spanked too. I can only wonder what happened to poor Izzy when he did this, especially from Derick. If he did this after they wrote bible versus all over the framing of the new house, Jill and Derick are only to blame. When the last child I watched was 3, she decided to Chap-Stick our couch. Thank goodness for Dawn detergent, eventually took it off after a lot of scrubbing.
  9. suncity

    Ratings and Scheduling: Hail to the Gods

    you are right, I guess, LOL. Still i wish Arrow was beating LoT and not under a million yet.
  10. Kevin Costner did something really sweet while editing Dances With Wolves: It was Mary McDonnell's first big-budget studio film, and he knew her mom had terminal cancer. When he found out her mom would almost certainly not live to see the premiere, he sent his latest cut of the film on tape; her mom never got to see it on the big screen, but they did get to watch it together in her hospital room.
  11. proserpina65

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    Me too, and I used to ship Brienne and Jaime so hard, but Tormund won me over. It probably works on wildling women.
  12. shireenbamfatheon

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Yup. Arya's scene about looking forward to seeing death's face really showed how little grasp she has on the magnitude of the storm they're about to face. Every other person is terrified and doubtful about their chances, including many of the older battle-hardened warriors, but Arya's cocky and confident because she can't envision how terrifying these mythological monsters are. That'll change next episode which is a good thing because it humanizes her and emphasizes how daunting the battle is.
  13. So I'm hearing that today, Thomas tells Sally that Hope needs a man who is committed to her. She has one. Her husband. But "committed." Interesting choice of words there. Considering Thomas obsessed about Brooke to the point of lying that they had sex (and also kissed her while she was sleeping), conspired with Steffy (who wanted Liam) to get Hope drunk so he could seduce her (huh, imagine that?), set Rick's house on fire, blew up Rick's car, threw Rick out of a second-story window, perved on his cousin, Ivy, perved on Caroline II (I'll never forget when an injured Caroline was trapped on the couch with him), raped Caroline II (yep, I'm going all in on this now that it's clear TPTB completely obliterated the redemption arc with nuThomas' return), he's the one that needs to be committed. To a padded cell.
  14. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/whitney-way-thore-people-fat-212554536.html 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮
  15. OnTime

    All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    Trying some imaginary math here. -Maybe Hoda takes off three months and comes back mid June -Jenna is due mid July, goes on leave early July and comes back early Oct That leaves only two weeks of them together until October. However, with the constant on air phone calls and videos, it will be like neither of them ever left! If you thought it was going to be a baby show with only Hoda's new kid, get ready...…..it will now be the Baby Channel.
  16. doodlebug

    S01.E17 Sanctuary

    There is indeed a federal law mandating length of stay for maternity patients. 48 hours for a vaginal birth and 96 for a cesarean. A woman may choose to leave sooner, but neither the hospital nor her insurance company can refuse to let her stay that long. I've practice obstetrics in the US since 1982, I know whereof I speak. http://www.ncsl.org/research/health/final-maternity-length-of-stay-rules-published.aspx ETA: The law was signed by Bill Clinton and I participated in local events advertising it starring no less than First Lady Hillary (who was very nice, I might add).
  17. Ohwell

    All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    I, too, had to quote this entire post. Well said.
  18. libgirl2

    S08.E04: Episode 4

    As a Doctor Who fan, I loved Sister Monica Joan being a fan. She was watching "The Aztecs" I guess I'm in the minority as I like Phyllis and Sgt. Woolf. I think there is more to him that we have yet to see. The story of the mother and daughter worked out as I knew it would, but I still teared up. The abortion story line was rough. When she was talking to Dr. Turner and saying how she has no say in this, it really hit close to home. It made me so sad. She might not have been in a bad circumstance family wise but she had no choice. She tried to prevent and wasn't just being careless.
  19. That is my guess. Just a guess- based on nothing except the fact that I've never trusted that man.
  20. ninjago

    S11 E23: Reunion Part 3

    Wouldn’t Nene and Gregg be covered by SAG insurance? I think Nene is like Kim Z, they make a lot of money but they spend SO MUCH MONEY on stupid shit and they have huge families that they support and will be supporting forever. Kim Z, though, has the SM money machine humming-another financial avenue Nene can’t seem to crack. I’d love to know how much money Nene has saved. I hope Shemari comes back. Realistically I don’t know how much better a new housewife could do-Eva has the advantage of reality show experience. Shemari was definitely better than average.
  21. This scares me that we fans have not made enough noise about this show. We need to be really loud about how much we like it or we will be sad fans.
  22. Okay, that's hilarious. I never knew there was so much controversy over Deviled Eggs. People really don't know that "deviled" is in reference to the yolks being "spiced up" and not Satan?!
  23. izabella

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    The GOP will gather dirt but not use it until the Dem nominee is named (unless they are trying to knock out a Dem they think would be too strong a contender against 45). The GOP will save it for when it will do the most damage when it is too late for the Dems to pick a better candidate. It is better to get the dirt out now, if there is dirt, so Dems can ultimately nominate their best candidate with the least dirt. Bernie Sanders has this dirt problem, too. The Dems should get all the dirt out on him now, rather than waiting for the GOP to destroy his candidacy in the general election, but they won't.
  24. Awww...K and K. I hope it lasts.
  25. maggiemae

    "The View": Week of 4/22/2019

    I tweeted to Abby to remind her she could join the military or work for the VA snd be part of the solution. Imagine my surprise when Joy followed me!
  26. proserpina65

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    I've seen and read nothing that indicates worthiness having anything to do with who gets the Iron Throne. It's pretty much been might and trickery since Robert Baratheon overthrew the Targaryen dynasty. Before that it was birthright. Now, if there's any throne left to sit, and anyone left to claim it, worth might actually come into it.
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