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  2. Coffeewinewater

    Coronation Street

    Rock star Kirk cracked me up "our souls" David offering up Dev to Sarah lol. Good laughs. I really like the Jan for Eileen.
  3. Snow Apple

    Les Misérables (2018)

    I don't remember much about Cosette in the novel but I remember she was more interesting as a child. She started as an ugly little thing, most likely having such a hard life. The nun only agreed to let her and Jean live and work in the convent because she was sure Cosette's only option was becoming a nun after she grew up since it's doubtful she can attract a man to marry. Most people think she's just a boring character but I always have a soft spot for her due to her childhood.
  4. Victor walking into Victoria's house without even knocking is odious.
  5. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    5 p.m. new episode, (first one), then rerun- Child Abandonment?-Plaintiff (mother-in-law to defendant) is alleged to have deserted her husband, child, and Mercedes. The car was bought three years ago, defendant stopped paying for the used car a year and a half ago, so mother-in-law doesn't have to repay defendant for the car loan, plaintiff co-signed on. Despicably, the husband the defendant deserted is in the military, and defendant is shacking up with Jody in North Carolina. (A Jody is the guy that's boinking your wife when you're deployed, or otherwise on military business). Defendant claims soon to be ex told her to get the car note in her name, and then she was served with civil lawsuit paperwork from MIL. Defendant told to sign car title over to plaintiff, and car can be sold. Plaintiff is whining about not recouping what she paid on the car, tough luck lady. Defendant wants to keep the vehicle, and claims plaintiff was primary on the car, and defendant was co-signer. Defendant can't pay the car off, and lies about having access to the money. Nothing for either side, and title / bill of sale given to plaintiff so she can sell the car. Beamer Trap!-Plaintiff was selling a Beamer to defendant by having defendant take over payments. 2008 BMW something. Defendant claims he didn't know the payment amount on the car, or the length of the remaining note, and plaintiff claims he didn't pay tolls on the car either. Defendant claims he paid extra to plaintiff to pay the car off faster. Defendant had the car for 14 months, took the car to the dealer for service, found out it would cost a lot to fix, so he left it there. Defendant wants the extra payment amounts back. Plaintiff claims the car was damaged by defendant, and also says defendant has unpaid toll tickets that are the plaintiff's responsibility, because the car was still in the plaintiff's name. Both headlights are broken, tree fell on car, and it wasn't fixed, estimated damage from tree is $2800, including the car wrap too. Tolls amount to $783, defendant negotiated $135 to pay the tolls to NJ. Plaintiff gets $2935. Rerun-(Dog lovers might want to skip this entire episode, just from the previews, it's very intense)- Muzzle Confusion and Attack!-Plaintiff's dog was violently attacked by defendant's dog, the dog was required to be muzzled at all times because of previous attack history. Plaintiff wants vet bills, medical bills for her injuries, and claims for defendant filing a false police report. This all happened at the animal control vaccination clinic. Defendant claims the plaintiff's dog (a 15 lb Puggle) attacked her 80 lb Boxer cross viciously first. Defendant does not look like a Boxer mix at all. Defendant claims her dog was expelled from the clinic after the bites. Plaintiff had her little dog, and her 3 year old child, when the defendant's dog came up to her dog, and knocked plaintiff over and started attacking the little dog, kept attacking the small dog. Defendant's dog has a prior history of violent behavior, and is required to be muzzled at all times when off the property. Defendant claims the muzzle was on the dog, but it was able to savagely rip up the plaintiff's dog. Defendant adopted a dog that had to be muzzled, however, defendant claims the decision to muzzle the dog was 'just in case', and not required. The previous incident was an unprovoked attack on a neighbor's leashed animal, when the defendant owned the dog. Now the defendant remembers the attack. $3k to plaintiff, and defendant is a freaking liar. Swamp-Hunting Dog Meets Pit Bull!-Plaintiff suing former friend for vet bills, medical bills, and lost wages when the defendant's pit bull attacked his dog. Plaintiff was staying overnight at a friend's house, and the next morning the pit bull attacked a Catahoulla when the defendant tied her dog out on a 30 foot lead. As usual, defendant claims plaintiff harassed her. Plaintiff gets $5000 vet bills were paid by the landowner, so no vet bill money, and no medical bills, except out-of-pocket.
  6. bosawks

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    There is a job to do and Alli only covers water based places but that leaves the rest of the world that needs to get their chocolate bunnies and peeps....
  7. rmontro

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    Tyrion wanted Bran to tell him his story. He made it seem like a way to pass the time, and maybe an act of kindness (he thought) toward Bran. But maybe he learned something that might come in handy in the future.
  8. Conan Troutman

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    Wolfs are just more expensive to animate than dragons - the fur is apparently extremely hard to get to look photo realistic (you have to animate a lot of individual hairs or it won't move like it should), no such issues with dragons. Still, they did in the earlier seasons so it can be done. But I guess B&W are saving up their wolf FX budget for the fight scenes, and only have a cheapish version in the background for normal scenes. But there are going to be no excuses next episode, Ghost needs to be featured and I'd expect Nymeria to show up as well. Interesting thought for sure. But I guess that's way too far into the future for the show to even tell us stuff like this, maybe Bran if he survives in the epilogue but even that seems like a stretch to me. I'd guess they're going to stick with something more visual and maybe show us a pregnant Arya. Not sure I like the Arya ruling part though, mainly because I don't think she'd even want it. But it would probably be a very bittersweet ending for her, so why not? I'd say it depends on whether are any bones left. If all there's left is dust, what's even the point from the NK's point of view, dirty up the floor a bit? A bit of googling tells me that bones can decay over a couple of decades or stay largely intact over hundreds or even thousands of years under ideal conditions. And the cripts of WF probably qualify as pretty good conditions, so I'd say it's absolutely possible.
  9. bannana

    "The View": Week of 4/22/2019

    They used this phrase at least three times today? Is this a new (old) buzz phrase? Abby seems to have been affected by her SNL portrayal as ineffective and lacking confidence or brains. So she was trying hard to get noticed today. NutMeg and Joy are Feuding!
  10. chenoa333

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Haha! Abso- fucking-lutely! Wendy won't give up the dirt so let everyone else in the media world dig it and dish it... The View, Dish Nation, The Real, the 11 a.m. local news, my hair stylist, my dental hygienest, my gynecologist, the cashier at my local grocery store, the CVS pharmacist! 😁
  11. Booklady1017

    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    I thought it would have been fair to have past AR contestants who were also on BB or Survivor. That would have really evened the playing field.
  12. neh

    S10:13 Tell All: Part 2

    I have fond memories of my grandmother's house and of all our family gatherings, my visits with her, my wonderful uncles,her garden, her teaching me to bake cookies...but I sure don't want to buy the house. It did not have heat in the upstairs and no air conditioning. My grandmother would have thought I was crazy if I considered her home my "cherished heritage. " My uncles would have thought I lost my mind and would have teased me unmercifully for being so sentimental. No one would have thought it was a good idea for me to buy the "family" home.
  13. Mabinogia

    S10.E06: Back to School

    I was wondering about that myself. They didn't eat with us, but we didn't all eat at the same time, either, so all the teachers certainly weren't eating lunch together. Back when I was in middle school (oh so many moons ago) our teachers "monitored" the lunch room on rotation. They didn't eat with us, more kind of walked around making sure everything was okay. I'm assuming then that the others were off somewhere eating and would "monitor" the second lunch break hooligans. lol
  14. Booklady1017

    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    A lot of people have said they forgotten Art and JJ too, or vaguely remember them. I vaguely remember them but not what kind of impression they had on me. I remember they were doing well and then went out dramatically in their season, but that is about it. They didn't show too much of Bret and Chris, so I didn't get a sense of who they are at all because I haven't watch Survivor.
  15. mxc90

    The Price Is Right

    There's a car (Yes! A Hyundai) on the line and the father let his 4yo pick the final 3 numbers after he started off right with the first pick but missed the second. As a result: no car but at least the kid can flaunt his "Nintendo Switch" in the father's face!
  16. Oh this is going to be hard to watch. What a lovely touch though, Devon with Neil’s suit. Gah.
  17. Irate Panda

    Little Women: LA

    It always seems like Todd is close to death in this "fun" activities. Feel bad for the guy
  18. ProudMary

    S04.E13: The Seam

    Because there are things the writers don't want the viewing audience to know yet?
  19. tv-talk

    S02.E13: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

    but then she loves to hang out with him when not on duty, confide in him about her relationship, talk about the fun they had, AND get drunk with him alone. It's really not creepy that he still loves his ex-wife given the situation.
  20. Mahamid Frauded Me

    S10:13 Tell All: Part 2

    I am also curious as to why the girls rushed off to get married before they finished college ? Did they think the "d" was so great thad why would 4 idiots sisterwives fight over it they couldn't wait ?
  21. Mabinogia

    S10.E06: Back to School

    That's interesting. Guess it's hard maintaining that level of obnoxious cheer. For the sake of those around her I'm glad to hear she's not like that all the time though. lol
  22. Lady Calypso

    Santa Clarita Diet

    It hasn't been cancelled yet, so I still hold out hope that it has another season left.
  23. illdoc

    NCIS: New Orleans

    Guess who just got renewed (ignore what's written in the url): https://tvline.com/2019/04/22/ncis-los-angeles-renewed-season-11-cbs-2/
  24. Little girls should not wear dropped waist dresses (unless they have a gig at a shanty in the bayou). Just look at the difference👇.
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