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  2. They were pretty good together for awhile...she spent a fair amount of time in Chicago and traveled with him. None of these women have successful relationships once they do this show...just look at all the divorces since they have been on the show! If Tinsley wants a permanent, committed relationship she will have to quit the show. Scott seemed to be a more private person...not into the whole “Housewives” drama.
  3. Dowel Jones

    The Enemy Within

    For that matter, why didn't Shepherd just put a bullet in Tal's abdomen at the house, and bargain for her daughter's safety? Next one goes in your head, big guy, and your network doesn't give a damn about you after you're gone.
  4. This board doesn't have a board on boards rule (thankfully)
  5. With Liam? I agree, but based on Shauna's initial reaction to Flo's clusterfuck, she should be running to a lawyer, to find out what their defense can be. To tell Flo to continue the lie is insane, because Shauna knows that it is destroying Flo. Flo was about to tell Hope, and then the paternity reveal happened. Now, she is even more distressed.
  6. Brookside

    S17.E06: Power Play

    I thought Hester's was, as usual, absolutely hideous, and failed the challenge. Why do they continue to ignore Christian - his advice is on the nose. So much boring beige/baby poop brown (Tessa). The judges need to make up their minds on so many fronts. Like tonight the complaints about boobage in Jamel's tux. There are frequently outfits sent down with cleavage, side boob, nipples, etc that don't get criticized. Sebastian's looked exactly like something Brandon would have sent out a couple of seasons ago - beige and pale pink with stupid straps dangling all over.
  7. Mystery

    S06.E13: The Bimbo

    Things I loved: Amy's "cool cool cool" copied from Jake. And Jake's "I refuse to live in a world where you're the Jake." Although it did seem unbelievable, when Holt's worked so hard to get where he is, that he'd be intimidated by a bunch of academic geeks. I put that down to his hope to be the partner that Kevin's colleagues feel that he deserves. I wish that they had compared that to how Holt's coworkers feel about Kevin, but probably there was no time. I also loved Hitchcock and Scully holding hands when they discovered that they were the lunch judges. Loved: Jake researching that he's above average for the 1940 census height. I felt like the academic people were even more impossibly snooty than in reality. Why is there a statue of Gina??? eta: I forgot about Holt bringing back "Bingpot"! Also, I looked up "Maeve Cannon Lecture Hall" but I couldn't come up with anything. Does that have a meaning?
  8. tennisgurl

    S04.E13: The Seam

    Oh yeah, I came back all puffy eyed and clearly upset, and I had to explain I was triggered by a damn 80s song from a damn Tv show on the damn SyFy network. I had to go into the whole plot line, which just made me upset again. ...damn it *goes off into corner to cry more*
  9. ursula

    S05.E11: They Did What?

    David and Camren have negative chemistry. That hug at the precinct was so uncomfortable, I cringed. The episode was so-so, much like the season. (Much like the series). There were some cool moments - and I loved that Barbara lived! - but taken all together, the misses outnumbered the hits.
  10. Wandering Snark

    S17.E06: Power Play

    Did you see the look she had on in the previews?? O. M. G. *tries to shake the image free from his head* Speaking of Hester-related trauma her design reminded me of the 80's that brought us 'So Fine' (and I apologize for this in advance...) I don't like that Tessa has become the bitchy narrator/definer of taste. She gives me Michelle lite vibes and I'm still trying to forget that last doomed retro POC that was PRAS. I mean most of this group are at least amicable with each other and she's that bitch eating crackers in the corner commenting on everyone like she's the arbiter of what passed for good design. Shut up Tessa! That said, I still would have given her the win here.
  11. Pushing 70 here. When I was early 30's a friend gifted me with eyeliner tattoos. Holy help! That hurt like nothing I had had done before including giving birth twice! The thing with eyelid tattoos is the eyelid is very fatty tissue and the tattoos are absorbed in a couple of years. I had mine done once again about a year later (dumb but ya know...vanity) but they are long gone now.
  12. tennisgurl

    S14 E19: Jack in the Box

    Oh sorry, I think I must have changed to the wrong channel. I was planning on watching Supernatural, not "The Jack show starring Jack". Seriously, what the fuck was all of this? Why was everyone acting so...off? I can get Dean being pissed off, but it was like he regressed to the John levels of crazy obsession in about three seconds. Yeah, he made some good points that Jack, a super powered being with an increasing fractured mental self, needs to be dealt with, but I dont buy him so quickly turning on the kid he was calling family like two episodes ago. Really, no one comes off great here. Sam looks like an idiot, Cas looks like a hypocrite, Booby 2.0 looks like a jackass, and Jack looks like a sock puppet. Who are these people? What is this show? So basically, we get to sacrifice Dean to Jack, the current show favorite. Flipping bite me. And lets not forget, this is all over freaking Mary, absentee mother and awful judge of character extraordinaire who would do pretty much anything to waste her second chance to know her sons and run off to hang out with literally any other random person. So all of this drama and hair pulling and angst just rates a big "meh" from me. I mean, they had to make up scenes of her being a good mom and friend to make her big goodbye episode mean something, because they didnt have any from the actual show! For the love of Chuck!
  13. Kostgard

    Leaving Neverland

    There’s no way this lawsuit will happen. They can say they are suing for slander, but I would be really surprised if they actually do it and give James and Wade’s lawyers the opportunity to dig up evidence and witnesses to disprove claims of slander. Discovery can be a bitch. In other news, in the most recent episode of the “Real Crime Profile” podcast, Jim Clemente hinted that he believes more evidence/victims will surface in the near future. It could be speculation on his part, but he is former FBI and had ties to the Gavin case and it didn’t sound like he was just spitballing.
  14. PrincessPurrsALot

    S07.E15: Angela's Story

    Factoid #20: Angela breaths oxygen. Factoid #21: Angela likes to drink beverages. Factoid #22: Angela speak English. Sorry, seeing if I can get a job writing factoids for the show. These are about as interesting as what they share.
  15. You had hyperemesis but had 4 babies? I am in awe of you. Sincerely. I had hyperemesis and it led me to completely shut down the factory after Mini Mistake. There was no way I was going to be that miserable for another 9 months. You must be a really strong person to go through that more than once. Hasn’t it been hinted that the Duggar girls have had hyperemesis? They just call it “bad morning sickness” but both Jinger and Jill have described what sounds like hyperemesis to me.
  16. saber5055

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    @shlbycindyk, you deserve a LIKE and a LAUGH from me for your above post. I just had to pick one. Nicely written.
  17. Brookside

    S17.E06: Power Play

    Venny's looked like a misguided outfit for the Greek team at the Olympics Opening Ceremony.
  18. I often don't know whether to go here or to unpopular opinions 😂 Maybe it needs to be renamed Bitch vs Jerk vs Feathers vs Nougat
  19. WendyCR72

    Favorite Commercials

    That's adorable! 🙂 With that said, I think it has been re-filmed over the years, but (via old YT commercial videos from the '80s that are up!) the commercial with other animals trying to impersonate the Easter Bunny has been airing since the early to mid-'80s! (Much like the Hershey Kisses playing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" every Christmas season, Hershey's [which owns Cadbury in the US] doesn't seem inclined to part with classic commercials that work! Although it must have gotten some push back one year because the tagline one year said, "Nobunny knows Easter better than Hershey's!" instead of Cadbury, and after the one year, the old tagline returned in a hurry.)
  20. Gothish520

    S11.E08: Snatch Game at Sea

    Shuga's Charo was spot-on and she looked stunning on the runway - I would've been happy if she or Nina won. Silky seemed to be playing Silky to me, but then again, I'm not familiar with TS Madison.
  21. If anyone has a connection in the afterworld, please pass along a message to Dennis-she's just not that into you. But seriously though, stroking Bethenny's ego from beyond the grave using playful notes left in Boston hotels does show commitment. Barbara just brings me down and I groaned inwardly when she walked into the sparkly party. I think it's because she is not a full Housewife so I just don't get why she is being foisted upon us with every single episode? Next week Mario?? Next week Mario!! Tinsley is a mess (tho I like her) and this is the first time I felt worried that Scott could be a bad guy to her and not just commitment averse. I do feel that the other women are meangirling her a bit. They have adjudged her to be harmless and insecure, her assessment of her role in the group at Bluestone Manor was astute. They are like a bunch of Barbies hassling a Skipper.
  22. NUguy514

    S15.E22: Head Over High Heels

    Owen's bullshit is and always has existed on a cellular level inside him, yet it can (as was obvious from the episode's beginning) be solved in forty-five minutes? Megan honking at Teddy and now Amelia squawking at Tom about the inevitability of Owen/Teddy? This is the goddamn definition of telling not showing, show, and you can fuck right off. Bailey and Maggie getting all self-righteous about HAOG's patient dying because of his fuck-up (I guess? It seemed like no one was really sure and just decided to blame HAOG)? You two have both fucked up just as badly and watched others fuck up just as badly and not acted like assholes about it, and I'm not here for your hypocrisy. Speaking of HAOG, I was with you about Glasses because he IS the worst always, but playing the "I NEVER FAIL" card? Nooope. I wish I cared at all about you (when you're beshirted) and Glasses and your chemistry-free relationship, but you're a terrrrrrrrrible actor, so... Please leave now, and take Glasses with you. Jo, ugh... I would love to have compassion for you, I really would, but I do not. You are acting like the most self-indulgent dickhead ever, and it just doesn't feel organic. It's definitely an issue with the writing, it might be an issue with CL's acting, but I'm super over it and don't really care why it's not working. This was a really horrid hour of television.
  23. FemmyV

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    Northerners expect NK to be at their doorstep in two days. They're only going to need to worry about food if they defeat that army. If they do, they can round up stores afterwards.
  24. AnimeMania

    S06.E13: The Bimbo

    With all the money they spent buying everybody lunch, it would have been cheaper to just buy a new refrigerator.
  25. teebax

    What are... Jeopardy! experiences?

    You can't watch until your episode tapes. We were watching The Princess Bride in the green room. No cell phones were allowed, either. I was lucky to be in the second group so I wasn't sequestered for long. I spent most of my free time at the Getty Museum. We went on two different days. It was fabulous. I'm an East Coast snob who was blown away to see a museum of that quality on the West Coast. I need to spend more time in LA. I usually go to San Diego when I go to California. I'll talk more after the tournament airs so as not to reveal any details.
  26. ursula

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Considering that Cersei did what Aerys planned and destroyed most of Kings Landing and killed tens of thousands of people but Jamie continued to support her --- I'd say it should be a hard truth for the audience to swallow. But I'm going to bet that the writers have conveniently forgotten about that nugget of hypocrisy. Well, Brienne was sworn to Sansa (and Arya) via Catelyn as proxy and had been charged by Catelyn to negotiate the exchange between Jaime and her daughters. Jaime reminded/prodded/charged her to complete the mission she already had. I'm more inclined to side eye Brienne severely for being a lousy wannabe "ser" than to give Jaime the credit for saving Sansa. If he truly wanted to save Sansa, he could had the authority to go to the North and demand her from the Boltons. I think it says something about society (including fandom) and who we're comfortable wielding power and authority, and all the usual "traditionally masculine" tropes of Chosen Ones/King Arthur/Fisher King etc. that (a lot of) people have this knee-jerk hatred of Dany and are invested in her "downfall" because it would "subvert" the trope.... while remaining completely blind to the fact that Jon Snow Stark-Targaryen, Master of Direwolf and Dragon, Son of Ice and Fire, Azor Azhul and Promised Prince, King Arthur, The Chosen One who Died for our Sins and Rose... is the biggest Mary Sue character in this story. Or in other words: if Jon was a girl, fandom would hate him.
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