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  2. LadyChaos

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    I SAID that it doesn't matter that DANY IS A GIRL BECAUSE....Jon is the last born heir of the first born child of the King.....therefore REGARDLESS OF GENDERS.....Jon still supersedes Dany's claim. Because ANY CHILD Rhaegar had has a higher claim to the throne than Dany does by rules of succession.
  3. DarkRaichu

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    Tyrion is so sure of himself he made miscalculations after miscalculations. Plus he is more of a softy and would not be able as ruthless as Tywin / Dany Sam is such a book nerd he would rather live in the Citadel for the rest of his life Davos, Jorah, Brianne lacked the ambition Varys would rather be the puppeteer pulling the strings behind the scene
  4. Happy Camper

    Bethenny & Jason: The Divorce Showdown

    Hoppy apologized to Bethenny in court for sending the harassing texts/emails. Frankel did not apologize to Jason for putting his daugher in a car with a drug addict, and constantly around a man accused of rape. She took no responsibility for either situation; said she did not know Shields was an addict, and when asked about the charge against Cerussi, said she "believed" he wasn't expelled and the charges dropped. (As if that's the standard you use when bringing a man into your kid's life: "Well, he WAS accused of tag-team raping a coed -- who went to the hospitol and reported the rape, but couldn't face doing a rape kit - and Cerussi was expelled, demanded a hearing and had his expulsion upheld, but then his stinking rich family sued the college -- and the coed herself -- and got the expulsion overturned. Hmm. Start packing Bryn! We're going on vacation with the man of my dreams!") If Jason Hoppy had moved in with a woman credibly accused of a sex crime, or put Bryn in a car with a drug addict, Betheny Frankel would be on every talk show crying about what a monster he was for putting Bryn in harm's way, and how it proved his lack of fitness as a custodial parent. This, a million times over! If some strange woman had been walking around naked in the vicinity of Bryn.... If Jason was announcing that he may or may not have been engaged to a drug addict.... If Jason was exploiting his entire life on a reality show/instagram (proudly showcasing drunken behaviour)... If Jason was bouncing from one lover to the next, engaged, not engaged, madly in love then ghosting, blah blah.....publicly saying how much Bryn LOVES his newest girlfriend..... And so on...and so on...
  5. OnceSane

    Miz And Mrs.

    Episode 10: Airs April 23, 2019.
  6. gonecrackers

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Having an office on the farm also keeps him connected with the farm, & his family who film there & who are, 'coincidentally', the reason for anything he's achieved so far, - that & his wife, who is way more of a go getter than Jer could ever hope to be. But, Jer should be careful, because he may always be one big misstep away from Auj finding herself another gig.
  7. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    3 p.m. rerun- Meth Mechanic Slander!-Plaintiff wanted car fixed by mechanic, paid $1500, to have a Mercedes fixed. Car had to be towed to mechanic's shop, in January. She needs extra cars for her job as a process server. Plaintiff had car towed back to her house in March. Plaintiff wanted her car finished ASAP, paid the $1500 in money, and a necklace to pay for the parts for the car. Plaintiff claims mechanic/defendant yelled at her, however, she seems to be the one with the short temper. Mechanic said it would take an entire day to finish her car, was 50 miles from his shop to her house. Plaintiff gets $1500 for parts, but minus her nasty postings. After the dust up, plaintiff said on social media (craigslist, yelp, etc) he was a meth user, and claims he let a drug user drive her vehicle (which was undriveable). She also posted that there was drug paraphernalia in the car, and it was only at his shop for three days, out of the year the woman owned the car. Plaintiff denies going to his children's school, but boasts that she made a CPS report about him. (the nasty reviews and postings are still on the internet). She sent over 1,000 text messages, posted pictures of his house, and address, posted nasty things about the man, and his family. Plaintiff gets nothing, and deserves less. Plaintiff posted defendant and wife on numerous sex sites, leading to phone calls at all hours of the night. Defendant gets $5k, and plaintiff gets no money. Safe Deer...Injured Car!-Plaintiff suing former employee/defendant for crashing a work vehicle. Defendant claims he was dodging a deer. Defendant was allowed to take the work car home, to and from work. $420 to defendant for his last week's wages. Defendant was charged with making false statements to a police officer, and other charges. He paid the homeowners for the mailbox he hit, and plaintiff told to use his company insurance on the car. $420 for plaintiff for wages owed. Pregnant Mom Photo Bust!-Plaintiff claims photographer/defendant cancelled after she paid hundreds for a pregnancy photo shoot. There is a dueling list of complaints from both sides, and Defendants suing for slander, (complaining to the Better Business Bureau, is not slander), wrote mean things on Facebook. JJ gives plaintiff $400. There was no written contract saying no refunds. With Friends Like This...-Plaintiff rented a car for defendant (never ends well, does it?). Plaintiff suing sister-in-law for unauthorized rental car charges with her debit card. Defendant was in a car accident, and car was totaled. Defendant picked up plaintiff's kids from school a couple of times a week, with other errands. However, plaintiff says her kid's daycare is right behind the school, and they walk there, and don't need to be picked up. Plaintiff claims that defendant didn't pick up her kids very often. Defendant claims she was going to stay off work until insurance fixed or paid for her car. Plaintiff was stupid enough to rent a car for defendant, and she would pay cash. The litigants went together to rent it, and defendant was a listed driver. Plaintiff claims the car was only rented for a week, and then Avis notified her that the car was overdue. Plaintiff claims defendant heifer, wanted her to extend the rental agreement, and wanted her debit card information, and plaintiff said no. Plaintiff says the defendant kept the car for 30 days, instead of one week. Plaintiff picked up her own kids, ran her own errands, and didn't ever need the defendant's help. $1341.16 for the plaintiff.
  8. Lonesome Rhodes

    The Code

    That Colonel Delaney, or whatever her name is, never enforces rank discipline and protocols, it seems unreal that her officers are EVER sent to FOBs, let alone active theatres, Didja notice how they delayed getting back to their armored vehicles when they had been "made" by the local tango? Then, the command decision to STOP as they drove off? Beyond incredible. Did anyone see military presence from Li that merited that little speech at the end as to how she was a MARINE!? I actually appreciated her admitting she caught herself at times wondering if she were "playing dress-up." Watching her grow as an officer would make for a good arc. I knew the son was a goner, but it never fails to get me anytime we see notifications. Man, what a price that is demanded. Bless all the Gold Star families.
  9. Hector's dead meat whether he shoots Ciara or not. The Gabi and Stefan scenes were fire. Lani just walks in? wth? Why was Hector holding his gun over his head like that, and pointing it at the top of Ciara's head? Damn, Ciara! Are the cops going to come charging in and shoot Ben?
  10. Growsonwalls

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    Issue with Jorah is that a roll in the hay with him would lead to him screaming out "Dany!" as he's about to climax which would lead to bad feelings for whichever not-Dany girl he bedded.
  11. Nene Leakes, is that you?!
  12. Should be fun tonight. Isaac is on vacay and "Ab Fab" Jacqui has been standing in. I have a sneaking suspicion Skunky can't stand her.
  13. rab01

    S02.E07: Treasure of the Sun

    I really liked and hated this episode. The hated part is easy -- Mad Sweeney and Dead Wife are my favorite part of the show and she's at her best when with him so the show just lost most of what I enjoyed this season. But I really liked the exploration of Sweeney's past, why he was tied to Odin, why he hated him, etc. I don't necessarily understand most of what they showed us -- and the unreliable narrator means that the show may not be taking a position on what's necessarily "real" about it -- but it felt like it touched on the level of myth-making that the show achieved often last season and somewhat less often this season. Bilquis' sermon/seduction lacked a little for me and I think it's because she was so serene during the service. The audience reaction shots showed a build-up of desire to match the biblical verse but her body language didn't quite match it. For me, there was more seduction in the moment she sat in the chair opposite Sweeney than in the entire sermon. I wish they had brought more of that energy into her speech. Obviously, attraction is a very personal response so YMMV.
  14. Cupid Stunt

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    I too thought it was odd The Winter's hadn't swept away all trace of Hillary to "help Darno move on." The Winters gave as good as they got from Hillary in hated, and her death (complicated by Lily going to prison) was an opportunity for them to take control of Darvon. They certainly tried. It was good to watch the slap down with Darvon's wallet, with Neil forced to admit the bank controls and directs Hamilton/Winters business affairs, and Neil was a named managing partner. Darvon hung on to Hillary, mourned her and the Baby and the lost future they might have had. He took on Ana, who was needlessly antagonistic, and generally mendacious. The Fen project came and thankfully went out of town. With Jet and Elena found out as shirttail family, Darvon had a real project with real talent to nurture. It's not a surprise that Darvon latched on to Jet and Elena; new people to offset the creepily untrustworthy Ana. The more Ana disseminated and protested Darvon shouldn't be involved, the more Darvon became invested. Darvon began flirting and testing Elena's limits the second she opened the door of the apartment she and Jet were living in. Of course they all moved in with Darvon. Of course Darvon asked Elena out and she set out ground rules that were immediately broken. Of course Darvon still has a few of Hillary's new-with-tags cocktail dresses hanging around the condo. Of course there's a small class skirmish about attending a fancy cocktail party, not wanting to spend the money on a dress or take advantage of Darvon's offhand generosity. Of course Elena wears one of Hillary's dresses to the opening of Society and looks fabulous. Elena accepting the choice of Hillary's new dresses, and Darvon making a point of removing his wedding band and escorting Elena to the party is the beginning of Act 2 for their romance. I was a little curious how cool Elena was being introduced to Nate, and his hard sell of Darvon's personal attributes. I was expecting Nate to be the doctor that soured Elena on completing her medical residency. Hmmm ... There seems to be a running line of rude behavior with the newbs, the inability to show the least amount of civil behavior. How hard can it be to thank someone, and be gracious in turning them down? It's impossible for TIIC to write, so everyone acts like they've been raised by warthogs.
  15. kicotan

    S10:13 Tell All: Part 2

    If they actually just sucked it up, did want he wanted 100% with no opinion otherwise, “kept sweet”, submitted to his authority, etc. that would definitely raise suspicion in our society that they were being somehow involved in an abusive situation/brainwashed cult PLUS, they wouldn’t be sacrificing anything to obey God. I always thought it was weird that mainstream LDS could drink decaf, but not coffee...so I asked my Mormon friends if that meant they can’t take any medications, either. Apparently it’s complicated. Plus, the way every LDS denomination works is the same-if their “Pope” (Prophet/President) gets the word from the Almighty that there is a change in dogma or doctrine, that’s it. It changes, until the next change. The Sister Wives fulfill their role without ever being in a position to change the determining factors of that role. They sign up for it, knowing that. I hate to make the comparison to Catholicism again, but, since both religions are heavily patriarchal and neither believe in birth control, a wife of a Catholic man fulfills her role without ever being given the opportunity to ascend to a position to change that role either, and, unless you are a in need of confession or a Protestant, nobody bats an eyelash. It’s easy to pick on these people because their religious beliefs seem so awkward with regards to polygamy, but they don’t really swerve that far away from many accepted religions in our society outside of their “principle”. And it’s been that way since Joseph Smith found the golden tablets.
  16. Mahamid Frauded Me

    S10:13 Tell All: Part 2

    Another boring tell all - or as you witty people say - tell nothing - no serious questions about the status of the home building, where they are getting the money, did anyone contract prairie plague, the business's as is the B & B a money pit ? What about the joolry closest ? Janelles Strive babble ( I am really trying to type with a straight face ) How is Sobyn doing without the help of her neice ? Caring for 2 younger kids all by her widdle self. Why does Meri need a 4000 sq ft rental ?
  17. CherryMalotte

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    Tormund is my bacon, but yeah, I wouldn't refuse Jorah a tour around the godswood. I'd foster those puppies.
  18. jay741982

    Spoilers & Speculation: Running Hot & Cold

    Yes Phil Klemmer I'm so excited about the Gross Forced out of nowhere Nate/Zari romance. I find Nate being with another one of his co workers so Riveting cause you know everyone's clamoring for That while You hint that Ray and Nora may not happen
  19. buffynut

    Spoilers And Shockers

    I forgot about that. Thanks.
  20. Lady S.

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    I know how primogeniture works, and you don't know your history if you think it's always been a set and unquestioned process in our world history or even more specifically the British royal family. There is no always. That's why I provided quotes proving that traditionally younger brothers come before the elder brother's daughters in Westeros royalty. Go back before Victoria and Liz II. Henry Tudor's (distant) blood claim came from his mother, who was still alive, and yet he took the throne instead of her. He married Elizabeth of York, eldest surviving child of Edward IV, whose brothers were both dead, yet she was only considered a bargaining chip by all sides to legitimize someone else's rule, not an heiress in her own right. Their granddaughters, Mary I and Elizabeth I, were the first ruling queens, but not the first daughters of kings or crown princes to have no living brothers. A whole bunch of shit happened in the meantime including Henry VIII's quest for a male heirs and killing off his male cousins. GoT is a lot closer to the Wars of the Roses years or even earlier than the Elizabethan or Victorian era.
  21. MakingBacon

    S10:13 Tell All: Part 2

    Who cares if they are not the traditional man and woman getting married undertaking the same marital traditions? Their love is the same. The only thing different about them is that they were born with the same body parts. People fought for the right for gays to get married so that they can have the same opportunities afforded heterosexual people when they get married. Why shouldn’t they want the same proposals/wedding attire/ceremony?
  22. Silver Raven

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia in an Instagram photo accompanying their Easter greetings.
  23. krankydoodle

    Detective and Mystery Shows

    I didn't realize until I saw the trailer on Acorn that they're doing a spin-off series: Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries featuring Phryne's niece. You could also try Hamish Macbeth, Jonathan Creek, Vexed, or Death in Paradise (I think the last is only available on Netflix in the US).
  24. But we know from the promo that Sam is going to object and is running through the cemetary to try and stop Dean. It seems like they want to present Sam as the voice of reason. Jack is also kneeling in from of Dean offering to let Dean kill him. Which will make Dean look worse. I'm not really seeing how Sam is being presented as wrong here.
  25. GeeGolly

    Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    Yup. Her clothes probably 'don't fit'. She probably can't be near anything with a scent. She probably needs Si to escort her out of bed. Her back probably hurts and her feet are probably swollen. 🤨
  26. kwnyc

    S05. E18. Ready

    I think that's on purpose: since Bess told Henry she wanted to run at the end of last season, she's been getting more "presidential," in terms of adopting the attitude (and ego) required to run for the job. And, as Russell has now told her: she's ready. Even if you're Bess, you HAVE to a belief in yourself to run for president that borders on (or IS) egotistical.
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