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  2. onatrek

    The Act

    I think it did a good job of showing D repeatedly emphasizing things along the lines of "it's just you and me, Gypsy" and "it's just the two of us" showing how she was trying to basically seclude Gypsy from 'outsiders' (anyone outside of the dyad of the two of them) While it obviously could be fictionalized, I suspect things along those lines did happen. After all, trying to repeatedly send that message to her from such a young age sure conveyed her attempts to keep Gypsy relying on her/thinking of her as her only "person" and the person she wanted he to turn to/rely on/trust, laying the ground work for the alienation that really was a foundation of how she pulled everything off. In doing so I think it really helped keep Gypsy from speaking up earlier in her life.
  3. Armchair Critic


    It was easy to watch all at once, it was about movie length. Ryan ticked me off at the end with his mom, though I realize he is going through the teen type rebellion (a little later in life) where you separate from your parent. His mom has lived her life taking care of him and now her mother also and I hope she can get her own life too. I don't know if Phil the neighbor is a selfish jerk or if he will come around, but I can understand about being leery to get involved with a woman who has had a codependent relationship with her son. Also I was wondering if Carey was just being nice kissing Ryan.
  4. Edit: oops didn't mean to press that 😕
  5. violet and green

    S38.E10 Blood of a Blindside

    Well, it worked - in that Devins won immunity. If he'd been voted off, then David's main ally would be on Extinction with him and only one person, I believe, can get back in the game.
  6. Starry

    S05.E18: Godspeed

    Then most of the Flash cast must be terrible at their jobs because aside from heavily publicized episodes like the annual crossover and Panabaker's directorial debut they have barely promoted themselves and the show this season. Actors don't promote everything and are very careful about not spreading false information. An actress promoting to her followers a magazine that mislabel her the leading lady of a show can definitely be blamed for what her followers believe. If Panabaker is to be believed, directors don't decide which episodes they are set to direct. Not sure Cavanagh and Panabaker can be blamed/praised for 1) who is or isn't in the episode 2) the story each character gets in the episode. That should be on the writers and showrunners. Not sure why Cavanagh is getting blamed for Wally being sidelined when by that time Keiynan Lonsdale had already left the show. Nor can he be blamed for Mr. Misogyny being the focus when the episode itself is titled after him. If Joe and Iris were severely sidelined that is because the writers gave them no story. That episode wasn't even the worst for Joe or Iris. Cavanagh dedicated an entire sequence to Joe announcing Cecile's pregnancy to the team. I personally found his style cringy but he took time to overly focus on a joyous occasion involving Joe. If we are blaming/praising directors for what happens to each character in their episodes then let's praise Cavanagh for letting Barry and Iris properly embrace in What's Past is Prologue while Panabaker had Barry yell at her. Let's praise Cavanagh for a scene that had Barry phase with another person for the first time ever and this milestone just happened to involve Iris. I mean, I am not exactly doing it because that's probably what the EPs wanted but since you seem to be giving Panabaker special props for directing an episode about a mixed race girl learning that she has superpowers... And I've been in the Arrowverse fandom long enough to say that I am not surprised that sections of said fandom are quick to call out sexism but are very, very, very resistent when it comes to acknowledging racism in general and misogynoir, white feminism and microaggressions in particular. Even after black fans present evidence after evidence of consistent, problematic behavior. It's getting brushed aside as "minor incidents" because in this case a woman happens to be the "culprit". I've seen fandom be more critical of Candice Patton for unfollowing Danielle Panabaker on Instagram and not clapping at Comic Con than they are of Panabaker for disrespecting Patton, her role as leading lady and her canon storylines in the course of five years. Not surprised at the turn this conversation took.
  7. Happy Harpy

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    It began with Joffrey and the stool at the top of my head, and then the others came rolling LOL. There are two others examples I didn't put in the list, whereas you don't get pettier than those: Walder Frey avenging his hurt ego with the RW, and Locke cutting Jaime's hand to teach a lesson to Golden Boy. It might explain why pettiness between men gets less attention: It often ends in violence, so in the end, it's violence that stands out.
  8. IDreamofJoaquin

    S07.E18: End of an Era

  9. HartofDixie


    NCAA Championships tv schedule. Hours are ET. Fri 4/19 Semi-final #1: 1pm ESPN2 Fri 4/19 Semi-final #2: 7pm ESPN2/ESPNU Sat 4/20 Team Final: 7pm ESPNU https://www.ncaa.com/news/gymnastics-women/article/2019-04-17/2019-nc-womens-gymnastics-championships-updates-schedule
  10. Happy Harpy

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Jaime was in Dorne when Sansa was with the Boltons, including when Cersei learned of it, and only came back after she escaped (6x01). Moreover, Cersei wanted Sansa dead for Joffrey's murder at that time, so I don't think that Jaime could have had any authority to do anything -no way the Boltons would have given her back just because he demanded it- and it wouldn't have been wise to draw Cersei's attention on her survival. Moreover, Daenerys already knows why Jaime killed the Mad King. She accepted it a long time ago and already admitted to it in public, including in front of strangers, since in 6x09 she said to Yara: "All our fathers were evil" (Aerys, Tywin, Balon). She already swallowed that pill, it would be a retcon/hypocrisy vomit festival if she suddenly had to spit it back. The only logical outcome would be that she's more lenient with Jaime than expected, pardoning him for Aerys' murder.
  11. thuganomics85

    S02.E13: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

    The Orville addressing the real issues about time-travel: is it okay to date a younger version of your ex that was accidentally pulled from a past timeline or possible alternate dimension?! I thought Adrianne Palicki did a good job making Younger Kelly different from Original Kelly, but in a way where one can believe that they are the same person, but just from different time periods. Also thought the show did a good job with how seamless they were with having both characters in the same scenes. Granted, I think Orphan Black will always be the pinnacle when it comes to pulling it off and making it feel so real, but there were moments or two here where I briefly forgot both characters were being played by the same actress. At least Bortus and Klyden found something they both love: techno music! All the stuff with the Kaylan ships make me think there is way more to that, then simply suspenseful moments for the episode. Interesting ending. Either the memory wipe didn't work or it did, but there are some leftover effects that made Past Kelly decide that she and Ed wouldn't work out. If she is from this timeline's past, how will that change things in the future. Will both Ed and Kelly still be on The Orville? Will they be in different positions (definitely wondering if they're setting it up for Kelly to be the captain instead for the finale)? Curious to see how this plays out!
  12. paigow

    S02.E14: Such Sweet Sorrow, Part II

    Violation of this NDA is punishable by General Order 24.....
  13. Brookside

    The Village

    I'm catching up with this and just watched the second episode. I can't believe what a bitch the mother is - she yells at her daughter (in the street) about having known she was pregnant since 7 weeks ago; meanwhile the hypocrite has lied to her daughter for 18 years about her father's identity. She yells at a patient, then she tells the patient her daughter is pregnant. It's not her place to go telling people, especially since at this point the daughter hasn't decided to keep it (not that a show like this would ever go the abortion route). What's worse is that the mother and the old guy know people in common, so who knows whom he might tell.
  14. Andromeda

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    I bow down to you. Excellent list. 😃
  15. IDreamofJoaquin

    S33.E10: To All the Partners I've Loved Before

    Happy Bear is gone but not happy MTV will keep asking him back because of how obnoxious he is.
  16. PinkChicken

    S14 E19: Jack in the Box

    I probably should have waited until next week to watch this one. 🙄 It feels like hardly anything happened. Maybe ill like them better when I can watch all of these final eps together... Surprised (& really don't care) they brought back that many AU hunters. Though I am glad they included that one medic lady that we have seen before (even if I don't remember her name - did she even have one?) rather than them being completely randoms. What they can exist in perpetuity and not even get a phone call when dozens of their own die, but they all rock up to look sad for Mary? Last I checked wraiths don't have shapeshifting abilities (idk maybe that was just me because even though they're "disguised" as a human, they've always appeared as the *same* human as if that's their own human form, not a stolen one)? So it seems even the Winchesters themselves aren't familiar enough with the AU hunters to pick up on that little infiltration... 😂 I actually really liked the scene where they talk to Jack about the "accident". A+ acting, it was awkward and painful to watch, as it should have been. Although how he was fooled is beyond me. Maybe he lost his ability to read emotions when he lost his own, not that he was all that good at it to begin with. For once they showed Jacks "innocent" clueless-ness as the actually terrifying apathy that it is. And for a second there I thought it was going to get Sam on board with the plan a little more. Also the scene in the woods 💯. only criticism is that it wasn't long enough Jack was in the box for all of 10 minutes lmao. I really hope all these theories about heaven/lucifer/michael have some merit because even if I honestly don't care what direction they take, I just cant feel for Jack snapping that quickly all on his own. If he turns this into "you LIED to me and abused my trust" as the excuse for going evil, i might finally lose my eyeballs in the back of my head. He didn't even give them enough time if they WERE telling the whole truth. Is there no reception inside a warded box? I didn't know whether to attribute the lack of service in Deans Dream to the box, the ocean or plain old fear - but shouldn't Jacks first move have been to text or call them? I don't think they lied to him nearly as much as they could have - Initially Dean made it sound like they were going to pretend to be doing the spell right then and there, & I'm glad it wasn't like that. Not that Jack will stop long enough to listen but there really isn't all that much backpedaling to be done. No they did not have a workable solution at that moment, but the point stands: we would like to *fix* you but in the meantime you are actually kinda dangerous, stay here just for now and we will let you out when we have a solution. In a lot of ways that's the truth. I am glad that Dean said they have to be on the same page and that Sam took an active role in this. I also 100% expect the blame for this to be put on Dean anyway *sigh*. I really hope that it doesn't turn into "No we tried it your way and look what happened". That is so old & I don't need Castiel piling on as well. If Jack is really so clueless that literally anyone who tells him to do something is "manipulating him", then congratulations Cas, you agree that he cant be trusted to make decisions and is exactly the threat Dean says he is.
  17. crazychicken

    MAFS Social Media, Spoilers & Speculation

    Both Jon & Blondie have thrown a bit of shade at the show on social media all while trying to get a show about their love story. Jon especially likes to post and then delete, I think he went after her to 'win' and prove that there is a woman that actually wants him. He was not subtle is flirting with her on social media and then posting attention seeking posts when she meet him for drinks at first she was at least discrete but then she lowered herself to his standards and starting posting attention seeking posts too that it when I really started side eyeing her, if she wants to claim she is a professional and there is nothing wrong with their relationship then she needs to stop posting like a teenage girl defending her first crush. I suspect he gave up his job when he moved in because he travelled a lot with her when she was fulfilling her show commitments and now she apparently has given up the show to be with him so good luck to them, nobody really cares anymore it was never a huge scandal in the media so why he keeps pushing to get the 'true' story out there is puzzling to me. They bring their relationship up constantly on social media and then act all butt hurt when people comment anything but positively on their 'true love' I would not be surprised if Jon goes full rogue when his NDA is up even if it brings up further negative comments he is so intent on proving himself right that it doesn't seem to matter to him that people start questioning her professionalism again. I would love to hear Molly's take on the experiment and what followed because I suspect Jon was a self entitled douche behind the scenes who played the victim on camera very well just to prove he was right and it wasn't his fault that the marriage failed. Blondie does not help herself by defending behavior from Mia and Puke who deserved to be called out like she called Molly out. If they really want to protect their relationship and stop people questioning her ethics then they would stop posting attention seeking posts and then pushing back against the haters and just quietly go about everyday life instead of seeking validation from a bunch of strangers on the net.
  18. 2727

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    As far as the non-celebrities charged in Varsity Blues, here's an article from NY Magazine updated April 15 that lists all the families involved and what their bribes/conduct entailed. A related piece contains updates on some of the fallout: Legal Titan Gordon Caplan Placed on Leave Two Parents Resign From Prep-School Board of Trustees Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Out of a Job Not part of the article, but USC has begun termination proceedings against Professor of Dentistry Homayoun Zadeh.
  19. IDreamofJoaquin

    S09.E14: Something We Said

    His scrub wearing reminds me of Dirty John. MTV is applauding itself for talking about birth control options when basically Leah doesn't even use it and just complained about all of them. The whole Barb and Jenelle thing was way awkward. Why did they need to be Live for that long? So not only were they being filmed but then they were filming themselves? Their fun seemed strange and fake.
  20. thuganomics85

    S02.E14: Such Sweet Sorrow, Part II

    A lot going on here, but the basic gist is that the third season of Discovery is going to be set in the future, now? I'm not against that, but I kind if wish they did that in the first place, especially since everything about the show was understandably way more advance than the previous Star Trek series. I'm just sure if this is a course-correction or if that was always the plan, but a bit odd. Also, Tyler is going to remain in the past, but Georgiou went with them? What does that mean for her rumored spin-off? As usual, all the time-traveling stuff hurt by head, but basically all of the signals Future Michael sent were all a set-up for them to win the battle against Control (saving Saru's species so they could be allies, getting Reno onboard, etc.), but in order to avoid the small chance Control isn't gone for good, Pike, Spock, Tyler, and the rest lied to Starfleet and claimed Discovery was actually destroyed. I guess that is one way to explain why no one has ever mentioned Discovery's adventures in past series. I really, really hope this isn't the last time we see Anson Mount's Pike in some form. He really has become my second favorite captain behind Picard. And while we didn't get enough of her, I was enjoying how Rebecca Romjin playing off of him as Number One. Factor in Spock growing on me, and I'd watch the hell out of a potential series following Pike's tenure on Enterprise. So, all they had to do to kill Control was use magnets? Man, where is Jesse Pinkman when you need him?! RIP, Cornwall. At least she went out saving Enterprise (and therefore, Star Trek in general!) I did love how Michael's advice to Spock was basically "Meet and talk to people different from you! Who knows, maybe you will form an unbreakable friendship with a hammy ladies man! Or even better, a cranky, crusty southern doctor!" All in all, I did think this season somewhat better than the first one, but they still seem to be hitting some snags. I still think it is telling that my favorite parts of this season where mainly Pike and Georgiou, instead of the crew members that have been here since the beginning. Hopefully they'll figure things out soon.
  21. Yoga girl left the house. She made no sense when explaining why she was leaving. There will be no love found with these bunch of crazies,
  22. WTF was Phyl wearing? On another note - maybe they will bring back a hot sorased Moses to join the much needed YOUNG crowd of title fame.
  23. Today
  24. HartofDixie

    Figure Skating

    Anna & Luca doing the Finnstep.
  25. BadAssRobinArryn

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    He doesn't need to see the future for this. Just the present (Jamie leaving Cersei and Jamie being on his way to Winterfell).
  26. Happy Harpy

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Yes, there was one on a picture, it's the golden shield that I was talking about. It did match the description in the books (I think it was you who made the link, wasn't it?) but we didn't know yet if the GC have the same on the show, right? I paid attention in 8x01 in order to get confirmation, but the rat bastards didn't show the shields. Gah.
  27. lorbeer

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    I didn't see it as being mean rather being cold to him. She hates Lannisters, she was forced to marry him, she's been through a lot and she's learned she needs to take care of herself. No wonder she didn't welcome him warmly with open arms. We don't even know if she knows what happened to him like trial and all after that. She may know some of that. She never loved him and then she was yet again forced to marry somone she didn't want to. Tyrion treated her well and was nice to her but he didn't do one thing to rescue her from all those monsters. And I mean taking her away from KL not the 'incident' when Tyrion helped her when she was beaten by some soldier (don't remember this exactly) on Joeffrey's commands. And there's also one thing more why she treats him this way and possibly doesn't trust him. He chose Dany's side. And I don't think Sansa likes it. 😉 In their brief conversation, if I remeber correctly, she says soemthing about him being the hand of the queen now. I think she maybe even despise him for that.
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