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  2. I believe they also said that only the Top 12 are going through to Vegas instead of the Top 15 as it has been in the past. So that gives them extra scheduling room for the Safety Pass redos. Winning the Express pass and then running for the Safety Pass should be a no brainer for most of these ninjas. While the risk of injury does exist, they have weeks to recover before Vegas if they do a minor injury, and these Ninjas are competitors, they WANT to run the courses, gain experience and just show how good they can be.
  3. I could never keep Amy T and Melissa W straight...they were like Molly and Rachel now 🙂
  4. LBS

    S15.E11: The Men Tell All

    Things I liked during the MTA: - Mike's segment. I really hope he is the next Bachelor. - Hannah looked really pretty and I liked her explanation on why she kept Luke P. around. I think almost every one of us has had that one relationship that made your friends cringe and your family worried but you were convinced that you could change the person. Things I loved during the MTA: - Hannah moving the rose pedestal. I cheered and scared the cats! - The three remaining men letting her handle Luke until it got to the point where he seemed to come unhinged and really threatening. When they all walked up to her and surrounded him, I was like "meow! That's hot" Things I didn't like during the MTA: - The obvious producer manipulation of Luke coming back. That was straight up BS and it made feel like I was watching the "Hunger Games". While it did make me chuckle to see Luke casually stroll into the rose ceremony line of desperation, it made me a bit sad that he was being so manipulated for our amusement. Yes, he's a jerk but he can only come back if they let him. - The lack of hot seats for other contestants. I'd love to hear more about Connor and his feelings about getting eliminated and being ignored after his one on one; Garret lasting as long as he did; the bromances that started, etc. Things I hated during the MTA: - Hannah's rose ceremony dress. What the hell was that contraption?
  5. RedbirdNelly

    Little House On The Prairie

    I do hate inconsistencies. I also hate how there are so many cast people who only show up for one episode and then are never seen again. It would be nicer if they at least were in the background as opposed to presenting some issue for Laura or someone to resolved and disappearing forever.
  6. teddysmom

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Joe always seems to forget there were 434 other members of Congress, and that the Speaker would be meeting with POTUS, maybe along with the House Budget Committee, but not solely with a junior Congressman from FL, and certainly not discussing budget with the chairman of the House Committee on Civil Service, a post so valuable that the committee does not even exist anymore. Joe was NOT on the House Budget Committee. He wasn't Majority Whip so I'm not sure where he gets off believing he had all this power. As Nancy put it, he's one vote. Here's his Congressional CV if anyone wants to fact check his daily on air bullshit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Scarborough
  7. natyxg

    S05.E16: Chapter Ninety-Seven

    I spent most of the episode wondering what was the point of the Mateo shit, until I realized that the point was to get Jane to "confront" Rose to be able to move on with her life. Alba has been so thoroughly unlikeable this season, yikes. Every time that Rafael is an asshole to Luisa while she begs him, I just want her to go back to Rose. It's not that Rafael is being unreasonable per se (though I think other times he has been more harsh than needed), but I think the show never established this relationship properly. From day one they've been fighting because they have history, so there's no lost brother-sister relationship that I want to see rekindled (because we never saw it to begin with, at least not that I remember), so it all gets reduced to Luisa begging him while he throws her out coldly. I don't get why she would even want him back in her life so bad, or why she would even trust him to be there for her. At least Rose wants her, in her own twisted way. I figured all along that Luisa was working with the police, but seeing the whole thing unfold... man that was all so dumb. If they knew everything, and they knew she was going to escape, why didn't they just... stop her from escaping. Just destroy the plan before it went into action. It would've been different if Rose had been loose and they needed to catch her, but they had her right there. The whole point was clearly to have her on the loose and pissed at Luisa, but come on. The plan with the multiple Roses wasn't all that, either. I wonder if we'll see Michael soon because of her escape. It does seem like they're setting things up to have a bunch of people moving away, which I hope they don't. I get how it's all supposed to lead to hard decisions for the characters, but I hope they don't (move away, I mean). Not only is it a cliché, but one I usually dislike in series endings. Anyway, not feeling much excitement about the ending.
  8. Captanne

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Apologies in advance for asking for a plot clarification but I wasn't watching during the Drew/Jason-same-person years. I've only been back since Burton returned. So, who was really in Afghanistan? Drew (Miller's character) or Jason (Burton's character)? Why is Shiloh seeing Burton's Jason rather than Miller's Drew? I'm not asking about actor desires (that Burton wanted to wear GI Joe clothes), I'm asking about the plot. Was Jason in the military for a stint? Or was that really supposed to be Drew but Shiloh is somehow hallucinating Jason? I'm confused. A quick, simple explanation would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  9. MrAtoz

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    My first thought for FJ was Angel Falls, probably because of the word "angels" in the clue. Then I remembered in time that Angel Falls are in South America, and Livingstone was in Africa. After that, Victoria Falls was obvious. I was a bit surprised that none of the contestants got it.
  10. truthaboutluv

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Amen. And in conclusion, folks need to stop trying to make Pippa happen. It didn't in 2011 and no one cares now.
  11. nutty1

    S15.E11: The Men Tell All

    They started off the episode with the rose ceremony, which Luke crashed. The comments were probably from that. By the way, we never saw the outcome of the RC, so I am sure that's how next week will start. A lot of times, we get previews of the F2 heading to the FRC in the limo, but being there are still 3 left, we saw none of those previews.
  12. Preserving those stories is so important! If you get your information on Ancestry, it stays whether you keep a subscription and it is not lost to history.
  13. Hannah's swimsuit pictures were fantastic as well 🙂
  14. Mu Shu

    S01.E09: Ripped Apart

    You know, Jenny walks very loosely, compared to allegedly 10 years younger Laura. She seems to be in decent shape. I noticed Jenny does have beautiful eyes, and her hair isn’t bad, it’s just too fine to be so long.
  15. Cupid Stunt

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    If she were a real grifter, there would have been cremation twenty minutes after Paul Williams told her Calvin died of natural causes. Knowing how the dead and buried refuse to stay that way in Genoa City, isn't it better to make sure there's nothing left of Calvin's sudden death to trouble Chelsea's future … er … endeavors? I've never understood why Chelsea stayed around GC once she got the all clear from Paul -- Knowing Atonal Adam threatened her custody of Connor, and realizing his intention was to use his macabre affections for her against Nick's custody of CAN. Go to Connor after you stupidly notified him Calvin was dead, then left him at camp to finish his wood-burning project commemorating the loss of another father-figure in his life -- This kid is going to be so fucked up before he hits puberty. Expect dead pets, accidental drownings of playmates, Molotov cocktails at GCAC and pipe bombs at Dark Horse. I knew the custody hearing was going to be a wreck, but WTH! No witnesses to testify. No family members to support the Best Dad Evah! or throw rotten tomatoes at the Atonal Viper. No lawyers necessary, except to announce a surprise video that any moron with half a synapse in his pants pocket would have objected to. No stenographer to document the tire fire. The judge was the least objectionable, and he was given crap. Why didn't the judge postpone the hearing to avoid having his ruling overturned? Who has a hearing without a full contingent of lawyers for everyone to ignore? Why didn't Michael find Nick representation for the hearing? Michael as DA again? What evul is Adam, and his mysterious partner Chance, plotting that they need Michael in District Attorney's Office? The downfall of all things Newman? Again. Whatever TIIC have planned for Show, I'm bored. Eep! I'll take my meal barricaded in my room, thank you. Does Baraboo have mountains? It's not important ... I don't mind Victor admitting he's frightened by losing his memory and abilities because of the experimental treatment -- All that pride being brought low by some pesky blood-related illness -- but couldn't he and Nicki have this conversation at The Ranch (if it still exists) and still attended Nick's custody hearing? Phyllis is literally ambushing people, in order to test how long they will tolerate her company )sniping/sneering/badgering/insinuating/insulting) before they drive her away. Oddly enough, when Atonal Adam crashed the Newman Family Dinner, annoying his family, she was embarrassed and tried to talk AA into leaving Society. Granted, the casual "Hi, how are you?" wouldn't elicit an invitation to join any of the people Phyllis has offended, used, lied to, abused or screwed on a kitchen counter.
  16. BitterApple

    Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    Lauren and her family are hardcore Kool-Aid drinkers, which is precisely the reason Boob arranged for her to marry Si. His life is going to mirror Smuggars: boring job he has no interest in, wife he has no interest in and a horde of kids he never wanted.
  17. Wait a minute. Wait a darn tootin minute. Adam has had conversations with Chelsey's husband and then with Michael and we're not privy to either, and both drastically change their tunes. This scheme only worked once. It was called Rosemary's Fucking Baby! Who is Adam? Minnie Castavettes husband?
  18. Mahamid Frauded Me

    S01.E09: Ripped Apart

    Paul running gives me life. I kept remembering the poster who did the gif of the lizard running and it is it to a tee
  19. Byrd is the Word

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I had 5,000 square feet of office furniture to sell a few years ago. The brokers wanted no part of any of it so I offered it for sale on CL. Nothing. Finally I offered it for free and it was like a bomb went off. Everyone wanted in on the give away. People had a million questions about condition, when and when we bought it etc. They asked for all sorts of pictures beyond the 25 or so that were already on the listing. Some people were demanding to to point of offensive. Understand, this stuff was free. In the end I gave it to the people who were the most friendly and polite. This spring I sold a motorcycle. The first few days I was inundated with scammers posing as interested parties. Some have fake phone numbers appearing to be local. Most do not. In the end I demanded cash and we met in a mall park lot during business hours and underneath a security camera. Like a sewer, Craigslist has its purpose but it’s still smells like death’s dumpster.
  20. Ijustwantsomechips

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Call me a skeptic, a cynic or a bitch (and you’d be right about all three), but I am not impressed with Jinger orRev. Furkle’s trendy, fake, mainstream facade. They still have abhorrent beliefs about class, race, gender, and obviously politics judging by the people Jeremy follows and the documents he co-signs. They may not be as extreme as Derick, or as openly looney tunes as say the Rodrigues clan, but birds of a feather. As a minority woman, a Christian and a human being I can’t get behind anyone against social justice in today’s society. I just find that inhumane, cruel and not Christ-like at all. Jesus, the real Jesus of the bible, not the Gothard and MacArthur cult-like or prosperity preaching Jesus of today, loved everyone and spoke against injustice, including social injustice (see the many sermons, parables and bible verses on hospitality, caring for the poor and downtrodden, protecting children, forgiveness, feeding the hungry, and accepting people of all faiths and colors). I also have no hope for Felicity being allowed to pursue education or a career. I could be wrong, and I hope I am, but just because Furkle’s mom and sister have educations doesn’t mean he’s okay with it. His beliefs may be more extreme than that. Sometimes you pattern your life after your parents, and sometimes you go in the opposite direction of things you didn’t like. I don’t think anyone is off base, and I’m not attacking anyone’s opinion, but like a few posters said, that shiny, attractive exterior hides an ugly core of beliefs. I’ll get off my soap box now, but some days these folks just really annoy me.
  21. Carolina Girl

    S04.E08: What Eze the Problem?

    In Joao's case, to quote the famed Miss Alli - "way to wave a red cape in front of the charging bull of Karma."
  22. Stan39

    S15.E11: The Men Tell All

    Ok thanks! From some of the comments above it sounded like Jed, Tyler, and Peter were there participating in the Luke stuff, but maybe those were just flashbacks.
  23. Ohwell

    Week 3: July 22, 2019-July 26, 2019

    I know, but I'm sorry I missed last night.
  24. The trees on Ancestry are only as good as the mostly amateur people researching and compiling. Probably most of us who have uploaded trees have inadvertently perpetuated some misinformation. When I was a beginner, I uploaded a tree to Family Search and later found a mistake I'd made, with no way to correct it. I can't retract the tree or overwrite it. I won't get into a long thing here, but it takes evaluating, comparing, and simple logic to have reliable information.
  25. nutty1

    S15.E11: The Men Tell All

    Yes to your first question. Most of the guys are there...even those who we haven't a clue of their names! And to your second question....the final 2 or 3 aren't there, because she always addresses them at the ATFR. This year, we do not know who she lets go at 3, so all 3 were not there. Peter, Tyler and Jed will all get a chance to speak and face Hannah at the ATFR.
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